TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 238


"Can I hear more details about that?"

Cale asked the small white snake politely.

"Human, why are you smiling like a swindler?" Raon asked him, and Cale's expression suddenly changed to complete indifference.

He tried to be polite, and yet, he was called a swindler. Cale simply looked at the white snake as usual. And the white snake...

"I don't know."

Huh? Cale's pupils trembled. Whether it said it or not, the white snake spoke confidently while shaking its head.

"I don't know anything difficult. I'm still a baby. My mother said that babies don't need to know much. The important thing is for babies to eat and grow well."

Cale's mouth opened after a brief silence.

"...You have a wonderful mother."

"Yes, our mom is great!"

Encouraged by her mother's praise, the white snake moved back and forth on Cale's shoulder as if dancing. And Raon, who was watching this, muttered.

"I'm not sure if I like that little snake or not."

But Cale ignored both Raon and the baby snake and organized his thoughts.

'Mom said that those who deserve to take the place of Dragons have this scent.'

'Mom said that this collapsed world is trying to exclude Dragons from this world.'


This world had some differences from the worlds Cale had visited before.

One of them was that World Egos like 'Xiaolen' or 'Jungwon' did not exist in this world.

In other words, there was no world with which Cale could communicate and get more information.

'So, I thought this world was collapsing.'

That's why Cale was thinking of various ways to save this world. He prepared a way to replace the World Tree, which lost consciousness under the claw of the Blood Purple family, and also planned to correct the fact that Dragons ruled this world.

'And when I came here, the situation was serious.'

It was a world where all energies, including mana and aura, were being suppressed.

Power allowed only for a few.

A continent suffering unusual climate changes since the Catastrophe Era.

And a world where Beast People could not expand properly.


Literally, the world was collapsing.

'But is this world really rejecting the Dragons?'

Doesn't that mean that the World Ego still exists?

'Or it may be that, unconsciously, this world is trying to naturally reject Dragons, which is the most dangerous factor.'

Cale thought that either direction was not bad.

'At least, it is doing something to sustain this world.'

And that direction was...

'Creating a being to replace Dragons?'

In other words, he was talking about an antagonist for Dragons.

'A worthy being (Spirit Creature? / 영물).'

Cale felt strangely excited.

When he was Kim Rok Soo, he had heard many stories.

There were stories about animals that lived a long time ago in the past. Stories about how a long-lived tiger became a mountain god, how a snake that lived for hundreds of years became a dragon, and how a turtle that lived such a long life was considered a symbol of longevity and wisdom.

'Qualified to be a Spirit Creature.'

Perhaps the beings the baby white snake reacted to were beings that could have as much influence in this world as a "Dragon."

'And two of them are me and Witira-nim.'

There was no reaction towards Gashan, the Tiger Shaman.

Surely, this little white snake has its own smell criteria.

'It will probably be resolved when I meet this little one's mom.'

Did she say she was injured? As they could meet soon, Cale decided not to think about it in advance. Of course, with the story of the baby white snake, he could understand one thing clearly.

'This world is also trying to survive.'

It is trying to restore the Balance. Raon's voice reached Cale's ears.

"Human, why are you suddenly laughing so much?"

He thought while letting those words pass.


Does this world also have its usefulness?

'And I think the reason I have that scent is because I acquired the Imoogi's Core.'

Crown. If it's not that, the baby white snake would have no reason to say that.


A laugh escaped from Cale's lips. It was something natural.

'Spirit Creature?'

He is not an animal or a Beast People. But, a Spirit Creature that can take the place of Dragons? It sounds absurd.

'It's still young; it seems like she can't distinguish well yet.'

Cale concluded his thoughts lightly and opened his mouth.

"First, let's go directly back to the castle with teleportation."

Of course, he told Lak.

"Take care of the Leader."


Cale nodded at Lock's uncomfortable response and winked at Laon.

It was time to go back to the castle to interrogate Kendall, the first one they captured.


With a bright black flash, Cale's figure and his group disappeared.


Central Temple of the Holy Empire's capital.

Pope Casillia stood still and stared at the continent's projection in the air. Here, at the center of the continent, there was a device indicating when the world's laws were altered or significant changes occurred throughout the continent. And that device was the continent's projection.


Her gaze was fixed on the north of the continent, towards the Erghe Mountains.

That place was calm now. But different words came out of her mouth.

"It's a disaster. Have you all seen it?"

Until recently, the Erghe Mountains didn't display the correct shape of the land but were twisting and deforming into a massive whirlpool.

"How distorted it was, right? I thought the world's laws were collapsing."

The world's laws they mentioned. They were the standards of this world that were recently established, based on the Catastrophe Era. A world where Aura, Mana, and other world energies were controlled. A world where one had to simply breathe and live without weapons for combat. That was the norm and law of this world.

"And Kendall-nim hasn't contacted, right?"

"Yes, Pope-nim."

Pope Casillia smiled calmly.

"It seems Kendall has fallen."

There was no response to those words. As it wasn't a question to hear someone's answer, the Pope continued speaking.

"I've heard that some members of the Knights First Division and some Inquisitors have been sent to assist Kendall. They will probably reach the Erghe Mountains soon."

"Well, they said they would move through teleportation magic, right?"

"Yes, that's right. They planned to teleport directly to the Erghe Mountains after passing through the border control of the Har Kingdom. However, I've heard there has been some commotion at the Har Kingdom border."

A smile appeared on the Pope's lips upon hearing those words.

And then the voice sounded again.

"A moment ago, I received a call from Duke Tols of Har Kingdom. He said his subordinate, whom he had placed in the royal palace, found Minister of Foreign Affairs Bailey in the King's palace. It seems the King is planning something in secret."

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bailey.

Originally, she should have been assisting the Eradication Team and taking the lead in subduing the Beast People of the Erghe Mountains.

However, a call came saying that she, a close collaborator of King Dennis, had been found in the palace.

Casillia laughed.

"Duke Tols is very good at wagging his tail."

A person who is the equivalent of a duke of a country shows so much loyalty to another country and doesn't hesitate to do things that are detrimental to his own country.

The Erghe Mountains overlooked the territory of Har Kingdom.

"Certainly seems like King Dennis is plotting something."

Duke Tols' information was also information.

"I heard that the Har Kingdom border line, bordering the empire, is guarded by the royal faction, not the imperial faction."

One of the achievements of King Dennis's predecessor for Har Kingdom is the border line with the Holy Empire. The Margrave guarding the place was appointed as a loyal general of Har Kingdom.

"If the Margrave somehow tries to delay the entry of additional Eradication Team members into Har Kingdom, there must be a reason."

Casillia fell silent for a moment.

At that moment, a voice came from behind.

"Pope-nim. The Emperor has expressed his desire to contact the King of Har."

Casillia showed no expression on her face and opened her mouth.

"The emperor is truly a foolish human."

In the Holy Empire, the power of the Temple was greater than that of the Empire. That is, the Pope had more authority than the Emperor. Despite this, the Empire, or rather, the current Emperor, yearned for more power. So, he acted somehow to impress the Lord Dragon in some way.

"An futile effort."

Casillia knew very well that the Lord Dragon did not consider the Emperor as a living entity.

"For Lord, humans are only tools."

The Emperor who was struggling without knowing this was simply amusing. Look at him now. Isn't he trying to somehow outdo the Temple and show that he prioritizes Gods and Dragons?

Moreover, putting pressure on Har Kingdom is not the task of a Pope but of the Emperor of the Empire.

Isn't he sending a silent message to the Pope?

"Let the Emperor's will be done. Let him deal with Har Kingdom."

And she added.

"Let's also inform the Emperor of the information Duke Tols gave us."

"...In that case, won't the Emperor exert strong pressure on Har Kingdom?"

To the question that wasn't simply a statement, the Pope responded calmly.

"That's what I hope for."

The Pope wished for it.

"So, won't the world become more chaotic?"

Starting with Har Kingdom, if the Empire got involved, eventually, all countries on this continent would be affected.



They knew she wanted chaos, disorder, and ultimately, destruction.

Knock, knock.

At that moment, the voice of her confidant was heard from outside the door.


Casillia's expression distorted slightly at the following words.

"The Goddess of Struggle has sent a message that she will come to visit you." (Note: It is now known that the Goddess of Struggle is a woman)

10 Dragon Gods. Among them, ranking ninth in age order, yet a powerful warrior ranking among the top five in strength.

"...Surely Cisco-nim has also heard that Kendall-nim went to the Erghe Mountains. She would surely be interested in what happened, as she subtly cared for Kendall-nim. Wouldn't she be willing to visit the place where Kendall is?"

Casillia's expression distorted slightly for the first time. She turned around and opened her mouth.

"Cisco-nim surely would want to go where Kendall-nim is."

She slightly extended her arms.

"My friends."

Ten Bishops. All looked at Casillia. True Dragon Mages, surviving after completing their first growth phase and leading lives that were like time bombs.

All expressed their agreement with Casillia's will.

"Is there anyone who wants to visit Har Kingdom with Cisco-nim?"

Casillia smiled satisfactorily.

"Let's open the gates of hell."

Let this world be covered in chaos.

"Anyway, we are living a life that cannot continue. So-"

Of course.

"This world should not continue either."

In the Pope's eyes, there was madness.

They also contained endless anger and despair.


At that moment, a man stepped forward.

A towering man resembling a furious wild beast.

"Third Bishop."

It was Horns, ranking third among the Bishops.

"Is the Third Bishop going?"


He nodded in silence.

He was known for his lack of words even among the Bishops. He was also known for withdrawing from everything and maintaining a neutral stance.

"Then, I will ask the Third Bishop to take care of this."

A bright smile appeared on Casillia's lips.

In contrast, Horns's expression showed no emotion.

"Kendall. And Cisco. Even those two Dragons. If they die or suffer a fatal blow, our task will be easier. So please, Bishop Horns..."

She extended her hand.

"Open the gates of hell, please."

And Horns silently clasped that hand.


The Holy Empire's First Saint Division advanced towards Har Kingdom to subdue the Beast People of the Erghe Mountains.

The first and third-generation Mixed-blood Dragons were dumbfounded by the sight before them.

And at that moment...


Cale Henituse was laughing as if he truly enjoyed it. His gaze fell on Kendall, bound to a chair.

"Do you look down on me? Why? Because there's no Dragon around, and you think you can crush us all?"

Next to Cale, there were no Dragons.

Only Beacrox, Choi Han, and Clopeh were present.

Cale looked at Kendall, with a bruised face but an arrogant expression.

Even though the wind wasn't blowing, his silver hair began to flutter.

"Grrr, ugh!"


The Mixed-blood Dragons groaned.


A massive Dragon Fear erupted from him.

The pressure emanating from him was completely different from when facing Rasheel.

Kendall, he said calmly.

"Bring a Dragon. I won't speak if you don't."

He said it as if it were obvious.

"Humans don't even have the right to speak to me. I don't need to scare those who don't have the right. Anyway, they won't be able to look at me."

Woo- Woo woo-

The space began to vibrate in response to Kendall's Dragon Fear.

And Cale's smile intensified.






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