TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 576

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Chapter 576


Aris raised her gaze to the platform, her shoulders slumped.

"Can't you send me now? When else will I be able to go to Seipia besides this time?"

She clasped her hands together, saying she wanted to go on a new journey.

“Didn’t I tell you? You can’t take a single step out of here until you finish what you were supposed to do.”

Glenn shook his head firmly, as if it was out of the question.

“I want to go not because I want to have fun."

Aris frowned, pointing to the door through which Raon and Rimmer had left with her thumb.

"What if someone kidnaps the greatest genius Raon! It'll be too late to go looking for him then!"

She patted her chest confidently, saying she would be the one to escort him.

"I don't want to be on bad terms with Seipia because of you."

Glenn waved his hand, saying he didn’t want to make any more enemies than he already had.

“Why would we be on bad terms? We’re just going sightseeing! I’ll stay still like a doll and come back.”

“You’ll stay still in that closed-off place?”

He snorted, saying he would rather believe Rimmer’s words.

"Moreover, Rimmer is not going to Seipia as an envoy of Zieghart, but simply to visit his hometown. The fact that they are going outside will not be revealed, so there is no need to worry."

"But there could be other spies or traitors hiding there!"

Aris stomped her feet hard enough to shake the audience chamber and frowned.

"Syria Sullion, house Rakion. There could be others like them inside the family!"

She exhaled fiercely, as if she was genuinely worried about Raon.

“You know why there are so many squeaking mice in Zieghart, don’t you? It’s because of you, father. If you had subjugated them by force, you should have crushed them to the end, but you gave them a chance to raise their heads.”

Aris glared at Glenn as if she was rebuking him.

“You should have cracked down not only on the outside, but also on the inside!”

“You’re right.”

Glenn nodded calmly, even after hearing Aris’ sharp words.

“The scars that were carved during the time when I only cared about tyranny are now coming to fruition, so it is my fault, as you say.”


Aris’ eyes widened in surprise at Glenn’s calm reaction.

“However, the search for spies has already begun. The internal audit has already been completed, and we have been investigating the vassals since last month, so the results will be out soon.”

Glenn continued, looking at Aris with sunken eyes.

“You don’t have to worry about Raon. I will take care of all the malice directed at Zieghart from now on.”


Aris pursed her lips but could not say anything.

"I'm speaking the truth, so why are you so surprised?"

Glenn let out a deflated laugh and rested his chin on his fist.

‘Yes. She’s right.’

During the time he was consumed by the obsession to expand the family, he had established all the rules and regulations with nothing but force.

He beheaded those who rebelled, and crushed anyone that refused. He lived as a demon who ruled by force, so it was only natural that the evil deeds of that time would come back to him like a blade.

However, that malice should only be directed at him. He didn’t want to harm Raon and the other children anymore.


Aris relaxed her hardened expression and looked at Glenn.

“You’ve changed.”


“Yes. You seem to have gone back to the time before Sylvia was born.”

She smiled faintly, reminiscing about a past that had faded from memory.

"That's a misconception."

Glenn waved his hand, disagreeing.

"No, it's true."

Aris raised her head abruptly.

“If it were the old you, you would have shouted at me to get out, not to mention admitting what you said a little while ago.”


Glenn didn’t answer that and leaned his back against the throne.

‘That’s right.’

When he was consumed by darkness, he didn't listen to anyone's advice and only looked ahead. It was a time when he gained a lot but also lost a lot.


As the daughter and father were making eye contact for a moment, the door to the audience chamber opened and Roenn entered.

"I've come to report."

Roenn bowed to Glenn and stood next to Aris.

“Did you give it to Raon?”

Glenn asked, getting straight to the point.

“Yes, I gave it to young master Raon.”

Roenn smiled as if it was obvious.

“Ahem! Good job.”

Glenn curled the corners of his mouth in satisfaction and nodded slightly.

"Hmm, now I know who changed father."

Aris looked up at Glenn with a faint smile, as if she found it amusing.

"Father. I don't believe in the concept of being too late. Let's just act and then regret."

She clenched her fist, spitting out words that truly reflected her personality.

"I don't understand what you mean."

“You know exactly what I mean!”

Aris narrowed her eyes as if she could read Glenn’s mind.

“Think short, act fast. You know that, right?”


“Then I’ll take my leave.”


Glenn frowned as she waved her hand and tried to leave the audience chamber.

"If you run away and follow Raon, your pirate play will also end."


Aris turned her trembling head and smiled awkwardly.

“You’ve gotten perceptive too….”

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

“It’s clean.”

Rimmer whistled as he entered the restaurant.

“You’re right. The food smells good too.”

Dorian sniffed and smiled.

“It’s because they use good butter. I think they mixed something in the milk….”

Yua also blinked rapidly, seemingly intrigued by the food in the restaurant.

“Let’s sit down first.”

Raon sighed and sat the three people down, each talking about their own things.

They were all so individualistic that if he let them talk, it would never end.

“Ugh, I really can’t do this traveling thing.”

Rimmer rubbed his right shoulder with his left hand and clicked his tongue.

“Let’s get a room in this town today.”

“What’s the big deal, it’s only two days.”

Raon shook his head as he sat down opposite Rimmer.

"Dorian's tent and sleeping bag are as good as a luxury hotel."

"Is that so?"

Dorian smiled broadly, pleased with the compliment.

“Yes, thanks to you, I slept comfortably yesterday.”

Dorian took out a tent that was already set up from his backpack and set up a stove for cooking.

To be honest, it was more comfortable and better than a decent hotel.

“It’s a necessity.”

Dorian waved his hand as if it was nothing. A tent and fire are indeed necessities for travel, but it was still amazing that a finished tent or stove could just pop out.

“Then let’s think about the room later and order first. What should we have? We have a lot of money, so should we just order everything?”

Rimmer spread out the menu that the waiter brought and savored his taste. He was already considering the money Raon received from Glenn as his own.

“I’ll have the meat pie and pizza.”

Yua said that she could only know the chef’s skills by ordering a common menu, so she ordered a rather bland meal.

"I'll be fine with what's in my pocket..."

Dorian, perhaps feeling good from the compliment a little while ago, took out the knife and fork he used to eat outdoors when he came to the restaurant and placed them on the table.


The waiter started looking at him like he was crazy.


Raon rubbed his temples, watching the three people who were each talking about their own things.

‘I’m tired….’

As he sighed, blue cotton candy popped out of the ice flower bracelet.

Why are you just sitting there?! Order some food too!

‘I don’t really want to eat anything.’

Your opinions don't matter! I, the King of Essence, desire to feast! Command that everything on the menu be brought forth!

Wrath held out his round hand, saying to order all the food.

'But I can't eat everything.'

You know! The King of Essence must eat what he wants to satisfy his appetite!

‘Be quiet before I eat Nadine Bread in the restaurant.’


He shut his mouth tight as soon as the name Nadine Bread was mentioned.

I'll kill you. I'll definitely kill you!

A voice cursing someone came out of Wrath’s tightly closed lips.

“Division leader.”

Raon called out to Rimmer, who had already finished ordering.

“Is it true that the creator of the Nadine Bread is really an elf?”

“You don’t believe it?”

Rimmer nodded as he passed the menu to Dorian.

"It's surprising that elven food has spread to the human domain, what's even more amazing is that it's Nadine Bread."

“Actually, there’s a reason.”

“A reason?”

“The guy who made Nadine Bread did it to make a living, in his own way.”

He said he was quite an interesting guy and laughed.

“What do you mean….”

Before Raon could ask him again, he heard his name from the people at the next table.

“Have you heard the rumor that Raon Zieghart has become a Grandmaster?”

"Oh? I heard he killed the blue dragon Kaibar and earned the nickname Dragon Slayer, but what's this about becoming a Grandmaster all of a sudden?"

When Raon glanced over, two middle-aged mercenaries in battle attire were emptying their beer glasses and chatting.

“Tsk, tsk, you’re slow with the news. That’s old news!”

The bald mercenary clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Do you know house Rakion?”

“Isn’t that the vassal of Zieghart, who is said to be incredibly skilled with the longsword?”

The mercenary with the goat beard put down his beer glass and blinked his eyes.

“Yes. That well-known family was about to join hands with the Holy Sword Union and betray Zieghart…."

The bald mercenary seemed to know all about what happened in the family, from where he got his information.

However, the name of the Sword Demon hadn’t been spread yet, so his name didn’t come up.

"It's crazy that he entered a trance on the battlefield, but you're saying he actually broke through the wall and became a Grandmaster? To be honest, I don’t believe it…"

The goat-bearded mercenary trembled his hand holding the beer and let out a dry laugh.

“Whether you believe it or not, it’s true that Raon Zieghart has become a Grandmaster. The rumor is spreading like wildfire!”

“How old is Raon Zieghart now?”

“He’s 21, isn’t he?”

“Even if he became a Master at 21, he'd still be the youngest ever, but a Grandmaster at 21? I can't believe a human…”

“He’s the greatest talent in the history of the continent. On top of that, he’s incredibly chivalrous. I heard a book about his past deeds is coming out, too. I’m not even jealous anymore.”

“They say he's also incredibly handsome, right? What did they call it? Handsome Raon?”

“This world is disgustingly unfair. Let's just drink!”

The mercenaries raised their glasses again, eager to drink.


Raon turned away from the mercenaries, pondering their words.

‘This is strange.’

It was new to him that people he didn’t know were talking about him as a topic of conversation, even though he wasn’t in Zieghart’s territory.

He didn’t feel anything when other people told him he had become famous, but hearing the conversation of those mercenaries made him feel like the reality of his fame was truly sinking in.

“Interesting, isn't it?”

Rimmer laughed and gulped down the first beer he had received.

“Becoming strong also means becoming famous. Your name has now spread across the continent, beyond Zieghart. No matter what you do, people will pay attention to you. That’s fame.”

He wiggled his fingers, saying that he must get used to this for the rest of his life. True to his words, his name was now popping up at other tables as well.

“You're surpassing anyone from Zieghart in terms of fame. It's a good thing. Be proud.”

Rimmer laughed, saying to enjoy this moment.

“I envy you….”

Dorian scratched his belly pocket and opened his mouth wide.

“Some people don’t get recognized even if they want to!”

He sighed, saying that he needed to become a Master quickly.

“You can do it!”

Yua, as always, smiled broadly and gave him encouragement in a lively voice.


Wrath wandered around the table, frowning.

These damn humans! Instead of this brat, they should be worshipping the King of Essence!

He yelled angrily, frustrated that his name wasn't being mentioned.

It won't do! Once again, he must descend properly and show the humans of this land the might of the King of Essence….

“The food is here.”

Let’s eat!

Wrath's demeanor changed instantly as the waiter brought the food, and he smiled broadly, wagging his tail.

‘Might? More like nonsense….’

*   *   *

Raon raised his gaze before the blue sky. Everything in front of him was glistening green.

The trees that seemed to reach for the sky, the bushes and grass that filled the spaces between them. It seemed clear why this place was called the Great Forest.


Yua exclaimed as she looked around the Great Forest.

“Is this Seipia?”

“This forest is the Great Forest, and Seipia is inside.”

Rimmer gently stroked Yua’s head with a faint smile.

After hearing Rimmer’s words, Raon released his senses into the forest. However, controlling the aura was not easy due to the dense concentration of mana inside.

‘There's an aura here, but I don't feel anything special.’

He thought there would be a magic formation or barrier hidden inside the Great Forest, but it looked no different from an ordinary forest.

“Isn’t there a barrier or something?”

“There is.”

Rimmer nodded.

“Hmm, I can’t feel anything….”

“It’s a natural maze.”

“A natural maze?”

“Yes. Elves can communicate with nature, to a small extent.”

He smiled, saying that the forest itself was the elves’ walls and eyes.

“Can you do it too, division leader?”

Dorian tilted his head, looking at Rimmer.

“Of course!”

“But why have I never seen you do something like that?”

“Oh? Uhm. I forgot about that.”

Rimmer laughed, saying he had forgotten that he was an elf until now.


Raon sighed as he looked at Rimmer scratching the back of his head.

Can you really trust that shitty-ears guy?

Wrath frowned as if he was worried.

‘I’m starting to get confused too….’

However, there was no choice now that he had come this far. He had to follow that crazy elf.

“Anyway, let’s go in.”

As Rimmer smiled and reached out, the bushes parted and a path opened naturally.

“Wow! You’re really an elf, division leader!”

Yua exclaimed, jumping up and down excitedly.

“I thought you were just a guy with long ears!”

“I am an elf. Have you ever seen such a handsome person!”

“That would be young master Raon.”


Rimmer, unable to refute Yua’s bold answer, walked into the forest.


Following his gesture, the bushes and trees that were so dense that it was difficult for a child to pass through parted and opened up a space for people to pass through. For the first time, Rimmer looked like an elf.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the swaying bushes and trees.

‘It’s not because of mana.’

It seemed like the forest recognized Rimmer's presence as an elf and opened the way, rather than sensing his mana.

After walking for a while, observing the new and mysterious sight, a small movement was felt ahead.

It sounded like a small animal passing by or the sound of bushes rustling in the wind, but the smell of mana was stronger. It was the presence of an elf like Rimmer.

“We’re finally here.”

Rimmer also seemed to have sensed the presence of the elves and stopped walking, looking at the thick thorn bushes that did not open.

“Do not approach any further.”

A female voice with no emotion at all came from inside the thorn bushes.

“No outsiders are allowed in at the moment. Please leave.”

Her voice, like the wind of the North Sea, showed her intention to attack if they approached.

Why are these shitty-ears folks so rude!

Wrath glared at the inside of the vines and gnashed his teeth.

Blocking the King of Essence's path, you should be ready to have your necks chopped!

‘Will that really work?’

Then do what you're good at!

Wrath seemed to have developed an elf phobia because of Rimmer and shouted to burn down this forest.

“Don’t you know me?”

Rimmer waved his hand lightly and approached the thorn bush.

“I am….”

As he was about to walk further, an arrow flew out of the thorn bush and hit the ground.


The arrow vibrated heavily on the ground, showing the immense force behind it.


Rimmer gulped at the sight of the arrow stuck in the ground.

“Y-you don’t know me.”

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled awkwardly.

“Do not approach. Even though you are a kindred born from the outside, if you were not a kindred, the arrow would have been in your neck by now.”

A voice even colder than before came from behind the thorn bush.

“Well, it’s been a long time, so the guardian must have changed. I am not an outsider. I was born in Seipia.”

Rimmer shook his head and took a step forward.

“Do not lie. A kindred born in Seipia would know how important this time is….”

“If you don’t know me, you recognize this sword, right?”

He interrupted the female elf and tapped the sword he was wearing at his waist.


There was a moment of silence in the bushes. And then.


An arrow with a faster and more murderous aura than before grazed Rimmer’s ear and passed by.

“He’s the thief of the sacred relic! Attack everyone!”

Along with the eerie voice of the female elf, dozens of arrows sprang out of the thorn bushes at the same time.


Rimmer stepped back in fright.

“I knew this would happen.”

Raon gritted his teeth as he blocked Rimmer’s front.

“What the hell have you been doing all this time!”


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