TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 225


Bailey's family has contributed to Har Kingdom's diplomacy for generations.

As a result, they taught Bailey from a very young age.
Diplomacy in Har should not be limited to just worrying about other countries.

'Beast People.'

She was also taught about the various races of Beast People that exist in this land.

It was something natural.

Given the outstanding combat power of the Beast People races, Har Kingdom was friendly with them, and therefore, she had to know them as well as any other country, if not more.

"That power is-"

"Bailey-nim, are you okay?"

Bailey's heart began to beat strongly.

After Har Empire became a Kingdom, for over a hundred and fifty years, her family couldn't openly study Beast People.

It was a study that should not be done.

Instead, they had to teach bad things about Beast People externally.

However, Bailey fell in love with Beast People from a young age and acquired knowledge about them beyond what her family taught her, especially about Beast People before turbulent times.

As a result, she gained support from previous kings and Dennis, and was promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs. Of course, her knowledge of Beast People was a secret known only to a few.


As a result of these events, Bailey recognized who the beautiful woman in front of her was.

'Whale Tribe-'

Clearly, the woman was from the Whale Tribe.

A Beast People race known for dominating the sea.

They could be considered as the first in terms of unique attack power among various Beast People races.

But now, even the descendants of that tribe were unknown. It was said that no one was left alive.

Bailey's heart was beating fast.

Red hair and white hair. And next to them, another presence with blue hair.

Among those reminiscent of the Snow Grand Duchy and Har Kingdom, the Whale Tribe was also there.

At this moment, Bailey, she, couldn't find words to express her turbulent feelings.

Moreover, she couldn't express these agitated feelings aloud.

Because Jenyu was by her side.

At that moment, Jenyu spoke.

"I was wondering what kind of Beast People she would be, and it turns out she's from the Whale Tribe."

Bailey, she, shivered slightly.

'Did Jenyu notice the identity of that woman?'

Jenyu, a first-generation Dragon Half-Blood. It was said that he had lived for more than two hundred years.

In other words, he had existed since turbulent times.

And the woman from the Whale Tribe who caught Jenyu's gaze spoke.

"Oh, what a relief."

Witira smiled.

"I thought I would have to introduce myself again."

On the other hand, Jenyu nodded indifferently as he opened his mouth.

"It seems you've existed since before turbulent times."

Jenyu's words surprised the surrounding members.

A Beast People who has lived for more than two hundred years.

It was not unheard of for such beings to exist.

There were ancient Beast People hidden in different places on the continent.

Finding and killing them was one of the secret missions of the First Division, because they were different from current Beast People.


Another first-generation Dragon Half-Blood spoke.

"A Beast People that doesn't show signs of being Beast People. We should definitely kill him."

And then, he continued.

"Nine and Wei were no match for her."

They finally managed to understand the condition of the two Dragon Half-Bloods.

But that didn't mean they thought it would be an easy fight.

Then, Jenyu spoke to Witira.

"I don't know what your thoughts are, but you should have lived quietly."

Jenyu lowered his voice.

Silently. Holding his sword, he slowly approached the enemies.

"All Whale Tribe Beast People are supposed to be extinct."

Upon hearing these words, Witira's smile grew stronger. But Jenyu still showed no change in his expression.

"If you were the only one left, you should have continued your life."


A strange cry spread from Jenyu.

The expressions of the members lit up.

Jenyu's sword unleashed the cry.

Jenyu, one of the greatest Knights of the Empire.

The reputation he has built for himself has made him the best. And watching the spectacle, one of the third-generation Dragon Half-Bloods shouted.

"Commander! Get rid of that filthy blooded b*tch right now! Kill her!"

As if in agreement with him, the other Dragon Half-Bloods increased their Force.




Around him, common people groaned in agony, but they didn't care.

Woo, woo~

Instead, they increased their momentum in response to the growing sound of the Commander's sword. Some of them even smiled wider at the groans of those oppressed by their Force.

A member of the Eradication Team couldn't contain his anger and shouted:


That's when:

"I hate hearing those words."

Witira's mouth opened. She looked at the Dragon Half-Bloods who had spoken a moment ago.


Unconsciously, they were surprised.

Although they couldn't feel any force, an inexplicable pressure emanated from her. The experience accumulated by her in countless battles to protect or rule the sea manifested itself, even if it wasn't necessarily Force.

At that moment, Jenyu's sword stopped groaning. The members' eyes shone.

"Now, will you attack?"

Witira asked Jenyu lightly.


Jenyu responded calmly. He then continued speaking indifferently.

"It's fortunate to be able to hunt Whales in a place other than the sea."

Minister Bailey's expression hardened upon hearing it.

'Yes, this isn't the sea.'

Whales were strong in the sea, as they needed water to unleash their Berserk Transformation. This battlefield was extremely unfavorable for the whale woman. Bailey, she, looked at the whale woman with regret.


At that moment, Bailey's eyes widened. The woman was smiling.

"I, on the other hand, am fortunate."

She said while smiling. Bailey was bewildered, and doubts arose in Jenyu's eyes. Then, she gave them the answer to their questions.

"There's a lot of water here, you know?"

Ah, Bailey's mouth opened wide, and despair infiltrated Jenyu's eyes. Now, they finally saw the 'water' in her eyes.


Jenyu's short words flowed at that moment.

Witira opened her arms.

"Although it's a shame it's not seawater. Anyway, it's not bad."


The ground shook. No, to be precise, the ground beneath them trembled.

"What is that?"


One of the first-generation Dragon Half-Bloods shouted.

"It's snow!"

Although it wasn't the sea, there was a large amount of water. Exactly, white snow covering everything.

Witira's gaze turned to the sky.

They saw the falling snow from the sky. Their homeland was in the northern part of the continent.

More specifically, it was a land formed by ice blocks floating on the sea.

A constantly cold place. A place where snow fell abundantly.

A ground of ice that didn't melt even in summer.

Why would Whales live there?

Witira didn't question the reason. They simply lived content with the water surrounding them.

Witira, she, took a light step.


With a dull sound, the ground shook again. Or more precisely, the snow under Witira's feet trembled.


Somewhere, the sound of waves was heard. And the snow melted. It turned into water. A snowflake turned into a mass of water.

And then it turned into a wave.


The sound that should resonate in the sea spread across the barren northern land the moment the view expanded. A massive wave surrounded the Eradication Team area. A circular wall of giant waves formed.


Bailey was impressed by the beautiful view created by the blue waves. But she soon shivered.


The wave froze in place. Even the beautiful waves were frozen. The giant wall, only reachable by looking up, stopped like a wave that seemed to hit the Eradication Team at any moment.

And the entrance to that gigantic wall existed only where a woman with blue hair was standing.

Bailey, she, felt as if she were trapped in a massive circular stadium. This place seemed like a stage.

'No, it's not like that.'

This place wasn't just a stadium. It was a prison. The woman from the Whale Tribe had locked the Eradication Team in a prison of ice waves. Bailey's gaze traveled across the overwhelming scene.

Whales were stronger than she thought. Maybe we can still win...


But Bailey had to fall to the ground groaning. She couldn't lift her head. Jenyu's voice echoed.

"If it's a trap, just break it."

Jenyu's strength enveloped everything. Although not violent or gigantic, the intangible energy was as sharp as a cold blade. The Dragon Half-Bloods who were perplexed and confused realized Jenyu's strength in an instant. Calm descended over the Eradication Team.


The hope that had shone in Bailey's eyes faded again.

'Jenyu has a special ability.'

The power that only those truly chosen possessed. He had that power, and that's why he could sit in the leadership position. And Jenyu wielded his sword.


Dark energy rose. He was aiming directly at the circular entrance of the prison. Jenyu's mouth opened.

The enemy set a trap.

But if you eliminate the trap...

"According to the words of a hunter who has failed in the hunt, there is only death."

It was at that moment...

"The aftermath is none of my business."

Weeti, holding her sword, showed no sign of fear and even seemed to regret leaving as she smiled. And she looked at someone. Jenyu also looked in that direction. A red-haired man. Is he about to act? What is the identity of that person? When some thoughts crossed Jenyu's mind.

"As it's cold, let's finish this quickly."

Cale, calmly holding his sword, spoke.


And Jenyu was breathless.


A weak groan escaped his mouth. His pupils trembled. His eyes widened. His expression changed for the first time. Surprise reflected on his face. His mouth opened. But he couldn't say a word.


Then, sounds of people falling and the sound of weapons being dropped were heard.

But Jenyu couldn't look around.

He just knelt with one knee and barely held the sword in his hand.

'What the hell is this?'

The air squeezed him. An invisible force oppressed him. No, it dominated him.

-... Human. You definitely look as strong as my torso!

Cale, hearing Raon's words, looked nonchalantly ahead.

The supreme First Division of the Holy Empire. 5 people. Among them, not one raised their head and looked at Cale.

They all knelt and panted as if paying him homage.

Through Cale's ears, the majestic voice of Dominating Aura resonated with a solemn tone.

-Oh, I'm too strong. I haven't even put on the cape or crown yet, and our opponent is nothing! Haha! Next time, we should compete with Dragons to see who has more momentum.

And then, Cale thought.

'Ah, it's cold.'

He really wanted to lie down next to the warm fireplace at home.




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