TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 268

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 268

This chapter is very hard to edit, I will just assume Chongmujeon as Central Martial Palace and Jeonmadan as Thundersword/Lightning Strike squad, and I might be super wrong about this 

Raon trampled the crumbled main gate and moved into the central hall of the Chongmujeon. (Central Martial Palace)

The sound of shattered wooden doors echoed through the night air.

"Take your positions!"

"Unleash the sword formation!"

"Guard the main gate!"

"Do not let them in! We are the guardians of Chongmujeon!"


The swordsmen of the Jeonmadan (Thundersword squad/Lightning Strike squad) followed the commanders' orders, moving to their designated positions and drawing their swords.

With a well-coordinated momentum, their sharp blades shot forward simultaneously.

"Not bad."

Raon smiled as he felt the forceful waves of the Jeonmadan swordsmen' energy piercing his skin. 

At this level, they would make excellent study materials for the training of the Light Wind squad.

"Raon Zieghart!"


"How dare the Light Wind squad!"

The Jeonmadan swordsmen unleashed a deadly intent as they prepared to attack, but Raon did not stop moving. 

He advanced, cutting through their energy waves with ease.


As the Jeonmadan swordsmen rushed forward together, a determined Light Wind squad, eyes ablaze, descended upon them.




The Light Wind Squad charged toward the Jeonmadan, emitting a growl that matched their "water" command. 

Though their movements appeared chaotic, they followed the flow of the Light Wind squad perfectly.



A powerful shockwave erupted, and a myriad of colorful lights shot into the air.


Raon nodded as he watched the Light Wind squad battle against the Jeonmadan.

Witnessing them fight opponents one step above in skill, he felt that the practical combat training had been worthwhile.

"Go quickly!"

"Burren! Capture that man!"

"Training piled upon training!"

"Let's fry him on the mountain until sunrise! It was hell!"

The Light Wind members urged not to rescue Burren but to bring him out to continue the training. 

Their instructions were unclear enough to suggest that they hadn't properly explained the situation to anyone listening.

"Did you enjoy it that much?"

Raon smiled at the camaraderie of the Light Wind squad, who wanted to share the good experience with their comrades. 

Next time, he thought he should increase the intensity and duration of their training by about half.

Raon hummed to himself while looking beyond the frontline where a swordmab was not engaging in combat but running toward the opposite side.

"That must be the messenger."

He wasn't running away; he was undoubtedly going to inform Gelmier, who was overseeing the Chongmujeon, about the situation.

"Which means Gelmier is likely in a place where it's hard to know about this situation."

Combining Judiel's information with Tias's testimony, Burren was probably trapped in a deep corner of Central Martial Palace, where the presence of outsiders couldn't be felt. 

Thus, Gelmier was likely unaware of the current situation.

"I can't just let him go."

It would be better to have solid evidence.

Raon activated Glacier power. 

Like Rimmer using the wind, he sent a frosty energy streak toward the inspector running inside.


The streak of blue energy turned into a flash and froze the swordsman shoes, engulfing his ankles entirely.


The swordsman tried to use Aura to remove the Glacier cold energy covering his ankles, but naturally, it didn't disappear easily.

With a faint smile, Raon approached him.


A middle-aged swordsman with a bruise under his eyes rushed forward from the Jeonmadan formation.

"That person is..."

Raon remembered the injured swordsman from the pamphlet Judiel had provided. 

He was Haeron, the leader of the Jeonmadan 1st team.

"you can't go on any longer!"

Haeron gritted his teeth and swung his sword down. 

Despite the sharp blades raining down on him, Raon walked forward without hesitation.


The shimmering blade was about to touch Raon's forehead when a dark shadow suddenly emerged and deflected Haeron's strike.


It was Martha, excited and full of vigor, as she swung her sword toward Haeron's waist.

"You little brat!"


The insult "little brat" fueled Martha's anger even further. 

With her raised sword, she unleashed powerful strikes aimed at Haeron's vital points.


Under the fierce and fierce swordsmanship, Haeron grunted and took a step back, his wrist trembling from the impact. 

There was clear discomfort on his face.


Martha had exceptional instincts, and Raon had taught her how to efficiently utilize her instincts to apply pressure on stronger opponents like Haeron.

"Martha, leave it to me."

Raon waved his hand as he passed by Martha.

"Don't you dare! You brat!"

Even though she had been making nothing but beast-like sounds earlier, Martha looked almost like a beast now, her eyes full of rage.


This time, a sharp-looking female swordsman who had been directing the formation from the left dashed toward them.


In an instant, she whipped out three swords, which multiplied into five, aiming for Raon's vital points.

"Looks like the 3rd team leader."

With her sharp gaze and slim figure, she seemed to be Kuran, the leader of the Jeonmadan 3rd team.

"Not bad swordsmanship."

Raon continued to move forward without drawing his sword, slipping between Kuran's strikes.


Just as Kuran's sword energy was about to pierce Raon's body, a wall of frost shot up in front of him.


Runaan, who had conjured the wall, advanced and corrected the formation.

"Leave this to me. Go get Burren."

With fierce eyes, Runaan showed a determined expression as she struck the ground.

"Hey! Move aside!"

Kuran relentlessly launched rapid stabbing attacks, but Runaan smoothly parried each strike with her sword, as if she could read her opponent's moves.


Between Runaan and Kuran, clashes of sword energy and frost clashed endlessly, creating discordant harmonies.

"Worth the training."

Raon thought. 

Martha and Runaan had improved significantly in a short period. 

While their power might be inferior to their opponents, they overwhelmed them with their momentum.

Raon briefly acknowledged all the members of Light Wind squad with a light wave before turning his attention to the frozen swordsman.

"Hold him down, even if you have to!"

"Don't kill them!"

Encouraged by the words of their leaders, the other swordsmen ran forward with bared fangs.


Raon chuckled, nodding his head. 

The objective of the forced execution wasn't to break through the Chongmujeon; it was to find Burren. 

Therefore, they couldn't kill the swordsmen.

"Of course, that is..."

As long as they could stick to me.

As Raon's heavy steps pressed into the ground, an intense heat began to emanate.

The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and the ring of fire supporting it resonated and exploded with a terrifying force, engulfing the entire battlefield.



"How, how do we stop this monster...?"

The swordsmen could do nothing but stand in their places, sweating profusely under the eruption of scorching heat.

Raon smiled at the frozen swordsmen and then approached the secret chamber. 

"I can't sense anything here either."

Even though he had come close to the building, there was still no trace of Burren or Gelmier's energy.

"Is it really a secret chamber?"

Creating a hidden chamber that completely nullifies one's presence requires the use of various devices and would take a considerable amount of time to construct.

Raon felt that he could apprehend them immediately, even without Burren's testimony.

"That works out well…"

As Raon was about to enter the secret chamber, a dark shadow appeared in the sky. 

It kicked off the ground, gliding smoothly sideways.


The ground beneath the garden collapsed, revealing a middle-aged man with a stern expression and sharp teeth.

"How dare you intrude into this place!"

His voice was filled with killing intent.

"So, you're Gorman."

Gorman Trock, one of Karoon's subordinates, appeared.

He must have stayed behind and not gone to the battlefield.

"This is your last chance! Get out immediately!"

He exuded an aura that seemed to say he would never let them inside.


As Gorman snapped his fingers, the freezing power that was binding the ankle of a young blue-haired swordsman shattered.

"Thank you!"

Without even bowing his head, the blue-haired swordsman quickly entered the secret chamber.

"He's slightly more powerful than me."

Gorman's strength seemed to be at the level of a Master Intermediate. 

Raon could defeat him, but it might take too much time, allowing Gelmier to hide Burren.

"Unfortunately, you're not my opponent."

"What? You arrogant...."

"Please excuse me."

Raon turned back and bowed while looking behind Gorman.


The rough walls of the training ground were torn apart, revealing a doguai (a creature with a small frame) with a body smaller than Gorman.

"Ga-Gambling Monster!"

"Gorman? You impudent bastard. Do you have the right to address me like that?"

"No, that's not...!"

Overwhelmed by Gambling Monster's energy, Gorman swallowed hard.

"I can see you're acting arrogant because your skills have improved a bit."

Gambling Monster chuckled and swung his sword.


Although Gorman quickly drew his sword and faced him, he was gradually pushed back by Gambling Monster strength.

"Ah, as expected, the Administrator is strong. I envy you."

"You vile brat! Just shut up and get inside quickly!"

Gambling Monster turned his head and furrowed his brows.

"I'm going in anyway."

With a faint smile, Raon entered the secret chamber .

"You have to give the guide time to depart."



Burren gasped for breath, lowering his head in exhaustion.


Allan looked at Burren like that and let out a sigh of admiration.

"Your mental strength is stronger than I thought. Indeed, the blood of Zieghart cannot be deceived."

He clapped his hands as if acknowledging Burren's strength.

"Shut up!"

Burren raised his head and gritted his teeth.

"I'll never submit to the likes of you!"

"Submit, you say...."

Allan smirked and twirled his finger.

"Do you remember what I said at the beginning? My brainwashing is a bit different from others. I told you it's not something imposed forcefully at once."

"Why are you saying this now...."

"You see, Burren, my brainwashing is already embedded in you. It seeped into your mind so softly, like getting wet in the drizzle. You didn't even realize it happened."


Burren swallowed hard. 

He had never answered Allan's questions before and resisted, so he didn't know when he fell under the brainwashing.

"Questions are meaningless now. My voice, words, and even gestures—all of those were prepping your mind with fatigue and pain."


Come to think of it, Allan never allowed me to close my eyes or ears. 

He kept asking questions and talking even if I didn't respond.

"Now, with just about an hour of finishing touches, the basic brainwashing will be complete. From the outside, there will be no apparent change, but inside your mind, there will be a storm."

Allan's voice exuded confidence. 

He smirked and stepped back slightly.

"I want to finish it decisively here, but there's someone who wants to meet you before that."

As he said this, the door to the secret chamber opened, and Gelmier Zieghart walked in.


"You don't call me 'hyung' anymore? How sad."

Gelmier approached with a smile.

Allan lowered his head and placed a chair in front of Gelmier.

"You did well."

Gelmier shook Allan's hand and took a seat across from Burren.

"I don't want to do this to my younger brother either. So, have your thoughts changed?"

"What thoughts!"

"Are you ready to take my hand and deal with Rain Zieghart?"


Burren raised his head with a scoff.

"My answer remains the same. I'd rather die than betray my comrades!"

"As I expected."

Gelmier smiled sardonically, leaning back as if he already knew Burren's response.

"Do you know? All members of this family have done the dirty deeds you're thinking of. The heads of this family have stabbed their comrades in the back, beheaded their brothers, and sold out their subordinates."

He spread his arms wide and let out a chilling smile.

"Zieghart. This vast land is a fortress built with such bloodshed."


Burren trembled his lips without being able to retort.

"You still haven't realized it?"

As if changing the heavy atmosphere, Gelmier put his folded hands on his knees and smiled.

"Raon Zieghart got his nickname at the age of 15. He was called Half Moon's guardian, then the Sword Ghost, and now he has acquired the cool alias, Seolhwa Sword Association. And what about you?" (I don't remember Raon correct nicknames) 

He chuckled and looked down at Burren.

"You are the deputy leader of the Light Wind squad without an alias. Team 1, who only follows behind Raon Zigheart. That's how the world sees you."


"Throughout your life, Raon Zieghart will always be in front of you. Whether you go here or there, it will always be Raon. Everyone will only be looking for Raon running ahead, not Burren."


Burren tightly bit his lips, his pupils trembling.

"Do you really think you won't feel jealous even if it gets to that point? Can you genuinely be happy for your comrade's success without feeling envy?"

Gelmiere's voice gradually softened, and his heart felt heavy. It was as if he was pounding his chest with his fist.


Beren took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment, and then opened them again. In that brief moment, his pupils had regained their composure.


Gelmier looked at Burren's calm eyes and swallowed hard.

"I started feeling jealous of him when I was twelve. I thought he was just a talentless brat who relied on his natural abilities."

I thought he was just a damn guy living an easy life thanks to his natural talent, but that wasn't the case at all.

"He was a guy who put in effort beyond his talent."

He remembered the old shoes inside Raon's locker. 

That guy was more than just talented; he was a hardworking man.

When there was something to be done, he wouldn't sleep or eat; he would swing his sword like a maniac among maniacs.

"How can I be jealous of someone like him?"

He was more hardworking than anyone else and sincerely cared about the growth of his comrades, even in the midst of his own busy life. 

Being jealous of someone who had saved his life and taught him how to become stronger would only reveal his own pettiness.

"You're still young, brother. I couldn't even match him when I was twelve."

Burren looked at Gelmier's wavering eyes and grinned.

"To be honest, I'm not expressing concern for you. It's because you're scared. Raon is catching up to you. No, he might have already caught up."

He conveyed his thoughts candidly.


"Does being jealous while blaming me make you feel any less pathetic? How pitiful."

"Shut up!"

Gelmier's face contorted in anger for the first time as he yelled.


He pushed his chair back and stood up, calling Allan.

"Start it now!"

"Yes, sir."

Allan responded with a faint smile, as if he had expected this from the beginning.


Gelmier took a deep breath, as if trying to calm his anger, and leaned against the wall, resting his back.

"You have exceptional talent as well, Burren. It's a pity. If you train for a few more years, You might be able to catch up..."

"What nonsense. I can already catch you."

Burren lowered his eyebrows, chuckling.

"You're quite confident."

"Confident? It's the truth. I've seen countless times how to take down a strong opponent from behind Raon."

"Is that so?"

Allan smoothly changed the subject, but his tone was now slightly higher. 

It seemed like he was annoyed for the first time.

"If I handle this well...."

He thought that if he provoked these two, he might get a chance to escape.

"If you don't believe me, how about a match?"

When Allan tried to provoke him, a series of thumping sounds came from outside.

"This room wasn't just one layer?"

Listening closely, it seemed like this secret chamber had been constructed with multiple layers. 

Truly, these people were insane.

After a few more door sounds, the heavy iron door of the secret chamber was roughly opened.


The red-haired sworsdman who opened the door bowed with trembling eyes.

"What's going on? If it's not urgent, come back later...."

"Light Wind squad has invaded!"



Gelmier and Allan turned to the swordsman, their mouths agape.

"Light Wind squad?"

"Why is Light Wind squad here?"

The answer didn't come from the swordsman but from above the ceiling.


With a thunderous crash, the ceiling collapsed, and in the midst of the distant dust and dirt, eerie red eyes flashed.

"Who are you?"

Gelmier gripped his sword and unleashed his aura, but the man with red eyes didn't respond.

 He looked at Burren.

"Who are you? What made you get stuck underground?"


Burren recognized that voice and trembled.


The moment he called that name, the dust soared into the sky, revealing Raon's figure.

His flowing golden hair and shining red eyes.

His slightly cocky demeanor suited him perfectly.

"Let's go back."

Raon held his divine sword's hilt and gave a cold smile.

"A pack of crazed dogs is waiting to tear you apart. No, it's Light Wind squad, together with Gwanggyeon."


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