TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 598

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Chapter 598


Raon lightly exerted pressure on the young man's throat as if holding a leaf.

"Ugh, aaaaack!"

The arrogant young man, though somewhat skilled in martial arts, couldn't even squirm against the immense difference in strength and only screamed in terror.

"H, how dare you!"

"Let him go!"

"Do you want to die!"

The swordsmen who had been sitting at the same table as this young man rushed over and drew their swords.

It seemed like they had killed one or two people before, as the air was thick with a sense of bloodshed.

"Other guests are eating, you know."

Raon chuckled softly as he pushed the young man he held behind him.

"We should have this conversation in a quieter place."

He hurled the young man he held in his hand toward the empty right wall.


The arrogant young man collided with the wall, his back breaking it as he tumbled to the ground.


Though not unconscious, he writhed on the ground, screaming in agony.


"T-That madman..."

The swordsmen trembled in shock, unable to imagine such a situation unfolding.

Ignoring the bewildered swordsmen, Raon grabbed hold of the head of the young man who had been acting so arrogantly.

"How dare you! Do you even know who this person is?"

A middle-aged man, seemingly the leader of the group of swordsmen, approached Raon, his lips trembling.

"Who is he?"

Raon asked, making sure not to let any information slip away.

"You are holding master Markren, the second son of the Sword House Komarun

The middle-aged man exclaimed, brandishing his sword and threatening Raon to release Markren or face dire consequences.

"If you don't want to die, release him immediately!"

"House Komarun’s second son, Markren?" Raon's eyes widened in surprise as he heard the name.

"Even if you're a swordsman, you must know the power of the Komarun family!"

The middle-aged man urged Raon to release Markren, emphasizing the power of the Komarun family.

"Release him now if you don't want your family to die as well!"

Markren, the second son of the esteemed House Komarun, curled his lips into a smirk.

"It's too late."

Markren declared with a chilling tone, addressing Raon.

"Not only you, but these scum here, and your family too, will all be slaughtered!"

Flashing a sinister grin, convinced of his victory, Markren added.

"It's over for you."

Feigning ignorance and mocking Markren's words, Raon asked.

"Oh, how scary. But where is this House Komarun they speak of?"

Turning to Dorian, his voice filled with sarcasm, Raon inquired.

"What was that again?"

Markren and the middle-aged man, their eyes widening in disbelief and anger, glared at Raon for his mocking remark.

"It's an emerging swordsmanship house located in the south-central region of the continent."

Dorian explained, answering Raon's question, interrupting the tense moment.

Dorian nodded as he paid the restaurant owner for the damages caused by the fight. The owner, seemingly pleased with the generous payment, was even smiling.

"Are they strong?"

Raon asked, his tone still mocking.

"Division leader, you could have single-handedly swept them away."
"Wh-What nonsense are you talking about!"

Markren yelled in disbelief.

"Kill these arrogant fools immediately!"

At the middle-aged man's shout, the swordsmen rushed towards Raon.


Raon turned his back indifferently, and Dorian, Rimmer, and Reyran moved.

"This is a nuisance. Put down your swords."

"We don't want to kill people in someone else's restaurant. Please cooperate."

"We’re going to kill you."

The three of them aimed their swords and bows at the swordsmen, revealing a chilling aura.


"How could we not have seen…."

The swordsmen of house Komarun, who immediately realized the difference in skill, lowered their swords, their hands trembling.

"Who are you?"

Markren Komarun asked, his lips trembling.

"I'm the one asking the questions."

Raon smiled faintly and tightened his grip slightly.

"Eek! Eek! Eek!"

With that alone, Markren seemed unable to bear it and screamed in a tearing voice, his arms outstretched.

"What does it mean that you'll pay more than the auction?"

"Th-Then, let go of my hand first…"

He trembled his lips, begging him to please release his hand. Raon loosened his grip slightly so that he could speak.

"If you don't answer straight, I'll break your skull."

"It's exactly as I said. It means I'll buy the elf."

"How did you know she was an elf when she was wearing a robe?"

"There have been elves coming to the sea market lately, so there have been some rumors…"

"They're on the sea market?"

"D-Don't you know? After the Great Forest burned down and the barrier of Seipia collapsed, the elves who were injured are being put up for auction as slaves… Aaagh!"

At the word 'slave', he unconsciously tightened his grip. Markren screamed and flailed his arms and legs, saying he was going to die.

"So you're saying they’re kidnapping injured elves and putting them up for auction?"

Raon summarized what Markren had said and asked back.

"Y-Yes. Elf slaves are extremely rare, but they've been showing up at auctions since that incident…"

Markren explained that he was on his way to buy a slave right now and thought Siyan and the other elves were slaves too because they were different from the usual elves.

Raon frowned at the trembling Markren.

'This isn't good.'

He had hoped that his prediction were wrong, but it seemed like his worst fears were coming true.

"Where is the location of the sea market?"

"It's on the P-Peren River."

"Not the sea, but the river?"

"It's a river connected to the Rable River, and it's so wide that it's no exaggeration to call it a sea."

He answered everything in a rush, seemingly terrified.

'The Rable River….'

The Rable River was ruled by the South-North Union. It seemed likely that the sea market they were talking about was a place related to the South-North Union.

"If we go now, can we participate in that auction?"

"W-Well, yes."

"The invitation?"


"There must be an invitation."

These slave auctions were not open to just anyone. There would definitely be an invitation that only special people could enter.

"He, here..."

Markren took out a black envelope from his pocket, shining with light.

He opened it and saw Markren's name and a phrase that said he was invited to the sea market.

"Devilish beings!"

Reyran couldn't contain her anger and pounded the ground with her clenched fist.

"Sir Raon."

Siyan approached and bowed her head. It wasn't her usual shy expression.

"Could you please delay our trip to Zieghart a little?"

Her voice, even though it was soft, was burning with anger.

"Of course."

Rimmer also put away his usual playfulness and revealed a cold aura.


Raon gestured to Dorian, looking at the three of them.

"Do you have any disguise tools?"

"It's a necessity, so I do."

Dorian nodded and took out a large box from his belly pocket.

"If we go in disguised as these guys, we won't be suspicious."

Raon pointed to Markren and the swordman of house Komarun with the invitation in his hand.

"I'll save the elves, so Lady Siyan and Lady Reyran, please wait..."

"Oh, no way!"

Reyran shook her head firmly.

"Please let us go with you!"

She knelt down and begged.

"I also ask you."

Siyan also bowed her head carefully beside Reyran.

"Even if you disguise yourselves, elves will be easily caught because of their ears."

"Oh, that's not a problem."

Dorian shook his head and took out an elf disguise tool that changed the shape of their ears from the disguise tools.

"Why do you have that?"

"It's a necessity, isn't it?"

Dorian laughed awkwardly and waved his hand.

What the hell is not a necessity for that coward?

'I don't know...'

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

After everyone finished disguising, Raon, Rimmer, Dorian, Reyran, and Siyan headed to the Peren River.

As Markren had described, the river stretched out like the sea, with a medium-sized ship floating in the center.

"That's the sea market, right?"

Markren had said that the sea market was inside that ship.

Although it looked like an ordinary ship from the outside, upon closer inspection with his perception skill, the flow of mana was slightly distorted.

"Let's go."

Disguised as Markren, Raon arrogantly approached the boatman resting a skiff on the gravel.

"I want to cross the river."

As he handed the boatman the invitation and spoke the code phrase, a blue gleam shone from his weathered eyes.

'A Master.'

He felt a Master-level strength. It seemed that this boatman was primarily responsible for the inspection.

The boatman bowed his head, wrinkling his eyes.

"I will guide you far and wide."

He raised his hand as if inviting them onto the boat.

Raon nodded and boarded the old skiff. Despite its appearance of sinking, the boat smoothly approached the ship at the center of the river.

A rope ladder was lowered from the ship as if inviting them up.

"I'll go up first."

As Dorian was about to grab the ladder, Raon shook his hand and shook his head.

"Don't do anything useless."

To act like the arrogant Markren, he pushed Dorian aside and climbed onto the ship first.

The top of the ship was ordinary. A few sailors were cleaning the deck, and among them, a middle-aged man with a bear-like physique gestured towards the cabin with his chin.


Raon snorted and opened the door to the cabin pointed by the middle-aged man.

Inside, there were several doors to the left and right, all with the lights off, and only a faint candlelight shining in the central corridor.

While wondering where to go, a man in a suit walked out of the left door and bowed his head.

"Sir Markren Komarun. Welcome to the Sea Market."

He bowed his head and raised his hand as if inviting them in. The room looked like an ordinary cabin, but there was a staircase leading underground in the center.

"Who are you?"

"I am Harry, who will guide Sir Markren today."

The man in the suit introduced himself as Harry and bowed again.

"This way, please."

Harry turned and descended the stairs, indicating for them to follow.

"There are Masters hidden here."

There were warriors hiding everywhere around the stairs, above, below, left, and right.

After descending what seemed like the equivalent of a building's first floor staircase, they pulled aside a blue curtain, revealing a new world.

Under the dazzling lights of a gold chandelier, people in luxurious suits and dresses were enjoying various forms of gambling.

There were familiar games like poker and roulette, as well as some strange and unfamiliar gambling setups.

"A little entertainment for our guests."

Harry raised his hand as if to ask if they would like to play a game.

"I'm not interested."

Raon shook his head firmly.

"Seems you only have one goal in mind."
Harry smiled broadly and nodded.

"What you desire is below, sir."

He walked calmly as if inviting them to follow, passing through the casino.

Glancing back, Raon was relieved to see that Rimmer showed no interest in gambling. When seriousness was required, he appeared more solemn than anyone else.

Harry descended the stairs again beyond a door with a faintly mocking light. They went deeper than before. It took descending over four floors of stairs before reaching their destination.

"Here we are."

When Harry opened an antique door that seemed to be made of red leather, a dark room with a faint light on the floor was revealed.

It was like a step-shaped platform, and it was incredibly wide and deep. It looked like a lecture hall that could be seen from the rooftop.

'There are a lot of nasty guys here.'

Even though the auction hadn't started yet, most of the seats were already filled with people.

"This way."

Harry guided them to seat number 253. As they sat on luxurious chairs with black leather armrests, a maid dressed in servant attire approached and poured drinks into their glasses.

"The auction will start in 30 minutes, and the items you desire will be available in two hours."

He seemed to already know what Markren wanted and smiled broadly.


"Enjoy your time."

Raon waved his hand as if he was annoyed, and Harry quietly stepped back.

"Just a little more waiting."

After whispering softly so no one could hear, Raon looked at Reyran and Siyan.


Reyran raised her head, which had been bowed down, trembling her hands.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can bear it."


"I sense the presence of our kin from inside."

She bit her lip as if she already felt the presence of the elves.


Siyan also felt it and clenched her fists on her lap, trembling.


Raon frowned.

'I didn't say anything on purpose...'

He didn't tell them about the presence of the elves on purpose so that Siyan and Reyran wouldn't lose their composure, but it seemed like they both sensed it on their own.

"Calm down. Let's wait for now."

Rimmer caressed the back of Reyran's neck and closed his eyes. Although he usually showed a relaxed demeanor, he seemed angrier than anyone else present.

Raon took a deep breath and waited for the auction to begin. Shortly afterward, the stage lit up, and a handsome man in a black tuxedo appeared.

"Welcome to the Sea Auction. I am Eren, the host for today."

He bowed his head politely with his hand on his chest. The auction participants remained silent, observing the host.

"It seems we have many guests today."

The host smiled brightly and nodded.

"Well then, let's get started."

With a cheerful clap, a woman in a red dress emerged from behind the right curtain, holding a small jar.

"We're off to a good start."

The host took the jar and placed it on the table in the center.

"This jar is called Sionen, an ancient artifact. When you put fruits or food inside, it enhances their sweetness to the utmost. It's special, but if that's all it did, it wouldn't be here at this auction."

He carefully lowered the jar and raised his finger.

"The real use of the Sionen Jar is to enhance potions. It is said that if you make a potion with this jar, the effect of the potion will increase by more than 10%. In times like these, when potions are scarce, it is an essential item."

The host finished his explanation and stepped back behind the jar.

"Then let's start with 10 gold coins. Oh! 100 gold coins right away! Gentleman at number 222, you bid 100 gold coins!"

People who didn't show much interest in the jar quickly raised their hands at the mention of potion enhancement.

Buy it!

Wrath sprang up and raised his finger like the other bidders.

'Why buy that? I’am not going to drink a potion....'

It enhances sweetness!

He frowned as if wondering what nonsense Wrath was talking about.

Imagine putting bead ice cream inside! How delicious would that be!


Raon sighed and shook his head.

*   *   *

As he watched the auction while chatting lightly with Wrath, time flew by.


Half of the lights on the stage go out. The remaining lights also become dimmer, creating a strange atmosphere.

"Thank you very much to all the VIPs who have stayed with us until now."

The host raised his voice a little and smiled faintly.

"Now, we will start the special auction that our auction house is running independently."

As soon as he heard the word special auction, he knew that the time he had been waiting for had come.

"Everyone here today is lucky. Because it's really special."

The host clapped twice lightly.


With the sound of chains rattling, a woman in a yellow dress walked out from behind the right curtain. She had a chain around her neck that didn't match her clothes.

Her face was not visible because she wore a thick linen sack over her head, but her silhouette alone indicated she was a remarkable beauty.

"Everyone here knows. The recent big fire in Seipia. We 'coincidentally' managed to rescue those who were injured there."

With those words, the host put his hand on the woman's shoulder. She trembled as if frightened.

"We treated the injured and provided them with the opportunity to meet such wonderful owners like you. Isn't this what a benevolent society should do?"

The host chuckled and waved his finger.

"Now, let me introduce her. She is Kasia from the Uren Branch tribe!"

With those words, the host removed the linen sack from the woman's head. Pointed ears, translucent skin, and flowing hair. The face of an elf that could captivate people was revealed under the lights.


"It's really an elf!"

"She's absolutely beautiful...."

"It was worth the wait!"

The excitement of the crowd engulfed the entire auction house.

"She is...."

"Enough! Start quickly!"

"Hahaha! You're in a hurry. Very well. Then let's start this auction from one gold coin."


Some people even shouted out the gold coins themselves instead of raising their hands.


"Damn it...."

Siyan and Reyran trembled, seeming to recognize the elf named Kasia.

Blood trickled down from the corners of their lips. It seemed like they were really holding back with all their might.

"We don't know how many others there are. Please wait a little while."

Raon waved his hand at the two of them, sending them an aura message. The two nodded heavily as if they understood.

"What a generous gentleman! Kasia has been sold to guest number 210."

In the meantime, Kasia's auction was already over. She was sold to an old man with a bulging belly for an astronomical amount of money.

"There's no need to be disappointed. No, I'm sure you all know. It hasn't even started yet."

The host snickered and clapped again. Before the sound of his clapping died down, a woman slightly smaller than Kasia, also with her face covered with a linen sack, came out.

"Sadly, this is a child who lost her parents in the recent fire. She's looking for new parents who will treat her kindly."

With a smile, he approached the child and removed the sack covering her face. A female elf with golden short hair and slightly raised eyes trembled as if frightened.

"Cotton Branch's Heylin is looking for a new owner...."


Reyran couldn't hold it in any longer and screamed. Raon had anticipated this outcome from the moment the host said she was from the cotton branch tribe, same as Reyran.

"Ah, sister...."

Heylin trembled her pale lips, looking at Reyran.

"These bastards!"

Reyran drew her bow and exuded a murderous aura.

"Well, well, we have some distinguished guests here."

The host grinned without a hint of surprise.

"How beautiful and kind this world is, that the auction items come to us on their own."

As he flicked his finger, the warriors who had been hiding here and there in the auction house sprang out and surrounded them.

'It can't be helped.'

If the maids of the annex building had been treated like that, he wouldn't have been able to stand it either.

"Elf ladies? This is not Seipia. There are no guardians here to save you."

The host smirked and turned his head. It seemed like this wasn't the first time something like this had happened.

"All rivers belong to the South-North Union. Once you enter a river, you cannot leave as you please."


Raon took a short breath and stood up.

"You say the owner of this river is the South-North Union? If we just go a little further up, it's Zieghart's territory, isn't it?"

"It seems you're not an elf, but rather affiliated with Zieghart."

The host snickered and nodded.

"You're right. It's Zieghart's territory a little further up. But this is a river, not land. The flag planted in this river belongs only to the South-North Union..."

"No. From now on, this river belongs to Zieghart."

Raon took off the hood that was covering his face. His blond hair fluttered in the air, and his red eyes, which banished the darkness, sparkled with a chilling light.

"Wherever I am, that is Zieghart."


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