TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 575

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 575


Raon blinked his eyes at Rimmer's smile.

"Why are you suddenly bringing up Seipia?"

Seipia is the holy land and home of all elves. It was hard to tell if he was serious or joking when he said he was going to a place where humans couldn't just enter.

"It's not sudden."

Rimmer tapped the sword at his waist. The leaf-shaped hilt trembled slightly.

"I think it's time to return this sword."

"You cherish that, don't you?"

Even when he was thrown out of the casino naked, he didn't use that sword as collateral. He doesn’t understand why he's talking about returning a famous sword that's not inferior to Heavenly Drive or Heavenly Tremor.

"This isn't mine."

Rimmer looked down at the sword and smiled bitterly.

"It's a sacred relic of our tribe, and I brought it out with me."

"A, a sacred relic...."

Raon gulped as he looked at the sword again.

''Did he steal it?'

The image of Rimmer stealing the sacred relic of the elf tribe and running away came to mind.

"Do you think I stole it just now? No, it's not. Erase that picture in your head."


"Of course I got permission!"

"I find that hard to believe...."

"I was normal and sane back then!"

Fortunately, it seemed he was aware of his current oddness.

"Then why are you trying to return it?"

"My arm is like this now."

Rimmer touched his right shoulder with his left hand.

"I don't think I'm qualified to have this sword anymore, whether I'm wearing a new arm or holding it with my left hand."

He smiled, saying that he had let go of even the slightest bit of attachment, so he wanted to return it.

"Is it necessary to do so?"

"I said it's a sacred relic. It should be wielded by someone worthy of it."


"Anyway, I was going to go home at least once. It's been a long time since I've been there."

Rimmer seemed to have already made up his mind and nodded firmly.

"Understood. Have a safe trip. I'll take care of the Light Wind Division while you're gone."

Raon bowed politely to Rimmer and turned his back.

"Wait! You have to go too!"

As if wondering what he was talking about, Rimmer grabbed his wrist again.

"Why should I?"

"Are you just going to send the patient away?"

He clutched his empty sleeve and tensed his neck.


Raon sighed, rubbing his forehead with his palm.

"Seipia is the holy land of the elves. How can I, a human, enter there?"

Only humans who have a special bonds with the elves of Seipia can enter. It was clear that he would be kicked out right at the entrance.

"I'm an elf who lives there! And you and I are master and disciple, so of course you can go in!"

Rimmer frowned, asking why he was worried about such a thing.

"Didn't you get kicked out of there?"

"No! I was a noble elf myself when I was there!"

He shouted once again that he was sane and normal at the time.


Raon reluctantly nodded. While Rimmer wasn't someone to get into trouble, it seemed better to go along just in case.

"As expected of my disciple!"

Rimmer patted his knee with his left hand, saying he had made a good decision.

"But what do you mean there's something I'll like?"

"You like strange and unusual foods, don't you? Like the mint chocolate you had earlier."


That damned shitty-ears!

Just as he was about to say he didn't really like it, Wrath, who had been yawning, jumped up.

You ignorant fool who doesn't know the freshness and sweetness of mint chocolate, where are you wagging your snout! What are you doing, slap that bastard's cheek right now!

He raged even more than when he received insults.

'Come to think of it, that makes sense.'

‘Since he had been eating only strange food every day because of Wrath, it wouldn't be surprising if people thought he was a picky eater who liked strange flavors and foods.’

"There are plenty of unique and delicious foods in Seipia."

"Don't elves usually eat vegetables and fruits raw?"

"Of course, some elves eat like that, but there are many different cooking methods and recipes."

He grinned, saying that there were also many picky eaters and plenty of strange foods.

What are you doing!

Warth waved his hand quickly, as if his rage just now had never happened.

Let's go! The King of Essence’s wants to taste the food of the shitty-ears tribe! It seems they'll get along well with the King of Essence!

He shook his head vigorously, determined to go.

"Ah! Do you also like Nadine bread?"

"Well, I'm okay with it."

He nodded since he really liked Nadine bread.

"The person who made that bread is in Seipia."

Rimmer shrugged, asking if he was curious.

Na, nadine bread?

Wrath's eyes sharpened as if he harbored a simmering grudge.

I'll kill him. I'll kill that devil who gave the King of Essence terrible rubbery pain! Let's leave right away!

Just a little while ago, he said they'll get along well him…

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Encia calmly nodded as she measured Rimmer's arm and shoulder size.

"It will take some time, but I will do my best."

She examined Rimmer's shoulder and wrote down what she had confirmed in her notebook.


Raon looked at Encia's notebook and his lips trembled for a moment.

'My picture is there too....'

His face was plastered on the cover of the notebook that Encia was holding. He couldn't look at it because it was embarrassing.

"But you're going to Seipia?"

"Yes. I probably will."

Raon nodded.

"Then, could you possibly bring back a fragment of the World Tree? Leaves, branches, or roots would be fine."

"Why do you need a fragment of the World Tree?"

"As I mentioned, to not burden the wearer of the prosthetic hand, we need materials infused with the natural energy. I thought the World Tree would suffice."

"It seems difficult...."

The World Tree is a tree that the elves regard as their mother. It is guarded day and night, year-round, so it didn't seem like anything could be taken from it.

"The leaves and branches of the World Tree are managed by the Santors, so it's impossible for them to be leaked out. You've never heard of fragments of the World Tree being outside, have you?"

Rimmer clicked his tongue, saying it would be difficult to obtain.

"That's right."

"Still, maybe we could steal it?"

He suggested stealing it if we couldn't obtain it, and flicked his fingers.


Raon's mouth fell open. It was astonishing to hear the idea of stealing fragments of the World Tree from an elf.

...Is it really okay for him to be like that?

Even the Demon King of Wrath was worried about Rimmer's sanity.

"If that doesn't work, we'll have to find something else. Don't push yourself too hard."

Encia smiled softly, as if to reassure Rimmer.

"Why are you suddenly being so kind?"

Rimmer blinked at Encia.

"You seemed to be in a bad mood earlier, so I was just joking around."

Encia shook her head, saying not to worry about it.

"Is that so? I thought as much! There's no way I'd look ambiguous!"

Rimmer smiled coolly, as if he had regained his confidence in his appearance.

"Yes. You're handsome."

"Of course! In fact, my face doesn't even lose to Raon's...."

"A firefly in front of the sun. It's not even a match."

Encia stopped smiling and revealed a chilling gaze.


Rimmer's lips trembled as if he was terrified.

"Then I'll be going. I have to prepare."

Encia said she had to go quickly to start designing and went into the annex building with the ice cream Raon had been given as a gift.

"Ah, it hurts. Her last words were too sincere...."

Rimmer groaned, clutching his chest with his left hand.


Raon looked at the ice cream in Encia's hand and then glanced around like a startled child, narrowing his eyes.

"Come to think of it, elves are good at singing, right?"

"Most of them are."

Rimmer nodded slowly.

"Then should we take Yua too? It seems like she can learn something there."

“Oh? That’s a good idea, isn’t it?”

He seemed to be okay with it and wiggled his fingers.

“Then when will you leave?”

“There’s no need to drag it out. Let’s leave the day after tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

As Rimmer said, it would be better to go quickly during the vacation period, because you never know when the next mission will come.

“Then let’s see each other in front of the main gate tomorrow morning.”

Rimmer waved his left hand lightly and left the garden of the annex building.

Raon sighed as he watched his right sleeve flutter in the wind.

‘I hope everything goes well, whatever happens.’


Wrath’s groan was heard as he briefly clicked his tongue.

I’ll kill him! I’ll definitely kill that bastard! That’s all there is to it!


What’s wrong with him all of a sudden.

*   *   *


Burren let go of the training sword and exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Damn it. I thought I was catching up a bit, but now he’s gone to heaven.”

He frowned as he looked up at the blue sky.

“I agree with you for once.”

Martha leaned against the wall and brushed her sweaty hair back.

“I finally reached Master and stood on the same realm, but he went to a place I can’t reach.”

She muttered angrily and clenched her fist.

"The strange thing is, I'm annoyed, but I'm not jealous."

Burren lowered his gaze and snickered.

“Of course not. That guy is probably still training right now.”

Martha nodded in agreement.

“But no.”

Runaan swallowed the bead ice cream in her hand and raised her head.


“He ate ice cream with me this morning.”

She wiggled her fingers, saying that Raon bought her this ice cream.

“That’s so unexpected. I thought he was the kind of guy who only eats after calculating the cost.”

Burren tilted his head, not understanding.

“Raon is similar to me.”

Runaan blinked as if it were a good thing.

"Despite everything, I'm so annoyed that I'm even behind that idiot..."

Martha frowned at Runaan.


Runaan stared blankly at Martha before raising the corners of her lips. Her eyes didn’t smile, but her lips moved to form a strange smile.


Martha’s clenched fist trembled.

“I’ll catch up. I’ll train all night and catch up even if it kills me!”

She shook her head, saying she would never give up.

“Come to think of it. Who will oversee our evening training now?”

Burren let out a sigh as if he had just remembered something.


“Isn’t it going to be difficult for the vice division leader to oversee our evening training now?”

“Hmm, that’s true.”

Martha nodded her head heavily.

“Because Sir Gambling Monster and Raon train with us from dawn to noon. It’s not right to ask them to train us in the evening as well….”

“There’s no choice but for us to do it ourselves….”

“Can I do it?”

When Burren and Martha were contemplating, a soft voice came from the door of the training ground.


The door of the training ground opened, and Denier Zieghart poked his head in.


Martha’s eyes widened like a rabbit’s.

“How did you get here….”

“I came looking for you because you didn’t come even though it was mealtime.”

Denier smiled faintly and waved his hand.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I promised….”

Martha scratched her head, remembering now.

“It’s okay. But I heard you were looking for someone to help with your evening training, is that right?”

“Well, that’s true….”

“If you’re okay with it, I’ll oversee your evening training.”

He nodded, saying he could make time if they wanted.

“Are you, for real?”

“It’s not a particularly difficult task. Of course, it will be difficult when I’m busy.”

"That's more than enough!"

Burren gulped and opened his lips.

“Are you really okay? You’re very busy these days.”

Martha looked at Denier with worried eyes, saying he shouldn’t push himself.

“It's nothing. I can spare that much time for my daughter and nephew."

Denier patted Martha’s head, telling her not to worry.

“I’ll help you guys go even higher.”

*   *   *

The day after tomorrow, dawn.

Raon entered the audience chamber with Rimmer. Since both the leader and the vice division leader were going out at the same time, they had to first ask permission from the head of house.

“I greet the head of house.”


Glenn waved his hand gruffly, as if greetings were a bother.

“So, you’re going to Seipia?”


Raon straightened his back and nodded.

 "The Light Wind Division leader might find it difficult to go alone, so I'll accompany as an escort."


A faint light flickered in Glenn’s indifferent eyes.

“There won’t be any missions for a while, so it’s not a bad time. However….”

He continued, glaring at Rimmer.

"Can you even enter Seipia? Weren't you banished?"

“Ha, you’re asking me the same question as if I’m not part of the bloodline.”

Rimmer shook his head violently and stepped forward.

"I wasn't banished! I left of my own accord!"


“This guy said the same thing!”

He frowned and pointed at Raon.


Glenn covered his mouth with the hand that was supporting his chin and nodded. His left leg suddenly began to tremble violently.

"You're always up to some strange antics, so what else could I expect?"

“Anyway, I’m not an exile. Don’t worry.”

Rimmer waved his hand confidently, asserting he could enter Seipia with just a glance.

"Alright. If you can enter, then it's fine."

Glenn slowly turned his gaze and looked at Raon.

“The Light Wind Division’s vice leader.”


“Seipia is not an ordinary city, it is the holy land of the elves. Be careful of your words and actions as a member of house Zieghart.”

“I understand.”

His words were long, but his meaning was simple. He meant to restrain Rimmer.


Glenn closed his eyes briefly and opened them again before continuing.

"After becoming a Grandmaster, there won't be significant physical changes. What's important is enlightenment and experience. Try to see and feel as much as possible."

He uttered his sincere advice in a cold tone.

“I will keep that in mind.”

Raon bowed his head respectfully, placing his hand on his chest.

“You may go.”

Glenn waved his hand as if he had said all he had to say.

As Raon bowed his head and was about to leave the audience chamber, the door opened roughly.


It was Aris. She pushed her head in before the door even opened.

“You’re going to Seipia? I’m going too!”

She tilted her head, insisting she should come along.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Glenn frowned and shook his head.

“I told you to write all the reports that have piled up so far.”

“Oh, when will I ever finish writing all that! It’s 20 years worth!”

“It’s your fault for putting off your work. You're not going anywhere until they're all done."

He frowned, saying that she would never be able to run away.

“Raon! Tell my father that you want to go with me! I’ll die of old age here!”

Aris trembled, clutching Raon's sleeve.


Raon closed his eyes and quickly thought.

‘If I go with Aris…’

He pictured the World Tree falling apart and Aris smiling in front of it. He even imagined the scene where the elves rushed forward with distorted expressions like demons.

Cold sweat trickled down his spine. While going with Aris wouldn't mean facing enemies, he had a foreboding feeling he might get hit by arrows from the elves.

Raon looked at Aris and shook his head firmly.

“I decline.”

*   *   *

“Are you coming now?”

“Young master!”

As Raon came out of the main gate, Dorian and Yua, who were chewing on round cookies, waved their hands.

“I know Yua was going, but Dorian is going too?”

Rimmer tilted his head at Dorian.

"We're traveling, so you need a backpack."

Raon shrugged, asking why he was asking such an obvious question.


Rimmer let out a dry laugh.

“People say I’m crazy, but you’re the real one….”

He shook his head at Raon.

“I’m used to it.”

Dorian smiled, saying not to worry about it.

“I’m already tired before we even leave. Let’s go quickly.”

“Young master Raon!”

As Rimmer was about to leave, Roenn’s voice came from behind.


Roenn quickly approached and held out a luxurious pouch.

“This is….”

“He told me to give you this as a gift since you’re going to your hometown.”

He smiled awkwardly, saying that Glenn had given it to him.


Rimmer grinned at the sight of the plump pouch.

‘It worked after all.’

He had deliberately told Glenn that Raon was of the same bloodline as him, and it was clear that Glenn had fallen for it and given him the money.

He imagined Glen's trembling legs and his grin reaching for the sky.

"I'll gladly accept..." 

Rimmer reached out, but Roenn pulled the pouch back.


“He told me to give it to young master Raon, not you, hehehe.”

He said it was Glenn’s order and gave the pouch to Raon.

"I understand. I'll use it only for buying gifts."

Raon bowed his head and received the pouch from Roenn.

"Ehyu. What a small amount of money...."

Rimmer clicked his tongue, shaking his head. But there was a faint smile on his lips, suggesting he was good mood.


"No matter what you say, I won't hand it over."

Raon nodded at Rimmer and entrusted the gold coin pouch to the pocket (Dorian).

"That's not it, I'm talking about what the head of house said a while ago."

"To gain experience?"

"Yeah. You might see arrows soaring through the sky there."

"Arrows soar through the sky naturally, don't they?"

"T, that's right."

Rimmer blinked his eyes blankly.

"What are you trying to say?"

"Let me put it another way."

He raised the corners of his lips as he drew the trajectory of the arrow with his finger.

"You'll see arrows flying freely when you get there."


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