TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 227


Human, I really like Rasheel!
As Raon said, Dragon Rasheel looked visibly pleased with Cale's words about being good support.


Cale looked around. Clopeh and Hannah were on both sides. Both remained silent without saying a word.

There was a reason why he deliberately brought them here.

Although Raon thought he brought them because of the commotion, the reality was different.

'I brought them here to confirm if these two can fight within my aura.'

Originally, when the Knight Commander, Jenyu, tried to jump onto Cale, Clopeh and Hannah would have taken turns protecting Cale and competing against Jenyu.

'I didn't know Rasheel would suddenly intervene.'

And he didn't know they would lose so easily.


The Dominating Aura snorted.

-It's natural. Their Attributes were completely overwhelmed.

Jenyu's Combat Attribute and Rasheel's Indomitability Attribute. Although Jenyu's Attribute was also quite powerful depending on how it was used, he couldn't use his strength against Rasheel's Indomitability. Despite clashing with similar resolutions, Jenyu couldn't even counterattack properly.


Cale thought suddenly. But he couldn't express that thought out loud.

"He's weak."

Cale turned his head because it felt like someone had read his mind.

There, Hannah, with bright eyes under her hood, looked at Cale.

"Hey, they said they would let me fight to my heart's content, but why is everyone so weak?"

Raon's voice followed.

-Human! There's something wrong with Hannah's sight! Why could that be?

I don't know. Cale avoided Hannah's gaze without saying a word.

This is the Holy Empire with the strongest national power in Apitoyu.

The Knights First Division, the Empire's strongest military force.

He thought they would be extremely strong, composed of Dragon Half-Bloods and Humans.

'It's not as strong as I thought.'

Whether Wei and Nine, for example.

'Compared to our Dragon Half-Blood... aren't they too weak?'

Of course, our Dragon Half-Blood, who had become a Bone Dragon, was not an ordinary Dragon Half-Blood born between a Dragon and a Human but rather a Chimera.

Moreover, the person who ate the hearts of several Dragons, starting with the Lord Dragon's children, that was our Dragon Half-Blood.


Cale was surprised for a moment.

Why did I say 'our' after seeing the Dragon Half-Blood?

Cale thought:

'I should decide on a name quickly.'

As they hadn't decided on a name yet, he kept using the word 'our' due to the confusion with the other Dragon Half-Bloods.

'Anyway, they're still too weak.'

The Knights First Division, composed of Dragon Half-Bloods. Were they really the Empire's strongest military force?

'I need to find out.'

Cale organized his thoughts and opened his mouth.

He had to take those Dragon Half-Bloods who were bowing to Rasheel back to the hideout.

'Because their mouths are information.'

But Cale couldn't continue speaking.


One of the Dragon Half-Bloods, who hadn't properly gotten up due to Dragon Fear, opened her mouth; she was one of the third generation.

"Why, does a Dragon protect Humans?"

Her expression genuinely seemed incomprehensible.

But there was no one to answer her.

Cale, as if he hadn't heard, said without concern.

"Rasheel-nim, it's time to take them back."

When Rasheel glanced at him, Cale smiled and spoke.

"You're really someone reliable."


Rasheel, who snorted, opened his mouth.

"If I leave them in your hands, it will take too long. I'll do it myself."

"It doesn't make sense!"

The third-generation Dragon Half-Blood exclaimed again like a scream.

Rasheel's gaze turned to her.

"How can a grand Dragon follow the orders of this miserable human? Why?"

She really couldn't believe it. In her entire life, growing up, seeing and hearing, there has never been a situation like this.

"A Dragon listening to humans? This is... this is! A great shame for the existence of dragons!"

Suddenly, a hand flew towards her.



Her chin was hit by Rasheel's fist, and she was thrown backward.

This pain was completely new.

It seemed like tears were about to burst. Barely, she turned her head to look at the Dragon who hit her.

And she was surprised.


The gaze of the eyes of the Dragon looking at her in silence.

Those eyes were undoubtedly the eyes of a "Dragon."

With the look of someone who didn't even want to talk to her, he gazed down at her.

Dragons looked at Dragon Half-Bloods like this, even though they inherited their blood.

Of course, some Dragons treated them kindly, but many of them didn't even bother to look at Dragon Half-Bloods.

She thought that was because they were "absolute greatness" and had "pure blood."

"How annoying."

Instead, the disdainful look from the Dragon strangely made her feel relieved.

But she was even more surprised by what followed.

Rasheel, he, was full of irritation as he spoke.

"Why are there people with such narrow minds?"

Narrow minds?

The Dragon Half-Blood was surprised.

"Narrow?! This is truth and justice!"

Although she was despised by some Dragons, the Dragon Half-Blood, who grew up accepting their blood, opened her mouth.

She felt a certain responsibility.

A great opportunity to proclaim the truth to the Dragon in front of her.

So, she spoke.

"Oh, great dragon that keeps this ruined, Gods-forsaken world safe!"

The voice of the Dragon Half-Blood echoed in the desolate snowy field.

"Dragons are Gods!"

Meanwhile, another Dragon Half-Blood gasped. Calming his mind.

It was the Dragon Half-Blood who had been looked at by Jenyu at that moment.

'The opportunity is now.'

He thought of the moment when his crazy companion was talking to the Dragon.

'I have to escape.'

No matter what he had to do.

He thought of things he could do.

'Teleportation is not possible.'

A spell of that magnitude would be detected by the Dragon.

'For a very short time, being able to use magic would be possible with the use of mana.'

The moment the Dragon realized he was using magic would be the moment everything would end.

'Without a doubt, I must report this situation to the Empire.'

He looked around.

Two third-generation Dragon Half-Bloods, excluding Nine and Wei. One was panicking and speaking incoherently, while the other seemed out of it.

It was understandable in this situation.

Then, he locked eyes with another first-generation Dragon Half-Blood. He nodded slightly.

'Yes. What other choice do I have?'

It seemed like the other understood his intention. He had made his decision.

The only thing he could do.

'There is no other option but to use Runaway.'

The Dragon Half-Blood decided to use 'Runaway' as a last resort.


And surely, the end would be death.

First and second-generation Dragon Half-Bloods knew something that the third and fourth generations didn't.

That was, 'Runaway.'

By releasing the Dragon's Blood inside their bodies, they gained more powerful strength, but the only end is death.

'There's no other choice.'

The Dragon Half-Blood decided to use that power.

His loyalty to the Empire and the Temple was deep, unlike those of the second and third generations with superficial loyalty.

'For the Empire. It's for the rules of the world.'

The Dragons and the Temple saved the world from chaos.

At that moment, the voice of the third-generation Dragon Half-Blood who was speaking nonsense resonated.

"It is the natural duty of humans to pay homage to Dragons as Gods."

Crazy woman.

A laugh escaped involuntarily from him. However, he swallowed that laughter inside.

Thud. Thud.

His heart was beating fast.

"If I go out of control-"

And then, if I die.

"The Central Temple will know."

The death of a Dragon Half-Blood would be detected immediately in the Central Temple.

"Especially if I die while activating Runaway-"

Won't there be a red-grade alert, the highest, or a green-grade one, or even less, during Runaway?

'That alone will be useful for the Temple.'

Thud. Thud.

The heartbeat was felt again.

Most of the first-generation Dragon Half-Bloods have died. Those who survived are not many.

'This is how I will die.'

And today he would also die. The tension increased. The fear of death, loyalty to the Temple. And...

'We must avoid the eyes of that dragon.'

Avoid the Dragon's gaze and activate Runaway instantly. And there's only one way.

'...Break the Jewel.'

Jewel. This was the word referring to the bright crystal embedded on the right side of the Dragon Half-Blood's chest. By breaking that beautiful crystal that is evidence of inheriting the dragon's blood, the dragon's blood inside the body would overflow.

'I will pierce it instantly with mana.'

He surveyed the surroundings.

"When we follow the laws of the world created by the Dragons, this world finds balance."

The gazes focused on the third-generation Dragon Half-Blood preaching the doctrine. Even Rasheel seemed to be trying to understand what she was saying.


He slowly moved his hand to the right, towards the chest.

'In an instant.'

He gathered mana in his hand and, in an instant, pierced the Jewel. That's it. His hand trembled. Because he was thinking of attacking his own body with his own hand. But his mind calmed down.

'Everything is for the rules of this world.'

He recited one of the doctrines as he looked at the Dragon and squeezed his right hand tightly.

It was at that moment...


His heart sank. The eyes of the Dragon Half-Blood widened. Someone shouted "Runaway." He turned his head in the direction of the sound.

"The Dragon Half-Blood can use Runaway!"

Bailey, the Minister of Har Kingdom, stared at him and shouted.

"If the Dragon Half-Blood goes out of control and dies, the news will spread to the Temple."

Even the Dragon Half-Blood involuntarily opened his mouth.

"How dare you-"

To say such things? Before he could continue, Bailey smiled at him. It was a smile more of regret than joy.

Bailey, she, internally shouted.

'We didn't stay idle either.'

Har Kingdom had somehow gathered information. Given the situation where they couldn't cultivate the appropriate military strength under the Empire's surveillance, they should at least have "information."

It was randomly collected information. One of those pieces of information was this. It was not in vain. Bailey, she, smiled at seeing the face of the Dragon Half-Blood twist in surprise and despair.


At that moment, a calm voice resonated.

The Dragon Half-Blood trembled at hearing the voice coming right in front of his nose.

'When did he arrive?'

He didn't even know who was approaching. He slowly turned his head. A calmly reliable white-haired man continued.

"I saw that your behavior was strange, so I watched you cautiously. Runaway, you say. That would be troublesome."

A man with white hair and piercing eyes looked down at the Dragon Half-Blood.

Somehow, he seemed sacred.

For a moment, he wondered if he was a priest.

He smiled calmly.

And said:

"In His path, variables must not appear."


Before the Dragon Half-Blood could question the word, the words of the white-haired man barely reached his ears.


His own hand trying to pierce his right chest. That wrist was cut and fell to the ground.


The situation where his hand fell into the snow, spreading red blood, was surreal.

When the Dragon Half-Blood was left speechless, unable to even feel pain at the somewhat unrealistic sight. White-haired man, Clopeh, looked at Cale with a smile.

Clopeh said that variables should not appear on the path of HIM.

"Is that so?"

With the words he spoke, Cale was left speechless in a different way.


Before the words murmured by Sword Master Hannah, Cale was about to nod unconsciously before restraining himself and opening his mouth with effort.

"First, let's make everyone faint."

And he approached the people of Har Kingdom.

"Are you Bailey?"

Bailey grabbed the hand that Cale extended, who spoke very kindly, and stood up.

She looked at the red-haired man and thought.


Maybe she was participating in the beginning of a monumental event now.

The opportunity for the rules of this world to change once again.

With an unknown expectation, Bailey's heart, who thought she was already aging, began to beat.

Cale handed a cup of hot tea to
Minister of Foreign Affairs Bailey, who was sitting in front of him.

And Bailey accepted the cup with an expression full of confusion as she opened her mouth.

"Eh, you don't know anything?"

Cale responded rather softly.

"Yes. I don't know anything."

He simply spoke the truth.

Very firmly.

"I'm not from the Snow Grand Duchy. I've never heard of that family, nor do I know anything about it. Really, I have no connection with that family. There is not the slightest link between us."

Cale spoke firmly to avoid future questions about the matter.

"Oh, I see..."

Bailey, in charge of diplomatic affairs, convinced herself with such a strong denial.

'Negating so forcefully is like affirming,' she thought.

Clearly, the discovered man had some connection to the Snow Grand Duchy.




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