TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 228


The relationship between the man in front of him and the Snow Grand Duchy.

Just this sentence made Bailey's mind complicated.

Meanwhile, Cale took a sip of lemon tea.

"It has become more comfortable."

As soon as he heard that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Har Kingdom was among the members of the Eradication Team, Cale felt much more at ease, thinking that he would not have to go through this inconvenient process.

"It will be easier to meet the King."

As someone who had briefly considered how to infiltrate or visit the palace, the current situation seemed really pleasant to Cale.


So Cale's voice naturally came out soft.

"Perhaps our actions have harmed Har?"

They kidnapped the Holy Empire's Eradication Team. There was some bloodshed in the process. Cale, considering the future friendly relationship with Har Kingdom that he would have to establish, asked out of courtesy.


Then, Bailey's expression hardened for a moment, but returned to normal as always. Cale did not notice this in the brief moment, but Bailey's heart started to beat strongly.

"Is it a test?"

No knight or force from Har Kingdom could stop the Holy Empire's First Division. Those who easily dominated such beings were concerned about Har Kingdom. In return, Har Kingdom should worry about not offending the feelings of such individuals.

"The meaning behind that question is twofold."

At this moment, Bailey's decades of experience and intuition working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were evident.

Cale Henituse.

The leader of powerful individuals whose identity is unknown. The question he posed. Have our actions harmed Har Kingdom? Inside, Bailey understood two things.

"First, it must mean they are watching how Har Kingdom unfolds."

She had not fully examined the influence of Cale Henituse, who was still in this Black Castle. But she heard that at least a hundred people were here.

"There are strong people I haven't seen yet."

Because Cale Henituse, and all the members of this castle, did not fear the Holy Empire.

"So, they are interested."

About whether Har Kingdom is aligned with the Holy Empire or not. And depending on Har Kingdom's attitude, they will decide their future direction.

"Of course, they are still friendly with Har Kingdom."

That's why they saved the village and rescued Knight Sam. Up to this point, Bailey, she, could deduce the second intention naturally.

"... It must be related to the Snow Grand Duchy!"

So, even looking at Bailey, he could not hide his concern for Har Kingdom. Bailey decided her answer. She knew what to say.

"Sir Cale."

Cale, the leader of powerful individuals of unknown identity. He was not looking for a yes or no answer to the simple question of whether he caused trouble.

"Do you intend to visit the palace?"

Bailey could see a stronger smile on Cale's face at that moment. Cale asked gently with a smile.

"If I want to visit, what do you plan to do?"

As they exchanged questions, Bailey offered an answer instead of a question.

"I will accompany you."

Alright. Cale smiled even more satisfied.

"But we will have to move discreetly."

Cale's expression turned strange at Bailey's words. He asked directly.

"Is there someone in the palace who doesn't want to welcome us?"

Bailey answered, admiring Cale's cunning in immediately understanding what she meant.

"Yes. There are many people like that. But His Majesty will be waiting."

"His Majesty the King is hostile to the Holy Empire, and it can be said that quite a few of his subjects have joined the Empire's side."

"That's right."

Cale asked without further ado.

"Minister. Do you represent the will of Har Kingdom?"

Who holds the leadership of the kingdom?

"While the Prime Minister and I are alive, His Highness will somehow achieve what he wants. However, the Prime Minister and I are old."

Bailey and the Prime Minister were in charge of foreign and internal affairs, respectively.

It was said that the two firmly supported the king.

However, because they were old, it also meant that the direction of power could change at any moment.

Cale immediately spoke.

"I don't like things that are bothersome and time-consuming."

"Me neither. Let's go see His Majesty the King first before the Empire finds out."

When the king of a country met someone, it had to be at the king's discretion.

Bailey gave her confirmation here.

Cale Henituse and his colleagues were clearly the ones the king had been waiting for.

She continued.

"Originally, it would take a long time to get from here to the capital, but wouldn't you prefer to use teleportation magic?"


Bailey, seeing the Dragon Rasheel, asked as if it were obvious, and Cale nodded.

"Because dragons can use magic now."

With control of the area through dragon blood, teleportation is also possible.

Seeing Cale's calm attitude, Bailey carefully observed before asking as calmly as possible.

"Sir Cale."

It was a very important question.

She had to get a clear answer.

"In the future, will you cause trouble for the Holy Empire?"

Cale, knowing why Bailey was concerned, responded without hesitation.

"From the beginning to the end, I will cause trouble for the Holy Empire."

Bailey's expression brightened.

"So, Sir Cale, I don't think you will cause trouble for Har Kingdom. Surely, His Highness will respond in the same way."

"Those are satisfying words. Minister, can I ask two more questions?"

"Of course."

Bailey was willing to answer any questions.

"Cough, cough."

But a coughing fit erupted from Bailey's mouth.

"Young Master."

The butler of the Black Castle approached and offered a handkerchief to Bailey while addressing Cale.

"A long conversation will be difficult, I believe."

Bailey nodded in agreement with Cale's words.

Cough, cough. But the coughing continued. Due to her advanced age, she had traversed snowy and exhausting terrain, in addition to experiencing the Force of the Dragon Half-Bloods with a common body.

It wasn't a serious injury, but her body needed rest.

"I'm... I'm fine."

Bailey tried to show determination.

"Then, let me ask a brief question."

Cale only asked questions that needed immediate answers. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cale was confident that she would be an expert in that field.

"How do you think the Holy Empire will fare in the future?"

The corner of Bailey's mouth lifted.

It was the question she had been waiting for.

"They will wait until tonight or tomorrow. If Commander Knight Jenyu does not report anything by tomorrow, and if none of the Dragon Half-Bloods die."

She held up three fingers.

"They will show three actions at the same time."

"I will listen attentively."

As Cale prepared to listen in silence, Bailey opened her mouth.

"Firstly, they will send the Eradication Team again."

Cale already expected this.

"But within that force, in addition to the Dragon Knight Knights, they will include Inquisitors."

Cale raised his hand momentarily to interrupt her.

"Who are the Inquisitors?"

Bailey fell silent for a moment. Then, Cale smiled and added.

"I really don't know anything."

Bailey didn't believe him.

'Surely, he's pretending to be modest to find the gap between the information he has and Har Kingdom's information.'

So, a simple answer wasn't enough.

She had to tell hidden stories, not those commonly known.

"The Inquisitors are, in theory, those who seek and judge people or groups suspected of heresy or sectarianism in the Holy Empire. However, their actual job is to 'cleanse.'"


"Yes. They eliminate all beings that interfere with the Temple and the Empire's conquest of the continent."

Inquisitors, who have been carrying out cleansing operations while hiding in the shadows of the Empire and the Temple.

"It is said that their power is not inferior to that of the Dragon Knight Knights. And they are one of the powerful forces supporting the Empire."

"And then?"

Cale knew that Bailey's explanation hadn't finished, so he asked a question. Bailey realized that what he wanted to know was not something that could be seen at a glance, so she spoke. Her body was tired, but her eyes were shining.

"According to what we have discovered in Har, we believe that the heretic Inquisitors are the most powerful force in the Holy Empire."


She paused in her speech and soothed her throat, which was about to cough. She took a sip from the tea the white-haired servant handed her.


She set down the teacup, and Bailey continued speaking.

The reason they consider the Inquisitors as the most powerful force is...

"It is believed that they are human, according to the information we have gathered. But, based on our conclusions from the collected information, they are not human."


Bailey, who had discovered the fact based on information, didn't know how surprised she was at first.

"The Inquisitors are..."

They are.



Cale sighed in his mind. Elves. That hadn't crossed his mind.

'Well, if the Dragons control the World Tree, and naturally, the Elves also act as subordinates.'

Cale nodded and spoke.

"So, the Holy Empire will send another Eradication Team again. And the other two?"

Bailey, recalling Cale's expression that seemed to have no reservations even after hearing the word "Elf," spoke.

"Secondly, they will communicate with His Majesty the King."

"To investigate what Har Kingdom has done, right?"

"That's right."

This was also a natural procedure.

"Then, what about the third?"

"Well, about that..."

Bailey hesitated for the first time in speaking.

But soon, her eyes turned towards Rasheel, who was half asleep in a corner of the room.

Following her gaze, Cale also looked at Rasheel.

"No need to say it."

Cale figured out the third.

"Bring Dragons, right?"

"Yes. They will definitely do that."

Since Holy City became an Empire, there was never a moment when half of the Knights Division of the Holy Empire suddenly disconnected. So, the Temple's headquarters, the Pope, would contact the Dragons.

"The Dragons won't come immediately to the Erghe Mountains, but in case it happens, a Dragon might come directly here."

Bailey spoke cautiously.

"If they come, it will be one."

"I see."

Cale thought.

'What if we capture a Dragon and interrogate it?'

If Eruhaben-nim beats it into dust, won't it talk? I think it would be easy for six dragons to beat up one dragon.


Bailey swallowed.

It was so difficult not to feel anticipation while seeing Cale's relaxed expression and the Dragon Rasheel blinking as if about to fall asleep.


But Bailey's aged body also found it difficult to harbor those expectations.


Cale stood up from his seat.

"Go and rest quickly. As soon as teleportation preparation is complete, I'll see you again."

"...There's one more thing, right?"

Bailey recalled Cale's two questions.

"What's the other one?"


Cale hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"Are Dragon Half-Bloods created beings?"


Bailey sighed while looking at the ceiling.

"The Temple says Dragon Half-Bloods are born beings."

Her gaze met Cale's.

"But we have been making assumptions based on information gathered for decades."

It was still only an assumption, not a certainty.

"Dragon Half-Bloods are definitely created."

At that moment, the corner of Cale's lips lifted, and the voice of the Dragon that had been silent reached Bailey's ears.

"So, if we beat up the Dragon Half-Bloods, we can find out what happened."

And the butler who had been quietly attending to Bailey spoke. With a soft voice, Ron said:

"I'll take care of the interrogation."


Bailey's eyes widened. Wasn't he just a butler?

"Yes, leave it to me."

Cale's casual response surprised her even more.

'There's no one to underestimate here.'

A cold sweat escaped her.

Cale realized Bailey's health was quite bad and told Ron:

"Bring the Minister."

"Yes, Young Master."

Bailey stopped when she was about to leave Cale's room. It was due to a thought that suddenly occurred to her.

"Sir Cale."

Bailey's voice trembled slightly.

"By any chance, how many Dragons are housed here?"

At that moment, she could see the smile that appeared on Cale's lips.

"Well, I think there are enough."

Bailey bit her lip at his simple answer.

Cale's simple answer made Bailey bite her lip. Her heart pounded, and finally, she burst into laughter and said:

"It seems my old heart won't hold up. I really need to rest a bit."

"Yes. As we will soon head to the kingdom's capital, rest well, even if it's for a short time."


Bailey left Cale's room and entered the guest room. There, the attendants and knights were waiting for her.

Once Ron also left, the Minister, lying on the bed, saw the anxiety and anticipation on her assistant's face.


"What is it?"

The assistant hesitated, exchanged glances with the surrounding knights and officials, and then spoke.

"That Cale Henituse, does he have any relation to the Snow Grand Duchy?"

Bailey closed her eyes. She remembered the proud red that stood tall in the white world.

"He said he has no relation."


At the moment a sigh was heard from someone, Bailey continued speaking.

"Even if he had any connection to the Snow Family, what could we say?"

The Snow Family. When it was attacked, Har Kingdom collapsed under the pressure of the empire and the opposition trying to cling to the empire and couldn't provide any proper help.

"But this time will be different."

Young King Dennis. For Sir Cale, whose last name is unknown, whether it's Henituse or Snow.

"We will give him everything we have."

Even though they didn't have much.



Bailey decided to use the greatest authority King Dennis had entrusted to her.

"I have to send a message to the elder."

The assistant's eyes widened.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. When we go to the capital, come with me and contact him."

Bailey looked out the window. Snow was falling. As white as that person. The hidden guardian of Har Kingdom. The last resort that wouldn't appear unless the Kingdom was on the brink of destruction.

"The time has come for the White Snake to make its move."

An ancient race that has survived since before the era of changes.

They must be summoned.

"Of course, it will depend on the elder's will, but at least we must try."

"Will they move?"

"...I think they will."

Years of accumulated experience were speaking to Bailey.

"...In the future, whether it's the Holy Empire or Har Kingdom, one of the two will have to face its end."

Contrary to mentioning the destruction of her country, Bailey's eyes were clearly shining even in her aged body.

It was the look of someone who had found an opportunity.


"I'm leaving."

The Ancient Dragon Eruhaben approached Cale, who was about to go see King Dennis.




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