TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 589

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 589


“Is it my turn?”

Cassandra raised a skeptical eyebrow. Eyes tinged with anger and annoyance turned towards Raon.

"You became overly confident just because you killed one mongrel."


Raon shook his head as he looked at the growling Cassandra.

“I’ve been confident from the start. The moment you guys sent the Red Flame Demon first, the outcome of this fight was decided.”

"Your arrogance will be your downfall!"

Cassandra raised her left hand, the one not holding the bow. Dark smoke billowed between her fingers as she curled them as if to grab the air.


The black energy that erupted with a gloomy light swayed like clay and took the form of a wolf the size of a house.

Seeing the black flames burning from the wolf's mane, Raon's hair stood on end.

‘A wolf…?’


The black wolf lacked the vitality that a living creature should possess.

It felt like a spirit, but instead of natural energy, a sinister magic emanated from it.

“A, a dark spirit?”

The answer to the identity of the wolf came from Erian behind him.

“A dark spirit? There were other spirits besides the four attributes?”

“It’s rare, but there are spirits other than the four attributes….”

He too trembled his lips, saying it was his first time seeing it in person.

“But I heard that dark spirits feed on the lifespan of their contractors….”

“That’s right.”

Cassandra nodded nonchalantly.

“I sacrificed my lifespan to make a contract with this child.”

She glared at the World Tree with eyes as cold as the north wind.

“Why go so far….”

“If it means killing you and becoming the true elves, I can sacrifice any amount of my lifespan.”

In response to Cassandra’s anger, the dark spirit opened its maw. Black magic with a shimmering light poured out like a fountain from its spiraling throat.


The moment Raon stepped back to avoid the wave of magic, Cassandra’s arrow flew in. The arrowhead was burning with black magic, perhaps because of the dark spirit.


Raon frowned as he deflected Cassandra’s arrow with Heavenly Drive.

‘My hands are tingling.’

As expected of a spirit with pure power, the concentration of magic was incredibly deep.

‘Are they both Grandmasters….’

Both Cassandra and the dark spirit possessed Grandmaster level aura, so it felt like my head would fall off first if I rashly rushed in.

‘Let’s focus.’

‘They’re both opponents I can’t ignore.’

For the sake of Seipia, now was the time to focus all his strength on this fight.

“Consider it an honor. Because it’s not the power I prepared for you!”

Cassandra let out a demonic roar and fired five arrows at the same time.

Raon saw the arrows raining down on him, predicting the spaces he could dodge, and the dark spirit spewed a maelstrom of magic.


Raon used the Flame Wall to block Cassandra's arrows and the magic expelled by the shadow spirit.

He took advantage of the gap between the flames and magic to penetrate Cassandra's space.


Cassandra widened her eyes in surprise, not expecting him to approach so quickly.

'Now's my chance to strike.'

Just as he was about to swing down Heavenly Drive, the dark spirit appeared, seemingly transcending space, and swung its claws.

The trajectory was complicated as expected of a wolf, and it was filled with tremendous power as if it was wrapped in astral sphere.

The usual course of action would be to dodge first and then observe the enemy’s trajectory, but he didn’t have much time. He didn’t back down and instead stepped forward.

He stomped on the blackened ground with his left foot, which had activated the energy of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. He crushed the magic with the golden flames and thrust the Fangs of Insanity Sword  towards the claws of the dark spirit.


The flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, which devoured and burned the magic, pierced through the claws of the dark spirit and roughly sliced through its chest.


The dark spirit let out a scream of pain and recoiled.

'Not yet.'

Raon ignored Cassandra, who had quickly retreated, and followed the spirit of darkness, slashing down with Heavenly Drive.

The golden blade, which seemed to contain the heat of the setting sun, split the spirit's waist in half.


As expected of a spirit, it didn't die right away, but its aura decreased sharply, suggesting that it had suffered a great shock.

Just as he was about to use the Thirty-Six Strikes of Heaven and Earth to finish it off, Cassandra’s arrow flew in.

It was a different level of power than before. He could feel the intense will to kill from the blackened arrowhead.

Feeling the power in the arrow, Raon raised the Blade of Requiem he was holding in his left hand and activated the Blizzard Sword Art.


The blade imbued with ghastly energy created a blizzard that blocked Cassandra's arrow.


It felt as though his hand would be torn apart from the heavy shock, as if he had blocked a sword strike rather than an arrow.

'I'm used to this kind of pain.'

Raon didn't back down and swung the Blade of Requiem to the end, freezing all of Cassandra's arrows.


The arrows, frozen solid with magic, hit the ground with a thud.

“H, how did you block my Arrow of Destruction?”

Cassandra's eyes widened in surprise, as if she didn't expect her arrow to be blocked.


The dark spirit, which had shrunk considerably, returned to her side and let out a pained moan.

It seemed that the damage to its spiritual body was not the only thing, but also the mental shock was great.

“A half-assed joint attack is better than nothing.”

Raon approached Cassandra with Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem lowered. His steps were leisurely, but his heart was as cold as the North Sea.

“I'll end it here.”

“End? You think you can end me?”

Cassandra raised her right hand with an explosive killing intent. The dark spirit returned to her hand and began to take on a new form.


It wasn’t an animal. The dark spirit transformed into the form of an arrow, with everything from the arrowhead to the fletching being black.

“I was going to use it on the old men’s heads, but it wouldn’t be bad to start with you.”

Cassandra released all of her energy and put the arrow that the dark spirit had transformed into on the bowstring.

Crackle crackle!

As she drew the bowstring, a terrifying aura spread out, erasing the few remaining bushes and trees.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the taut bowstring.

‘What is that?’

He could feel an ominous chill from the thin arrow that looked like it would break if he touched it with his finger.

As he moistened his dry lips with tension, Cassandra twisted the bowstring that she had drawn to the end.


Along with a cry like a god’s command, Cassandra shot the arrow that the dark spirit had transformed into.

The arrow, which was faster than sound, rushed towards his forehead with a violent spin.

It wasn’t aiming for a vital point. It was about to smash his entire upper body.

Clack clack clack clack!

Raon crossed Heavenly Drive and the the Blade of Requiem. The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier’s aura, which were raised to the extreme, dug into the blade and created a magnificent light.

‘This won’t be enough.’

Even though he was using the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier’s aura at full power, he didn’t think he could completely block the arrow.

He instinctively took a half step back. Using the short time he had gained, he used the newly refined dual swordsmanship to push down the arrow that had come close to his nose.


Even though he was prepared for the impact, he almost groaned in pain as his shoulder felt like it was going to come off.

It was an unbelievable power, even though she was fighting with her life on the line. It was an arrow imbued with the will to kill with one blow, just as Cassandra had said.

Crackle crackle!

Raon bit his lip as he pushed forward.

‘My hands feel like they’re going to be torn off.’

The power of the arrow was so great that he couldn’t break it. It was embarrassing that he was being overpowered by an arrow, not a sword, that was shot from a distance.

‘Can it really be this strong just because it used the dark spirit as an arrow?’

Raon frowned as he looked at the shaking Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem.

‘Is there nothing I can do….’

He wanted to save the Wrath Unleashed for when he faced Red Flame Demon, but at this rate, he felt like he would die before that.

Raon stopped as he raised his gaze to use the Wrath Unleashed.


This arrow….

Isn’t it similar to the the Blade of Requiem?

Just as he had achieved the Sword and Soul Unification with the Blade of Requiem during his spar with Sterin, it seemed as though Cassandra had synchronized her will with the dark spirit to unleash this arrow of tremendous power.

‘If my prediction is correct….’

I might be able to do it too.

A Temporary Sword and Soul Unification that borrows the power of the weapon. He stretched Heavenly Drive in his right hand, forward.


It felt like his arm would fall off trying to block the arrow with just Heavenly Drive, which he couldn't even block with two swords, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

'The Blade of Requiem. Please.'

He poured his will into the Blade of Requiem. With the will not to lose and the will not to be broken, the Blade of Requiem seemed to sense his intention and let out a clear cry.


The line connecting the sword and the human's will seeped into the red blade, creating a magnificent light.

Raon pulled Heavenly Drive back, and prepared to unleash the Fangs of Insanity, then he swung the Blade of Requiem, which had its will aligned, towards the arrow that seemed to be waiting.


Cassandra's arrow, which seemed like it would never break, was no match for the Blade of Requiem's will and broke in half.


Cassandra widened her eyes in disbelief and dropped her bow.

"H, how…."

She was so shocked that she didn't even realize that she had dropped her bow.

"This can't be happening!"

Raon didn't answer. He exploded the aura that had risen in his lower body mana circuit and stepped forward.


Cassandra tried to pick up the bow again in a last-ditch effort, but the blade of Heavenly Drive was already at her neck.


Cassandra's neck flew into the sky, and her ashen body slumped to the ground.

"M, monster, why now of all times…."

Cassandra looked up at the World Tree in resentment and died.

The dark spirit, which had lost its master, turned to dust as if it had never existed in the first place.


Erian looked up at Raon and gasped.

“Y, you’ve been hiding your strength this whole time?”

He blinked as if he didn’t expect Raon to be this strong.

"Did you not use your full strength against me?"

“There’s no need to make a scene when I come to my master’s hometown.”

"That strength at that age. Is it really possible because you are the contractor of the Spirit King?"

He was a real weirdo, talking about the Spirit King even at this time.

"Enough with the useless talk."

Raon shook his head and threw a healing potion to Erian.

"Apply that and follow me. I'll go first."

"T, thank you. I have nothing to say but that right now."

Watching Erian nod, Raon dashed towards Seipia.

Maintaining his breath to be ready to fight at any moment, a baby fox emerged from the bushes on the right.



Merlin ran forward and shook her head. Judging from her voice and condition, she seemed to have expended a lot of energy.

“You can’t go.”

“Is it because of the Red Flame Demon? It might be difficult alone, but we can defeat it if we join forces.”

It's clear that the Red Flame Demon is stronger than him, but there are Rimmer and the elders inside Seipia. If they all join forces, they might be able to stop him without any major sacrifices.

“No, you can’t win.”

Merlin shook her head firmly.

“Because the Red Flame Demon is growing by absorbing the energy of the World Tree.”

She bit her lip and looked back at the World Tree.

“What the Red Flame Demon wants isn’t Seipia, it’s the World Tree itself!”

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Rimmer watched the forest, opening the way for the elves to enter the barrier.

‘The fire is spreading so quickly.’

The enemies were burning not only the entrance of Seipia, but the entire forest.

If they continued to fight like this, it seemed that they would suffer irreversible damage even if they won the battle.


I have to think about the elves more than the forest.

The forest is important to the elves, but it’s not as important as the lives of their people. Even if the forest turned to ashes, fighting inside the barrier was the best option.

‘With the elders here, we should be able to hold out somehow.’

The Great Elder and 10 elders are currently conducting a ritual to strengthen the World Tree’s barrier.

Once the barrier is strengthened, no matter how strong the flames are, they won’t be able to reach the World Tree.

As he reviewed the plan and rolling his eyes, he met Siyan’s eyes, who was wrapped in a blanket.

She seemed to be scared of the gazes of her kin even in such a situation.

‘I’ll do my best to be a better brother once this is over.’

Feeling a little guilty, he nodded, and Dorian, who had gone out on patrol, ran over.

“Di, division leader….”

Dorian’s eyes trembled as he gasped for breath.

“T, there’s a fire!”

“Fire? What are you talking about? Explain in detail.”

“It’s a real fire. It’s getting bigger and hotter, I can’t handle it!”

He gulped, saying that not only the monsters of Eden but also the ashen elves were rushing over.

Rimmer frowned as he looked in the direction Dorian had come from.

“Is it the one who wears the Ifrit’s helmet?”


Reyran approached and nodded. Fear began to rise in her eyes.

"What's his power level?"

"My brother said he's a beginner Grandmaster level."

“If that’s the case….”

In terms of afffinity, he (Red Flame Demon) is overwhelmingly at an advantage, but on this side, there is the World Tree’s barrier strengthened by the elders. If they lure him inside and fight, they should be able to win.

“Prepare for battle!”

At Rimmer’s signal, Reyran gave the order to the Guardians to prepare for battle.

When all the elves of Seipia were surrounding the World Tree, a magnificent flame arose, erasing the darkness of the night sky.

No, it’s not flames. It was a giant human being wrapped in flames.


Rimmer trembled his lips as he looked at the Red Flame Demon, who was wearing the Ifrit’s helmet.

‘That’s beginner Grandmaster level?’

There was no way that was beginner level. It was probably intermediate level.

‘Erian can't even properly gauge his opponent now... huh?’

As he cursed Erian inwardly, he noticed that the heat and power emanating from the Ifrit’s helmet were rapidly increasing.


The heat, melting even the earth, caused the barrier protecting the World Tree to shrink, and the Ifrit’s helmet power grew stronger and stronger.

‘No way….’

Rimmer’s jaw trembled as he looked at the Ifrit’s helmet.

‘Is that guy absorbing the World Tree’s energy?’

In that case, did he come to Seipia not because of grandfather, but to obtain the World Tree’s energy?


Rimmer slapped himself on the cheek.

‘I was thinking wrong!’

He turned around and shouted urgently.

“Stop strengthening the barrier!”

Strengthening the barrier was useless.

It would only help him get stronger faster.


But it was too late.

The World Tree’s barrier ripped apart like paper, and the Great Elder and the elders who were strengthening the barrier collapsed, vomiting blood.


“What’s happening?”

“W, what….”

The Great Elder and the elders trembled their eyes as if they didn’t understand the situation.

They all seemed to have suffered severe injuries and couldn't exert their full strenght. Clang!

In contrast, the power of the Ifrit’s helmet continued to increase endlessly. Perhaps because it absorbed the energy of the World Tree seeping into the barrier, it had already surpassed intermediate Grandmaster level and reached the advanced level.

‘Damn it….’

Right now, there was no one but me who could even hold off that monster for a moment.

Rimmer drew his sword with his left hand and stepped forward.


Even though he was surrounded by the energy of the wind, he felt like his flesh would be cooked by the heat coming from the Ifrit’s helmet’s breath.

“You bastard.”

The Ifrit’s helmet reached out towards Rimmer. The space distorted from the crimson heat emanating from his clenched fist.

Sword Field Creation.

Eye of the Storm.

Rimmer immediately unleashed his sword field. He tried to create a windless zone to extinguish the flames, but the overwhelming difference in power pushed the sword field itself back


The World Tree’s barrier, which had been barely holding its shape, melted away completely under the flames the Ifrit’s helmet lightly shot out.

‘I did something stupid.’

Rimmer clenched his teeth.

‘To block my own escape route….’

But now was not the time to regret. He had to create an opportunity somehow.


Rimmer stuck to the Ifrit’s helmet’s left side and stabbed his sword. The vibrating blade pierced through the wall of flames.


The Ifrit’s helmet casually batted away the wind blade with the back of his hand.


The full-powered sword strike was pushed back, fluttering like a butterfly in the rain.

‘As expected, it's not working.’

Even after I trained with my left hand….

When he used swordsmanship with his left hand, the sword didn’t move as he wanted it to. The absence of his right arm was too much of a handicap.


The Ifrit’s helmet curled his lips and reached towards the sky. The crimson flames that erupted from his palm poured down like hail.


Rimmer saw the crimson flames that were trying to erase not only him, but also the World Tree, and unleashed all of his remaining aura.

A red lightning soared above the wind that was about to die out, and created a shield that blocked the rain of fire.


However, the crimson flames devoured even the lighting and wind, emitting an increasingly intense heat.


Rimmer called out to Reyran behind him while concentrating on the flames.

“Retreat! Everyone, run away!”

“T, that….”

Reyran, who was looking after the elders, trembled her chin.

“You’re the only one! Take everyone and run away! Save at least one person!”

Protecting grandfather, the Protector, and protecting the World Tree meant nothing in the face of that firepower. Saving even one of his kin was the priority.

Fortunately, the Ifrit bastard is focused on me. If they move quickly, they might be able to save some.

“It’s pointless.”

Just when he barely grasped a glimmer of hope, laughter echoed from within the Ifrit's helmet.

“What is that….”

Rimmer stopped as he was about to reply. The monsters of Eden and the ashen-skinned traitors appeared around the broken barrier, blocking their way.

“No one can leave this place.”

“This bastard….”

He wanted to save even one person, but it seemed like even that would be difficult. All of his plans had been ruined because of one wrong move he made.


He would hold out until the end.

Rimmer gripped his sword and concentrated on his aura. He felt a pain as if his energy center was going to tear, but he still stood up to the crimson flames.


However, the flames of the Ifrit spread beyond the blade, engulfing the entire sword in heat. The sensation of agony felt as if his grip was burning away.

‘A way. I need to find a way….’

Just as he was rolling his eyes to find an opportunity, something happened.

A silver moon and a golden sun rose simultaneously above the blackened sky.

The shadow that seeped in between the sun and the moon shed a red and blue aura.


The Red Flame Demon's flames, which had been spread out like wings, wavered as if they were about to be extinguished.

Raon’s sword, wrapped in golden flames and silver frost, faced the Ifrit’s flames. However, he also seemed to be struggling, sweating profusely from his forehead.

“Raon! Retreat!”

Rimmer called out to Raon in a cracked voice.

“He’s not an opponent you can handle!”

Raon was the one who was supposed to be the King of Zieghart. He couldn’t let him die here.

“This is not the place for you to sacrifice your life! Leave with Dorian and Yua!”

“That’s right. I can’t handle him alone.”

Unlike his usual self, he admitted the difference in their abilities. That was fortunate, in a way.

“If you know that, then quickly…”

“So please, help me.”

A silver glow poured out of Raon's palm. Unlike the flames that were dying down, the golden flames that burned fiercely soaked his eyes.

"So that I can defeat him."


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