TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 239

C239 - Madness, Adoration, and Truth (1~)

Dragon God Kendall, the God of Victory, looked at Cale's smile and returned the smile.

'I heard it from Jenyu.'

Jenyu, the Commander of the Holy Empire's First Saint Division, a first-generation Mixed-blood Dragon. He said he had to kneel before the Force emanating from Cale Henituse.

'I don't know how a human can emit Force, but...'

Jenyu clearly told Kendall.

'I tried to cut Cale Henituse's throat, but suddenly a Dragon named Rasheel appeared, and everything turned chaotic.'

'Are you saying you managed to overcome the Force of that red-haired guy?'

'Yes. However, countering that Force was only possible using the Struggle Attribute.'

Then, Jenyu spoke cautiously.

'He's a Human, right?'

Kendall's laughing expression turned cold.

The red-haired man in front of him.

'He is the leader of the Black Castle...'

First of all, he's not a Dragon. Kendall believed he was a Human, and he felt it instinctively.

"You, you've absorbed a lot of Natural Energy."

Kendall felt the abundant Natural Energy contained in an extremely thin Plate. That's why he could confront Kendall, who had elevated part of his Dragon Fear.



There were groans from weaker Mixed-blood Dragons, but it wasn't Kendall's concern.

He was ashamed of losing to Rasheel and felt extreme rage. But still, he was a Dragon, so he understood it.

"How dare you!"

But when the dazed Kendall opened his eyes and faced reality, it was very different from what he thought. He woke up in some kind of prison and was able to understand the details of the incident through the reports of the subordinates.

'How dare a Human treat a Dragon like this?'

Commander Jenyu said that besides Rasheel, there were other Dragons, and they were listening to Cale Henituse's words.

Kendall looked at Cale and opened his mouth.

"It's annoying."

He looked at those brown eyes.

He wanted to completely eliminate those eyes.

Uuuu— uuuu—

The vibrations intensified. Kendall fully opened his Dragon Fear.



Some of the weaker Mixed-blood Dragons began to vomit blood. Some, who were tied up, collapsed to the ground with their heads down, trembling.

The pressure exerted on them by the power controlling this space was ruthless. They couldn't even breathe properly.

'It's annoying!'

Kendall didn't show it externally, but his fury was at its peak. It was the first time he had experienced defeat in his life. And the absurd, destroyed scene unfolding in front of him.

Finally, he found himself in a situation where he had to submit to Humans.

Kendall couldn't believe it. His instinct rejected it. And that instinct manifested as strongly as his rejection.


Even Jenyu, who was more familiar with Dragon Power, Dragon Fear, let out a short groan. He looked at Kendall with difficulty.

Kendall's smile, mixed with a scornful laugh, unlike his calm appearance,

'He's very angry.'

His Dragon Fear was ruthless.


Jenyu felt breathless. Cold sweat formed automatically on his body. His mouth was as dry as a desert.

"Yes, that's right."

This was the greatness of Dragon Fear.

Finally, Jenyu understood.

'Until now, the Dragon Fears I faced weren't real.'

He realized that the Dragon Fear he had experienced was simply the power of Dragons with some freedom of action.

Kendall now...

From that Dragon, he felt clear hostility and killing intent, wanting to kill the enemies in front of him, no, everything in this space.

And he could see that this was a law Kendall considered natural.

That strong will dominated this space.


Jenyu realized the fundamental difference between his Force and Dragon Fear.

'For me, Force is a kind of will.'

It was also like the wind.

It was a power used with emotions and thoughts like, "What will I do here? Am I going to suppress the opponent?" and the like.

However, the way a true Dragon used its power was different.

'Instinct and truth.'

Unlike the Force that Jenyu used with his will and with the hope that something would come true, Dragons simply expelled their power through actions and thoughts that were natural and obvious.

Therefore, Kendall wasn't using this Dragon Fear with the desire to oppress all creatures in this space.

'For him, it is a natural fact to oppress all creatures in this space.'


Suddenly, Jenyu realized that he was inevitably going to be overcome.

With increasingly violent tremors in his body and the feeling of breath being cut off, he began to feel that it was natural.

A feeling of powerlessness dominated his body.

Indeed, human blood could not overcome the Dragon.

'...What is this?'

Jenyu realized his own emotions and felt a strange sense of bewilderment.

'Why do I feel this feeling of dispossession?'

I'm sure I'm an entity carrying the blood of a Dragon. I am nothing less than a magnificent Mixed-blood Dragon!

So, shouldn't Kendall's greatness be praised instead of feeling like this?

Jenyu couldn't understand why he felt a sense of dispossession and a strange disillusionment.

It was at that moment...



Among the sounds of groans.

"Why, why-"

Nine, the most mischievous of the Dragons in the Division, he muttered miserably between the groans filled with pain.

Jenyu involuntarily looked at Nine, and realizing the direction Nine was looking, he turned his gaze there.

In the process, Dragon Kendall was the first to appear.

Kendall wasn't smiling.

And at the place where the gaze finally stopped, Jenyu saw Cale Henituse, who was still smiling.

It was then that Jenyu realized one thing.

Cale Henituse and his followers.

None of them kneeled, and none shed a drop of sweat.

Only they seemed to be suffering.


As Jenyu stared at the scene, unable to say anything.


Cale said in a calm tone, as if savoring the words.

"There's no need to scare those who are not worthy."

These were the words of Dragon Kendall.

'Humans don't even have the qualification to speak with me. There's no need to frighten someone who doesn't have the qualification. After all, they won't even be able to look at me.'


Cale stood up from the chair he was sitting in.

Kendall bit his lips at seeing that scene.


How can Cale Henituse and his subordinates be so calm?

Kendall instinctively knew that his Dragon Fear was moving outside the area where they were standing.


This is a space that should naturally be occupied by me.

Am I not the only Dragon around?

Isn't this world a world dominated by Dragons?

Tap, tap.

Cale slowly approached Kendall.

Cale approached Kendall slowly, one step at a time.

And Kendall felt it.

Every time Cale Henituse took a step in the space dominated by his Dragon Fear, a path was being created.


Moreover, there was a subtle energy surrounding that guy.

It wasn't Dragon Fear.

'It's not Force either!'

It was a type of energy that Kendall had never seen before.

The energy, so weak and subtle that he couldn't even sense it, lightly pushed Kendall's Dragon Fear aside.


Cale stopped walking.

Before he knew it, he was standing right in front of Kendall, who was tied to a chair.

The deep voice of Dominating Aura sounded in his mind.

-This insignificant Dragon Fear! Cale, it's far from comparing to Eruhaben.

Cale looked at Kendall in silence.

-We have enough energy to make even the Gods kneel! Of course, the God of Balance might be a little difficult. Anyway, our energy is at that level.


A laugh escaped from Cale's lips with the wind.

However, his eyes weren't smiling.

The figure of Kendall, confused, reflected in his indifferent eyes.

He leaned forward and leveled his height with Kendall.

Cale smiled in front of Kendall.

"So, you don't need to scare someone who's already scared like you, right?"


Kendall tried to ask a question.

Scared me?

But he didn't even have time to express that doubt.


The wind didn't blow.

However, Kendall could feel the flow enveloping his body.

His Dragon Fear was disappearing.

No, it was being devoured.


He crouched down. Lowered his head.


Kendall was shaking.

He wasn't even aware of it.

Moreover, he couldn't take his eyes off Cale.


'I can't...'

Because he couldn't make that move.




Kendall felt that he couldn't even make any humiliating act that could show to the enemy.

Because he didn't allow it.

Because the Human called Cale Henituse in front of him didn't allow him to make that move.

Therefore, Kendall couldn't do it.

His mind turned white.

His whole body was trembling.

Suddenly, a memory of someone appeared in his head.

'You haven't faced a God, have you? We're still lacking. Don't go beyond your limits.'

Goddess of Struggle, Cisco. That's what she had told him.

'Then, have you seen a God?'

She, Cisco, responded to Kendall's question.

'No. I've had encounters, but I haven't been able to see one.'

She spoke calmly.

'Because I wasn't allowed.'

Her words filled Kendall's mind now.

He wanted to ask the Human in front of him.

'Are you a God?'

He wanted to ask that.

But Kendall couldn't even do that.

-Cale, do you want to try a little more?

And Cale was using the aura he currently controlled a bit more meticulously than when he used it against the Blood Demon.

Exclusively focused on Kendall.

"Uh, ah."


The Mixed-blood Dragons were breathless.

They were released from Kendall's pressure.

Moreover, they felt something concentrating between Cale and Kendall. It was difficult to identify its nature, but just seeing it made everyone's skin crawl.

Some, unconsciously, averted their gaze. Even looking at it was terrifying.

-Cale, do you want to try a little more?

-This guy seems to be able to withstand it due to his Dragon nature.

Cale nodded slightly at the deep voice speaking as if it could make someone faint with just the Dominating Aura.

Woo, woo~

Kendall's body trembled more intensely.

It was as if he was colliding with something rigid.

Still, he couldn't look away from Cale, nor avoid, nor breathe.


His mind turned white.

He didn't think about anything.

His mind, which was blank, gradually turned black.

He wasn't even aware that he would lose consciousness this way.

It was when...


He heard someone laugh.


Cale paused and turned his head back when he heard the familiar but awkward laughter.

Then, between Choi Han's wrinkled face and Beacrox's astonished expression.

"Oh, sorry. I apologize for interrupting."

Clopeh Sekka stood with a gentle expression on his face.


Unconsciously, a white aura was blooming on the sword he had unsheathed.

Receiving Cale's gaze asking what he was doing, Clopeh opened his mouth.

"It seems like I can even create an Aura within its embrace, Cale-nim."

Ah, Cale wondered if his companions could freely use the Aura and mana within his Dominating Aura. So, he told his companions that they could experiment freely with that. Clopeh didn't forget that word and experimented.

'The test was a success.'

Cale nodded at the sight of Clopeh Sekka's white Aura, but strangely felt uncomfortable.

'Why? He didn't say or do anything wrong.'

At that moment, Clopeh murmured softly.

"Of course, I had to hide within the light."


What is this guy saying now?

"No, nothing. I just saw the truth instead of faith. Indeed, all these paths were the truth."

Cale decided not to pay attention to what the crazy guy was saying.


Cale, who let out a light sigh, dispersed his Dominating Aura.


Kendall took a deep breath.

Cale gave him a little tap on the shoulder.


Kendall was a little confused.

No matter what he said, Cale casually told him.

"Don't act all high and mighty. Just answer what I ask. Got it?"

Cale's gaze also turned to the Dragons and Kendall.

"You guys also act more cooperatively."

Cale looked at the Mixed-blood Dragons and Kendall, who avoided his gaze, and murmured with a smile.

"Anyone can speak; there's no hierarchy here."

Then, his eyes met with the Knight Commander, Jenyu, who was staring at him.

'What's going on?'

Jenyu felt a strange agitation in his heart facing Cale Henituse's aspect. Cale, seeing Jenyu tilt his head strangely, opened his mouth.

"First, what is Holy Water?"

He looked back at Kendall while asking. At that moment.


The door opened forcefully. And a small, sturdy Black Dragon appeared majestically.



Behind him were On and Hong.

And then...


Even the small white snake, which was riding on Hong's back.


And the Black Dragon shouted at Cale.

"Goldie Gramps got in touch with Dodori's Mom! He says the second Eradication Team will be here soon."

Second Eradication Team. Imperial forces following Kendall, including the First Division and the Inquisitors.

'Are the Inquisitors rumored to be Elves?'

Cale thought of those who had already moved out of the village to greet the enemies.

Rosalyn and the Mages. And the Dark Elves and Elves centered around Tasha.

'I must go too.'

Spreading his Dominating Aura, allies would fight more easily. This was confirmed by Clopeh.

Cale remembered the appearance of the white Aura a moment ago and, unconsciously, looked at Clopeh. Their eyes met.


Cale shivered unconsciously. Clopeh smiled brightly.

"Then, I guess I should go too."

"...Well, yeah?"

Originally, he planned to take Clopeh and Choi Han, as this was the Black Castle, and there were many guardians like Sui Khan and Choo Jung Soo.


Clopeh showed a clear smile expressing pure joy.

Cale felt strangely uneasy.

"Haa, haa."

Watching the scene, Kendall, who was catching his breath, calmed down a bit and began to spin fiercely in his head.

'Hpmh. It won't be easy for them!'

Kendall internally laughed as he realized they were moving without the Dragons. He shouldn't underestimate the group coming now.

'The Inquisitors are different!'

Inquisitors, Elves.

They were strong, as they had deviated. And they would do whatever it took to reach Kendall. Devotion and manic belief. Just with that, the Inquisitors would cause them great damage.

That madness was so close to obsession that it even made Kendall step back at times.

'It won't be easy for them!'

Although Kendall thought so, he couldn't look at Cale.

He still didn't realize that his body was still trembling. And he couldn't realize that Cale, and probably Jenyu, were staring at him.

The sight of someone frightened was narrow.






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