IBRV (Novel) Chapter 159

C 159

"Over here. So, rest for a while."

A servant with bright white ears on her head, like that of a rabbit, bowed and quickly disappeared.


"Just a moment!"

Richard and I were both embarrassed and called her at the same time, but the suin rabbit was too quick.

"What should we do if they give us only one room...?"

Fortunately, the bed was quite spacious.

It seemed like there would be no problem for four or five people to sleep on it, not just two. Still, it was clear that she was a little embarrassed.

"Oh, I can't help it."

Richard rubbed his reddened face with the back of his hand, then quickly entered and removed his outer clothing.

"Where's Terem?"

That's because he always follows me even if he doesn't say anything.

"There are two bathrooms. I'll wash here, Richard."

"Ah, sure. Yes! Then I'll go here!"

Richard hurried in. I tilted my head as I watched Richard, who had disappeared without untangling the cord.

"Doesn't he need someone to assist him?"

Well, Richard and I have been in orphanages.

Every time I tried to wash by myself, Laurent did his best to tell me not to, so now I can only wash with someone assisting me.

"Is this also nonsense?"

As I wondered, I looked at the maid who entered. She was a different person from the rabbit earlier.

"Ah, but since I've already called her, even if I only ask for a room change..."

I looked at the maid who entered and shook my head. I didn't want to see Richard go out and get disappointed for no reason.

"I want to take a bath."

"I'll prepare it in a moment."

"Yes, thank you."

I followed her to the bathroom.

I washed quite slowly and came out, but it seemed like Richard hadn't come out yet.

"He's taking quite a long time to wash."

I wondered if he had been in the bath for a long time. After washing my body, I felt strangely tired for no reason.

As I got into bed, the softness, like that of a cloud, made me fall asleep.

"It's so comfortable..."

I let out a brief sigh and slowly closed my eyes. It was such a good bed that I couldn't resist falling asleep.

"What on earth is this bed made of?"

That was my last memory.

The bed was very cozy.

* * *

"Eirin, I'm done bathing..."

Richard came out after showering himself several times with cold water all over his body.

He washed his hair over and over again, thinking about what might happen if his body smelled bad while they slept in the same bed.

How long had he been washing his body?

Then he stopped bathing because he felt like his skin was going to peel off.

Richard, who opened his mouth with a small choked cry, closed his lips tightly.

This was because Eirin was already sleeping on the bed without a care in the world.

Eirin was sleeping in a curled-up position.

Richard approached cautiously and straightened Eirin's curved body.

When he covered her with the blanket, Eirin began to exhale with a much more relaxed look on her face.


Richard quietly spoke Eirin's name.

With a quick snap of his fingers, the candles went out, and the chandelier lost its light. When the curtains were closed, total darkness fell.


He called Eirin's name again.

Richard wanted Eirin. It had been that way since they first met.

Ever since he was a lizard, he felt that Eirin was his. He thought they could be together forever.


Indeed, he knew Eirin's answer. However, the reason he delayed the response was that he wanted to have at least a glimmer of hope.

Even if it was a futile hope and a dream that would never come true.

"You were mine. Liar."

There was no response from Eirin.

Richard could only close his eyes and open them when he heard her breathing.

But even if you're a liar... it was true that a happy Eirin looked much better now.

"I like you."

He had liked her since he was a lizard.

From the moment he struggled to drown his sadness with that little body.

However, Richard also knew. All the time he was at the orphanage, Eirin's mind was far away.

After leaving the orphanage for so long, she actually wanted to return to her family.

That's what she thought.

That's probably true in reality as well. So when Eirin had the chance, she left without looking back.

For Eirin, there are always things that come first. There were things that were number 1. Then there was number 2, and then there was number 3.

"Richard Collin" probably didn't rank in the top three positions for Eirin.

Eirin, who had a lot to hide, always tried to figure out many things on her own.

"Although I'm still sad.

She felt very sad because it seemed like she couldn't trust him as a friend, regardless of the person she liked.

"I met you first.

More than that prince who is now the crown prince, more than that unfortunate bastard who became the high priest.

Richard Collin was the first to meet Eirin.

"Eirin, silly."

Richard muttered quietly. He expressed his small disappointment because he knows it's something he can't reach anyway.

"I won't give up."

He doesn't have to give up on what he likes.

"It would be nice if you were my lizard."

Richard, who muttered a wish that wouldn't come true quietly in the darkness, squeezed Eirin's hand once and let go.

Richard, who had been looking at Eirin for a long time, turned around and lay on the other side of the bed.

Eirin's body turned slightly, as if she felt the bed shaking slightly, and then turned towards Richard.

"... This is a little awkward."

Eirin smelled nice.

It was a subtle floral scent. It's the smell of the flowers that bloom abundantly in this kingdom.

"I just thought it would give me a headache..."

The irritating smell mixed with Eirin seemed to make him feel a bit better.

Richard slowly closed his eyes.

Contrary to what he thought that he wouldn't be able to sleep well, sleep came faster than he expected.

Soon, only the sound of the two people breathing in the dark room could be heard.

* * *


My mind felt light and refreshed. I even felt like I had slept well for a long time.

"Is it a little cold...?"

As I turned over and instinctively snuggled into someone's arms, I startled and opened my eyes.


When I opened my eyes, I found Richard still sound asleep. His beauty dazzled me from early on.

"... My eyes."

I raised my hand and pressed my eyelids, then wriggled like a caterpillar and slowly retreated.

When I opened my eyes a little, Richard was still sleeping.

"My heart..."

What should I do with such a handsome face?

Who could imagine this child as a mischievous person?

"But is it already morning?"

I felt very refreshed.


I was hungry, probably because I had been starving. I didn't even take sleeping pills, but I slept very well.

"My stomach felt uncomfortable."

We even encountered storms sometimes, so even at night, if the ship was shaking, we stayed awake and checked the situation.

"Some people like me because the world is different."

There was a person who confessed to me, blushing, that they didn't know what to do because they liked me, that they didn't want me to ignore them.

"I'm happy."

Yes, I'm happy.

I always wanted these little things in everyday life and happiness, and they came very easily.

"No, it may not have been easy."

As I looked at Richard, Richard blinked.

"Hello, good morning."

Richard blinked again with a blank face. It was an expression that showed he still didn't understand the situation.

When I smiled, Richard opened his eyes wide, blinked several times, and then opened his mouth.


Richard jumped up from his seat. When I laughed at his messy hair, Richard pressed his head with the palm of his hand.

"Why, why were you watching...?"

"You were sleeping so soundly... I'm sorry."

"You should have woken me up..."

Richard lowered his bright red face and muttered.

"I'm sorry, are you hungry?"

When I stretched my arm and pulled the cord, Richard nodded, and his earlobes turned bright red.


"... Yes. I'm hungry."

"It's okay, let's eat first."

"Yes, first of all, I... I'll go and fix my hair!"

Richard hurried into my bathroom.

"Doesn't he have magic...?"

As he seemed so embarrassed, I smiled slightly and shrugged.

After shaking the cord and requesting a meal, I changed my clothes and waited for Richard.

Richard barely appeared after finishing the meal.

Still with a red face.

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