IBRV (Novel) Chapter 151

C 151

"Dad, have all the uncles and aunts returned, right?"

"Most of them returned with their families. The only ones left here are Chronos Etham and Hayel Etham."

I nodded in response to my father's words.

Experiment... no, that was enough to start a new business.

"Is it for that business?"


"But I don't see the benefit of dyeing human hair. It's amazing, but..."

"It's not just about people. You can dye fabrics more easily and quickly, and with a bit more processing, you can even change the color of food!"

It might seem useless now, but it will probably become a very popular business soon.

After all, isn't this an era where self-promotion and differentiation are especially important?

Not only that, but everyone was very interested in beauty.

This could be seen in the pursuit of prettier clothing and much prettier cosmetics or lipsticks.

But can you change the color of your hair? There was no reason why this couldn't be innovative.

Normally, to dye your hair, you had no choice but to buy expensive magic potions or use drugs that were not good for your health to remove or hide the color of your hair.

However, using strong drugs resulted in serious side effects, such as hives and many dead skin cells on the scalp.

However, this dye was different.

I discovered it while watching <Adopted> from the beginning in my original world that there was a special stone in this world.

By grinding the stone, mixing it with mud, and applying heat, various colors could be created depending on the ratio and temperature.

After applying it to your hair, approximately an hour later, a dye with some staying power was completed.

Now, if Callan develops something that can separate colors and make it edible, it could be used as an edible coloring.

"Well, it still exists naturally, but..."

Regardless of the price, I heard that the quantity was small and not easy to obtain.

It will be easier to dye fabrics, and we can search for a wider variety of colors than now.

Moreover, now, to dye the color of raw materials, a bleaching process is required to make the fabric color white, but this has become much simpler once dyed white.

Creating a pattern by dyeing another color on top of the dye was possible, and various color combinations were also possible.

"If you believe so, then it probably is."

My father, who silently watched what I was thinking, smiled and said.

"To be honest, haven't you seen a wider world than me?"


"So, my vision and yours are surely different. But, Eirin."

Dad seemed to hesitate for a moment and then called me cautiously.

"I know very well that your idea is great and that this whole situation is not your fault. However, because public opinion is not favorable, doing business under your name now..."

Dad answered everything he could and carefully chose his words to make me understand.

However, after talking to my father, Lucilion, Enosh, Lillian, and Richard for a few days, including today, everything was fine.

Laurent still worries about me, and Terem is fine too.

The letters I sent to the three people from the academy, concerned, were answered safely.

This was enough.

Because I never wanted everyone in the world to love me.

"It's okay."

I said, gripping my father's hand tightly.

"The business will start under an unknown pseudonym."

"... Eirin, if that happens."

"I'm not saying I won't reveal it for the rest of my life. Everyone is afraid because I'm a dragon."

I shrugged slightly.

In reality, I would also be very scared if someone around me said they were a dragon.

The dragon in my head is easily angered, has terrifying abilities, has a very arbitrary personality, and is strong enough to rival a god.

Even now, in fact...

"I can kill as many people I don't like as I want, and I can erase people I don't like from the world."

The moment I opened my eyes, I realized that I had a lot of power.

Every breath I exhaled was filled with power, and the feeling that anything I thought of would come true became clearer.

I've never actually tried it, but it wouldn't be strange for me to turn into a giant dragon and annihilate a kingdom.

"But if that happens..."

It seemed like something was going to break.

I will never be able to live normally.

"I'm sure I won't be able to live as before."


Instead of saying yes, my father just looked at me with closed lips.

"I respect you."

"Yes, but no one else besides Dad will respect me."

"...I suppose so."

Dad looked me in the eyes sternly and obediently gave me an affirmative response.

"Then, I will create a place for myself. Fortunately, I have many really good ideas."

The corners of Dad's mouth softened.

"First, after making this business incredibly successful and prosperous, I will let people know that it was me who started this business."


"Yes, then everyone will think I'm amazing and see me as someone essential."

I said with a smile.

However, someday I will become something extraordinary.

When the people around me finish their lives one by one...

"I will do a lot of charity work, work hard to help people with the money I earn, and of course, my dad and I also have to live comfortably."

My father, who was listening to me, tilted the upper part of his body slightly and lightly touched my forehead with his.

Dad lightly rubbed our foreheads together.

"Don't forget."


"No matter how old you are, no matter what you become, no matter what mistakes you make, even if you are alone in the world..."

Dad's golden eyes were right in front of me. I felt like I was somehow being absorbed by those eyes.

As if he was looking at my old worries, as if he was looking towards a very distant future, my father looked directly at me, and his lips softened.

"You are my daughter, Eirin!"


Although it sounded like something I had always heard, my eyes opened as if it sounded completely different.

"I always think that. I hope you will always be happy, I hope you will be happier than anyone, and I hope you will grow healthier than anyone."

Dad rolled his eyes and smiled.

"I always have hope. Even if it means taking someone else's happiness."

This may be something he is telling me now, or it may be something he is telling me when I am alone in a very distant future.

"Yes, I will."

I smiled too.

"You are the answer."

Dad slowly lifted his forehead and straightened his hunched back.

"Yes? What?"

"There are some things that can't be solved simply by instilling fear."


"It's a very good attitude for a family matriarch."

Dad gave me a pat on the head.

"Good job."

Wow, Dad praised me.

For some reason, I smiled joyfully, feeling my heart beat strongly. Dad smiled at me.

"I will do my best!"

"Yes, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start another business."

"Another business?"

"Yes, what I mean is, it wouldn't be a bad idea to meet a bit more of your needs by carrying out two contrasting types of projects instead of just one business."

"Oh... I'll think about it!"

"Alright, then I have something to do, so I'll be back."

"Yes, Dad!"

I jumped up and hugged my dad.

"I love you, Dad."

"...Your sweetness has improved."

"Don't you like it?"

"There's no way I wouldn't like it. I'm thinking of how I can keep your siblings in the academy a bit longer."

Dad said mischievously.

"If I remember anything else about that woman from my childhood, I'll let you know."

"Yes, thank you."

Dad turned around and walked away down the hallway.

"I said that, but..."

I sighed briefly and lowered my head.

"I think I know where she handed me over to that fake father."

I murmured softly.

"I have to go tonight."

I wanted to know too. Why did that person hand me over to that bastard that day?

She seemed like a strong person, but why did she know I was alive?

Mom, I...

How did they get me?

Is there any other reason to have a dragon in the body of an ordinary human?

As I thought about it, I sighed deeply.

"What's the point of being the creator? There are more things I don't know."

It may be that the expression "just the name sounds good and there's no substance" really applies in times like these.

"Let's go."

Anyway, nightfall came soon.

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