TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 574

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 574


Raon lay on the ground, looking up at the stars for a long time before getting up.

He had used up most of his stamina and aura fighting Glenn, but strangely enough, his head was clearer than ever.

'I feel better.'

The heaviness in his chest disappeared completely. It felt like he had gone back to the time before he met Rector in house Rakion, and a smile naturally formed on his face.


Wrath popped up like a firecracker and pushed his face in.


Did you really say you feel better now!

'Yeah, but why all of a sudden?'

Then the King of Essence has something to say to you!

A serious glint reflected in his sea-colored eyes.

'Something to say...'

Raon swallowed dryly, looking at Wrath's deep-set eyes. The playful atmosphere suddenly turned serious, making him a bit tense.

'Speak up.'


Wrath raised his round fist and frowned.

You promised to buy the King of Essence ice cream as soon as we arrived at the family, and you haven't kept your promise yet!


Raon's red eyes cooled down as if they had lost their heat.

'Oh boy...'


What's with that look! You promised!

'I did. I did, but why are you talking about it now? And while pretending to be serious. You little bugger!'

Li-little bugger?

Wrath's lips trembled as he raised his head.

How dare you call the Monarch of Devildom a little bugger! The King of Essence has been waiting only for that promise!

He yelled frustratedly.


Raon's face flushed and he narrowed his eyes at Wrath, who had turned into strawberry-flavored cotton candy.

'Have you been holding back all this time?'

Come to think of it, Wrath had only brought up the ice cream after asking if he felt better a little while ago.

'Of course, if it were before, he would have thrown a tantrum and demanded that I buy him ice cream right away on the day I promised.'

Wrath hadn't even mentioned the word ice cream since meeting Rector. It

seemed like he was being considerate of his hurt feelings.

'Wrath is changing too.'

It wasn't just relationships with people. His relationship with Wrath was also changing little by little.

"All right."

Raon smiled brightly and got up. He brushed the dust off his clothes and nodded.

"Let's go tomorrow."


Wrath's eyes widened in surprise at those words.

'Why are you surprised. I said let's go tomorrow.'

A cheeky frog like you rarely listens to words like that!

‘Sometimes, this is how it should be.’

Now you're coming to your senses! Well done! If you listen well from now on, I'll make you one of the King of Essence's subordinates!

‘I don’t want to.’

Raon waved his hand lightly and turned back to the annex building.

As it was late, he tried to enter quietly through the back door attached to the kitchen, but he felt someone's presence in the darkness.

“Oh! Sir Handsome!”

It was Encia, who revealed her identity in a single word. She was holding a piece of bread in her mouth and nodding her head. It seemed like she had come out because she was hungry while doing research.

“When did you arrive? Sir Handsome?”

Now, it's not even Sir Handsome Raon, it's just Sir Handsome. The name itself has disappeared.

“I arrived today. It hasn't been a few hours.”

"Ah! I didn't even realize you arrived because I was so focused on my research! I'm such a fool!"

Encia hit her forehead on the table in frustration.

"You missed the chance to see Sir Handsome for a few hours! I should die!"

“T-that, stop it.”

Raon swallowed his saliva and grabbed Encia's shoulders. Every time they met, he felt it, she was truly a difficult person to deal with.


Encia blinked while holding bread in her mouth. Ignoring the blood dripping from her forehead, she only looked at Raon.

“Did you dye your hair, Sir Handsome?”


"It feels like your blond hair has gotten a bit darker."

She muttered that she was sure and pulled out a thick booklet from her pocket. As she flipped through it, there were pictures of Raon arranged by date.


Raon trembled his lips as he looked at numerous pictures of himself.

'This is a bit creepy....'

He didn't know she had taken so many pictures of him, and he felt a chill run down his spine.

Hey, hey, she’s becoming like that crazy woman! The seed of obsession is starting to sprout!

Wrath turned his head away, saying the seed was about to sprout.

"That's right! Your hair color has gotten darker."

Encia held out a picture of Raon before he left for the mission.

“…Is that so.”

To be honest, he didn't know, so he just nodded.

“What’s going on. Why is your blond hair suddenly getting darker? Does it mean you’re getting more handsome? If you become even more handsome here, it transcends human beings, doesn't it?"

Encia laughed, saying that she had found a scoop.

Raon looked at Encia, who was lost in her own world, and clicked his tongue.

‘I was going to tell you tomorrow, but this is better.’

He approached Encia and bowed his head.

“There is something I would like to ask of you, Lady Encia.”

“Just tell me!”

Without even asking what the request was, she shouted to just say it.

“Do you happen to know what this is?”

Raon took out the artificial arm that Cloud had been wearing.


Encia’s gaze fell away from Raon for the first time.

"It's an artifact that can be used as a prosthetic arm. It's not ancient, it was made recently."


"Yes. The way it's made and the materials used are modern. It seems like it was made by a quite skilled craftsman."

She smiled, saying that the person who made the arm was probably a famous person.

“Then would you be able to make this artifact fit someone else?”

“It’s possible. But it doesn’t seem easy.”

Encia clicked her tongue without taking her eyes off the artificial arm.

“What do you mean it’s not easy?”

"It's difficult to use in its current state. It's designed in a way that puts strain on the wearer, so I think I have to redesign it completely.”

She frowned, mentioning that it wasn't intended from the start to be usable for a long time.

"Furthermore, it requires natural materials to be in contact with the arm. It might take some time to source them...."

Unlike her words about the difficulty of obtaining the materials, Encia seemed interested in this and her eyes twinkled.

“But who is going to use this?”

“It’s for Rimmer.”


Encia’s eyes widened.

“Something happened during the mission.”

“…I see.”

She nodded without asking any further questions.

“I think I need to meet Sir Rimmer first to decide.”

“I understand.”

"Then I'll take this and have a look."

Encia seemed to be completely focused on the artificial arm, and she went into her room without even taking the bread she was eating.

‘She’s amazing.’

Though usually playful and referred to with strange words like 'handsome', Encia was as serious as anyone when it came to her work. She was someone he could learn a lot from in many ways.

Raon returned to his room after cleaning up the slightly messy kitchen.

Knock knock knock.

Preparing to wash up, Raon heard three knocks on the door.

“Come in.”

Since it was predetermined that the person would knock three times, he instructed them to enter immediately.

Judiel opened the door carefully and entered, bowing her head.

"Nothing unusual?"

"Nothing special so far."

"Is it something that just happened?"

“Yes. A little while ago, I received an order from the Central Martial Palace.”

“It must be about me.”

Raon smiled and nodded.

“Yes, it is. But there was one more order.”

Judiel nodded briefly.

“Another order?”

“The order was to report any information we find about the Wise Martial Palace, even if it’s trivial.”

“Wise Martial Palace….”

Raon frowned, lowering his head.

“The Wise Martial Palace is where Denier Zieghart is the master, right?”

“That’s correct.”

“Why are they suddenly investigating that place?”

Karoon left the audience chamber with eyes as cold as ice. He didn’t understand why he was suddenly gathering information about the Wise Martial Palace after showing anger towards me.

‘Denier Zieghart….’

Denier had never caused any problems or made any strange remarks. He didn’t pay special attention to me or Sylvia, but he didn’t ignore us like the others did.

However, looking at his eyes, I was strangely reminded of Derus Robert.

“Should I find out what’s going on?”

“Yes. But be careful. I don’t think we should approach this recklessly.”

"Understood. I'll also adjust the report about the young master Raon appropriately."

“Thank you.”

“Then get some rest.”

Judiel bowed and stood up.

“Wait a minute.”

Raon stopped Judiel, who was about to go out the door.

"Any information about your younger brother?"

“…Not yet.”

Judiel shook her head with a calm gaze.

“Young master.”

She turned around again and bowed her head.

"I think it's time to stop investigating the whereabouts of my brother." “What?”

“It may already be too late, considering we haven’t found him yet even after using the agents and informations of the black market.”

Judiel spoke with an emotionless expression, similar to when she reported.

"The amount of money has increased significantly, and the job has become more complicated, so... giving up here seems like..."

“Are you serious?”

Raon looked at Judiel’s sunken eyes and felt his heart sink.


Judiel didn’t answer, her fingertips trembling.

"To be honest, at first, I thought I should find your brother because you chose to work and be loyal under me. I didn’t have any feelings about it, it was just a reward for you."


Raon smiled faintly, looking at Judiel’s trembling eyelids.

"Now, I sincerely hope you meet your brother."

It wasn’t a lie.

As he was beginning to realize what relationships like family, teacher, and friends meant, the value of the promise he made with Judiel also changed. Now he wanted to find her brother no matter what.

“Don’t give up first.”

Raon grabbed Judy's shoulder. He didn't exert force, but he wanted to convey the warmth of sincerity.

“Thank you….”

Judiel shook her shoulders and lowered her head. It seemed like it was the first time she had shown emotion since entering this room.

“Thank you.”

Judiel greeted him without raising her lowered head and left the room.

You're becoming a bit more human.

Wrath nodded with a mix of irritation and pride in his expression.

‘I've always been human.’

You were only human on the outside, weren't you more evil than a demon on the inside!

‘I suppose I wasn't very human-like at first.’

As the guy said, at first he couldn't get rid of the shadow of living as an assassin.

However, as he met many people, the shadow of his previous life was fading.

'I'll change more in the future.'

Shall the King of Essence tell you a way you can become more human?

'Is there such a thing?'

There's nothing impossible in this world.

Wrath chuckled and raised his chin.

'What is it?'

It’s a promise!

'A promise?'

That's right. Keeping promises is what truly makes someone human. So! If you were to bring ice cream to the King of Essence right now... cough!

Raon kicked Wrath and sighed heavily.

'I'm really sick of this....'

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Raon leaned against the wall of the annex building and took a bite of mint chocolate ice cream.


Wrath grabbed his aching cheek and let out a cotton candy-melting sound.

This is happiness, this is living! The King of Essence will open an ice cream shop as soon as he returns to Devildom!

He clenched his fists, declaring that he would open 1,000 stores across Devildom.

‘You do that yourself...’

Raon put down the empty ice cream box and turned his gaze to the right where Encia and Rimmer were.


Encia groaned as if she had a toothache and looked at Rimmer.

She said she had to see the target in person to make an artificial arm, so he brought him here, but she only looked at Rimmer's face, not his arm.

"He's handsome, but he's a bit ambiguous."

"What, what?"

Rimmer blinked with a trembling face.

"You've become so handsome (Raon) that I don't really feel anything even when I look at an elf."

Encia clicked her tongue briefly.

"What nonsense!"

Rimmer couldn't stand it and stood up abruptly.

"What am I lacking, as the epitome of perfection! No! I've even heard that I'm the most handsome elf in Seipia!"

He shook his head, saying there was no elf more handsome than him.

"Sir Raon is the number 1 in the continent, so even the number 1 elf can't compare."

Encia waved her finger, saying they couldn't even be put on the same level.

"And besides, long hair isn't my preference."

“Well, you poor soul who doesn't know the handsomeness of long hair!”

Rimmer smiled stiffly, sweating cold.

“What handsomeness. It looks like you didn’t cut it because it’s bothersome.”


He ran his fingers through his tangled hair, lips trembling.

What are they talking about?

‘I have no idea.’

Raon shook his head. He brought Rimmer here to examine his arm, but he didn’t know why they were suddenly talking about their appearances.

On top of that, he felt uncomfortable because his name was mentioned in between.


Raon sighed and approached Encia and Rimmer.

“Hey. Raon. This woman is weird! She was weird originally, but he’s gotten even weirder!”

Rimmer shook his head vigorously, saying that Encia seemed to have really gone crazy.

“Sir Rimmer. You pass for now.”

“I pass for now?”

“Yes. Although your appearance is a bit ambiguous, I’ll do it since you’re close with Sir Raon.”


Rimmer screamed and jumped up.

“Ambiguous appearance! I’ve never heard such a thing in my life!”

“Anyone would be ambiguous if they stood in front of Sir Raon. Don’t worry.”

“This damn bastard handsome Raon….”

“Oh my. Thank you for the compliment.”

“That’s not a compliment!”

Whether it was an elf boasting about his appearance or Encia rating that elf's appearance as ambiguous, neither seemed normal.

"Weren't you about to attach the arm? Why aren't you looking at the shoulder...?"

"Inspiration is important when doing this kind of work. Sir Rimmer's face is just enough to get the job done…."

“Ju, just enough….”

Rimmer seemed genuinely shocked and collapsed to the floor.

“You’re saying my face is just enough?”

He trembled his hands with a look of despair, as if he had been confident in his face.

“Didn’t you do it right away when I asked you to do something for my mother?”

Raon approached Encia, who was fiddling with the artificial arm, and asked.

"Both of you are incredibly very handsome and very beautiful. There's no need to ask."

"Well, alright then. Anyway, it's going to work, right?"

It seemed like the conversation was getting more and more confusing, so he quickly brought up the main topic.

“Yes! Although it’s ambiguous, I’ll do it because he’s close with Sir Raon!”

Encia nodded once again, killing Rimmer again.


Rimmer lay on the floor now. His complexion turned pale like a sheet of paper.

It’s such a pity! That shallow woman should have seen my face!

Wrath frowned, saying he wanted to have a contest of looks.

If it was the King of Essence’s face, he could have made you suffer that kind of humiliation too!

‘Why would I need to feel humiliated by such a thing…’

Raon shook his head and approached Rimmer.

“Are you okay?”

“This is the first time I’ve been humiliated like this….”

Rimmer clenched his fists and shook his shoulders.

"I've never been belittled for my appearance!"

He gritted his teeth in sincere frustration.

“Don’t worry about that and….”

“Ah! Stay still!”

When Raon tried to comfort Rimmer, Encia raised her camera.


She took a picture of Raon and Rimmer and smiled brightly.

"Wow. Standing next to an average person makes you look more handsome! Is this the contrast effect?"

Encia handed one of the two photos that fell out of the camera to Raon.


Raon scratched his chin as he looked at the photo of himself and Rimmer. Perhaps because she kept saying he was handsome, Rimmer appeared somewhat disheveled.


Rimmer raised his head with difficulty and looked at the photo, then collapsed like a jellyfish.

“I want to die. This hurts more than when my arm fell off. I should have died there!”

He closed his eyes, unable to refute.

"It’s hard to wipe my back without my right arm, and he says he won’t give me my pension or retirement money, and now I'm ugly too…."

“Di, division leader. Cheer up.”

Raon approached Rimmer and comforted him by patting his shoulder. Normally, he would have ignored him, but seeing him so serious, he decided to comfort him first.

“I’ll lend you money. Or if there’s anything you want to eat, just tell me.”

As soon as those words were out, Rimmer's left hand tightly grabbed Raon's wrist.

“You told me to just tell you, right?”

Rimmer stood up, smiling wickedly.


“Then let’s go on a trip with me. Of course, you’re paying for the travel expenses.”

“Where are we going all of a sudden….”

Although he was shocked that he was talking about travel expenses, there was something he had to ask first.

"The sacred place (the holy land) of the remaining elves on the continent. Seipia."

He raised his hand and smirked.

"There is something you might like there."



Note: (Dorian’s family is 세피아 = Sephia, Rimmer’s hometown is 세이피아 = Seipia)


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