TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 597

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Chapter 597


Raon felt the energy of the fruit itself melting into mana and closed his eyes.

'So this is the fruit of the World Tree.'

A river. No, waves of a vast and arrogant sea.

There was no need to open the path of the mana circuit with The Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation or Glacier. The energy of the fruit moved on its own, as if it were alive and breathing.

The first place the energy of the fruit seeped into was the wound of the burns left by the Red Flame Demon . The external and internal injuries caused by his flames were erased cleanly, as if washed away by water.

'What kind of energy is this....'

He almost woke from his cultivation and moved because it was so unbelievable. He didn't know that it would heal both internal and external injuries in this short moment.

It was no exaggeration to say it was not an elixir, but holy water.

‘There was no need to worry.’

He had thought the strong taste of Nadine bread from the fruit of the World Tree might hurt him.


The energy of the fruit of the World Tree, which had healed all the wounds, now seemed about to perform its real job, creating a huge flow and spreading throughout the mana circuits of his body.

'It's not any of the four basic attributes.'

It was pure mana itself.

No, even the word pure could not describe the energy that was contained inside the fruit. A refreshing feeling as if nature itself had been brought over. It was pure mana without even the smallest impurity.

The energy of the fruit seeped into the lower energy center, turned into the heat of The Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation and the cold of Glacier, and then rode up the mana circuit in the abdomen, expanding the size of the middle energy center.

He felt that now the middle energy center was keeping his body and mind in better balance.

However, the energy of the fruit still seemed to have strength left in it and soared up to the upper energy center, delivering a refreshing vitality to the mental world.

He felt that all three, the lower energy center that raised the aura (energy), the upper energy center that supported the mind, and the middle energy center that maintained the balance, had grown.

Raon's mind gradually plunged into a deeper trance, unlike the energy of the fruit, which was growing thinner.

*    *    *

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For Indonesian:

Raon woke up from his cultivation but did not open his eyes. He took a shallow breath and felt the changes in himself.

'It's not just the energy centers that has grown, but the mana circuits has also grown larger.'

Thanks to the increased circumference of the mana circuit, he felt that he would be able to move more energy more quickly in the future.

'This is a big harvest.'

In battles among high-level individuals, victory and defeat are decided in an instant, so being able to move the aura even a little faster means that his martial power itself has grown.

‘And I can naturally sense the surrounding aura.’

He didn't even spread his senses, but he could feel the aura of the elves around the World Tree. It was not just that he knew they were nearby, but he could even sense what they were doing.

Originally, he had to spread the aura (perception of the snow flower/snow flower’s veil) around him to feel the aura, but it seemed that he no longer needed that concept. If he used it, he would be able to sense things over a greater distance than before.

Feeling satisfied that he had grown, Raon slowly opened his eyes.


As he took a short breath, Rimmer, whose complexion was a little pale, approached him.

"Why did you enter a trance while cultivating the energy of the fruit?"

Rimmer scratched his ear as if annoyed.

"How long have I been cultivated?"

Raon looked up at the sky. Just like when he started cultivating, the sun was high in the sky, so he couldn't figure out how long it had been.

“Three days.”

Rimmer raised three fingers.

"I thought I was going to die from staying up and guarding!"

He waved his arms as if to say it tiresome.

“Three days...”

Raon sighed.

‘So they’ve been guarding me for three days?’

If they had maintained that posture for three days, it was understandable why they were so tired.

“I'm sorry.”

"There is no need to apologize."

Sterin approached, shaking his head as Raon was about to bow.

"We made the offer first, so why are you apologizing?"

Sterin frowned and slapped Rimmer's forehead.


Rimmer covered his forehead and stepped back.

"Why are you hitting me!"

"You're lucky I didn't hit you in the mouth."

"Ugh, getting hit here and in Zieghart. Oh my fate..."

He stepped back, grumbling.

"It seems you've absorbed it properly."

Sterin smiled faintly, as if proud that Raon had properly absorbed the energy of the World Tree fruit.

"I can definitely feel that you've changed."

The Great Elder nodded as he looked at Raon.

"The mana that was already pure has become even purer. Now, even the High Elves won't be a match for you."

He sighed as if it was absurd.

"Sir Raon

With a bird perched on her shoulder, Siyan bowed her head.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, but you look tired, Lady Siyan."

Her complexion was even paler than Rimmer's, and her entire forehead was covered in cold sweat, making her look like she was sick.

"Oh, I'm fine."

"You're not fine."

Rimmer glared at Siyan.

"This girl has been summoning a top-tier spirit for three days. Even our Grandfather can't do such a crazy thing."

He spun his finger around his temple, as if indicating that she had lost her mind.

"I'm really fine."

Unlike her words, Siyan immediately sent back the top-tier spirit. Only then did her complexion start to return to normal.


Raon let out a short sigh and bowed his head to the four elves.

"Thank you."

It is not something that even a close friend would do easily, to stay up all night and watch over him for three days. He expressed his gratitude sincerely.

"No need for such gratitude."

The Great Elder shook his head.

"That's right. You are too polite."

Rimmer frowned at Raon.

"If I were you, I would have taken half of the World Tree."

"Why would you take the World Tree?"

"You protected it entirely. Can't we say that about half of the ownership of the World Tree belongs to you?"


He opened his mouth wide, speechless.

"That's why you look like that."

Sterin sighed, looking at Rimmer.

"Si, Sir Raon. I feel the same way. The World Tree is as good as yours!"

Siyan nodded, clenching her fists. Siblings really do resemble each other.

'But I don’t feel bad.'

If anything, it felt good.

He felt a sense of satisfaction that transcended the growth of his martial power, he had formed a bond with another race to the point of genuinely caring for each other.

Now he really felt like he was becoming human.

Go, good?

Wrath's voice erupted, trembling as if on the verge of breaking. His face appeared sunken and pale, as though he might collapse at any moment.

You buried the King of Essence in rubber, and you're saying you felt good?

'I never buried you in rubber....'

The fruit of the World Tree! That dreadful taste won't go away!

Wrath screamed.

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for the King of Essence to rid himself of the rubber taste? Even breathing through his nose tasted like rubber, and even breathing through his mouth tasted like rubber! Rubber! The rubber won't dissipate! It haunts him even in his dreams!

He was on the verge of tears, saying he was almost killed by rubber.

I don't know if I should have eaten other food, because this rubber taste seems to be permanent….keughh..

He swallowed dry saliva as he watched Wrath wipe his tears with the back of his hand.

"Let's go back and eat some real food as soon as we return."

Normally he would have ignored it, but the guy looked so miserable that he immediately said he would eat.


Wrath stopped convulsing and raised his head at the mention of food.

What's on the menu?


He didn't expect him to ask for a menu here. He couldn't think of anything to say.

"Now that it's all over, we should head back."

Rimmer smiled faintly, gently brushing off the World Tree.

"I agree."

Raon nodded. Although it had deviated from the original purpose, but he had finished everything he had to do, so it was time to return to Zieghart.

"I heard from that idiot that there's someone we need to take with us when we go back to Zieghart."

Sterin stepped back to the right and raised his hand.

"Ah, you mean the envoy."

“This one.”

His hand gently pushed Siyan's back, who was trembling as if she were about to fall.


Siyan jumped up like a rabbit, startled.

"Originally, I should have gone myself, but the barrier isn't settled yet, so I'm sending Siyan instead."

Sterin pushed Siyan forward as he spoke.

"Besides expressing gratitude, there may be diplomatic discussions, so I hope you'll help."

He nodded, saying that if things went well, Seipia and Zieghart could form a temporary alliance.

Raon looked at Siyan after hearing Sterin's words.


She still shook her shoulders, hiding her face behind her thin golden hair.

'Even though she looks like that, I'm sure she'll do well when it comes down to it.'

Knowing Siyan's true nature, he wasn't particularly worried.

Raon smiled faintly, looking into Sterin's eyes, who seemed to be less worried.

"I will do my best."

"Yes. I appreciate it."

As he shook hands with Sterin, the World Tree spread its branches as if blessing the future of Zieghart and Seipia.

Raon looked up at the World Tree and chuckled.

‘Looking at those branches, I understand why the World Tree is a rubber tree.’

It was strange that the World Tree would narrow and spread its branches at will, but it seemed to be because it was a rubber tree.

Where, where's the rubber! Where is it!

Wrath trembled all over as if he had a seizure at the sound of rubber.

"Let's think about the rest later and eat first. I'm so hungry I could die."

Rimmer gestured for them to come down quickly.

"We haven't eaten for three days. Do you want some Nadine bread so our stomachs won't get upset?"

He asked the other elves to prepare it, saying it was three days of fasting.

Na, Nadine... Ugh....

Wrath collapsed, foaming at the mouth, after shouting Nadine Bread. It seemed that the self-proclaimed Monarch of Wrath had developed a trauma.

Raon sighed and shook his head.

"I'll eat something normal today...."

*    *    *

Two days later.

Raon finished preparing to leave Seipia and stepped out of his room.


Wrath raised his two fists to the blue sky.

Finally leaving! I can finally escape this hellish place that smells like rubber all day long!

He shook his head, saying he would never set foot in Seipia again.

'A few days ago, you said you were going to burn it down.'

It's not even worth burning or freezing it!

Wrath gritted his teeth, saying that Seipia was the worst place he had ever been.

'I was fine.'

He gained combat experience by fighting the Red Flame Demon, increased his martial power by eating the fruit of the World Tree, and even formed a good relationship with the elves of Seipia.

Since it was a profitable time, unlike Wrath, this place felt as good as home.

'The food was decent.'

The reason the food here is decent is because your taste buds are broken! It's all rubber!

Wrath still shivered, claiming that his tongue still tasted like rubber.

‘Well, when we get back, you'll be able to eat all the foods you want.’

That's why let's go quickly!


‘Then, on the way back, how about some Nadine bread to save time?’


As soon as Raon talked about Nadine bread, he froze white like a statue.

If we want to arrive quickly, you need Nadine Bread. But Nadine Bread tastes like rubber. Still, to get rid of the taste lingering in my mouths, you need Nadine Bread... Ohhh…what is this…!

Wrath kept muttering Nadine bread with his eyes half rolled back. While teasing Wrath and walking, he suddenly arrived at the entrance of Seipia.


Raon opened his eyes wide.

'Why are there so many elves.'

He thought only a few elves he knew would see him off, but the entrance was so crowded that there was no room to step on, as if all the elves of Seipia were gathered.

"You're finally here!"

Erian waved his hand coolly at him. If anyone saw it, they would think they were childhood friends. However, it seemed that it wouldn't be bad if they actually became friends since he was a sincere person.

"Why is the protagonist late?"

Rimmer frowned at Raon.

"Division leader you just arrived too."

Yua blinked at Rimmer.

"Yua, you don't have to say things like that."


Rimmer shook his head, patting Yua's head a little hard.


Dorian took out a cookie from his belly pocket and chewed it, giggling.

"Are you all ready?"

"We're ready, but..."

He trailed off and looked to his right.

"We're ready too."

Reyran nodded, pointing to Siyan and the five guardians who would escort her.

"Oh, hello."

Siyan bowed her head, her face covered with a robe. The ears that popped up from under the robe seemed to tremble faintly.

"I will do my best."

"Yes, I will definitely make it a success!"

"Success? Oh, I'm sure you can."

He nodded as if he meant that she would succeed in the diplomatic negotiations between Seipia and Zieghart.

"Yes. Definitely."

Siyan clenched her small fist, saying that she would definitely do it.

"Lady Reyran."

Raon called Reyran, who was clinging to Siyan's side.

"Is there something you wanted to ask?"

"We're ready."

She nodded her head reassuringly, telling him not to worry.

“Thank you.”

As Raon was greeting Reyran, Sterin walked out from among the elves.

“Looks like everyone’s here.”

Sterin went first to Rimmer and squinted his eyes.

“You need to sober up.”

“I only had one drink at noon.”

“That’s the problem!”

Sterin slapped Rimmer on the head and walked to the side.



“You are going to Zieghart as a representative of Seipia. Always think about how much weight each of your words carries.”

“Don’t worry!”

Unlike when she spoke to Raon, Siyan nodded with a confident voice.

“Reyran. I'm counting on you."

“I will protect Lady Siyan with my life.”

Reyran nodded heavily opposite to Siyan.

Sterin nodded in satisfaction and stood in front of Yua.

“Did you enjoy learning music?”

“I did! It was fun to learn how to play music on the harp too!”

“You can come back anytime.”


He patted Yua’s head, who answered enthusiastically, and looked at Dorian.

"It seems that the request trade of Sephia Company has been positively received. When someone from there comes, we'll have a proper discussion then."

“Th, thank you!”

Dorian bowed his head to Sterin. From his words, it seemed like he had been negotiating trade with Seipia during this short time. He appeared to be doing well in business, which was unexpected.

“Seipia will not forget your help.”

Sterin passed Dorian and finally stood face to face with Raon.

"If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask. Everyone, including me, will rush to help you."

“Thank you.”

"However, the reason we're stepping forward is not for Zieghart, but for you, Raon."


“Seipia is moving only to help you.”

He lowered his gaze as if his words were sincere. The elves behind him, including the Great Elder, the Elders, and Erian, had the same look in their eyes.

“The elves repay kindness twice and grudges tenfold. Be sure to contact us.”

Sterin gently patted his shoulder and stepped back.

Raon bowed his head silently, feeling Sterin’s sincerity.

“Then let’s go.”

Just as they were about to leave Seipia, Erian's cheerful voice rang out.

"May fortune favor the journey of the benefactors!"

With Erian's spirited voice, all the elves gathered here raised their left hand and touched their right shoulder, taking the elven salute.

“I will definitely come back again.”

Raon responded to the elves' farewells with a courteous nod and a smile.

The King of Essence won’t!

However, Wrath hates it.

*   *   *

Raon entered a human village after 5 days.

They had planned to camp until they arrived in Zieghart because of the elves, especially because of Siyan’s mysterious aura. However, Rimmer grew hungry and made a fuss, leaving them no choice but to visit a restaurant in the village.

"Look. Isn't human civilization great?"

Rimmer chuckled as he sat down in the restaurant chair.

"I'm tired of eating raw grass in the meadows! I prefer meat and beds!"

It sounded like something an elf wouldn't say, but Raon didn't bother to argue out of laziness.

Ignoring Rimmer's words, he scanned the restaurant.

Most people didn't pay much attention because it was common to see people walking around in robes, but there were a few who were gleaming in their eyes.

It seemed that they had noticed that Rimmer, even though he was wearing a robe, was an elf.

‘What's this?’

Their gazes were fixed on Siyan and Reyran, and their tongue-wagging appearance was not good at all.

Pretending not to know, he narrowed his eyes while choosing a menu, a young man with an air of arrogance approached him.

“Are you the owner?”


"Are you going to the sea market?"

The young man pointed at Siyan as he spoke.

“She looks pretty good, but give her to me instead of the sea market. I'll give you more than the auction.”

He snapped his fingers as if he thought Siyan was a slave.

"What do you think you're doing..."

"Wait a minute."

He narrowed his eyes, stopping Reyran who was about to stand up in anger.

'Sea Market? Owner?'

He’s not just trying to mock an elf. That bastard was clearly seeing the elves as slaves.

'Come to think of it...'

Sterin and Erian had mentioned that many elves who hadn't been found after the recent attacks might have ended up in slave market.

Raon got up from his seat and grinned.

"How much are you offering?"

"How much do you want... Keuk!"

He grabbed the young man's face with his hand and lifted him into the air.

"What, what..."

"Let's have a little chat."

Is this human conversation?


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