TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 595

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Chapter 595



Siyan glanced back at Reyran, who was running behind her through the forest.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't want to disturb you while you were focusing on the barrier."

Reyran met Siyan's gaze and nodded apologetically.

“It’s not like I’m mad at you for not talking.”

Siyan pouted her red lips.

“I apologize.”

"It's fine. Let's hurry up and run."

She dashed in the direction of the World Tree, eager to get there as quickly as possible.

Reyran narrowed her eyes as she looked at the water shoes wrapped around Siyan’s feet.

‘She’s really changed.’

Originally, Siyan was the least talented elf in Seipia.

She couldn’t fight, she couldn’t summon spirits, and she was too shy to stand in front of others.

However, her life changed completely after she summoned the Water Spirit King.

She was able to handle the mana of nature as if it were her own, as if the riverbank that blocked the water had collapsed, she became a genius without any training, and her spirit magic was unmatched by anyone in Seipia.

Less than a week after the Eden attack, the only elves who could defeat her in Seipia were Sterin and the Great Elder.

‘She’s an admirable person.’

Siyan had been ignored all her life, but even after gaining power and talent, she calmly forgave her own people who had insulted her. Her mindset was on a different level than the perpetrator.

However, there was one time when the wise and benevolent Siyan’s reason would be destroyed.

‘Raon Zieghart.’

Whenever there was anything related to Raon, Siyan moved without hesitation.

Even when Raon collapsed, she gathered all the precious herbs in Seipia to make potions for him.

She felt that this human was above Seipia.

‘In fact, he is.’

If it wasn’t for Raon, Seipia itself would have been turned to ashes, so Siyan’s appreciation for Raon was understandable.

“Lady Siyan. Please slow down a little. I can’t keep up.”

Reyran smiled slightly as she looked at Siyan who was riding the wind.

“We’re almost there! Just a little bit more!”

Siyan, unlike her encouraging words, actually increased her speed. Using even the Wind Spirit, she advanced and stopped abruptly in front of the World Tree’s barrier.


Hundreds of elves knelt before Raon, proclaiming him their benefactor.

Faced with this majestic sight, the words written in the biography of Raon Zieghart came to mind.

‘I have to write this.’

The reason she was born was undoubtedly to witness this scene and record it in writing.

Even if she had to pay money to the author of the biography of Raon Zieghart, she had to write this part herself.

Siyan clenched her fist, determined to set a new goal.

*   *   *

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For Indonesian:

Raon felt his fingertips tremble as he looked at the elves who had paid their respects.

Perhaps because he was under the World Tree, the sincerity of the elves reached his heart and he felt goosebumps.

‘I’m grateful, but it’s too much….’

While I played a significant role, I definitely didn’t deserve this kind of greeting.

You fool!

Wrath jumped out when he was about to lower his hand to refuse.

Are you trying to be humble again after doing something great?


It’s not always a good thing to be humble.

Wrath pointed his thick finger at the elves.

Those shitty-ears are all sincere! Rejecting their greetings just because you're uncomfortable is nothing short of disrespect!

He frowned, warning not to ignore their goodwill.


He followed Wrath’s finger and looked at the elves again. As he said, they were just expressing their gratitude.

Refusing to accept it because of discomfort was not just rude but also disrespectful.

‘Ha, it's quite unexpected to find myself learning from you.’

He's been saying it all along! The King of Essence is more humane than you!

Raon smiled faintly and drew out Heavenly Drive.

“Raon Zieghart, the Light Wind vice division leader of Zieghart. I accept Seipia’s greetings.”

He held the sword in reverse. With the tip of the sword pointing to the ground, he pulled the sword back to his chest. The sword etiquette of Zieghart. He responded to the approaching sincerity with sincerity.

A smile formed on Sterin’s lips at Raon’s respectful yet dignified etiquette.

“Thank you for accepting our greetings.”

Sterin stood up. Following him, the other elves also raised their heads.

"What's gotten into you?"

Rimmer came up next to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"Usually, you always step back at times like this and make the atmosphere awkward."

He grinned as if he were in a good mood.

"Well, I can't always be the same."

Hey! You brat!

Wrath shouted loudly.

The King of Essence helped you!

Raon nodded at Wrath, who was squirming.

“And there is someone who told me to stop being humble.”

"I don't know who it is, but they said the right thing."

Rimmer chuckled and clapped his hands.

“He seems like someone with a straightforward and righteous personality.”


Wrath coughed at Rimmer.

There are times when that shitty-ears guy says the right thing!

Wrath chuckled as if he liked it. Raon couldn't understand why a Demon King was so weak to compliments.

“Raon Zieghart.”

Sterin stepped forward and smiled softly.

“Thank you.”

He patted him on the shoulder again, saying thank you once more.

"I also want to say thank you"


“I was able to win because the Protector taught me the art of enchantment.”

This was sincere. If the Blade of Requiem and his will hadn’t been connected at the last moment, the Red Demon Flame would have been the winner.


Sterin opened his eyes as if questioning what was being said.

“Y-you did that?”

“I was lucky.”

Raon briefly explained his fight with the Red Demon Flame.


Sterin shook his head, unable to understand even after hearing the explanation.

“Even if the sword and will were connected, how can a beginner Grandmaster level use the Sword and Soul Unification….”

“Grandfather. I told you.”

Rimmer curled the corners of his mouth as he looked at Sterin’s raised eyebrows.

“You shouldn’t think of my disciple with common sense.”

He patted Raon’s head and shook his head.

“Just like there are High Elves among elves, he’s a High Human. Don’t compare him to common sense.”

“You’re talking nonsense again….”

Raon sighed as he looked at Rimmer.

"It may be true…"

However, Sterin nodded as if he believed it. It seemed that he was amazed by the fact that he had succeeded in using the Sword and Soul Unification.

"It's not like that. I'm just an ordinary human."

Raon quickly waved his hand.

"Believing his nonsense is better than believing that a beginner Grandmaster level used the Sword and Soul Unification."

Sterin spat out his frustration, pointing at Rimmer.

“And he’s also the contractor of the Fire Spirit King! This is the first time such a human has appeared in the history of the continent!”

Erian came up next to him and nodded his head vigorously. Now it was about the history of the continent. He was an elf who was just as annoying as Rimmer.

“Ah, no, he’s not.”

At the thin voice, everyone’s gaze turned to the right.

Golden hair that seemed to have melted the sunlight glistened like waves, and blue eyes that seemed to have been brushed by the moonlight of dawn revealed a faint color.

Overwhelming beauty that made speech forgettable just by making eye contact. Among the elves, who were considered the most beautiful among all races, she stood out.

“L-Lady Siyan?”

“Ah, you….”

Siyan blushed and bowed her head deeply.

“H-hello, S-Sir Raon….”

Her voice was even more hoarse than before, even though she hadn’t gone under the covers.

“You’ve finally taken off the blanket.”

“T-thanks to you….”

Siyan still stared at the ground, her cheeks reddening.

“Siyan. What does ‘no’ mean?”

“Siyan. What do you mean by no?”

Sterin gestured for her to continue what she was saying.

“Ah, Sir Raon is not the contractor of the Fire Spirit King.”

“Lady Siyan. What are you talking about!”

Erian stomped his foot loudly as if it was ridiculous.

“Raon is the contractor of the Fire Spirit King no matter what anyone says! Didn’t you see him fighting with the Spirit King!”

“No, he’s not.”

Siyan shook her head firmly, unlike when she was facing Raon.

“I heard it from Ellaim.” (water spirit king)

She raised her trembling gaze and looked at Raon.

“Sir Raon is the big brother (hyung) of the Fire Spirit King!”

At Siyan’s bizarre cry, everyone under the World Tree held their breath for a moment.


“What the….”

"What does that mean…?"

"Big brother? Not the contract holder, but the big brother?"


Sterin, Rimmer, and Erian widened their eyes in disbelief, and Raon closed his eyes tightly instead.


It seemed like the strawberry-flavored candy Spirit King had gone to the Spirit World and talked about his story.

“Why is Raon the big brother of the Spirit King?”

Rimmer blinked his eyes rapidly, unable to imagine it.

“I don’t know that either. As soon as Ifrit returned to the Spirit World, he said that he would serve Sir Raon as his big brother….”

Siyan shook her head, saying that the Spirit Kings didn’t know the reason either.


Raon sighed as he heard those words.

‘That’s fortunate at least.’

He had been worried about how to explain Wrath, but fortunately, Ifrit didn’t seem to have told them crucial details.

After all, if he were to explain the situation, he would have to reveal that he had been swallowed by Wrath, a Demon King, which was in a way, inevitable.

"Not the contractor, but the big brother!"

Erian trembled his lips as he looked at Raon.

"I knew my eyes weren't wrong! I sensed Raon's nobility from the moment we met!"

He proclaimed that his intuition was the best among the elves.

"But that's not the point now, is it!"

The Great Elder pushed Erian away and stood in front of Raon.

“How did you become the big brother of the Fire Spirit King?”

“R-right. Please tell us!”

“What did you do?”

The elders and elves also seemed curious about it and swarmed around him.


Raon frowned and sighed.

‘How do I explain this….’

He couldn't tell the truth. As he pondered how to fabricate an explanation, a brilliant light suddenly flashed in the sky.


The World Tree spreads its branches like wings, just like when it first met him.

The majestic energy of nature gathers between the transparent leaves, emitting a brilliant and beautiful light.


The sphere of light that flickered like a meteor slowly descended and floated up as if riding a cloud in front of Raon.

As Raon instinctively reached out, the bright light subsided and a fruit slightly larger than an apple appeared.

'This is….'

It was a fruit he had never seen before. The skin was engraved with a pattern that resembled overlapping circles, beautiful and yet mysterious, as if carved by an artist.

The color was a strawberry-like red, and it looked so delicious that he wanted to put it in his mouth right away.

The most impressive thing was the smell. Even though it hadn’t been cut, the sweet and refreshing scent tickled his nose enough to make his mouth water.

"Wow, it's a fruit…."

The Great Elder opened his mouth wide at the sight of the red fruit.

"It's the fruit of the World Tree!"

“T-the World Tree is giving away its fruit….”

"T, this is the fruit of the World Tree?"

Not only the Great Elder, but all the elves present trembled their lips in amazement at the sight of the fruit.

He had heard that the fruit of the World Tree was a remarkable elixir, but he never imagined it would be so astonishing to the elves.

"It's only natural."

Sterin gulped at the sight of the World Tree's fruit.

“Unlike the saying that it bears fruit once every 100 years, the fruit of the World Tree is no different from a divine object that the World Tree gives only when it is satisfied. It’s not strange that those kids are surprised.”

He even praised them for not fainting.

"It's okay for me to receive such a precious thing…."

Receive ittttttttttttttttt!

Wrath screamed.

You must accept it! You fool! After all the wise words The King of Essence has spoken, are you going to be humble and stubborn again?

The guy frowned, saying that he shouldn’t ignore the goodwill of the World Tree.

‘Wipe the saliva from your mouth before you talk.’

Wrath pretended to be calm, flooding the ground with his saliva.


Wrath quickly wiped away his saliva and savored the taste.

Why do you suck the King of Essence's stats like a leech while showing such consideration to others? Anyway, you must accept it!

Wrath raised his hands, saying that he would curse him for life if he didn’t eat the fruit.


Sterin shook his head as if he couldn't believe it.

"Only you would say such things with the fruit of the World Tree in front of you."

"It's typical of him. It's so frustrating."

Rimmer sighed and pushed the fruit of the World Tree in Raon's hand back.

"This is yours. Since the World Tree gave it to you directly, there is no one else who should have this fruit. We are all witnesses here."

"That's right. Take it."

"I can't help but admit it when I see it like this."

"Y, yeah! You should take it, Sir Raon!"

The Great Elder, Erian, and Siyan also nodded.

Raon smiled faintly at the elves.

Even though it hadn’t been long since they met, they already felt close. It seemed that it was because of the World Tree that emotions were directly transmitted.

“Then I will gratefully accept it.”

Raon held the fruit of the World Tree to his chest and bowed to the elves, including Sterin.


The widely spread branches of the World Tree swayed along the path of the sunlight. It seemed to be smiling, saying it was happy.


Wrath burst out into a frivolous laugh at the sight of the fruit of the World Tree.

The fruit of the World Tree! It's worth coming to this boring place! Happiness has come after the ordeal of Nadine Bread!

He already showed jubilation as if the fruit of the World Tree had entered his mouth.

Stupid elves. You will be so sick that your stomach will burst because you were robbed of your fruit by this guy!

‘But it doesn’t seem like anyone thinks that way?’

That’s just how it looks on the outside! No one is smiling when they’ve been robbed of their belongings!

Wrath clicked his tongue, saying that he didn’t know that.

Eat it right here and now before it’s stolen or lost! It’s time to mock the shitty-ears who made the Nadine Bread!

The guy seemed to hate the elves because of the Nadine Bread.


It was when Raon sighed, thinking what a bothersome Demon King he was.

[You have become the benefactor of the elves.]

[You have gained the respect of the <Fire Spirit King>.]

[You have accomplished a great feat.]

[All stats increased by 25 points.]

The settlement for this incident finally appeared before him.


The corners of Wrath’s brightly smiling mouth twisted strangely. But the message wasn’t over yet.

[<Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation> rank has increased.]

[<Glacier> rank has increased.]

[<Fire Affinity> rank has increased.]

[<Fire Resistance> rank has increased.]

The second was a message that the ranks of theTen Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier had increased. Perhaps because he had endured the Red Flame Demon's flames, his fire affinity and fire resistance had even increased as well.

[The title <He Who Is Respected by the Spirit King> is created.]

Finally, after the last title was created, the endlessly rising message stopped.

‘It always sounds good to hear it.’

Raon felt vitality returning to his still recovering body as he clenched his fist.


On the other hand, Wrath shivered all over his body, sobbing as he looked at the message.

‘Is your stomach hurting?’

Raon curled the corners of his mouth as he looked at Warth, who was holding his aching stomach and shrugging his shoulders.

Yes! My stomach hurts so much I’m going to explode!

Wrath screamed that he couldn’t stand it and rushed forward, baring his teeth.


*   *   *

House Zieghart, the audience chamber.

Chad, the master of Shadow Agents trembled as he looked at the report in his hand.

"E, Eden attacked Seipia. The Red Flame Demon wearing the helmet of the former Fire Spirit King, and the Ashen Elves who betrayed Seipia... They came..."

He gulped and read the words written on the report.


Aris clenched her fists and turned around.

"I'll go!"

She was about to jump up and go straight to Seipia.

"It's not over yet. Keep reading."

Glenn stopped Aris and gestured to Chad to continue reading the report.

"Ah, yes. There, the vice leader of the Light Wind Division..."

Chad read through the report to the end and recited the contents about Raon saving Seipia and receiving the fruit of the World Tree.

"Oh no!"

Aris shook her head again and turned around.

"I have to go now!"

"Where are you going...? We have to find Eden..."

"It's over, so let's have a party. If I, as Raon's aunt, go, I'm sure I'll receive a royal welcome!"

She stepped on her feet and ran to the door.

"Hoo, Roenn."


Roenn appeared like a ghost and blocked Aris's path.

"Please be patient."


Aris couldn't bring herself to lay a hand on Roenn and just grimaced.

"The term 'benefactor of the elves' is something I've never heard before. Truly a remarkable achievement."

Sheryl sighed as she looked at the report in Chad's hand.

"Hehe, to become the contractor of the Spirit King, truly, who knows how far he will go."

Roenn also hardened his expression, unlike his usual self, as if he was surprised.


At the sudden sound of someone trying to hold back laughter, everyone in the audience chamber turned their eyes to the platform.

"Didn't you just hear a strange noise?"

Aris raised her eyebrows as if something was amiss. Since everyone else knew who had laughed, no one said anything.

"I find this part amazing."

Chad shook his head as he pointed to the report.

"The World Tree bestowed its fruit upon him directly. It's probably the only time in history that a human has seen the World Tree, and quite possibly the only one to have received its fruit."

"He keeps surpassing our imagination."

Roenn nodded at Chad's words.

"With this, we might be able to have diplomacy with the elves now."

Sheryl smiled, thinking that a new path had opened up.

"I told you. Raon is truly something special. If he becomes the head, Zieghart will prosper beyond comparison to what it is now."


As soon as Aris praised Raon, the sound of someone holding back laughter was heard again.

“What is it! Who is it! Who else is on the platform!”

Aris climbed onto the platform and searched around. She didn't even consider that the owner of the platform might have made that sound, just blinked her eyes.

“What are you doing? Get down.”

Glenn took his hand away from his mouth and frowned at Aris.

“Ah, I really heard it….”

Aris tilted her head, saying it was strange.

“Ahem! Since Raon has become the benefactor of the elves, it would be a bit of a shame to welcome him normally, right?”

Glenn cleared his throat briefly and opened his mouth as if to welcome Raon.

“T-that's right! We need to welcome him grandly!”

Chad shouted that it was obvious and clapped his hands.

“That's right. He has accomplished a feat that will be of great help to Zieghart's diplomacy, so we should treat him accordingly.”

Sheryl nodded with a cool smile.


Roenn just laughed happily.

"Then I'll go get him!"

Aris nodded and ran to the door.

“You! just stay still!”


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