IBRV (Novel) Chapter 156

C 156


The man slowly raised the hand holding the cane and struck Richard hard on the head with the heavy, round-looking end of the cane.

"Damn it! Why are you hitting me?"

"I told you not to interrupt when your master is speaking!! I did my best to set the mood, but this is what happened!"

"Oh, what mood? I got goosebumps! Why are you trying to create an unnecessary atmosphere?"

"Oh, wouldn't you do the same? What father wouldn't lift weights when his son brings his girlfriend with him?"

"You're crazy, don't kill my father! Why is my master pretending to be my father when my father is fine?"

Richard growled and grabbed the person who was supposed to be the head of the Magic Tower by the neck and began to shake him.

Then, the person who was supposed to be the head of the Magic Tower grabbed Richard by the hair and started shaking him from side to side.


The two of them were having a dogfight. I was speechless for a moment and watched the two people fight.

"Well, that's true."

Duke Collin is alive and kicking, but pretending to be his father is too much.

I stood silently beside Richard and nodded. Then, the person who was supposed to be the head of the Magic Tower glared at me.

"I've always said that the bond of a master is deeper than that between parent and child!"

"What strange thing are you saying again...? Aaack!"

"I am the head of the Magic Tower! The love of a tower magician is naturally stronger than that of a parent and child, so it can be expressed that way! Can I be on the same level as your father?"

Well, hearing this, it seems that what the Head of the Magic Tower said is correct.

I nodded my head again to the Head of the Magic Tower. Richard burst into laughter.

"Don't talk nonsense! And besides, Eirin, she, she, she... She's not even my girlfriend!"

The person confirmed to be the head of the Magic Tower kept his mouth shut when he saw Richard holding his hair.

Richard's face was already bright red to the back of his neck, and his appearance was indescribable.


He gently let go of Richard's hair and adjusted his clothes slightly.

"Oh, is that so?"

The owner of the Magic Tower, whose voice suddenly turned hoarse, sat on the sofa and nodded, looking very annoyed.

"So what's the matter?"

His delinquent appearance even raised doubts about whether he was really the head of the Magic Tower.

"I don't think I added this setting."

I, who was looking at the surprised Head of the Magic Tower, looked at Richard.

Richard seemed very dissatisfied, then he looked at me and made an effort to straighten his expression.

The eyes of the Head of the Magic Tower narrowed.

"First, sit here. Eirin."

"Oh, okay."

Richard carefully took my hand and had me sit on the sofa opposite where the magician was sitting.


The Head of the Magic Tower tilted his head.

Richard opened his eyes fiercely and looked at the Head of the Magic Tower.

However, the Head of the Magic Tower seemed to be very familiar with Richard. He thought for a moment and then smiled.

He was truly an incredibly light-hearted person.

"I think I understand a little why Richard was so terrifying in the future."

Perhaps it was because he met this person?

Although there were no detailed stories. Still, I liked the Richard who changed like this better than the Richard who seemed like a crazy psychopath in <Adopted>.


The Head of the Magic Tower, who had been thinking for a while, clapped vigorously.


It made a very loud noise.

"Is this the girl you're in love with? Every time she calls you, you chase after her, wagging your tail like a dog that hasn't eaten in three days!"

The Head of the Magic Tower casually mentioned other people's personal affairs.


Richard jumped out of his seat and started trembling. Anger was clearly visible on his face as he lowered his head.

"Don't you know? As soon as she gets a call from you, she drops everything she's busy with and rushes to find you?"

"Ah, yes..."

"My goodness, I heard she ignored you for three days and three nights. Well, that's possible. Maybe you don't like it, right?"

"What...? Oh, well..."

When I looked to the side, it seemed as if something was flowing out of Richard's body.

The shadow was so thick over his bowed head that I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

I quickly turned my head and looked at the Head of the Magic Tower, who may or may not have understood the situation.

"I have a favor to ask you..."

"But no matter what, it's very unsettling to leave a master you've had many ups and downs with and go with your girlfriend."

The Lord of the Magic Tower shook his head.

"Even so, it's not that bad. The moment this guy is most human is when he thinks of you."

"Ah... thank you for that. I-I have a favor to..."

I quickly opened my mouth to change the subject.

"No, listen to me. As soon as he heard that something happened to you last time..."



As if they had been struck by an invisible attack, the windows surrounding the top floor of the magic tower shattered and scattered.



Only then did the Lord of the Magic Tower's eyes begin to look ahead, as if he realized the gravity of the situation.

I said nothing for a while.

My head ached because I was surrounded by flying documents and furniture constantly falling and breaking.

"What are you trying to do? Son."

"If I had a crazy father like you, I would have left home a long time ago."

Richard, whose pupils were relaxed, reached out. Then, magical power exploded from Richard's fingertips.

The Lord of the magic tower smiled, grabbed his staff, and took a quick step back.

It was an extremely light move.

"Heavens, the person you like is going to cry."

The Lord of the Magic Tower chuckled. Richard's shoulders trembled a lot. His shoulders trembled, but his gaze turned slightly back to me.


It wasn't good for any of us to fight more than this. For me, for Richard, and maybe for the Lord of the Magic Tower.

"Eh? You're not attacking me?"

Right. Perhaps not for the owner of the magic tower.

"It's okay."

While carefully holding Richard's hand, Richard trembled slightly, looked at me, and bit his lower lip.

In an instant, the fierce momentum disappeared.

After looking at his lips protruding with dissatisfaction, I patted the back of Richard's hand a couple of times and turned around.

"Magic Tower Lord, I've come to ask you a favor!"

"A favor? Oh, what is it?"

"Please give me Tian Maple's blue iron, the blue iron."


The Lord of the Magic Tower's eyes widened and then he laughed as if he were somewhat embarrassed.

"Do you know what Tian Maple's blue iron is?"


"Do you want that? Does the magician in your family want to make magical tools?"

"No. I need it for a personal matter."

I replied calmly.

I opened my mouth, doing my best not to interrupt his pace. Then, a smile appeared on the lips of the Lord of the Magic Tower.

"Are you asking for the most precious thing in our magic tower? That's impossible even if the next Lord of the Tower's mistress comes."

He had a very interesting expression when he said that.

"Yes, you may need it. How much? You need to share a certain amount with Richard's girlfriend..."

"A ton."

The mouth of the Lord of the Magic Tower, who spoke calmly, opened as widely as a hippopotamus.

It reached the point where I thought his jaw would soon fall off.


"I need a ton."

When I spoke again, the Lord of the Magic Tower pressed his fingers to his temples and even pretended to dig his ears.

He jumped in place to the point of being somewhat rude and even rubbed his eyes, then approached and sat on the sofa.

He opened his mouth again with a gentle and professional smile.

"1 kg?"

"A ton."

"Did you never learn the unit of weight?"

"I know that 1000 g is 1 kg, and 1000 kg is 1 ton."

"Is that the budget for a year of the Magic Tower?"

"I heard it from Richard. If there's any inventory left in the warehouse, I would appreciate it if you could sell it."

While tilting my head, the Lord of the Magic Tower crossed his arms.

When I lowered my head, I couldn't see what kind of expression he was making.

However, I felt a passionate gaze above my head, so I thought maybe he was looking at me.

I clenched and unclenched my fists and waited for the words to come out.

"Let me correct this."


"I'm correcting it."


"I think I can give it to you. If the next Lord of the Magic Tower's mistress comes, especially, I can give her a ton of blue iron. As a wedding anniversary gift."



When I finally understood what he said, Richard's fist was already stuck on the Magic Tower Lord's cheek.


"What are you talking about, crazy master!"

It was truly a scene of extreme tragedy.

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