TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 592

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Chapter 592


The Red Flame Demon's spiritualization was completely shattered, and bright red blood gushed out of his chest.


Raon dropped Heavenly Drive he was holding in his right hand. He no longer had the strength to hold the sword.

However, the flames in the Red Flame Demon's eyes were not yet extinguished. Even in the face of death, he did not seem to think of giving up.


The Red Flame Demon screamed and stretched out his hand, not towards Raon, but towards the World Tree.

From his bright red palm, where all the skin had been peeled off, an intense heat emanated. It was the Crimson Flame, created by burning his life force.


Raon was thrown backwards as if he had been hit in the face by the heat emanating from the Red Flame Demon's flames.

You firefly! How dare you mock the King of Essence!


He wanted to fight back, but his head felt like it was going to split open because of the ongoing clash between Wrath and the Fire Spirit King.

He wanted to pass out right there, but he forced himself to stay conscious because the Red Flame Demon was still alive.


A graceful stream of water flowed down as if a waterfall had sprouted from the sky, blocking the flames of Red Flame Demon. It was the Water Spirit King's Moonshade.

"Don't interfere!"

The Red Flame Demon spat out a mouthful of blood, but he did not stop his flames. It seemed that he was going to rage until the end, since he was going to die anyway.


His flames burned even more intensely, and began to evaporate the Moonshade that the Water Spirit King had poured out.

Raon's eyes widened as he saw the Moonshade getting thinner and thinner.

'The Water Spirit King is being pushed back?'

He thought it was strange, and when he looked up, he saw Siyan staggering, unable to control her body. Blood was flowing from her nose and mouth.

'Is she at her limit?'

No, it was strange that she had lasted this long.

Even though Siyan was a high elf, it was not easy for her to handle the power of the Spirit King from the beginning. She had already done her part by holding out until now.

'I have to finish this.'

Rimmer was in no condition to move, the elders and Great Elder were badly injured, and the other elves couldn't even approach this heat. This fight had to end by his hand.

'But how…'

The sword field has ended, and because of the fight between Wrath and the Fire Spirit King, he didn't even have the strength to stand, let alone swing a sword.

The Red Flame Demon knew that, and he ignored him and attacked only the World Tree.

'Wait a minute…'

He ignores me?

Raon looked at the Red Flame Demon, who didn't even look at him, and touched the Blade of Requiem he was holding in his left hand.

'There it is.'

There was one last way to kill the Red Flame Demon.

Raon relaxed the grip on the Blade of Requiem held in his left hand, and kicked the ground, which had been completely burnt to a crisp, with his right foot.

Taking advantage of the recoil from his ankle, he shot the Blade of Requiem with all his might from his thigh, waist, and shoulder in one breath.


The red blade, containing a multitude of martial arts principles instead of aura, rushed towards the heart of the Red Flame Demon.


The Red Flame Demon realized that the Blade of Requiem was not imbued with aura, and focused only on breaking through the Moonshade that the Water Spirit King had poured out.

He seemed to think that due to the wall of heat, the Blade of Requiem wouldn't even reach him.


Indeed, the Blade of Requiem, despite being thrust forward, staggered under the intense heat of the Red Flame Demon, unable to advance.

Raon did not move even as he watched the Blade of Requiem, which seemed about to fall. He still had to wait for the right time.

The Red Flame Demon, realizing that the Blade of Requiem was no threat to him, focused all his attention on the Water Spirit King.

At that moment, the last flame rose in Raon's eyes.


He opened his upper energy center, which had recovered for a moment. He imbued the Blade of Requiem with his will, the will to pierce through the flames and kill the Red Flame Demon.


Perhaps it was due to the dire circumstances.

The Blade of Requiem and his will seemed to fuse seamlessly, as if they had been one from the start.

A refreshing sensation, akin to a cool breeze sweeping over his mind, briefly alleviated the looming sense of doom.


The red blade, which had been pushed back by the heat, stopped shaking and shot up.

Moving even faster than when it was imbued with the principles of martial arts, the blade pierced through the Red Flame Demon's flames.


It was truly a ray of light. The Blade of Requiem, which shot out like a flash of lightning, crushed the Red Flame Demon's helmet and pierced his skull.


The Red Flame Demon's hands fell limply. The life of the creature that had not died even after its chest was ripped open began to crumble.

"Th..that is the Sword and Soul Unification…."

The Red Flame Demon's parched lips trembled as he looked at Raon.

"You deceived me..."


Raon shook his head, exhaling roughly.

"It was just a coincidence."

It wasn't a lie. It was such a desperate situation that the Blade of Requiem and his will could resonate.

In a normal situation, he would have failed 100 times out of 100.


The Red Flame Demon fell to his knees and collapsed. He reached out towards the World Tree, twisting his lips.

"I, I could have reached it if I had just stretched out my hand…."

With those words, the Red Flame Demon's breath stopped. Just in case, Raon kept watch, but he did not get up.

"What a vicious bastard….”

Raon sighed and fell backwards.

'This is really my limit now.'

He had burned through all of his physical strength, aura, and mental strength. He didn't even have the strength to keep his eyes open.

‘The remaining enemies should be able to be handled by them.’

Having defeated the Red Demonic Snake and Cassandra, and now the Red Flame Demon, the remaining enemies should be enough for the elves to handle.

To be honest, he was tired of it all and just wanted to sleep.


Oh yeah! If you're going to struggle that much, I'll just eat you!


Because Wrath and the Fire Spirit King were still fighting inside his body.

Wrath was overwhelming in terms of strength, but the Fire Spirit King was not giving up like a leech.

'Stop fighting. You crazy things….'

I'm going to die for real!

*   *   *

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For Indonesian:

Rimmer crawled over to the fallen Raon and gasped for air.

"In the end, you defeated that monster."

Raon had finally pierced through the flames of the Red Flame Demon, who was much stronger than him, and shattered his skull.

Even with the help of the Fire Spirit King and the Water Spirit King, it was still an incredible feat.

'That last attack.'

It was the Sword and Soul Unification….

If the Red Flame Demon hadn't been caught off guard, it wouldn't have worked, but the dagger Raon threw definitely had the flow of the Sword and Soul Unification.

'How long has it been since grandfather taught him the Enchantment….'

It hasn't even been a week since Sterin taught Raon the Art of Enchantment. It was astonishing how he grasped that technique and made it his own in such a short time. 'Monster. No, even that word is not enough.'

At first he was called a genius, and now he is called a monster, but it seemed that even those words could not be used to evaluate Raon anymore.

"Good job."

Rimmer barely approached Raon and stroked his blackened blond hair.

"And thank you."

If it wasn't for Raon, Seipia would have been reduced to ashes, and Eden would have welcomed a new transcendent being.

Regardless of their relationship as master and disciple, or subordinate and superior, he was grateful to Raon as a person.

"Sir Raon!"

He turned around at Siyan's voice. She was running towards him, wiping the blood from her nose with the back of her hand.

'Yes. She’s also a benefactor to that child.'

It was also thanks to Raon that Siyan was able to find her courage again and summon the Spirit King.

There were more than one or two things he should be grateful for when this guy woke up.

"Siyan. Are you okay…."

"Sir Raon!"

She ignored Rimmer and knelt down in front of Raon, checking his condition.

"Can't you see my condition…."

"But brother is alive. That's all that matters!"

Siyan muttered that he should go and apply some medicine, and took Raon's hand.

"Sir Raon. Are you okay?"

Raon had already lost consciousness, so he could not answer.

"What do we do!"

Siyan took the water from the weakened Water Spirit King and poured it into Raon's mouth. Even though blood was flowing from his lips due to his internal injuries, she did not stop.


The Great Elder, who had finished dealing with the remaining enemies, reached out to Rimmer.


Rimmer took the Great Elder's scarred hand and stood up.


The Great Elder let out a short gasp as he looked at Raon.

"What in the world is that monster?"

"Raon Zieghart. He is currently my disciple and subordinate, but in the future..."

Rimmer let out a faint smile as he looked down at Raon with his eyes closed.

"He is the child who will be the King I serve."

He spoke the name of the king with a serious voice, unlike before.

"I see."

The Great Elder neither showed surprise nor reproach. He simply nodded as if to say that he was worthy of it.

"Perhaps we should be included in that support as well..." (serve/service)

"I told you!"

Erian approached and raised his fist as he took a short breath.

"That human! He's the contractor of the Spirit King!"

Erian laughed heartily, saying that his long-held belief had finally been rewarded.

"And it doesn't end there with being the contractor of the Spirit King, he even became the savior of us elves! I told you my intuition was right!"

He snickered and gestured to Reyran, who was standing there blankly.

"Reyran. You didn't believe in Raon, did you? How do you feel now?"

"That, that's..."

Reyran stammered and couldn't answer.

"You said I was crazy, didn't you? This is what you call a wise investment!"

Erian seemed to have changed his personality as if he was more pleased that Raon had become the contractor of the Spirit King than that Seipia had survived.

"Now the spirit world will also regain its stability. The Water Spirit King and the Fire Spirit King have..."

"Be quiet!"

Siyan shouted when he raised his voice.

"L, Lady Siyan?"

"Sir Raon's condition is strange."


Rimmer hurriedly approached Raon.

"He's fighting heat and cold inside him. One side is clearly the Fire Spirit King, but what about the other side?"

Siyan shook her head, saying she didn't understand.

"The other one?"

"Yeah. It's cold, but it's even colder than Elliam's (The Water King Spirit's Name) water..."

She raised her head, feeling a deeper and more immense energy than the Water Spirit King.

"Is it the second Water Spirit King? Or did your Water Spirit King also make a contract with Raon?"

Erian blinked at Siyan.

"That's impossible!"

Siyan shook her head sharply and looked back at Raon.

"What's inside Sir Raon's body right now...?"


"S, suddenly the Fire Spirit King's energy disappeared! What, what is it?"

She opened her eyes wide as if she couldn't understand.


"It's true. I can't feel the Fire Spirit King's energy."

Rimmer and the Great Elder also felt the disappearance of the Spirit King's energy and opened their mouths wide.

“T, then what happens? Is Raon in danger?”

Erian looked at Raon with worried eyes.

“No. On the contrary, he is stabilizing as the coldness subsides.”

Siyan shook her head with a trembling expression.

“Did the Fire Spirit King return to the spirit world?”

Rimmer asked, scratching his chin.

“I don’t think so….”

Siyan shook her head, looking at Raon, whose complexion had improved.

“What exactly happened?”

*   *   *

Raon lifted his eyelids with difficulty.

‘This is….’

He saw a brown ceiling that looked like it was woven from tree trunks. It wasn’t the lodging he had been staying in from the beginning, but it seemed to be the house of another elf.

‘Well, considering everything else would have been burnt to ashes.’

Except for the house behind the World Tree, everything had been reduced to ashes, so it seemed like he had been moved here.

‘It was a tough fight.’

The Red Flame Demon was strong. No, it had become stronger. Only now did he realize how fraudulent an ability it was to become stronger as you fought.


Raon clenched his fist with his hand, which still hadn’t regained all its strength.

‘Thanks to that bastard, I was able to get stronger too.’

Thanks to the battle of life and death using the power of the Fire Spirit King and Wrath,

his level, which had been stuck after reaching Grandmaster, had risen slightly.

It wasn’t just that his level had risen, gaining experience in handling high levels of power would be a great help in advancing further in the future.

‘Speaking of which….’

Raon closed his eyes and checked his body condition again.

‘It looks like the internal battle is over now.’

The energy of Wrath and the Fire Spirit King, which he had been fighting until the moment he defeated the Red Flame Demon, were no longer felt. They both seemed to be gone.

‘Wrath must have won.’

Although the Fire Spirit King had clung to him like a leech, Wrath, who overwhelmed him with power, must have won in the end.


Why are you calling me.

As soon as he called Wrath’s name, the guy crawled out of the bracelet slowly.

‘What happened to the Fire Spirit King?’

What happened? It was crushed by the King of Essence’s might!

Wrath snorted without looking at him.

‘Then did it return to the spirit world?’

Raon clicked his tongue. He had wanted to see the Fire Spirit King properly, but it was a little disappointing to hear that he had just disappeared.


Wrath didn't answer the question and just hummed, rubbing his chubby cheeks.

‘What are you doing?’

What, what do you mean.


Raon narrowed his eyes suspiciously at Wrath' back. Unlike usual, he couldn't keep his cheeks still, and his pronunciation was off. It seemed like he was eating something.

‘What are you eating?’


Wrath covered his mouth tightly with his chubby hands and shook his head as if he had been caught in the act.


Raon grabbed Wrath’s head and turned it. As expected, he had something in his mouth and was chewing on it. A strange unease ran down Raon's spine like a burn.

‘Spit it out.’

There was no way that Wrath, in his current spirit body, could be eating ordinary food. He was definitely up to something strange.

N-no, I won’t! It’s mine!

Wrath closed his mouth tightly, saying he would never spit it out.

‘Spit it out!’

Raon grabbed Wrath’s mouth. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't pry it open.

‘What the hell are you eating!’

It’s, it’s candy!

Wrath waved his hand, telling Raon not to worry, it's just candy.


Yes, it's strawberry-flavored. Don't worry about it.

‘Strawberry flavor….’

When he mentioned strawberry flavor, Raon recalled something Wrath had said before.

[The green spirit tastes like green grapes, and the red spirit tastes like strawberries.]

It was something Wrath had said about visiting the Spirit World.

Raon swallowed dryly and looked back at Wrath again.

‘You, you wouldn’t happen to…’


‘It has to be!’

Raon approached Wrath with clenched teeth. He used all his strength to force Wrath’s mouth open.


A single bright red candy fell out of Wrath’s slightly opened mouth. It had teeth marks all over it, showing how much it had been chewed.

‘It’s really candy… Huh? Fire?’

Raon examined the candy closely and widened his eyes. Faint flames were burning around the candy, as if about to extinguish. The flames seemed strangely familiar.

‘It, it couldn't be….’

It wasn't just a possibility, it was certain. It was the energy of the Fire Spirit King that had helped him during the battle with the Red Flame Demon.

“The Spirit King is dead….”

Raon clutched his head and trembled his lips.

“The Spirit King, who appeared after a thousand years, is dead again!”

That’s why I asked for food….

“You damn glutton!”


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