TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 590

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Chapter 590

Raon frowned as he looked at the Red Flame Demon, whose eyes were flashing crimson.

‘How much of the World Tree’s energy has he absorbed?’

The Red Flame Demon in front of him was a being on a completely different level than the one he had fought in the Great Forest.

If he had faced him without sword field his skin would have melted from the intense heat.

‘I can’t win against him….’

If it was the Red Flame Demon he had met in the Great Forest, he might have been able to fight using sword field and Wrath Unleashed, but there was no way he could win against this guy who had devoured the World Tree’s energy.

That’s why he needed help.

Fine! The King of Essence shall assist you!

Wrath nodded curtly.

That good-for-nothing is burning the World Tree from which the King of Essence should be eating its fruit. Summon him immediately! He will turn that person into an ice sculpture!

The guy snapped his fingers, urging him to hurry up and allow him to descend.

‘It’s not you.’

Raon ignored Wrath and turned around. He looked at Rimmer’s pale face and asked again.

“You can do it, right?”


Rimmer let out a dry laugh as he looked into Raon’s calm eyes.

‘Not helping, but asking for help?’

Raon's reason for asking for help was simple. He considered this battle to be his own. There was no need for apologies, and he wouldn't retreat.

'On top of that...'

That statement was also a reminder.

It was a reminder that it was not okay for the elves, the true owners of this land, to just sit back and watch while humans fought.

‘This guy is really….’

The more Rimmer saw him, the more he was amazed by him. Now, he didn’t feel like he was facing a subordinate or a disciple, but a being of even higher status than him.

“Of course!”

Rimmer nodded, suppressing the pain in his abdomen.

"However, if we don't finish this quickly, both you and I will die. You understand that, right?"

“Of course.”

Raon bit his lip as he looked at the World Tree, whose roots were starting to burn.

"I'll handle the attack, just block his flames for me."

“Leave it to me.”

Rimmer gripped his leaf-shaped sword, determined to do his best.

“Two bugs combined are still just bugs.”

The Red Flame Demon sneered as he looked down at Raon and Rimmer.

“You’d better be careful. Even bugs can be poisonous.”

"Burn, insect!"

He frowned and spewed out streams of flames. The moment the flames whipped like a whip, Raon kicked the ground while using the Supreme Harmony Steps.

"If you're confident in your flames, so am I."

He rotated the Ring of Fire to its extreme. He dodged the oncoming whip of flames using only his footwork technique and entered Red Flame Demon’s space.

“Let’s see who can burn better.”

He thrust out the blue Demonic Sword in his left hand. The silver-flashing blade of frost pierced through the wall of flames and reached for Red Flame Demon’s shoulder.

“You call that fire?”

The Red Flame Demon snorted and raised his hand. The flames that had been split by the demonic sword reunited and surged into a powerful wave.

The heat that could penetrate the six stars fire resistance and the protection of the Black Dragon Coat spread throughout his body.

He frowned at the pain that felt like he was being burned, then a green wind blew from behind him.


Rimmer. The wind he created pushed away The Red Flame Demon’s heat and created an opening for the sword to pierce through.

‘As expected, he’s reliable.’

Although he was a gambler, he was someone more reliable than anyone when it came to battle.

A clear resonance echoed from Raon's right-hand divine sword. The golden flames, tinged with sunlight, forcefully pushed back the crimson flames.

As the Red Flame Demon’s eyes trembled, Raon swung down his left hand demonic sword. The blade of ice that fell gracefully like moonlight brushed past his shoulder.


Since he wasn’t a true spirit, but a human infused with the power of a spirit, his shoulder was deeply cut and red blood gushed out.

“Didn’t I tell you?”

Raon wagged his finger at the Red Flame Demon.

“To be careful because the bug is poisonous.”

“To act so arrogantly over a mere scratch like this!”

The Red Flame Demon twisted his lips and brushed away the wound on his shoulder. The thick flames flashed and the black wound slowly began to heal.

"Your swords can't touch me!"

"They already did."

Rimmer pointed to the remaining wound and smirked.

"You're dumber than I thought. At times like this, you should say, 'your sword can't kill me.'"

"I know right. He's so pretentious."

Raon curled the corners of his mouth as he received Rimmer's words.

"Also you look like a crazy person without clothes.”

"But why are you still wearing pants?"

"Lack of confidence, huh."

Rimmer turned his sword back and chuckled.

The Red Flame Demon glanced down at his own pants for a moment before letting out a beastly roar.

The heat rising from his upper body seemed to melt the Black Dragon Coat.

"He's getting excited at just the right moment!"

Rimmer created a powerful gust of wind, as if to tell him not to be afraid of the heat and to keep moving forward.


Raon suppressed the heat and rode the wind from Rimmer pushing his back to charge towards the Red Flame Demon.

"Get out of here!"

As the Red Flame Demon stretched out his thick hands, the flames he was holding erupted into a massive dragon's breath.

Raon trusted Rimmer behind him and stepped into the flames of the dragon's breath.


Blades infused with flames and frost clashed with the Red Flame Demon's flames, creating a terrifying shockwave. It was a vibration deep enough to shake the world tree which had its roots deep in the ground.

'Is this still not enough…'

The Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword were pushed back by the Red Flame Demon’s flames. When the tip of the cloak of Black Dragon Coat turned to ash and burned, a clear wind blew.

The wind, which seemed to be finely chopped storm, swayed as if it were alive, preserving the flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword, and suppressing the flames of the Red Flame Demon.

"Don't interfere!"

The Red Flame Demon, as if annoyed, shot a spear of flames at Rimmer.

'Now is the time.'

Even in this moment, that monster was consuming the energy of the World Tree, growing stronger. It had to be stopped definitively while his mind was distracted by Rimmer.

Raon condensed frost on the blade of the Demonic Sword and thrust it forward.

The Monarch of Wrath's Decisive Technique.

Snow Flower of Demonic Sword.


The sword technique that used the Snow Flower on the Demonic Sword froze the shield of flames that protected the Red Flame Demon.

As the silver flash filled his vision and melted the flames, he flicked the Divine Sword in his right hand.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Thousand Flames.

Flawless Golden Strands.

The blade of the Divine Sword split like a bamboo stem and created a prison of golden flames.


The Red Flame Demon, seeing the flames gather into a cage, remained unfazed.

"These petty flames do not affect me!"

He scoffed as he tore apart the golden flames of Flawless Golden Strands with his bare hands.

Raon didn't panic at the sight, and a smile spread across his lips. Because he had been waiting for this moment from the beginning.


He used Wrath Unleashed, rotated the Ring of Fire to its extreme and unleashed the strongest swordsmanship he could use at the moment.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Sixth Form, Divine and Demon Harmonization, Linked Technique - Red and Blue Invincible Sword

The flames of the Divine Sword and the frost of the Demonic Sword blaze with a magnificent light.

The two blades, filled with will, cut through the flames created by the Red Flame Demon and pierced his chest.


However, the Red Flame Demon did not give up easily. Flames erupted from the Red Flame Demon's split flesh, pushing back the blades of the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword.

"It's working! Keep going!"

Rimmer, despite being slashed in the waist by the Red Flame Demon spear, continued to send wind that kept the flames of Divine Sword and the frost of Demonic Sword alive.

However, Raon's expression hardened even as he received Rimmer's energy.

'This bastard…'

He’s changing.

Even though the blades were stuck in the Red Flame Demon flesh, he didn't feel the sensation of cutting a person.

The feeling is the same as when he cut Cassandra's dark spirit. It seemed that the Red Flame Demon was becoming closer to a spirit.

'I have to end it now before he changes further.'

Raon gritted his teeth hard enough to break them and released more wrath. He had to break it for sure, even if it meant pushing himself.


He put all his strength into his wrists, which felt like they were about to break, and swung the Divine Sword and the Demonic Sword down to the end.


The flames and frost clashed like lightning, cutting through the Red Flame Demon's flames and tearing his flesh apart.

"That's it!"

Rimmer's excited shout echoed from behind, but Raon couldn't smile.

"Damn it..."

He cut, but he didn't cut.

The Red Flame Demon had completed its spiritualization by absorbing the energy from the roots of the World Tree.

No blood was flowing from his body, only flames. It was clear that he had suffered a great shock, but unlike a physical body, it was not a fatal wound.


Rimmer seemed to have realized the Red Flame Demon's state as well, and his dry lips trembled.

Raon gulped as he watched the Red Flame Demon regenerate its body with flames.

'The problem isn't him, it's us.'

Using the Red and Blue Invincible Sword and Wrath Unleashed, he had consumed a considerable amount of mental strength and aura.

There wasn't much time left to maintain the sword field.

'And then...'

Rimmer behind him was also reaching his limit. To be honest, it was no exaggeration to say that it was a fight with a visible outcome.

"It's over."

The Red Flame Demon arrogantly raised his chin and clenched his jaw.

"You're all out of strength, and I'm still getting stronger."

He curled the corners of his lips as he stroked his chest, where the scar had completely disappeared.

"Now all that's left is despair."

"You're greatly mistaken."

Raon grinned with a bloodless smile as he raised the Divine and Demonic Swords.

 "This is just the beginning for me."

"Such arrogance..."

"Whether it's arrogance or not, you'll find out later."

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Siyan clenched her fists as she watched Raon and Rimmer facing the huge flames.

'Are they, winning?'

She couldn't see it properly, but she could tell that Raon was pressuring the Red Flame Demon. It seemed like they would win if they kept going.

He turned his gaze back.

The Guardians and elves were sweating profusely as they fought against the monsters of Eden and the ashen-skinned elves attacking the World Tree. The relentless enemy assault was causing more and more elves to fall.

'Just hold on for a little bit longer.'

If Raon and Rimmer could quickly defeat that monster and return, the battle would be over.


Siyan turned her gaze to the right after hearing the clear melody. A child with dual braids was galloping across the battlefield, singing a graceful tune. Her song gave vitality to the allies and caused confusion of senses to the enemies.

She wasn't that great in terms of strength, but her influence was outstanding.

The human with green hair who protected the child was also special. He took out healing potions and arrows from the pouch on his belly pocket and cut down the enemies with his swordsmanship.

However, judging from the shaking of his eyes, he seemed to be quite scared, unlike his excellent martial arts, yet his sword and legs never stopped moving.

'Those two...'

Dorian and Yua. Both are humans who followed Raon.

In the Raon Zieghart Biography, they are barely mentioned, but here they were running through the battlefield more bravely than anyone else.

'I, I too...'

Unable to use aura or summon spirits, but confident in her archery skills, Siyan picked up a fallen wooden bow from the ground. She intended to offer some assistance, but the Great Elder next to her stopped her hand.

"G, Great Elder."

"Siyan, you..."

The Great Elder's eyes flashed fiercely. He closed his eyes tightly, though his mind was in turmoil, his voice was too low and feeble.

"R, Run away."


Suddenly being told to run, Siyan blinked in confusion.

"W, What do you mean..."

"I'm telling you to run away from here right now."

The Great Elder waved his hand, coughing up blood from his internal injuries.

"W, Why should I run away when everyone is fighting! Sir Raon will be here soon..."

"We can't win."

He raised his trembling fingers and pointed to the battlefield where Raon, Rimmer, and the Red Flame Dragon were fighting.

"That monster has already absorbed enough of the World Tree's energy. It's only a matter of time before it surpasses the Transcendence’s wall..."

"B, But if it's Sir Raon..."

"He couldn't finish what he had to do. The human Raon is certainly great, but that one has already become an existence beyond his league..."

The Great Elder sighed, saying that there was no chance of winning.

"The fire has already spread to the bottom of the World Tree. There is no time now. If we drag this out any longer, the path to escape will be completely blocked..."

"T, Then it's not me. You should go, Great Elder!"

Siyan shook her head, unwrapping the blanket.

"It's too late for me, and..."

The Great Elder looked at Siyan with a gentle gaze.

"The only one we can count on for the future is you, the High Elf, Siyan."

"M-Me? But I'm incompetent! I can't do anything, just a useless High Elf..."

"Not a High Elf who doesn't know how to do anything, but a High Elf who has put in more effort than anyone else, that's why you need to go."

"Gre, Great Elder?"

Siyan’s furrowed brow relaxed at the Great Elder’s unexpectedly gentle tone.

"Effort? H, How do you know..."

"Because I've seen it."

"Y-you.. didn't hate me?"

"Why would I hate you?"

"But then why did you..."

"Did I ignore you?"

The Great Elder looked at Siyan and smiled faintly. His face appeared even redder under the growing flames.

"Did you want me to come up to you and tell you to do your best and stay strong? You've read too many human books, Siyan. We are not humans."

He shook his head calmly.

"And I believe telling someone to stay strong is irresponsible. It's something anyone can say, regardless of circumstances. It holds no special meaning or value. All we elves can do for our kind is simply watch."


Siyan trembled her lips as she looked at the Great Elder.

‘Come to think of it….’

The Great Elder was always stern. He'd get angry if a blanket was turned over or if his tone sounded odd.

But he was always watching me, and he didn’t pick on me for strange reasons. Unlike others, he never said I was incompetent.

“S, Siyan. Please hurry and leave.”

“You must not die here.”

“Only you can save the World Tree again.”

The other elders also staggered to their feet and spoke their heartfelt words.

They bled as if they were going to risk their lives to open the way, and ran to the battlefield.

“Open the way!”

“Hold on until the end!”

It wasn’t just them. The wounded elves and guardians also followed the elders. They burned their own bodies to kill the enemies and open the way.


Siyan trembled all over, holding his shoulders with both arms.

‘What have I been doing until now?’

I thought all the elves except my grandfather hated and ignored me.

But come to think of it, it was I who ignored the elves and stayed locked up in my room.

Surely there were those who truly hated me, but so many of my own kind were quietly waiting for me to rise up.


“Yes. Great Elder.”

Reyran, with burns across his shoulders, rushed to the Great Elder.

“Take Siyan and the humans and escape to the west.”

“…I understand.”

Reyran stared into the Great Elder’s eyes and nodded.

“Siyan. No, Siyan. Survive.”

The Great Elder lightly stroked Siyan’s head and moved west. The wave he created as he coughed up blood melted the flames that were melting the ground, and drove away the Eden’s monsters and ashen elves.

“We don’t have time, so please understand.”

Reyran ran west with Siyan hanging from her shoulder like a lifeless doll.

Siyan bit her lip as she looked at the World Tree resonating with Sterin.


Grandfather was right.

He always showed only a kind smile, saying that she didn’t need to be so afraid of the world.

I wanted to protect him. And all the elves who had believed in me so far. I didn’t want to see anyone die anymore.

“You two come this way too!”

Reyran waved to Dorian and Yua and shouted for them to follow.

Siyan closed her eyes, her blurred pupils capturing the fading elves.

'I can't just survive alone.'

She clenched her hands together, biting her lip.

'Please! Please!'

If I truly were a High Elf, I'd ask for even a small miracle!

Siyan's genuine cries and pleas echoed through the forest, as fragments of blue light began to coalesce around her chest.

*   *   *


Raon expelled a long breath as he deflected the raging flames.

'This is the worst.'

As the flames spread to the World Tree, the Red Flame Demon's energy became stronger, and the heat became so intense that it was hard to bear.

Although he hadn't reached Transcendence, and his mastery hadn't significantly increased, the firepower itself was too strong for his sword techniques to penetrate.

'And there's not much time left for the sword field....'

He didn't have much time left to maintain the sword field. If the sword field ended, he wouldn't be able to fight head-on like this.

'And then....'

The scent of the wind was no longer felt in Rimmer's swordsmanship. He was also barely maintaining the sword field and was not in a state to fight properly.

"You look pathetic struggling like that."

The Red Flame Demon chuckled as he extended his hand. Eight streams of flame surged forward, enveloping Raon. There was no delay in his attacks, likely due to the influence of the World Tree.


Raon used the Flame Spirit while spreading the Divine Sword and the Demon Sword to the left and right. The silver-flashing tree bloomed with fresh flowers, blocking the Red Flame Demon's rain of flames.


Thousands of ice and fireballs collided, causing a huge vibration in the sky and earth. Thick water vapor rose up, creating a wall of fog.

"You don't think this is the end, do you?"

As the Red Flame Demon flicked his fingers leisurely, eight columns of firestorm erupted and engulfed the surroundings.


Raon bit his lip until it bled and raised his two swords to form a sword barrier. Blocking the storm of flames, he turned his gaze back.

"Division leader. Please leave first!"


Rimmer fell to his knees without finishing his sentence. The sword field he had been maintaining was erased like a wash, and the heat radiating from all sides became rapidly stronger.

'Oh no....'

Having held off the Red Flame Demon alone until now, it seemed he had reached his limit. Frankly, it was remarkable that he had lasted this long.


Wrath approached, rubbing his nose with a grin.

Now you have no choice!

The guy wiggled his thick fingers.

Let the King of Essence descend. He'll extinguish this firebug in an instant.

Wrath declared that there was no need to delay and urged Raon to plunge the blade into his belly quickly.


He was pushed back by the oncoming firestorm and his feet began to dig into the ground. He couldn't think of a way to get out of this situation.

'Is there nothing I can do....'

In order to save Seipia, Rimmer, Dorian, and Yua, I had to kill this guy no matter what.

‘So there is really no other way.’

He heard from Wrath that the chances of him being able to descend like before were low, but even if it did happen, he said that the side effects would get worse and worse.

If the side effects are worse than before, he might regress back to Master realm or even suffer permanent damage in his mental world.

'But I have no choice.'

Raon turned the blade of the Demonic Sword. It was when he was about to use his own body as a barrier with that sword.


A tremendous storm of mana erupted from the center of the World Tree.

Blue light. A dazzling flash of light shoots up into the sky. Pure water seems to come to life and transforms into the form of a giant woman.

Her long hair swayed like the sea, and her transparent skin like water droplets sparkled with an elegant light in the moonlight.

As the blue goddess, who seemed to be the embodiment of the word beauty, stretched out her hand, blue rain poured down from the sky that was once filled with smoke.


The gentle raindrops revived the dying elves like springs of life and extinguished the flames devouring the earth.

"Why, why is she here!"

The Red Flame Demon trembled as he looked at the water woman floating in the air.


Wrath also screamed as he saw the woman made of water.

Why is that water spirit here now!

'If she's a water spirit….'

Raon's lips trembled as he looked at the water goddess with a benevolent smile.

'Is she the Water Spirit King?'

Raon gulped and looked back at the Spirit King, who had someone in her hand.

A blonde elf with a faint glow. He didn't recognize her face, but he could tell, it was Siyan.

'Did Lady Siyan summon the Spirit King?'

But before he could even finish that thought, a red flame erupted from her chest.


The exciting yet ferocious flames poured down not towards the sky, but towards Raon.


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