IBRV (Novel) Chapter 157

C 157

Here is the translation of the provided article into English:

"Otherwise, go to the red mine and collect 1 ton of red iron."

"And you will be exiled for a while for hitting your master. If you can't bring 1 ton, don't come back."

With those last words, Richard and I were forcibly expelled from the Magic Tower.

The last time I saw the Lord of the Magic Tower, he had swollen cheeks and was blinking slowly, with an ice pack placed on his cheeks in an exaggerated manner.

Only when we looked at each other and let out a deep sigh could we open our mouths with a slightly relieved expression.

It was Richard who spoke first.

"I'm sorry, Eirin."

"No, you have nothing to blame yourself for. I made an unreasonable request first. If anything, I'm the one who should apologize."

I lowered my head carefully.

Suddenly, we realized the painful part that Richard had been hiding and that I had been trying my best to pretend not to notice.

Richard was muttering something with his head bowed, with a rather gloomy expression.

I could hear words like kill, curse, cursed magic tower lord, and elder, so it didn't sound like good content.

"I'm sorry for some reason."

I don't know why I apologized or what else to say.

"Don't worry, I don't think he had bad intentions. The master is a bit annoying and old, but he pretends to be middle-aged and is silly... Only his skill is real."

In response to Richard's words, I waved my hands and shook my head.

"You have nothing to regret. I really didn't mind."


Richard's eyes opened slightly at my words. Richard bit his lip and looked at me slowly.

"Why did you think it was nothing?"

Richard took a step towards me.

"Oh? Then the magic tower lord was probably joking or making a light-hearted joke..."

"Even though that person is trash and has a broken personality, still..."


"He doesn't lie."

Oh? What should I do if he takes it so seriously?

When I awkwardly pursed my lips, Richard clenched his fists and hardened his expression.

"It's nothing, please don't say that."


"I know. That you don't have those kinds of feelings. Still..."

Richard's eyes turned red.

His expression even seemed somewhat painful as he squeezed out his emotions with all his might.

"Still, it bothers me when you say it's nothing."


I rolled my eyes cautiously and then smiled awkwardly.

This was because I had no idea what to say in the face of such a straightforward conversation style.

Taking a short breath, I repeatedly clenched and unclenched my hand.



"I still like you."


"So please don't say it's nothing."

I thought about my response to Richard's words.

I didn't know what to say. No, maybe I didn't want to hurt him.

"You're not going anywhere now."

"... Yes, I'm not going anywhere."


"But, Richard."

It was when I urgently tried to respond to his confession.

Richard's hand gently pressed against my mouth. His large hands trembled slightly.

"Can't you give me an answer later?"


"Please think about it a little more and then do it. We, you and I, haven't been together for as long as we thought."

Said Richard.

Although the tips of my fingers trembled slightly, I didn't avoid his gaze. He was much braver than I was.

"We were supposed to be a family, but we couldn't. But now that I think about it, I'm glad we didn't become a family."

I still couldn't say anything because his hand covered my mouth.

"I like you, Eirin. I like you..."

It was a confession that seemed like it would disappear soon. I felt like I was going to cry, so I bit my lower lip.

"I'll try a little harder. Therefore..."

The boy looked at me without hiding his trembling gaze.

"Will you give me just one chance?"

Richard's hand slowly moved away.

"...one chance?"

"Yes, a chance to get to know me. A chance to be with you. There has never been anything like this before."

Except when I was a lizard.

I couldn't find a way to reject him. I didn't know how to turn down such a painful confession and voice.


Richard's eyes widened at my response.


"Yes, really. I..."

I was about to say something but simply let it go. Saying thank you and asking for forgiveness didn't suit the moment.

Richard wouldn't want that.


Eirin let out a brief sigh.

"I think it would be scary to go to the Red Mine alone..."

Actually, I had been thinking of going alone.

Because I had Terem and the guardian knights to protect me.

"Do you want to come with me, Richard?"

I extended my hand.

Richard's eyes instantly opened wide when he heard what I said.

This is probably the opportunity Richard wants and the opportunity I can provide.

Richard's expression brightened. I smiled as I looked at him.

"Not interested?"

The hand in the air looked very lonely, so when I asked once more, Richard shook his head and quickly took my hand.

"No, of course I am."

"Yes, thank you."

"You're welcome, I can go wherever you want. If that's what you wish."

There was a joy that couldn't be hidden in Richard's voice when he added that it was what he hoped for.

Seeing Richard happy made me feel better.

When I smiled, he did too.

For the first time, it felt like we had put everything aside and were looking at each other with honest feelings.

* * *

Richard could use magic, but it seemed to be a standard practice not to use magic when traveling between foreign countries.

We stayed with the Etham family for about two days and prepared to leave for a while.

When I told my father, he opened his eyes wide and asked me many questions. Then, when I told him I was going with Richard, he took Richard with me and held a meeting with him for more than ten hours.

Actually, it wasn't a secret that Richard returned looking haggard.

Red Mine.

This was a familiar name.

Because the Snow Leopard Tears from the Red Mine were one of the supplies.

The Red Mine is a mine located in the Suin Kingdom and is said to produce red iron. Although it's different from blue iron, I heard it's also used to make various magical tools.

To be exact, it seemed to be the opposite element of blue iron.

"The problem is the green and white radishes..."

Since I had no other choice, I left the care to someone else, but when I had time, I planned to go back and replant and cultivate them while carrying out other missions.

"I never thought I would leave like this."

Tears filled my eyes as I felt like all my hard work was in vain.

"Eirin, are you ready?"

"Yes, the immigration documents are scheduled to arrive before us."

"Then, shall we go?"


Richard reached out his hand. It seemed like he was trying to be an escort.

"...It's a bit embarrassing."

Perhaps it was after hearing Richard's confession that I felt a little embarrassed.

"Hmm, shall we go?"

It wasn't an escort.

Richard took me by the hand and started walking slowly toward the port.

It was clear that he was matching my pace.

Even the little considerations that I was normally unaware of now began to become conscious and bothersome.

"...I'm really not a primary school student going out for the first time..."

How can I feel this way about a friend I've known since childhood?

I briskly slapped my face a couple of times with my free hand. It was fortunate that I hadn't put on makeup.

"Eirin, do you usually get seasick?"

"Um, I'm not sure... maybe I won't?"

Because I didn't remember ever feeling seasick in my past life.

I boarded the ship with Richard. The large passenger ship was heading directly to the Suin Kingdom.

Perhaps that's why there were so many Suins on the ship.

"Wow, there are a lot of people."

There must have been quite a few treaties imposed on the Suin Kingdom, but it's surprising that they worked so well.

Usually, they have bad feelings toward each other.

"Eirin, I think this is the cabin."

Richard quickly guided me while I looked around the deck for a moment.

Richard led me to the cabin, which seemed to be the largest among the first-class seats.

"Please, enter, my lady."

Richard quickly opened the door with a very embarrassed expression.


Richard's expression turned red as I burst into laughter at that cute sight.

Richard waited for me to enter, and after a while, he entered behind me.


After leaving all the luggage, the ship departed with the loud sound of the horn.

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