TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 591

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Chapter 591


Siyan's eyes widened as she looked at the giant woman holding her. She was a being who possessed a water energy much purer than the spirits, who were said to be close to nature. It was an existence she had never seen before, but she couldn't help but recognize it.

"Y-you are the Water Spirit King!"

The Water Spirit King smiled softly, as if in confirmation. It was a smile that felt sad and bitter, for reasons she didn't quite understand.

"P-please help us!"

Siyan knelt down, clutching the Water Spirit King's fingers.

"Please! Save everyone!"

What she wanted wasn't to kill the enemy or to survive herself. She wanted to save her fellow tribesmen, whom she had ignored until now, and her family, who had believed in her and waited for her.


The Water Spirit King gazed into Siyan's eyes and nodded.

As she stretched out her hand, the sky, which had been filled with only ashes, flickered with a blue light and began to sprinkle transparent raindrops.

As the clean rain fell, so clear that it reflected faces, the elves who had been dying began to regain their vitality. The deep burns of the elders and the Great Elder who had sacrificed their lives to pave the way began to slowly subside.

This was no ordinary water. It was the source of life, which was said to be able to revive even the dead, just like Ifrit's Crimson Flame could burn everything.


The rain didn't stop at just saving the elves. It extinguished the stubborn flames and dissipated the intense heat.

Even Sterin, whose complexion had turned black due to the heat, seemed somewhat relieved.


Siyan exhaled wearily, collapsing onto the Water Spirit King's hand.

'Thank goodness. This is really a blessing...'

Thanks to the water, those facing death were coming back to life. Siyan was more delighted to save her kin than summoning the Spirit King.

Siyan looked down, clutching her trembling chest.

All the elves, on the verge of collapse, opened their eyes wide. They all instinctively realized the presence of the Spirit King.

The elves who had watched over her and waited for her, and the elves who had ignored her, were all trembling in shock.

The faces of the elders and the Great Elder were a mix of shock and smiles. It seemed that they were both embarrassed and happy that she, whom they had risked their lives to save, had suddenly summoned the Spirit King.

'Those are the expressions I've been dreaming of.'

Having lived being ignored, she had dreamed of seeing those shocked faces every day.

She used to think that she would ridicule everyone after achieving resonance, but after hearing the Great Elder's words, that mindset had completely disappeared. She was simply satisfied with being able to save everyone.

She gathered strength in her trembling legs and stood up. The Red Flame Demon and Raon had also stopped fighting and were staring at her with their mouths open.

Siyan smiled softly at Raon's round eyes.

'It's all thanks to you, Sir Raon.'

It was because of Raon that she could gather the courage and not give up. If she hadn't met him, she would still be trembling under the blanket.

'Thank you so much...'

Just as she was about to thank him, she felt a pain in her chest again, just like when she had summoned the Water Spirit King.

However, unlike before, she felt a heat that was about to explode.


Siyan couldn't bear the boiling heat any longer and screamed, at that moment, a radiance of flames, even more intense than the flames of the Red Flame Demon, erupted from her chest and poured down on Raon.

*   *   *

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Raon narrowed his eyes as he touched the flames enveloping his body.

'It's not hot.'

He could feel the pure fire energy, even purer than that of the Red Flame Dragon, but he didn't feel any pain.

It was more of a warm feeling than a hot one. It felt like a campfire was warming his body.

However, what the red flames were giving him was not just warmth. They were also pouring a powerful fire energy into his body, which had been drained of most of its aura.

Ku gugugu gugugu!

New vitality surged into his dried up mana circuits, and a huge spark ignited in his empty energy center.

He looked up at Siyan, who was standing on the hand of the Water Spirit King. He had thought that Siyan might have the World Tree-infused bead of the ancestor, and it seemed that he was right.

'Of course, I didn't know that the bead was the Spirit King....'

Raon clenched his fists as he watched the flames that were getting darker and darker.

'Is this the current Fire Spirit King entering my body?'

The previous Fire Spirit King, Ifrit, had been sealed into the Helmet of Eden, and this huge being entering my body now seemed to be the new Fire Spirit King.


The Red Flame Demon also seemed to be surprised by this situation and trembled his lips. Madness burned in the eyes of the creature that could be seen inside the helmet.


The Red Flame Demon unleashed a sharp blade of flame that seemed to want to burn him to ashes in an instant.

Raon frowned as he saw the sword of flames that was rushing towards him.

'I have to avoid it... hmm?'

When he was about to try to evade the attack because it was an attack that he couldn't withstand in his current condition, the flames raised by the new Fire Spirit King surged up like a wall and blocked his way.


The blade of the Red Flame Demon and the wall of flame clashed, and scorching flames engulfed the surroundings.

The flames were about to burn the land that had barely regained its vitality, but thanks to the water that the Water Spirit King had sprinkled, the heat quickly subsided.

"Damn it...."

The Red Flame Demon gritted his teeth as he looked at the two Spirit Kings who were blocking his flames.


Erian, who had belatedly returned, burst into laughter as he looked at Raon.

"I told you! That guy is the Spirit King's contractor! I was right!"

He patted the stunned shoulders of the elves and shouted that he was right.

"Is it, really? Is the Fire Spirit King really with that human?"

"T, that can't be......."

"Look at that red flame. It's even more intense than the Red Flame Demon's flame! It must be the Fire Spirit King!"

"While it may be true for Lady Siyan, a human as a contractor of Spirit King..."

Unlike Erian, the elves were bewildered, their eyes trembling.

Raon didn't have time to care what the elves were saying. He was busy checking his own condition.

‘At this moment, the Fire Spirit King lacks reasoning.’

Unlike the Water Spirit King who was protecting Siyan, the Fire Spirit King who had entered his body wasn't thinking properly and was moving instinctively. It seemed to be because it had just been born.

'Is it the influence of Zieghart's ancestor?'

It was clear that the Fire Spirit King had followed the Ring of Fire or the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's energy left by the ancestor and attached itself to me.

'This is an opportunity.'

Despite his energy being almost depleted, he felt like he could fight the Red Flame Demon using the energy transmitted by the Fire Spirit King.

'Let's try it.'

He clenched his lips and raised the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword. He used the Ring of Fire to harness the Spirit King's aura of fire, just like the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.


Just as the Ring of Fire rotated and naturally drew in the Spirit King's aura (energy), a chilling aura began to seep in from his left shoulder, sending shivers down his spine.

How dare you!

It was Wrath. The guy raised his thick fist and roared.

This brat's body belongs to the King of Essence! You newborn firefly, are you trying to steal it!

'Be quiet!'

Silence! Any rolling stones must be smashed!

Wrath unleashed an enormous amount of wrath and coldness, saying that he would never allow it.


The Fire Spirit King also seemed to feel threatened by Wrath's energy, and emitted an even more intense heat than before.


As the cold aura from Wrath on the left and the hot aura from the Spirit King on the right clashed, he felt a pain in his energy center as if it was being cut by a knife.


Externally, the Red Flame Demon's crimson flames, and internally, Wrath and the Spirit King's energy clashed, making it feel like he was going to die, both mentally and physically.

'It hurts so much I want to die....'

Raon raised his head, chewing his lips until they bled.

'But I can use this power.'

Thanks to the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, he was already familiar with flames, and Wrath's energy was so familiar that it was almost comfortable.

He felt like he could use both energies as if they were his own.

I rotated the Ring of Fire, which had stopped spinning, again, raised the intensity of his soul to the limit and gathered the conflicting energies in his energy center and mana circuits.

He infused Wrath's coldness into the Demonic Sword in his left hand, and the Spirit King's flames into the Divine Sword in his right hand.


The Divine Sword and Demonic Sword emitted a light twice as intense and brilliant as when he first opened his sword field. It was as if the dark of night had subsided and the day had come alive again.

Raon curled his lips as he aimed the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword at the Red Flame Demon. Thanks to the quarrel between the Demon King and the Spirit King, his body felt like it was going to be torn to pieces, but he forced a smile.

"It's time to end this."

"Shut up!"

The Red Flame Demon gnashed his teeth and spewed out fierce flames.

"You're just a bastard who got stronger with someone else's power!"

"You're no different."

He cut through the Red Flame Demon's flames that were rushing in with the coldness of the Demonic Sword.


The Crimson Flame, which was said to never extinguish, melted away as soon as it touched Wrath's coldness, as if it had never existed in the first place.

"T, this...."

The Red Flame Demon's eyes, which had been chasing the flames, shook violently.

"You'll be in trouble if you're surprised by this."

Raon charged into the Red Flame Demon's gap. He thrust the blade of Divine Sword through the gaps between the flames.


The flames, a mixture of gold and red, pierced through the Red Flame Demon's protective shield of flames and embedded themselves in his shoulder.


It was different from before. Flames and blood gushed out of the Red Flame Demon's shoulder at the same time.


“This bastard!"

The Red Flame Demon clutched his bleeding shoulder and stepped back. His eyes were trembling, but his fighting spirit was even stronger.


Raon stepped on the blackened ground and followed after the Red Flame Demon.


The Red Flame Demon swung his arms wildly, spewing spears of flame. They seemed chaotic, but each one was a flame filled with deadly power.

Raon unleashed the Fangs of Insanity with the Divine Sword and Blizzard Sword Art with the Demonic Sword. The two swords extended like a single breath, intertwining with the falling moonlight.


The spears of flame that the Red Flame Demon unleashed with all his might fell like cherry blossoms and sank. As if exhausted, his flames couldn't even burn the bushes.


The Red Flame Demon gritted his teeth as he watched his flames subside.

Raon had no time to play with the Red Flame Demon. He stepped forward with the Supreme Harmony Steps.

'I don't have time.'

He couldn't maintain this “transcendental” power forever.

His mental strength was also at its limit, so it wouldn't be strange if he collapsed at any moment. He had to finish this as quickly as possible.


The Demonic Sword, extended like a surprise attack, clashed with the Red Flame Demon's flames. The Red Flame Demon, just like a true monster of Eden, was sucking up all the remaining energy from the World Tree.


Balancing himself by pushing the Demonic Sword backward, Raon swung the Divine Sword upward from below. The flames scratched the ground as they rose, slashing across the Red Flame Demon's abdomen.


Even as blood sprayed from his stomach, the Red Flame Demon raised his hand above his head. From his grip surged a massive sphere of flame expanding rapidly like a sun.


Raon bit his lip as he watched the sphere of flame grow larger and larger. The immense heat made it difficult even for him to approach the Red Flame Demon.

"I'll kill you all!"

The Red Flame Demon hurled the giant fireball at Raon, as if he was trying to erase not only Raon but also the World Tree. The ground where the sphere touched was erased, and the clear sky distorted as if it was going to break.

Raon gripped both swords as he looked at the Red Flame Demon's fireball, which had grown as large as the World Tree.

'I must endure....'

He still had the power that Fire Spirit King had given him. No, it was still rising as they fought each other.


The warm flames raised by the Fire Spirit King pushed him back.

Stop burning! Don't covet the King of Essence’s food!

Wrath, unleashed a colder aura to the Fire Spirit King.

Raon condensed the two auras into the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword. Even though he wasn't receiving the two powers directly, but rather sending them through the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword, his palms felt like they were going to burst, and his bones felt like they were going to break.

He gripped his wrists, which felt like they were going to break, and forcibly stabilized his bursting mana circuits as he swung the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword down.

Even in the midst of all this, Raon did not rely solely on strength. He imbued the descending sword blades with the swordsmanship of Fangs of Insanity and Blizzard Sword Art, and cut through the center of the fireball that the Red Flame Demon had unleashed.


Flames devoured flames, and frost ripped through the heat.

The firepower of the Monarch of Wrath and the current Fire Spirit King suppressed the Red Flame Demon's flames, which were approaching transcendence.


The Red Flame Demon's eyes, visible between the subsiding fireballs, shook as if they were about to burst out.

It seemed that he had poured too much power into the sphere of flame, making him unable to move properly.

'This is it.'

Raon led his tired body forward and thrust the Demonic Sword towards the Red Flame Demon's neck.


However, something completely unexpected happened.

The exhausted upper energy center closed, and the sword field disappeared, reaching its limit. The long blade of the Demonic Sword sank, and the thin and short blade of the Blade of Requiem was revealed.

'Damn it!'

He stretched his arm to the limit and pushed aura into the Blade of Requiem, but it was too late. The short blade only grazed the Red Flame Demon's neck.

"In the end... victory is mine!"

The Red Flame Demon roared as if his tension had been released, and stretched out his right hand. A scorching flame erupted from the giant palm that blocked his vision.


Before the skin could even turn red, his breath faded. His mental strength had reached its limit, and his mind was not functioning properly. As he stared at the swirling flames, a sharp sound from behind caught his attention.


A blue arrow, shot down from the sky, blew off the Red Flame Demon's approaching arm.


The Red Flame Demon seemed taken aback by the sudden attack, and let out an incongruous scream as he stepped back.

"Now's your chance!"

He could tell by the voice alone. Siyan. It was her. She was regaining her confidence and becoming a true High Elf.

Raon bit his tongue, steadying his mind, which was staggering as if about to collapse, and stepped on his left foot.

He gathered all the aura of the Spirit King and Wrath, which was still clashing inside his body, into his right hand.


He condensed the wildly surging aura into one. He brought down Heavenly Drive, which was vibrating to the point of breaking, towards the Red Flame Demon who was running away.


The Red Flame Demon put up a wall of flames to defend himself, but the blade of Heavenly Drive, burning with flames and frost, cut through his body without giving him a chance to resist.


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