TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 577

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 577


“Ah, this is boring….”

Aris slammed her fist on the desk and sighed deeply.

“I’m not supposed to be here!”

She chewed her lips while looking at the warm sunlight soaking the window.


Roenn placed a cup of tea and cookies on Aris’ desk and smiled faintly.

"You'll finish soon enough."

“There’s still a long way to go! I can’t see the end!”

“Isn’t there a saying that the beginning is half the battle? You’re already more than halfway done.”

"Ugh, sometimes you're even more annoying than Father."

Aris glared at him but put the cookie Roenn brought into her mouth.


Roenn just chuckled, finding Aris' frustration adorable.

"Has there been any news from Raon?"

“I received a message that he should be arriving in Seipia by noon today.”

“Noon today?”

Aris frowned, looking at the slightly tilted sun.

“Then he must have already entered Seipia?”



Aris screamed, grabbing her sunset-colored hair.

“I should have gone too! It’s not often I get to go to Seipia as a guest!”


“Do you have any other laughs besides that?”


Roenn changed his laughter as Aris requested.

"I hate that even more! You sound just like Father!"

Aris turned away and buried her head in the desk.

“By now, Raon must be enjoying the elves’ hospitality. Drinking fruit wine, sightseeing the World Tree, I wish I was there….”

“That’s probably true. It seems that Sir Rimmer has a fairly high position in Seipia.”

"Yeah, he mentioned something about noble status. That's why he was so haughty when we first met him. He's much better off being foolish like he is now."


Roenn nodded in agreement.

“Roenn. Do you have anything interesting to tell me?”

Aris lifted her head from the desk, clearly not in the mood for work, and called out to Roenn.

"Recently, Young Master Burren, Miss Martha, and Miss Runaan are being trained by the Master of the Wise Palace."

Roenn told a story that might pique Aris' interest.

“Oh? Really?”

Aris raised her head.

“Denier is training the kids?”

“Yes. All three of them seem to be working hard, trying to catch up with Young Master Raon.”

“That sounds fun, should I go check it out?”

She savored the taste for a moment, as if her interest was piqued.

"If I bring all the kids up a level, wouldn’t they run to me, calling me ‘Aunt,’ as soon as Raon comes back?"

“If you want to hear them call you aunt, you have to finish your work starting today.”

Roenn placed a new pile of documents on Aris’ desk.

“Roenn, I’m going to die like this….”

Aris grabbed Roenn’s sleeve and reddened her eyes.


Roenn quickly withdrew his hand from Aris' grasp, as if to remain composed.

“Roenn. You’ve really changed a lot. You weren’t like this before!”

“People change.”

“That’s true, not just Roenn. Father and others have changed a lot too. Is it all because of Raon?”

“Not entirely, but his influence is significant.”

He nodded with a faint smile.

"His true talent lies not in martial arts, but in his charm that attracts people."

Aris closed her eyes for a moment and opened them, forming a gentle smile.

“I wanted to go on a fun trip with my charming nephew, but it’s too bad….”

She sighed deeply as she picked up her pen.

“You'll have a hard time, Aunt. You should enjoy yourself.”

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

“You just told me to go and enjoy myself!”

Raon gritted his teeth as he blocked the arrows with Heavenly Drive.

“You said you lived a normal and sane life in your hometown!”

He had expected it, but the unexpected situation was irritating and he naturally started speaking informally.

“Why did you steal it!”

“I didn’t steal it! I really got it fair and square!”

Rimmer shook his head, saying he didn’t know anything about it.


Wrath just laughed, holding his stomach as if he was enjoying himself.

The King of Essence knew it would come to this. He would rather believe what Greed says. Why did you believe that shitty-ears guy!


Raon pushed aside the laughing Wrath and focused on the arrows coming at him.


The arrows clashed with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s swordsmanship he had set up in advance. Every time the arrowheads collided, it felt like he was being hit in the chest with a hammer.

‘This is an arrow?’

It wasn’t an arrow, it felt like he was being hit by a spear filled with aura. The arrowheads seemed to be made of wood, not metal, but they had such power.


The elves hiding behind the thorn bushes seemed to have no intention of talking anymore and fired arrows one after another.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

Raon spun his sword to deflect all the arrows and then glared at Rimmer.

"What on earth is that! You said they'd welcome us!"

To be honest, he didn’t really believe the words about welcoming him, but he never imagined that he would be attacked from the entrance.

"I, I don't know what's going on either..."

Rimmer, also confused, didn't even wipe the cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

"Hoo, I shouldn't have trusted him from the beginning.”

Dorian sighed.

"We can't go in?"

Yua trembled her lips, unable to believe this situation where they had become intruders from the start.

"Keep shooting!"

Along with the sharper voice of the female elf, arrows rained down. The arrows spun faster and more fiercely than before, as if to break through the swordsmanship.

'The power carried in the arrows is definitely different.'

He had seen many archers on various battlefields, but this was the first time he had faced such a high level of archery.

Raon carefully observed the flames forming the swordsmanship, countering the incoming arrows.

‘It's not just about giving strength to the arrows.’

The elves were imbuing the arrows with the principles of martial arts, not just for attacking but for subduing. Thanks to this, it was easy to observe their arrows.

The arrows, which were fast, sharp, and heavy, gave off a shock as if he was hit by a huge rock every time he deflected them.

Among them, the female elf who was giving instructions to the other elves had the best archery skills. By swordsman standards, she seemed to be at a Master or above.

'It's interesting to see the martial arts principles incorporated into arrows at the Master level.'

Discovering a martial arts technique from an unexpected source stirred Raon's heart.

Grr! That lunatic is at it again!

Wrath frowned and shook his head.

'What do you mean, 'lunatic'?'

That lunatic obsessed with martial arts! It's you!

‘You really make strange remarks.’

Raon smiled and focused on the arrows again.

'It's easy to see.'

The elves were only shooting to suppress, not aiming to kill, making it easy to observe their arrows.

'Misunderstandings can be cleared up later.'

He could subdue the elves right away if he used his full strength, but for now he wanted to broaden his understanding by observing their archery for now.

Raon loosened his sword and deflected the incoming arrows directly.


The moment the blade of Heavenly Drive and the arrowhead collided, the power and principles carried in the arrow dug deep into his hand.

‘It carries both swiftness and weight. And this time, they've added some changes.’

It wasn't as far as the freely flying arrows that Rimmer had mentioned, but just seeing the principles embedded into the arrows was a valuable lesson.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

Raon even smiled as he focused on the arrows pouring in from all directions.

He deflected the swift arrows with the principle of blunt sword, the heavy arrows with flexible sword, and the arrows with diverse variations with severing sword, polishing his own swordsmanship.

After blocking the arrows for a while, the arrows that were flying in suddenly stopped.


Raon narrowed his eyebrows as he lowered Heavenly Drive.

"Why aren't they shooting anymore?"

"Do you think they'd want to shoot at a pervert like you, who laughs while deflecting arrows?"

Rimmer stepped forward, shaking his head.

“What a pervert!”

“You are the most pervert among perverts when it comes to martial arts.”

He waved his hand as if tired of the conversation and stood in front of the thorn bush again.

“I’ll say it again. Seipia is my hometown, and I received this sword through proper procedures. I absolutely did not steal it.”

Rimmer declared his innocence in a confident tone.

“How can we believe that?”

A slightly relaxed voice came from behind the thorn bush.

“If we really came with bad intentions, wouldn’t your necks have been flying off as soon as you met us?”

Rimmer shrugged, pointing at Raon.

"You can tell that much, can't you?"

After a brief silence, the thorn bush parted, and the elf who had been hiding behind it revealed herself.

She was a beauty with green hair that appeared to blend with the bushes, and blue eyes that mirrored the sky, captivating the gaze of onlookers.

Her nose wasn't too high, and her eyes weren't overly large, but the harmony of her features created a natural beauty.

“What’s your name?”


“Oh? I think I’ve heard that name before. Aren’t you from the Cotton Branch tribe?”


The elf who introduced herself as Reyran nodded slightly.

“I heard that an incredibly beautiful child was born there, so I went to see her. You’ve grown up well.”

Rimmer smiled, saying he was glad to see her well.

“What’s your name?”

“Rimmer. If you really can’t believe me, call the old man Sterin. That old man will definitely….”

The moment Rimmer asked someone to be called, an elf who was listening to the conversation flicked the bowstring. It was the first fierce arrow filled with killing intent so far.


Raon stretched out his left hand and shattered the arrow aimed at Rimmer in midair.

“Do not speak his name lightly!”

Not only her, but all the elves were showing killing intent. He became curious about the identity of this Sterin that Rimmer had called.

"Who did you call?"

“The Protector of Seipia.”

“You damn bastard!”

Raon closed his eyes tightly. He could understand why the elves were filled with killing intent.

After coming to Zieghart, he had called Glenn ‘old man’, so there was nothing he could say even if he died.

"I can call him that way..."

Rimmer blinked his eyes as if he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

"Enough, division leader. Please refrain from speaking further."

Raon covered Rimmer’s mouth and bowed his head to Reyran.

"I apologize for my earlier remarks. It was foolishness, not malice. Please understand. Once again, we are neither thieves nor intruders. If only the misunderstanding could be cleared..."

“What misunderstanding are you talking about?”

A cool voice was carried by the wind blowing from afar.

The moment the heavy air stirred, an elf with a cold expression and fluttering blue long hair flew over the tree that had sprung up on the right.


Rimmer seemed to recognize him and smiled.

"Finally! Someone I know!"

He waved his hand at the blue-haired elf, shouting not to worry.

"Erian! It's me! You know me!"

"Of course I do. No one could forget you, Rimmer."

The elf called Erian nodded calmly.

"The thief of the sacred relic"

However, his next voice sank coldly, as if it had melted the winter.

"As I expected...."

"I knew it."

"I'm the fool for believing him."

The chilled eyes of Raon, Dorian, and Yua fell on Rimmer.

"W-what are you talking about! You saw me receive this sword!"

Rimmer shook his head so fast his features blurred.

"That sword isn't yours, it was lent to you. You, who took the sword and never returned, are nothing but a thief."

Erian pulled the sword from his waist, and a murderous green aura emanated, rising up his wrist.


As the chilling wind of the sword stroke descended towards Rimmer's head, Raon moved.


A wind that violently shook the forest erupted as the swords clashed.


Erian snorted and gracefully twisted his body. He controlled the air around him, wielding another sword stroke with ease.

'His movements are fluid.'

It seemed like he was using the wind in a different way than Rimmer.

Raon felt the flow of the wind that Erian was moving with his skin and drew two lines with Heavenly Drive. A round shape was drawn between the lines, creating a shield of flame.


The blade of wind that Erian thrust could not penetrate the Flame Wall and subsided, becoming a gentle breeze.


Erian grimaced slightly as he stepped back. His expression hinted at slight frustration against the heat of the Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation’s defense.

"Impressive, isn't it?"

Rimmer giggled and waved his left hand.

"I raised him!"

He still wore a smile as if he hadn't fully grasped the situation.

"Shut your mouth."

Erian kicked the cracked ground with a crumpled face. Irregular yet fast movements. The smell of blood emanated from the practical swordsmanship.

It seemed like many lives had given their necks to the edge of his sword.

Raon extended a slightly bent knee, leaning forward to draw Heavenly Drive, which he had leaned against his left hip. Behind the gleaming silver blade trailed a shadow-like blade of icy blue (frost).


The first blade of frost struck Erian's sword, and the blade of frost that followed aimed for his shoulder.


Erian's eyes widened as if he hadn't predicted the blade of frost, but he used the agility that he had shown at first to quickly step back.


However, the blade of frost had already grazed his shoulder and left a small scar.


Erian winced as he looked at the wound on his shoulder.

"Very well."

He raised his chin, pressing his wound with his hands like a bird's claw.

"If you want it so much, I'll show you your disciple dying."

Erian muttered that it was all their fault and clasped his hands.


A powerful wind surged around him, making it impossible to open one's eyes. A green sphere of light in the air burst into a magnificent light and spread its huge wings.

'What is it?'

Raon forced his eyes open, feeling the powerful surge of mana. Under the blue sky, a monstrously large creature was floating.

A hawk.

A giant hawk, comparable to a Drake in size, breathed with the green wind.


The green hawk let out a terrifying roar towards the world. The entire forest seemed to shake with its intensity.


"It's a spirit. A top-tier one at that."

Rimmer snorted as he looked at Erian.

"I knew he'd gotten stronger, but I didn't expect him to summon a top-tier spirit..."

He shook his head in dismay.

"A top-tier spirit can even be a match for a Grandmaster. Be careful."


Raon nodded slowly. As Rimmer said, the aura he felt from the top-tier spirit was close to that of a Grandmaster. It was not an opponent he could easily defeat.

"It's too late to regret it now."

Erian snorted and pointed his fingers at Raon and Rimmer.

"Tear them to shreds!"

"This will be fun."

Raon licked his lips and stepped forward, but the top-tier spirit didn't move as if it hadn't heard Erian's command.


No, it wasn't that it didn't move, but rather that it was riding the wind and slowly backing away.

"What are you doing! Attack them!"


Erian gestured again, but the top-tier spirit simply turned away and hid behind a tree.



As Raon tilted his head in wonder, the top-tier spirit trembled and nodded its head. It was the posture of submission that animals often showed.

"W-What, what's going on! What did you do to my spirit!"

Erian exclaimed in shock, his jaw trembling. He approached and tried to speak to the spirit, but it remained unmoved.

'What's going on?'

As he wondered, he turned his head and saw Wrath, who was picking his nose.

What are you looking at.


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