TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 588

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Chapter 588


Siyan raised her subtly trembling eyelids. In her always serene blue eyes, a feeling akin to joy blossomed.

‘So-something's different.'

Just a moment ago, during the resonance training, she felt as if she was connected to the world (nature). It was only for a brief moment, but it was clear that something inside her had changed.

‘A rift has opened.’

A small crack had appeared in the solid wall that had always blocked her soul's path. If she could break through that gap, she might be able to unite her soul with the world.


Siyan exhaled heavily and leaned against the floor.

'I finally reached it.'

She had been walking through a dark cave with no end in sight.

She had been walking with despair, wondering when the end of this cave would be, but now she felt like she had finally seen the light leading to the exit. All her strength had drained from her body, and even lying down was difficult.

‘As long as I don't give up.......'

To be honest, she had almost given up, but thanks to her idol Raon, she was able to muster her will one last time. It was no exaggeration to say that this was an achievement made possible by him.

'I have to tell him tomorrow... Ah.'

Siyan stopped as she was thinking about Raon and stroking her chest.

'Come to think of it, I felt Raon's energy. earlier...'

In the crack that had appeared in the wall blocking her soul, warmth and coolness similar to Raon's aura seeped out simultaneously.

'No way.'

Raon had said that he could change her current state, and he had put his aura (energy) inside her and examined her body. It seemed that the aura left behind at that time had broken the wall that was imprisoning her soul.

Siyan clasped her hands together, a faint smile crossing her lips.'It was all thanks to Raon....'

She was about to get up when she made a promise to herself that she would thank him when she saw him tomorrow.

"Siyan! Come out!"

The door shook as if it was going to break, and Rimmer's rough voice rang out. It was a voice filled with urgency, unlike when he had come earlier.

"Oh, brother?"

Siyan instinctively realized that something big had happened and quickly opened the door.

"What's wrong?"

"Come out now! The barrier is broken!"


She followed Rimmer's gaze and looked up at the sky. The barrier of the World Tree that was hiding and protecting Seipia in the middle of the forest was melting away.

"W, what is this...."

The solid barrier that she had thought would never break was crumbling and scattering into pieces.

"There's no time to admire it."

Rimmer grabbed Siyan's waist with his left arm and ran towards Sterin's house.

"What... what's happening?"

"I don't know yet."

He hurried even faster, as if trying to dispel the fiery heat spreading throughout the forest and examining the crumbling barrier.

‘It's not just the entrance, but all sides are opening up.'

And it wasn't forced, it was happening naturally.

It seemed that those who broke this barrier were their own kind.

'Is there a traitor among Seipia?'

As soon as Siyan finished her brief thoughts, Sterin's house came into view. Rimmer immediately opened a gap in the barrier that was hiding the World Tree.

Looking at the gap in the barrier opening with a blue light, Rimmer gestured to Siyan.

"You stay right next to the World Tree."

The barrier protecting the World Tree had a durability that was different from the barrier hiding Seipia.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was the safest place in Seipia, as there were also elders and guardians guarding the perimeter to protect Sterin inside.


As soon as the path to the World Tree opened, the Great Elder came out.

"What the hell is going on!"

"I think there's a traitor."


"Considering that someone lit the fire after Grandfather entered the ritual and opened the barrier, it indicates there's a traitor among us."

Rimmer explained what he had sorted out on the way here.

"Hmm, that's certainly a high possibility."

Unlike his usual stubbornness, the Great Elder quickly accepted Rimmer's opinion.


He chewed his lips as he looked at Sterin, who remained motionless.

"We need to bring all the inhabitants of Seipia inside."

Rimmer waved his hand, saying to open the barrier.

"That's impossible."

The Great Elder shook his head firmly.

"You said there's a traitor. Without knowing who the traitor is, we can't risk letting everyone in. If the Protector or the World Tree is harmed, we won't be able to handle the consequences."

"Are you going to let all of our kin burn to death just like this?"

Rimmer frowned at the Great Elder.

"I'll stop it. Let everyone in first!"

"I'm saying your grandfather could be in danger!"

"If it were him, he would have done the same as me!"


The Great Elder didn't seem to disagree with that, but he didn't say anything about letting everyone in either.


Rimmer also found it difficult to choose this time, so he didn't speak easily. As the stalemate continued, an arrow flew down and pierced the ground at their feet.

"It's an arrow from Reyran."

"That kid...."

Rimmer opened the paper attached to the arrow. It was written in red letters, probably from blood, with information about the current situation.

"It wasn't an internal betrayal!"

He clenched his fist after reading the information that the defectors had broken the barrier.

"Great Elder"

"Sigh, let all the inhabitants of Seipia into the secondary barrier. Right now!"

"Great Elder?"

The other elders were surprised by the Great Elder's instructions and widened their eyes.

“Even if they are defectors, they can't easily break the barrier that protects the World Tree. The best way is to fight while receiving the power of the World Tree from inside the barrier.”

“You're finally saying the right thing.”

Rimmer nodded and snapped his fingers.

“What are you doing! Hurry up and go out and bring everyone!”

“Ah, yes!”

The guardians who were standing there blankly nodded and ran outside.

“Oh, brother! What about Sir Raon?”

Siyan crawled over on shaking legs and asked about Raon.

“Don't worry.”

Rimmer pointed to the entrance of Seipia, where a raging fire was burning. The flames and smoke that were engulfing the entire forest like they were going to swallow it whole froze in an instant as if they were pieces of ice.

“That guy won't die.”

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Raon frowned at the enemies in front of him.

'It was Eden after all.'

The man wearing a crimson flame coat was wearing a helmet of a lizard with a single horn. Only the monsters of Eden are crazy enough to wear such vivid monster-shaped helmets.


Raon sensed a higher level of strength and aura than himself as a Grandmaster. It felt like all of his skin would burn from the intense heat that penetrated his fire resistance.

‘Just that one is difficult enough...’

Raon surveyed the ashen-skinned elves standing beside the monster of Eden with a crumpled face.

'And those strange elves.'

They had the beautiful appearance of elves, but their skin was a dark gray like a corpse, and they were surrounded by a gloomy aura that seemed to be wrapped in death, not the energy of nature. It felt like looking at necromancers.

“You, you came quickly.”

He turned around at Erian's stuttering voice. His arms were covered in blisters from the burns, and there were even large holes where he had been pierced by arrows. He was lucky to be alive.

'He wasn't fighting, he was trying to protect.'

Erian's martial arts are special. He wouldn't have been able to beat them, but he could have bought time by running away, but judging from his condition, it seemed like he had stood his ground to protect the entrance of Seipia. It was a great feat of mental strength.

“Sir Erian….”

“I'm fine. Look at the enemy instead.”

Erian muttered as if he had overcome the pain with his mental strength, telling him to look at the enemy instead of himself.

“That helmet. It's Ifrit's helmet.”


Raon asked back with his eyes wide open.

“Ifrit is the king of fire spirits?”


Erian nodded weakly.

“Judging from the crimson flame that burns everything and the shape of that helmet, it's certain. That possesses the power of the fire spirit king Ifrit.”

“Is that so….”

Raon mumbled, taken aback, as flames of crimson burst.


Wrath, who had been stomping his feet saying he was hungry until just now, licked his lips at the sight of Ifrit's helmet.

It's definitely the same aura of the fire guy.

'Is he really the king of fire spirits?'

That's right. However....

He drew a thin smile.

He's incredibly weak compared to the original fire king spirit. It seems that he hasn't inherited the full power.

He looked at Ifrit's helmet again after hearing that.


If he was the king of spirits, he should be quite high up in the Transcendence realm, but the guy in front of him didn't feel beyond Grandmaster realm.

He was definitely stronger than me, but his strength was far inferior to what one would expect from someone who had inherited the power of the king of fire spirits.

"Red Flame Demon."

The ashen-skinned elf in the center frowned.

"What are you doing?"

She shook her head as if she didn't like Red Flame Demon, who was standing there blankly.

"Then what about that elf?"

"She's a traitor to Seipia. Her name is Cassandra."

Erian gritted his teeth as he looked at Cassandra.


"Yes. The defectors who had left Seipia because they disagreed with us have changed sides returned as traitors."

He let out a bitter laugh, saying that he didn't know they would repay kindness with revenge.

'Those defectors....'

Raon pondered what Rimmer had said about the defectors prior to the purification ritual. He mentioned they departed because their ideologies didn't align, but now it appeared that even their race had changed.

"Red Flame Demon!"

Red Flame Demon's eyes flashed with hellfire at Cassandra's cry.

"That human seems strange."

The Red Flame Demon frowned as he looked at Raon. His intense gaze wavered slightly.


"I sense a much greater power than what he possesses. Is he really just a human?"

He flicked her fingers, suggesting he might be a transformed dragon.

"A dragon or something..."

"There's no way he's a dragon. That human is a Dragon Slayer."

As Cassandra was looking at the Red Flame Demon, a calm voice came from behind them. It was a voice that sounded familiar.

A man wearing a red snake helmet walked out through the bushes that were turning to ashes.

'That helmet....'

Except for the red color, it was exactly the same shape as the helmet of Unfaceable Snake that he had seen when he was kidnapped by Eden.

"Unfaceable Snake?"

"Unfaceable Snake is dead. I am the Red Demonic Snake."

He called himself the the Red Demonic Snake and stood next to the Red Flame Demon.

"Leave this place to us and go do what you have to do."

The Red Demonic Snake pointed his finger at Seipia. The entrance to Seipia was clearly visible, as if all the barriers had been burned down.

'What you have to do?'

Raon frowned at the Red Flame Demon and the Red Demonic Snake.

The best way to destroy Seipia would be for the three of them, the ashen elf, the Red Flame Demon, and the Red Demonic Snake, to join forces and kill him, but they were trying to send the Red Flame Demon first. It seemed like they had other plans.

'Then I can't let him go.'

Raon put strength into his thighs, leaving deep footprints, and drew a line of frost towards the Red Flame Demon, who was about to disappear. The silver blade and the frost blade that followed like a shadow poured towards Red Flame Demon's neck.


The Red Flame Demon raised a shield of flame on his forearm and blocked the two slashes of the Frost Pond simultaneously. The air was filled with white steam as the flames and cold air clashed.


"We haven't even greeted each other yet, where are you going?"

Raon stepped on the right angle with his left foot. The center of martial artist is the lower body. He lifted the center of his body from below with the blade of Heavenly Drive and unleashed the Blizzard Sword Art.


A blue flash spread over the blade of the Heavenly Drive as a single swing connected from the first to the fifth strike.


The brilliant light broke through the Red Flame Demon's shield and rushed towards his heart.


Just before the blade pierced his red-hot skin, the trajectory of the Heavenly Drive was deflected to the right. It wasn't the Red Flame Demon. It was the Red Demonic Snake and Cassandra's arrows that stood next to him that had struck Heavenly Drive.

"Go quickly. This is not your place."

The Red Demonic Snake gestured to the Red Flame Demon to move quickly.

"Don't kill that guy. I'll come back and burn him."

The Red Flame Demon glared at Raon as if he was going to kill him, but then he moved towards Seipia. His body, engulfed in red flames, moved at a terrifying speed.

"I said you can't go."

Raon unleashed the Supreme Harmony Steps and followed the Red Flame Demon.

He tried to trap the Red Flame Demon by raising the frost of Flame Spirit on the tip of Heavenly Drive, but the Red Demonic Snake's sword strike and Cassandra's arrows broke the Flame Spirit.


In the end, Red Flame Demon kicked away the Flame Spirit and entered Seipia.


Raon clicked his tongue briefly at the Red Demonic Snake and Cassandra.

"I don't like clinging."

"We have things to do here too. Just watch."

"Do you want to die so quickly?"

"Actually, I do want to die a little bit."

The Red Demonic Snake grinned and swung his sword.

"You guys are making a big mistake."

Raon approached the Red Demonic Snake, raising a red aura over Heavenly Drive

"Do you think the two of you can stop me?"

"Your arrogance pierces the sky."

Cassandra frowned deeply as if she was annoyed.

"That's how humans are."

The Red Demonic Snake shrugged and grabbed his sword. Judging from the way he spoke, it seemed like he was Unfaceable Snake, just with a different helmet.

"You seem to be full of yourself just because you killed a dragon, but it's all the Pirate King's work..."

Raon used the Supreme Harmony Steps the moment the Red Demonic Snake mocked him. In an instant, he swiftly approached and thrust Heavenly Drive into the center.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Thousand Flames.

Thirty-Six Strikes of Heaven and Earth.

The thirty-six flaming blades that pierced all directions engulfed the Red Demonic Snake's body.

When the Red Demonic Snake realized that there was no hole to escape from, his pupils shook. Cassandra's hand moved as he convulsed. She swung her bow, which had no arrows, like a sword, and a fierce black energy spread out like magic.


Thanks to Cassandra's quick reaction, the Red Demonic Snake was able to escape the Thirty-Six Strikes of Heaven and Earth, albeit with only his right shoulder and thigh cut.

However, his eyes were twitching as if he had faced death.

"Ha, it hasn't been that long, but you've gotten ridiculously strong."

The Red Demonic Snake let out a bitter laugh as if he couldn't believe it.


As if to give him no time to even open his mouth, Raon viciously kicked the ground. He followed the Red Demonic Snake, who had stepped back, to the left and covered Heavenly Drive with a flame scabbard.


Cassandra twists her fingers and shoots six arrows. The arrows flew, colliding with each other, and their trajectories were so complicated that it was difficult to follow.

‘Impressive archery, but...’

It’s nothing compared to the Protector archery.

Raon rotated the Ring of Fire and drew out the Blade of Requiem with his left hand.

He spread the Flame Wall imbued with ghastly energy to block five of the threatening arrows, and kicked the last one flying.


Utilizing the rebound of the arrow's impact, Raon swiftly closed the distance to the Red Demonic Snake.


The Red Demonic Snake panicked and thrust his sword. The sharp sword strike tried to pierce his heart, but he ignored it and focused on his grip.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Third Form, Sword’s Silvery Dream.

The blade, drawn as faintly as a dream, brushed past the Red Demonic Snake's neck.


The Red Demonic Snake clenched his fist to stop the red line drawn on his neck, but he couldn't stop the blood from gushing out.


The body of the Red Demonic Snake, who had lost his head, fell backwards.

"You, you've really become a monster...."

The Red Demonic Snake's lips trembled even as he died, without losing his smile.

"But the plan won't go wrong. Seeing you will be the last time...."

"That won't happen."

Raon ignored the Red Demonic Snake's words and looked at Cassandra. A red glow flickered in his eyes as he wiped the blood from Heavenly Drive.

"Now, it's your turn."


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