RDM (Novel) Chapter 434

C 434

As Pyo Wol rose, the silk blanket slipped away to reveal his naked body.

The women's hands were draped over his waist and chest.



Like Pyo Wol, the naked women groaned as they burrowed into the blanket.

Pyo Wol left the women under the blanket and stood up.

His sleek, snake-like body was crowned with a cascade of black hair that flowed down like a waterfall.

Still naked, Pyo Wol walked over to the window.

As he opened the window, Manhwa Roo's garden came into full view.

The manicured garden was filled with all kinds of exotic plants and flowers.

Bees and butterflies flew around, and a sweet scent filled the air.

Pyo Wol crossed his arms and looked around.

It had been five days since he arrived in Manhwa Roo.

During his stay, all the prostitutes in Manhwa Roo had visited his room, and Pyo Wol had not turned any of them away.

As if there was no tomorrow, they had passionately explored each other.

During this time, Manhwa Roo had locked its doors and stopped doing business.

Guests had also stopped coming to Manhwa Roo.

No one in Chengdu dared to visit Pyo Wol's place.

After looking at the garden for a while, Pyo Wol turned and said,

"It is time for me to leave.

At that moment, the prostitutes who had been lying down rose.

They took out Pyo Wol's finely folded clothes and began to dress him.


Allowing the women to dress him, Pyo Wol stood still.

They carefully helped him to get dressed and tied his waistband. Finally, they combed his hair neatly and tied it up.

Soon they were done with him.

"Thank you for everything," Pyo Wol said.

"Please come back whenever you want."

"We'll be waiting."

The eyes of the prostitutes who looked at Pyo Wol were filled with affection.

Leaving them behind, Pyo Wol walked out of Manhwa Roo.

As he stepped outside, the manager bowed and greeted him.

"Have a safe journey."

"I bet my stay here has cost you a lot of business."

"Not at all. On the contrary, we have become the centre of attention because of the rumours about your stay here. Our business will probably do even better."

"Is that so?"


At the manager's firm reply, Pyo Wol nodded and left.

As he left Manhwa Roo, the sunlight felt even hotter.

Pyo Wol looked up at the sky for a moment and then continued walking.

Perhaps because of the heat, there weren't many people on the streets. They must have hidden in the shade to avoid the heat.

Pyo Wol stopped for a moment near a bush near Manhwa Roo. Out of nowhere, Gwia burst through the bushes and ran into his arms.

While he had been with the prostitutes, Gwia had been free to roam.

Pyo Wol didn't take Gwia straight to his destination.

Instead, he walked down a quiet street off the main road.

The most conspicuous thing on the street was a workshop.

The sound of hammering came from the unmarked workshop.

Without hesitation, Pyo Wol opened the workshop door and entered.

Inside the workshop, a sweltering heat filled the air.

In the middle of it all was Tang Sochu.

Tang Sochu was hammering away, unaware of Pyo Wol's arrival.

Clang! Clang!

With each blow of his hammer, the red-hot metal twisted and bent.

Pyo Wol sat on a chair and watched Tang Sochu work.

Tang Sochu hammered away tirelessly, his outer garments removed. Beads of sweat ran down his toned body, sculpted by his work in the workshop.

Still, he didn't lose focus, concentrating on his hammering.

Tang Sochu now had the aura of a craftsman.

Although he was young, he had reached the level of a master in his field of blacksmithing.

It was truly impressive.

He had inherited the secret techniques of his clan, but mastering them to this level was another matter.

It was impossible without perseverance, passion and talent.

Tang Sochu had all three.

He never settled for mediocrity and didn't just immerse himself in the secret techniques.

He was constantly researching new techniques and seeking better methods.

As a result, he became the best in both Chengdu and Sichuan.

It would be difficult to find a blacksmith with better skills than him, even if the scope were extended to the entire Kangho.



Tang Sochu cooled the moulded metal by dipping it into water. A tremendous amount of steam rose as the red-hot metal entered the cold water.


Tang Sochu let out a sigh of relief after removing the object from the water.

He looked at his creation with a satisfied expression.

The object Tang Sochu was holding in his tongs was a single short sword.

The well-crafted blade resembled a work of art. It was about half a foot longer than the Ghost Blade Pyo Wol used.

The surface of the blade was engraved with a wavy pattern, giving it an even more dignified appearance.

Pyo Wol unconsciously let out a sigh of admiration.

"It's impressive."

"Brother? When did you get here?"

Tang Sochu turned around in surprise.

His face showed a hint of joy as he spotted Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol replied as he rose from the chair.

"Just now!"

"You didn't even make a sound?"

"I didn't want to disturb you while you were concentrating."

"You really..."

Tang Sochu's face turned slightly red at Pyo Wol's reaction, but he quickly regained his composure and shook the short sword in his hand.

"How does it look?"

"I told you, it's impressive."

"Isn't it? It's been a while since I've made one properly. The shape, the strength, the balance, the weight - nothing is lacking."

"Your forging skills have improved."

"Well, that too, but I also mixed in some of the meteorite you gave me."


"After making the armour, I had some left over, so I decided to make this. Take a closer look."


Tang Sochu threw the short sword at Pyo Wol.

Although it didn't have a hilt yet, the feel of the sword in his hand was extraordinary.

Pyo Wol handed the short sword back to Tang Sochu and said,

"I don't know who asked for this, but you have made a great piece.

"It's for you, brother."


"You said the Ghost Blade was completely broken, right? You also need a decent short sword. So I made it."

Tang Sochu stroked the short sword.

Even without sharpening the blade, the sword exuded a chilly radiance. Once sharpened and fitted with a hilt, it would undoubtedly become an excellent sword.

"Thank you."

"I am the one who should be grateful. Thanks to you, I can concentrate on my smithing. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today."

"How about the armour?"

"It's almost finished. Want me to show you?"

"No need. I trust you to handle it. Show it to me when it's ready. And the short sword too."

"Got it."

"I should go."


"I've been out too long. It's time to go home."

"Heh! The prostitutes couldn't let you go, could they? Your charm is no joke. How about settling down with a woman?"

"That would be a disaster for them. No thanks!"

"I guess that's true."

Tang Sochu nodded his head.

Pyo Wol lived a precarious life, walking a tightrope.


Exposed to all sorts of threats, the moment he settled down with a woman, everyone would set their sights on her. It would become Pyo Wol's weakness.

It was something that neither Pyo Wol nor the woman could afford.

Rather, it was better for everyone to live freely like this.

As Pyo Wol walked out the door, he said,

"I'm going!"

"Take care, brother! I'll find you when the things are ready."


Pyo Wol nodded slightly and closed the door.

It was time to return to Red Pine Manor.

Pyo Wol walked along the Xintian Road.

The best thing about Xintian Road was its cleanliness.

With so many mansions gathered in one place, it was thoroughly maintained.

It was also well guarded. Guards were stationed everywhere, making it difficult for outsiders to enter easily.

There were guards at the front gate of each mansion, creating an intimidating atmosphere. 

But that didn't concern Pyo Wol.

The guards protecting the mansions might be a source of fear for newcomers, but they were all wary of Pyo Wol.

They all flinched when Pyo Wol passed the mansions they guarded.

The fact that Pyo Wol was staying at Red Pine Manor was no longer a secret.

Mansions closer to the Red Pine Manor fetched higher prices, as it was believed that being closer to Pyo Wol meant more security.

Pyo Wol was aware of this fact, but he didn't pay much attention to it as it didn't hurt him.

Just as Pyo Wol was almost at the Red Pine Manor,


Suddenly, the door of a nearby mansion opened and someone came out.

The person who came out recognised Pyo Wol and approached him.

"Isn't it Master Pyo? Do you remember me? I am Woo Jang-rak."


The middle-aged martial artist who greeted Pyo Wol warmly was none other than Woo Jang-rak of Snow Cloud Manor.

The martial artists following Woo Jang-rak froze at the sight of Pyo Wol.

Is that the Reaper?

'What kind of appearance is that...'

Most of them were recently recruited and had never seen Pyo Wol's face before.

They couldn't believe that such a beautiful man existed, and that such a beautiful man could be so terrifying as to be called the Reaper. But they couldn't help but believe it when they saw Woo Jang-rak, the chief administrator of Snow Cloud Manor, whom they greatly respected, bowing so humbly before him.

Pyo Wol spoke to Woo Jang-rak.

"It's been a long time."

"Indeed it has. Seeing you back safely makes me feel much better."

"Is the owner of Snow Cloud Manor doing well?"

"Thanks to you, he's fine."

"I'm glad to hear that. Where are you going?"

"Ah, yes! I'm going to see a guest."

"A guest?"

"I'm going to persuade a rather troublesome guest."

"Judging by your involvement, he must be quite important?"

"Yes! It's a company called the Galactic Escort Bureau, one of New Moon Manor's enterprises. The owner of the bureau has made a difficult request."

"Is it related to the scriptures?"

"How did you know?"

Woo Jang-rak's eyes widened in surprise.

His mouth hung open, unable to close in shock.

Woo Jang-rak was in awe as Pyo Wol had immediately realised the truth despite giving no clues.

"H-how did you know?"

"Is there anything in Snow Cloud Manor that attracts more attention from outsiders than the scriptures? I've already experienced first hand how many people covet the scriptures."

"It is true. The mother of the owner of New Moon Manor wants to build a temple in honour of her late husband and she wants to have our scriptures. It seems that the original scriptures have a special meaning to her."

"That is possible."

"However, as you know, we've decided to donate all the scriptures to Shaolin Temple. Originally, the Shaolin Temple had planned to send someone earlier. However, various circumstances had delayed the schedule, and in the meantime, someone from New Moon Manor had come."

"So you're trying to convince them by talking to them?"

"Yes! A peaceful solution is best. There's still a lot of room for negotiation. If necessary, we can connect them to the Taewon Merchant Guild. That would give them considerable advantages, and they might not harbour any ill will."

"Would it really be that easy?"

"Excuse me?"

"Those who have accurately located the scriptures and have come so far... Will they really be satisfied with such a counter-offer? If it were me, I wouldn't be satisfied."


Woo Jang-rak could only sigh and couldn't easily answer.

Pyo Wol had hit the nail on the head.

As Pyo Wol walked past Woo Jang-rak, he said,

"Anyway, do your best."

"A-ah, yes! We will pay you an official visit later with our owner."


Pyo Wol replied indifferently, but Woo Jang-rak wasn't upset.

He knew that Pyo Wol was paying them so much attention because of Soma.

Soma was very fond of the owner of Snow Cloud Manor, Yoo Gi-cheon, so he often visited the place.

That was why Pyo Wol showed so much interest in Snow Cloud Manor, unlike other places.

Although Pyo Wol's words weighed on his mind, he tried to think positively.

What could go wrong? He's here after all...'

Pyo Wol was seen entering Red Pine Manor.

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