TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 593

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Chapter 593


Raon couldn't hold back and smacked Wrath on the head.


With a sound like a rock breaking, Wrath's face hit the ground.

How dare you! The King of Essence...

"Consider yourself lucky I'm not chewing on you!"

He bared his teeth at the trembling Wrath.


Wrath flinched and backed away, covering his face.


Raon sighed and looked at the Fire Spirit King that Wrath had spat out. Unlike when he first saw it, he could barely feel any fire energy.

"To kill it as soon as it's born, that's too much."

T-The King of Essence repeatedly warned it to step back. It's that bastard's fault for not listening to the King of Essence's words!

Wrath shook his head, insisting that he had done nothing wrong.

"Even so, you could have just beaten it up moderately and sent it back. Was it necessary to go this far?”

T-The King of Essence originally just wanted to give it a taste of it’s own medicine.

"And then?"

W-well, the color of the little brat's fire glowed as brightly as ice cream beads. It looks so delicious...

He couldn't resist and tasted it.

Anyway, it's not the King of Essence's fault! It's just that brat dared to hit a rock with an egg, so he needed to be taught....

"Shut your mouth unless you want to eat Nadine Bread for the rest of your life.”


Wrath covered his mouth with both hands and lowered his head. He didn't understand how food threats worked better than exerting mental pressure. How was he supposed to be the Monarch of Wrath?

'What am I going to do with this...'

If it was revealed that he killed the Fire Spirit King by eating it, his achievements of saving the elves would disappear, and he might be hunted for the rest of his life. He had to prevent that at all costs.

'If there's even a chance to save it, I'll do anything... Hmm?'

While biting his lip and examining the Fire Spirit King, the dwindling flame suddenly flickered faintly.

‘Is it not dead yet?’

Although faint, a tiny flame began to burn again within the bead that used to be the Fire Spirit King.

Raon reached out to the bead that used to be the Fire Spirit King. He could feel a faint warmth emanating from it.

‘I can save it.’

The Fire Spirit King had come to him not for a contract, but because it had  instinctively sensed the flames (aura/energy) of his ancestor.

He could definitely save it if he used the Ring of Fire and the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.


He purified the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation with the Ring of Fire. He carefully held the Fire Spirit King and ignited the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation between his fingers.


A faint golden flame permeated the Fire Spirit King. It glowed like the sun at noon meeting the sunset.

Raon gulped as he watched the Fire Spirit King breathe weakly.

'It's alive.'

The Fire Spirit King, which had been the size of a candy, grew in size as it absorbed the golden flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

Even though it had been beaten up by Wrath, the Fire Spirit King still had the air of a king about him. In no time at all, it had grown to the size of a young child.

‘He looks different.’

Unlike the Ifrit’s helmet that Red Flame Demon wore, the Fire Spirit King had the appearance of a human male.

He was a very handsome man, but his sharply downcast eyebrows gave him a fierce appearance.


Raon sighed and rubbed his chest.

‘He’s alive.’

The Fire Spirit King’s aura had also returned to normal. It was a relief that he wouldn’t become an enemy of the elves and spirits.

“Are you awake?”


The Fire Spirit King blinked his eyes blankly, as if he hadn’t grasped the situation yet. It wasn’t strange, considering he had been chewed up by a demon king and then survived.

“What a strangely familiar aura….”

He raised his upper body while meeting Raon’s eyes.

“Yes. I followed that aura to find you.”

The Fire Spirit King nodded, saying that he had been drawn to Raon instinctively. Although he didn’t like the informal speech, Raon decided to let it go since the Fire Spirit King was a king and probably still confused.

“But there was a monster inside you. A wicked and immense power that even I, born as a king, could not handle. I could only struggle.”

He lowered his head, saying that he had fought to save Raon but had been defeated.

The King of Essence is not a monster!

Wrath, who had been crumpled, suddenly stood up.

The demon of Devild… Huuup!

Raon hurriedly ran over and covered Wrath’s mouth.


However, the Fire Spirit King’s eyes were already fixed on Wrath.


The Fire Spirit King trembled all over like a deer that had seen a predator and hurriedly backed away.

“That thing! It's him! Why is that monster here!”

Uncharacteristically for a Fire Spirit King, his face turned pale. It seemed like he wasn’t seeing Wrath’s appearance, but only feeling his aura.

“You don’t have to worry.”

Raon shook his head, tossing Wrath like a ball.

“He can’t do anything right now.”

Can't do anything! Don't disrespect the King of Essence….

“Nadine Bread.”


Wrath immediately shut his mouth again as soon as the name “Nadine Bread” was mentioned.


The Fire Spirit King widened his eyes at the sight of Wrath, who couldn’t move at all in Raon’s palm.

‘What, what is going on….’

Why is that monster staying still?

He couldn't believe that the monster that had overwhelmed him was being stopped by a human.

“Don’t worry about this guy.”

Raon pushed Wrath back and shook his head.

“Are you okay?”

“Na, Nadine bread?”

The Fire Spirit King repeated the word “Nadine Bread” that Raon had said earlier.


Wrath raised his face over Raon’s shoulder and furrowed his brows.

Hey! Firefly! Do you really want to die? If it weren't for this brat, you would've been chewed up and killed by the King of Essence!


The Fire Spirit King curled up and fell backwards, remembering the memory of being eaten by Wrath.

I'll grind your bones to dust….

“Nadine Bread.”

Wrath was about to fly away again, as if he was going to eat the Fire Spirit King again, but he stopped moving in mid-air as soon as Raon shouted “Nadine Bread.”

Such was the power of Nadine Bread, which even a Demon King couldn't ignore.

Damn it….

“I told you to stay still.”

Raon grabbed Wrath’s tail and threw him back, then approached the Fire Spirit King.

“Like I said, don’t worry about him….”

“W, who are you?”

The Fire Spirit King raised his voice and straightened his posture, unlike before.


“You’re clearly human, but how did you tame that monster?”

T, tame? Are you really crazy? Nobody can tame the King of Essence….

“Shut up!”


Wrath shut his mouth again as Raon clicked his tongue again.


The Fire Spirit King shook his head with his mouth open. He seemed to be feeling more than just surprise, but also fear.

“I’m Raon Zieghart. An ordinary human.”

“O, ordinary?”


Raon nodded nonchalantly.

"How can you be ordinary when you tamed a monster with even greater cold than the Water Spirit King, who was born at the same time as me!"

The Fire Spirit King shook his head, even though it hadn't been long since he was born, he had some dimensional common sense.

Raon narrowed his eyes at the trembling Fire Spirit King.

‘Fortunately, he doesn’t know about Wrath.’

Although he was born with common sense, he didn’t seem to know about Wrath’s identity, perhaps because he didn’t have any experience yet.

“Please tell me. How did you subdue that monster?”

“It was a mental battle.”

Raon briefly spoke again and tapped Wrath's head.

“I resisted this guy's energy of cold with my mental strength and won.”

“How do you resist that….”

The Fire Spirit King's mouth hung open in shock. He couldn't believe how Raon had been able to endure such soul-crushing pain.

"Please tell me your secret!"

"I just endured it. What else could I do?"

Raon shrugged, saying it was nothing special.


The Fire Spirit King stared at Raon for a while, then trembled, touching the ground with shaking hands and banging his head.

"I will follow you!"

What the hell?

Wrath screamed as if asking what nonsense he was saying.

"There is a record that humans call those they respect 'hyungnim' (Big Brother/Older Bother). I will serve you as my hyungnim from now on!"

The Fire Spirit King bowed his head again and begged Raon to accept him.


Raon let out a bitter laugh as he looked at the trembling Fire Spirit King's back.

It seemed like Wrath had done something crazy again.

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

After calming the Fire Spirit King down, Raon tapped him on the shoulder.

"I'm not someone worthy of being followed by a king."

The Fire Spirit King said he fought to the end, thinking he was being controlled by Wrath. He seemed like a good-natured spirit king, so he didn't want to lie.

"No! Just being rescued from the jaws of that demon is worth following!"

It seemed like this spirit king had really started off on the wrong foot.

"My name is Ifrit! I will follow you for the rest of my life, Raon hyungnim!"


Raon frowned at the Fire Spirit King's name.

"Wasn't the previous Fire Spirit King also named Ifrit...?"

"Ifrit is the name that represents the Fire Spirit King itself. Only by inheriting that name can the power of fire be passed on."

Ifrit nodded, saying that's how spirit kings are born.


Raon stroked his chin and extended his hand forward, igniting the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

"Do you remember anything when you see these flames?"

"I feel a sense of longing. I chased after you because I felt that emotion."

Ifrit smiled faintly, saying it was a strange feeling. As Raon expected, Ifrit had come seeking for him because he felt that his flame was that of his ancestor.

"It seems like you and I are connected from a past life."

It was strange for a newborn to talk about longing or a past life.

"For now, stop calling me hyungnim...."

"I have a small gift for you, hyungnim."

A small spark flew from Ifrit's raised finger and touched his chest.


The warm flames spread uncontrollably throughout his body and seeped into his mana circuit.

"This is...."

"It is the Silver Flame, used to nurture the contractor."

“Silver Flame?”

“If you make that flame your own, your flames, Raon hyungnim, will reach a new level.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“If I say more, the effect will be halved. You must realize it on your own.”

Ifrit shook his head, saying that it would be ineffective if he told him everything.

“I want to be with you, hyungnim, but I keep getting called from the spirit world. It seems like a lot has happened while I and Ellaim were gone.”


Sterin, Erian, and Rimmer had said that the spirit world was out of balance because the two spirit kings were gone. It seemed like the other spirit kings were constantly calling for Ifrit.

“I will see you again soon.”

Ifrit bowed respectfully and disappeared into a small spark.


Raon sighed and fell backwards as soon as Ifrit disappeared.

‘I’m exhausted.’

The demon king had chewed up the Fire Spirit King, and the Spirit King, who had been barely saved, said he would serve him as his hyungnim. This situation felt like a dream.


Wrath winced as he approached and patted me on the hand.

You know it’s all thanks to me, right? How could a lowlife like you ever become the hyungnim of a firefly like that?

He raised his nose proudly, thinking he was appreciated.


Without a word, Raon grabbed Wrath's head and tail and stretched him out like squeezing laundry.


“When will you stop causing trouble!”

The, the King of Essence just wanted to protect his house!

Wrath shook his head, saying that he had just pushed out the Fire Spirit King who had trespassed.


Raon nodded as he let go of Wrath.

He’s not wrong. From Wrath’s point of view, the Fire Spirit King had suddenly appeared, so he seemed to have used his power to protect me and himself. Of course, trying to eat the spirit king was a crazy thing to do.


Wrath glared at Raon.

You’d better not defy the King of Essence anymore.


The King of Essence has gained new power now.

‘New power?’

Normally the King of Essence wouldn’t even bother, but to defeat you, he absorbed the energy of that firefly.

Along with those words, a crimson flame erupted from Wrath’s chubby palm.

The King of Essence can now use not only cold, but also flames….


Raon rubbed his temples as he looked at Wrath’s confident face.

'What's the point of using flames that are weaker than your cold power?'


‘Because I have pretty high fire resistance. Want to try it?’

He snapped his fingers, telling him to come on.


The flame burning in Wrath's hand suddenly extinguished. He shook his shoulders and sat down hesitantly.

Damn it….

As Raon couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation, the ground shook and collapsed, and a baby fox covered in dirt jumped out.

Eek! Madwoman!

Wrath jumped back in surprise, trembling.


“You’re safe!”

Merlin smiled brightly and wagged her front paws. Her voice was more energetic than before, as if she had recovered her strength.

“I was so worried.”

She muttered that she was sorry she couldn’t come out even though she wanted to.

“No, you did the right thing.”

It was a battle with Eden, and someone else might be watching from somewhere else.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine after resting.”

Merlin blushed and said she was feeling great now.

“What about Eden? Have they all retreated?”

“It was originally a mission for the Red Flame Demon, so now that he’s dead, it’s all over.”

She nodded, saying that this time it was a mission for the Red Flame Demon’s growth.

"Then the Fallen must be pretty pissed."

"I think so. He was frowning."



Merlin smiled brightly and scratched the ground with her front paws.

"We were in the middle of a meeting."

*   *   *

The sky of the blue coast, where the red sun always shone, was darkening.

The Fallen, who was sitting at an old-fashioned wooden desk, turned his eyes to the right.

“…So you’re saying they’re all dead? And to Raon Zieghart?”

“Y, yes.”

The Green-Eyed Demon, wearing a mask with green eyes, nodded.


The Fallen didn’t say anything and tapped the desk with his fingers. The mask engraved with the face of a young man who would never exist again in the world shimmered with a strange light.

“As for the Red Demonic Snake, it's understandable that he died due to his lack of power. But Cassandra is a Grandmaster, and the Red Flame Demon, needless to say.”

He continued, brushing his disheveled hair back.

“The Red Flame Demon, who had absorbed the World Tree’s energy, must have reached advanced Grandmaster level. It’s hard to believe that Raon Zieghart killed him.”

“R, Raon Zieghart didn’t fight alone. Siyan, the High Elf who was thought to be incompetent, summoned the Water Spirit King.”

“A newly born Spirit King wouldn’t have been able to think properly. That means Raon Zieghart ruined everything in the end.”

The Fallen wrapped his murderous intent in a faint smile.

"Hmm, come to think of it, there was something a bit strange."

"Something strange?"

"Raon Zieghart went to Seipia as a guest, but he conducted his own reconnaissance and appeared on the battlefield faster than any other guardian."

The Green-Eyed Demon nodded, saying that it was a bit strange.


The Fallen stroked his chin and turned his gaze to the right.


His gaze shifted towards Merlin, who was lying on the sandy beach as if sunbathing

"Do you happen to know anything?"

Merlin's eyelids lifted naturally under the Fallen's inquisitive gaze.


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