TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 596

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 596


Under the vast branches of the World Tree,

Elves gathered in groups of threes and fives, chatting away or sipping from glasses emitting sweet scents.


Raon observed the elves' small gathering, rubbing the back of his neck.

'It's quite lively.'

He had heard that they were holding a party to comfort the dead elves, so he participated, but the elves were drinking fruit wine and smiling faintly.

Considering the funeral he had expected, this light atmosphere was somewhat surprising.

Don't worry about unnecessary things!

As Raon contemplated, Wrath perched on his shoulder and rolled his eyes rapidly.

The priority is to finish the food before it gets cold!

The guy pointed to the table where the food was laid out, saying to eat quickly.

'Just wait.'

Why do you have such little appetite! You need to eat a lot to grow tall!

‘Are you my mom….’

Listening to Wrath’s grumbles, Raon shook his head.

The King of Essence is taking care of you instead of your mom!

‘Yeah. Yeah.’

Since Wrath had also helped with this matter, he put a well-baked pie in his mouth.

The slightly hard but nutty bread and the berries filled with flesh harmoniously filled his mouth.

Perhaps because the ingredients were so good, he could taste both a luxurious and homely taste at the same time.

Kkeuugh! It's sweet!

Wrath clenched his fists and exclaimed.

This is it! This is what life is all about!

He danced on Raon's shoulder with an expression of happiness not seen in a long time.

Now that one! The food that looks like fruit with honey on it is tempting!


Raon chuckled and fed Wrath the food he desired. Despite taking only one bite at a time of what Wrath wanted, Raon felt somewhat full.

‘Where is the fruit wine?’

Turning his head to find something to drink, he heard voices from under a tree in the corner to the right, where Rimmer and young elves were.

‘What is he doing with the kids?’

Raon tilted his head and approached the tree where Rimmer was.

“These five cards with the same shape are called a flush. If the numbers are also consecutive, it's called a straight flush.”

Rimmer showed the children the hand rankings in poker with a mischievous grin.

“The probability of a flush is less than 0.2%, and the probability of a straight flush is 0.01%. But once you sit down to play, it's easier than you think. That's the beauty of poker.”


Raon gulped as he watched Rimmer teach the children poker.

‘This damn shitty-ears….’

He was so pathetic that the word shitty-ears came out naturally, like Wrath.

'But at least he seems to be teaching it as a game.'

If he had taught them gambling, Raon would have put a stop to it immediately, but Rimmer seemed to be teaching poker to the children as a game.

“Then shall we all take them out?”

After teaching a few more hand rankings, Rimmer snapped his fingers.


The children nodded and took out small pieces of gold or jewel-like objects from their pockets.

“That’s right! This game needs these shiny things. First, I’ll do it with my brother first….”

“Hey, you!”

Unable to bear it any longer, Raon slapped Rimmer on the back.


He couldn't overcome the sudden shock and ended up burying his face in the ground.

“Who is it!”

Rimmer got up with his face covered in dirt.

“Who dares to hit the teacher of the Spirit King Summoner!”

“It’s the Spirit King Summoner.”

Raon drew his sword and revealed a cold gaze.


Rimmer approached him awkwardly and grabbed his shoulder.

"Hey, you're here?"

“What are you doing now?”

Raon sighed as he looked at Rimmer’s pale face.

"Kids get bored when there are only adults around. I was just trying to entertain them...."

Rimmer shook his head, saying it was nothing.

"Then what are these pieces of gold?"

Raon frowned, pointing to the gold and jewels in the children’s hands.

“As you know, elves don't value jewelry or gold. It's useless stuff anyway. It's only natural for me, who knows its value, to use it….”

Oh, what an annoying shitty-ears!

Even Wrath sighed incredulously.

“That uncle is a bad person. You should never trust him.”

Raon shook his hands, meeting the eyes of the children.

“Put the gold and jewels back where they were.”


"We understand!"

The elf children nodded, their eyes sparkling, perhaps because they knew he was the contractor of the Spirit King.


Rimmer groaned as he watched the children return to their parents.

“It was so close."

“Fortunately, I stopped you. If the guardian had seen you, you would have been shot with an arrow.”

"Well, that could've happened..."

Rimmer nodded, shivering his shoulders.

“But the atmosphere of the funeral is brighter than I thought.”

Raon took a short sip as he looked at the funeral again.

“Ah, that’s….”

“It is because elves become one with nature through death.”

The answer to that came not from Rimmer, but from the lips of Reyran, who approached from the left. She stood next to Rimmer, holding two round glasses of wine.

"They become one with nature through death?"

“The death of the elves is not the end, but a new beginning. They will melt into nature and return to a new life.”

Reyran explained that this gathering was not a funeral to console death, but a farewell ceremony to bid farewell to loved ones.

“That’s right.”

Rimmer smiled faintly and nodded.

"Elves don't just accept the death of their kin with sorrow."

Despite his words about not accepting death with sorrow, he showed a bitter look in his eyes.

“I see.”

Raon nodded slightly. It seemed that this light atmosphere at the funeral was created because of the difference in race between humans and elves.

“Enjoy your meal too. Here, that’s what comforts the dead.”

Rimmer reached out to Reyran as he said that.

"Did you bring that for me? Thank..."


Reyran passed Rimmer and handed Raon a glass.

"This is a fruit wine made by the Cotton Tribe. It not only tastes good, but also helps with physical and mental recovery."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the clear liquid in the glass. The scent, whether from Reyran or the wine itself, tantalized his nostrils.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed his head and took the glass.

"To think that such precious wine is going to a novice like you!"

Rimmer clicked his tongue as if it was a pity.

“Precious wine?”

"Yes. The fruit wine of the Cotton Tribe is a treasure that even the elves of Seypia cannot taste."

He gestured for him to eat it quickly, saying that he would be impressed.


Raon licked his lips as he looked at the clear fruit wine. Hearing Rimmer’s words, his saliva naturally flowed.

He took a sip of the fruit wine slowly, like drinking wine.

Wow! The aroma is amazing!


The sweet and refreshing taste and aroma of the fruit invaded his tongue and nose. It felt like it was cleanly washing away the entire mouth that he felt tired of eating various foods.

Following that was the stimulating taste unique to fruit wine, as if it was tingling.

His tongue was a little chilly, but it was amazing. The stimulating aftertaste was more satisfying than the sweet taste of the fruit.


However, Wrath staggered, clutching his throat, as if he didn’t like the aftertaste.

Wargh, alcohol! I hate alcohol!

The one who had been slurping and praising how sweet and delicious it was now started wiping his tongue with his palm.

He had felt it during the possession of his body by Wrath, but it seemed that Wrath did not like alcohol. It was as if he had the taste of a child.

“Sir Raon.”

When Raon sighed while looking at Wrath, Reyran approached and clasped her hands together.

“I apologize. And thank you.”

She bowed her head, kneeling on both knees as if she were not an elf, but a human.


Raon opened his eyes wide in surprise at the sudden situation.

"What is this..."

"On the day of Eden's attack, when you had a bad feeling about it and suggested going on patrol, I refused, dismissing it as nonsense. I want to apologize for that."

Reyran bowed his head, apologizing.

"There is no need to apologize."

Raon smiled softly and helped Reyran up.

"Anyone would have done the same."

For two days, they had been on guard without sleep, and when the guardians were about to eat their first meal, he suggested going on patrol because he had a bad feeling. Given their exhaustion, there was no way they could have reacted well.

Erian, who had trusted him, was the strange one, but there was no need for Reyran to apologize for her mistake. It was pathetic to even mention it.


Reyran bit her lip as she looked at Raon, who was holding her arm and helping her up.

He's completely different from any human I've seen.'

Humans always tried to take advantage of even the smallest things, but Raon didn't have any of that.

He had accomplished the feat of saving the World Tree and Seypia, yet he never boasted or bragged about himself. He seemed like a different being from any human she had known, which bewildered her and left her feeling confused.

"The wine tastes good. Thank you for the treat."

Raon smiled at Reyran and handed her his empty glass.

"Ah, oh, we have plenty more. Come and have some more."

Reyran nodded, saying that she could give him as much as he wanted.

Raon bowed to Reyran and then nudged Rimmer's waist with his elbow.

"Division leader, come with me for a moment."


"You'll know if you follow me."

He dragged him to Sterin, who was sitting beneath the World Tree as if guarding it.

"Are you here?"

Sterin raised his chin, holding a small glass of wine.

"How is the party? It must be boring, unlike the human events."

"I'm usually not one to enjoy parties, so it's fine."

"I see."

He smiled faintly, as if he liked it.

"But why did you bring that nuisance with you?"

Sterin glanced at the dazed Rimmer and chuckled.

"How could you call your own grandson a nuisance! That's too harsh!"

"Aren't you a nuisance? As long as you're the only one ruined, it's fine. Don't ruin the children too!"

He seemed to have seen everything, and he hit Rimmer on the forehead with the back of his hand.


Rimmer fell to the ground with the glass in his hand.


Raon sighed and took a step closer to Sterin.

"I have a favor to ask."

"Tell me."

"Would it be possible to receive a branch of the World Tree?"

"A branch of the World Tree?"


He nodded and looked at Rimmer.

"The more familiar the material is with mana, the better it will support the bones when making the division leader’s prosthetic arm. So, I asked if we could obtain a branch or root of the World Tree."


Sterin frowned as he looked at Rimmer.

"Wouldn't it be better for you to just live with one arm? I think you'll have fewer accidents that way."

‘Is that something a grandfather should say?"

Rimmer yelled back.


Sterin coughed and turned his gaze to Raon.

"Originally, it's against Seypia's rules to give humans even a single leaf from the World Tree, let alone a branch. However..."

He smiled softly, unlike when he was looking at Rimmer.

"It is not that difficult to give a branch to you who have already received the fruit."

As soon as Sterin said those words, one of the branches of the World Tree, which shone transparently like a night light, fell naturally and caught in Raon's hand.

"This is..."

Raon's eyes widened as he looked at the branch of the World Tree in his hand.

"I guess I didn't need to answer."

Sterin laughed, saying it was unheard of for the World Tree to provide such favor even among the High Elves.

"Thank you. I'll use it in a good place..."

A good place?

Wrath furrowed his brow, questioning.

'…not, in a bad place...'

Raon amended his words slightly, gently stroking the World Tree.


The World Tree spread its branches as if it was happy. The leaves covered in moonlight rustled, revealing a spectacle that looked like the Milky Way.

"I thought you only came back with your personality, temperament, and skills all ruined..."

Sterin looked at Rimmer, then turned his gaze to Raon.

"But you've brought a disciple who can make up for all that damage."

"Still, I lose money whenever I go to a casino."

Rimmer clicked his tongue briefly, shaking off the dirt on his hands.

"You said you came here to return that sword, right?"

Sterin glanced at the sword still hanging from Rimmer's waist.


Rimmer nodded and tried to remove the sword from his waist when Sterin raised his hand.

"There's no need to give it back."


"Didn't you say that you fought the Red Flame Demon with Raon?"


"Your will to hold the sword is not yet broken, so there is no need to let go of the sword. It seems that the sword itself doesn't want to leave your hand yet."

Sterin nodded towards the trembling sword.

"Whether you hold the sword with your left hand, with a prosthetic arm, or put down the sword."

Sterin grabbed Rimmer's right shoulder and smiled softly.

"Make your decision after properly assessing yourself."

He turned away, saying he would leave the sword with him until then.


Rimmer sighed and nodded.

"Got it."


Sterin's eyes darkened as he looked at the sword that had returned to Rimmer's waist.

"When you return to Zieghart, there will be someone accompanying you."

"Accompanying us means..."

"The elders have approved it, so they wish to have some interaction with Zieghart."

"That's a great idea!"

Rimmer laughed heartily and slapped his knees.

"Zieghart is almost back to its prime now! There will be no loss!"

He raised his hand, expressing it was a good choice.

"But who will you send?"

"That has already been decided."

Sterin looked at Raon again and smiled faintly.

*   *   *

The next evening.

Raon received Sterin's summons and headed back to the World Tree.

Contrary to his expectations that he would be alone, the Great Elder, Rimmer, and Siyan were waiting together under the World Tree.

"You're here on time."

Sterin nodded approvingly.

"Of course he would be, unlike someone else."

The Great Elder glared at Rimmer.

"Ah, sorry for being a little late."

Rimmer scratched the back of his head and looked away.

"Si, Sir Raon. Hello...."

Siyan covered her face with her hair and bowed her head.

"Why are you all here..."

Raon tilted his head as he looked at the four of them.

"Now you need to eat the fruit of the World Tree. The most efficient place to absorb the fruit is right under the World Tree."


"The four of us will be on guard, so don't worry and just focus on your cultivation."

"All four of you are going to protect me?"

"Just in case."

Sterin smiled faintly and nodded.

"Isn't that too much..."

"It's not too much. What you've done for us is more than that."

The Great Elder waved his hand, saying to stop talking nonsense and get to the point.

"Right. Let's get started."

Rimmer patted Raon on the shoulder.

"I, I will protect you, even if it costs me my life!"

Siyan's blue eyes flashed through her golden hair. She really seemed ready to give her life.

"Then I'll ask for your help."

Raon smiled faintly and sat beneath the World Tree. Normally, he would have felt humble, but with Wrath’s words in mind, he decided to accept everyone's goodwill.


Wrath looked at the fruit of the World Tree with eyes filled with joy.

Finally I can taste that sweet juice!

Even if he had been harassed by Nadine Bread, sticking with it had paid off, he sniffed.

As Raon took out the fruit of the World Tree, Rimmer curled up the corners of his mouth.

"It'll be taste good for you."


"No, nothing."

He chuckled as if urging him to eat quickly.

'Something feels off.'

It felt a little strange because Rimmer said that.

What's there to be uneasy about!

Wrath shook his head.

Can't you feel the sweet scent emanating from the fruit! It must be delicious!

He waved his chubby hands, urging him to eat quickly.


Raon calmed his mind and took a bite of the fruit of the World Tree. Before he could even feel the crisp texture like an apple, the taste of the fruit began to be felt on the tip of his tongue.

Sweet... huh?

Wrath, who tasted it first, opened his eyes wide.

Blegh! What, why does the fruit of the World Tree taste like rubber?

'It's true....'

Raon blinked as he took another bite of the World Tree's fruit. Contrary to its sweet aroma, the fruit of the World Tree was exactly the same as Nadine Bread, full of rubbery taste.

'No, it's more than that.'

It tasted like rubber, much stronger than Nadine Bread. It felt like he had put rubber all over his mouth.

As he opened his eyes wide, thinking it was strange, Rimmer smiled and pointed at Siyan.

"Nadine bread flavor was based on the taste of the fruit of the World Tree. In fact, the World Tree is a rubber tree."

"Are, are you alright?"

Siyan blinked, concerned.

"...I'm fine."

Raon nodded. He was quite used to the taste of Nadine Bread, so it didn't matter.

However, there was one Demon King who was not.

Ju-just... kill..

Wrath staggered and fell to the ground.

…me! This is too awful! Why does the fruit of the World Tree taste like rubber? Spit it out quickly...

He tried to tell Raon to spit it out, but Raon had already chewed and swallowed all the fruit of the World Tree and was lost in thought. He was the only one who tasted the rubbery flavor now.


Wrath reached out to the World Tree, trembling, his lips quivering.

The King of Essence! He will surely burn it all! Everything!


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