TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 579

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Chapter 579



Rimmer smiled as he looked at Sterin.

"Listening to the word 'Satan' from you truly makes me feel like I'm back home."

He smiled broadly, feeling like he had gone back in time to his childhood.


Raon muttered the word "Satan". He knew it wasn't a good word, but he couldn't quite remember what it meant.

“You don't know Satan?”

“I don't.”

He turned around and saw Dorian and Yua shaking their heads together, as if they didn't know either.

“Well, it's a name that's been forgotten by humans for a long time.”

Rimmer muttered that it was possible and waved his hand.

“Satan is one of the Kings of Devildom. He's in charge of the sin of wrath, one of the Seven Deadly Sins."

“W, Wrath?”

"Yeah. He was called Satan because he was the enemy of God and Heaven. It's been a while since he's been around, but he's so terrifying that his name is often used to scare children, like 'Satan will catch you'."

He laughed, saying it was a word Sterin often used.

“I, I see….”

Raon chewed on his trembling lips and rolled his eyes towards Wrath.

‘You were also called Satan?’

Indeed, humans used to call the King of Essence that.

Wrath muttered that there were such times and nodded his head.

‘The enemy of God and Heaven, Satan….’

Wrath had often shouted that he would fight God and Heaven without regard for time or place. Considering his madness, it wasn't surprising that he was called the enemy of God.

But to say he was terrifying! The King of Essence was always rational, logical, and beautiful!

He rambled, trembling with clenched fists.

‘Among the many Demon Kings, why Satan….’

Raon gulped and looked at Sterin, the Protector of the elves.

He wondered if Sterin could have sensed Wrath’s presence and mentioned Satan. Tension began to fill his chest again.


However, to his surprise, Sterin's first words were words of praise.

“It's the first time I've seen a human with purer mana than an elf.”

His eyes twinkled with what seemed like genuine admiration.

“What's even more amazing is the level of your soul. Even with your current cultivation, I can feel a very high level that you shouldn't be able to reach. It's strange, it's like the level of another person is mixed with yours.”

Sterin muttered as if he were mesmerized, looking into Raon's eyes.


Raon clenched his fists as he listened to Sterin's words.

‘Is it because he’s a High Elf that he can sense Wrath’s presence?’

Neither the White Blood Religion leader nor the Holy Sword Union leader, not even Glenn, had noticed Wrath’s presence.

It seemed that because he was a High Elf who communicated with nature, he could feel Wrath’s presence.

“Didn't I tell you!”

Erian shook his fist vigorously.

"That human is undoubtedly chosen by the Spirit King!"

“The Spirit King. Is it fire or water?”

"Yes. Protector, you should be able to sense it better than me. The pure energies of fire and water dormant within that human!"

He shouted, still confident in his own thoughts.


Sterin nodded, stroking his chin as if it were a habit.

"Whether it's the Spirit King or whatever. It's probably best to start with introductions. I'm Sterin, the Protector of Seipia."

“I apologize. I should have greeted you first.”

Raon put his hand on his chest and bowed respectfully.

“I am Raon Zieghart, the vice division leader of the Light Wind Division of Zieghart.”


Sterin’s eyes widened as he looked at Raon.

“Did you just say Raon Zieghart?”


“The Dragon Slayer, Raon Zieghart. Yes. With that level of strength and aura, you should be worth that name.”

He now understood and let out a low sigh.

"Impressive, right? I raised him myself!"

Rimmer patted Raon on the shoulder and grinned.


Sterin furrowed his brow, finding Rimmer's casual tone unsettling.

“Are you really Rimmer?”

"Oh, why are you like this? I'm your own grandson, raised by you!"

Rimmer raised his hand to his waist as if to take off his pants.


Sterin looked at Rimmer’s fluttering right sleeve and shook his head.

“You’ve changed so much that I can’t adapt.”

He sighed and looked back at Raon.

"There might have been some disturbances on the way here, so let me apologize on behalf of everyone. We must have all been on edge due to the important matter ahead."

Sterin lowered his eyes, saying that they had been rude to the guest.

"No one was hurt, so it's okay. But if it's such an important matter…"

Not only Sterin, but also Erian and Reyran had said that it was a sensitive time, and seeing that there were no humans in Seipia, it seemed like they had a really important task ahead of them.

"We're preparing for the Purification Ritual."

“Purification Ritual?”

“Just as a tree absorbs polluted air and purifies the atmosphere, the World Tree absorbs and purifies the negative energy of this world.”


It was something he had heard from Rimmer before. He thought he was exaggerating, but it seemed to be true.

"However, even the World Tree alone cannot purify the lingering negative energies spreading across the continent. Once every twenty years, a High Elf resonates with the World Tree to remove the impurities within it, which is the Elven Purification Ritual."

Sterin briefly explained the Purification Ritual. It seemed like a consideration for Raon, being Rimmer’s disciple.

"Oh! That's right!"

Rimmer exclaimed, raising his left fist.

"It's time for the Purification Ritual! Now it all makes sense!"

He nodded, saying he understood why the guardians were blocking his way.


Sterin stared at Rimmer with fierce eyes, his lips tightly shut.

"Who are you?"


Rimmer blinked his eyes as if he didn't understand what he was saying.

"There's no way an elf of Seipia would forget the purification ritual."

Sterin raised a chillingly sharp sense of intent, thinking that Rimmer was possessed by something. He seemed ready to cut him down if he answered incorrectly.

"The first swordsmanship I learned from Grandfather was the Meteor Sword. I still remember what you told me under the World Tree, what are you talking about!"

Rimmer recounted memories with Sterin, ticking them off one by one as he pointed his finger.

"Then it's true…."

Stelin trembled as he looked at Rimmer, his lips trembling. An elf. And a Transcendent high elf at that, seeing him so flustered was unexpected.

"I'm your grandson. A little bit. No..."

Rimmer scratched the back of his head and laughed.

"I've changed a lot."


Sterin's throat throbbed.

'Oh boy...'

He's really crazy...

Raon and Wrath shook their heads at the same time.


Sterin cleared his throat and shook his head.

"I'm sorry. That child has changed so much that I was a little..."

"I understand."

Raon nodded. Anyone would be taken aback when a well-mannered grandson arrives so damaged. It was perfectly understandable.

"So you came here to escort Rimmer?"

"Yes. I just came along in case something happened, but I didn't know there was something important going on like the purification ritual."

"That's okay. He's the fool who forgot."

"Grandfather! What do you mean by calling your grandson a fool!"


In this short moment, Sterin had finished adapting and began to treat Rimmer like Glenn did.

"Ah! Now that I think about it!"

Rimmer walked up to Sterin without hesitation.

"Why did I become the one who stole the sacred relic?!"

He frowned and raised the sword he was wearing at his waist in front of Sterin.

"That sword."

Sterin looked at the sword in Rimmer's hand with cloudy eyes.

"I gave it to you because you wanted to become the leader of the guardian. But shortly after receiving the sword, you left Seipia, so naturally, you could be seen as a thief."


"I thought you would come back soon, but I didn't expect you to spend such human-like years, and I didn't know you would come back so messed up as a person. I guess I'll have to go see house Zieghart once."

Sterin sighed and touched the red bow hanging on the wall, feeling that he should visit Zieghart after finishing the purification ritual.

"That sounds interesting."

Rimmer slurped his lips, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the problem was caused by him.


Raon stepped between Rimmer and Sterin and bowed his head.

"The division leader has come to return the sword."

"That's right."

Rimmer nodded indifferently and held out the sword he was holding to Sterin.

"You're returning it?"

"Yes. I don't think I'm qualified to use the relic of the tribe with this arm."

He looked at his empty right shoulder and smiled faintly.

"How did you lose that arm?"


Rimmer did not answer immediately, but looked at Raon, Dorian, and Yua standing behind him in turn, with a faint blue light in his eyes.

"I entrusted it to the future."

"Do you regret that choice?"


"Is that so...."

Sterin nodded indifferently, as if he had guessed the situation.

"It seems like my grandson has returned a bit to the way I knew him."

He loosened his stiff lips and called for Erian.



“Cancel the arrest warrant for Rimmer.”


Erian stared at Rimmer for a moment before nodding. He seemed to have something to say, but he seemed to be following the Protector’s orders.

“Protector, what will you do with that human? He will surely become the contractor of the Spirit King.”

He still refused to give up and shouted that Raon would become the contractor of the Spirit King.

“It is unheard of for a Spirit King who has not yet been born to choose a contractor.”

“Isn’t it also the first time in history that the Water and Fire Spirit Kings have disappeared for such a long time?”


Sterin stroked his chin and stared intently into Raon’s eyes.

“Have you ever heard a voice, or felt a strong natural energy?”


Raon met Sterin’s sunken eyes and pursed his lips.

‘Yes, I do. Every day.’

The Cotton Candy Demon King was right next to him, but he couldn’t tell them that, so he shook his head for now.


“I see.”

“See. There’s no way a human can be the contractor of the Spirit King.”

Reyran shook her head firmly.

“I agree. However, it wouldn’t hurt to test it.”


Reyran widened her eyes in surprise.

Sterin raised his hand, a red cat sprang up into his palm. Its pointed ears and swishing tail were all ablaze with scarlet flames.

‘This cat is….’

It was small, but the energy it possessed was even stronger than the top-tier spirit Erian had summoned. It seemed to be the highest ranking fire spirit.

Nya… Kyaaang!

The cat yawned and met Raon’s eyes, but immediately recoiled and started trembling.

It crouched down as if on guard, then rolled onto its back, exposing its belly. It was the submissive posture typical of cats and other animals.


Reyran gasped at the sight of the highest tier fire spirit showing its white belly. Even her resolute eyes began to waver.

“I told you! Would Sterin’s spirit do that for no reason? He’s definitely the contractor of the Spirit King!”

Erian patted his chest, saying that he was right.


Sterin nodded, recalling the terrified cat spirit.

“I’m not sure, but it’s clear that you’re special.”

He had no choice but to believe it to some extent and nodded solemnly.

I'll die of frustration! I’m not the Spirit King, I’m the Monarch of Devildom! You stupid fools!

Wrath shook his head violently, annoyed at being compared to the Spirit King.

"If you really have been chosen by the Spirit King, it would have a significant impact on our tribe. So, can we revisit this matter after the purification ritual?"

"Yes. That's fine."

"Welcome them as the highest guests of the tribe."

Sterin waved his hand, telling them to treat not only Raon, but everyone else with the best hospitality.

“I understand!”


Erian nodded firmly, while Reyran responded with a hesitant expression.

“Don’t worry about us and continue what you were doing. This kid has something to learn here.”

Rimmer approached Sterin and jutted out his chin.

“Learn something?”

“Yes. I would like you to show Raon the enchantment


Sterin stroked his chin as he looked at Raon.

“Since you said he is your disciple, I guess there is nothing I can't show him. However, not now. The purification ritual comes first.”

“Hmm? Isn't Siyan the one who does the purification ritual?”

Rimmer tilted his head, mentioning someone's name.

“That child is not ready yet.”

“Huh? She's old enough….”

"She still hasn't achieved resonance. There's nothing we can do about it."

Sterin sighed with a slightly tired expression.

“If she hadn't tried, that would be one thing. But even though she practices every day, she still fails. There's nothing I can do about it now.”

He shook his head with disappointment and regret.

“Th, then….”

“That's right. She's locked herself in her room and won't come out.”


For the first time, Rimmer showed concern in his eyes and furrowed his brow.

“Who is Siyan?”

When Raon called out the name, Rimmer turned his head with a frown.

“She's my younger sister. And also the creator of your favorite Nadine bread."

“But what do you mean she won't come out?”

“The reason she created the Nadine Bread was so she wouldn’t have to come out of her room.”

That b*tch! I’ll go and kill her right now!

Wrath swung his round fist like a hammer and roared.

"If she made Nadine bread to not come out of her room..."

Raon pushed Wrath away and pouted.

“That's right.”

Rimmer nodded and sighed.

“She's a shut-in.”

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

"When will Volume 2 come out? I hope it includes the part where he defeats the dragon."

Siyan exhaled excitedly after reading the book titled The Biography of Raon Zieghart to the last page.

“It's amazing. How can he be so good at everything?”

She covered her face with the book and blushed.

‘It must be talent. The greatest talent among humans.’

Siyan put down the book with a slightly depressed look in her eyes.

“And a talent that I don’t have….”

She pouted for a moment before getting up from the bed.


 Siyan took a deep breath and closed her eyes. In her breath, clear mana began to flow like an untouched lake.


The blue mana, which was swaying in a heavy stream, moved towards her upper energy center and stopped abruptly as if blocked by a dam.


Siyan opened her eyes, biting her lips.

‘I failed again….’

High Elves possess several abilities that Elves cannot have. Among them, the most important is resonance, which aligns oneself with nature and their own being.

Only when you can achieve resonance can you be called a true High Elf and purify with the World Tree, but she had not yet succeeded in doing so.

‘I'm also a High Elf, why doesn't it work for me?’

Her grandfather and other High Elves achieved resonance naturally from birth, but even as an adult, she still couldn't achieve it..

Despite countless exercises following her grandfather's breathing since childhood, the path had not opened for her.

The stares of the other elves became more and more piercing, and it has been decades since she stopped going out of this room.

"Why only me!"

Siyan raised her hands and shouted angrily.

"I want to be praised and noticed by others too, why am I the only one like this!"

She revealed her worldly desires, unlike a typical High Elf, and pounded the floor.

"Would Raon Zieghart have faced such a situation? Probably not?"

Siyan bit her lips as she looked at her golden hair that flowed down like sand.

“I wanted to become a High Elf too and... "

“Siyan! Are you inside?”

Just when she was revealing her deep-seated inferiority, a cheerful voice from outside the door seemed to lighten her heart.

“Oh, brother?”

Though the tone was different, Siyan recognized Rimmer’s voice.

“You’re here after all. I’m going in!”

“No, wait! Don’t come in!”

"Why are you so upset? I'm coming in!"

“Oh no!”

Siyan hurriedly got back onto the bed and flipped the blanket over herself.


Rimmer broke the lock on the door and stepped inside.

"I told you not to come in! Get out!"

Siyan peeked out from under the blanket and screamed.

“You’re being too harsh to your brother who you haven’t seen in a long time.”

Rimmer clicked his tongue as if he was disappointed.

“So, sorry. It was so sudden….”

Siyan lifted her blue eyes slightly.

“Really? Then it’s okay for me to come in?”

“Th, that’s… huh?”

Next to the smiling Rimmer, there was a blond human with wide-open eyes.


Siyan burrowed deeper into the blanket, trembling as if she had turned into a mole.

“W, who is that human?!”

“He’s my disciple. He was interested in the bread you made, so I brought him with me.”

“B, bread?”

“Nadine Bread.”

Rimmer chuckled nonchalantly.

Raon took a step forward and bowed his head.

“I am Raon Zieghart.”


At that brief introduction, a sound like a gasp came from under the blanket.

“R, Raon Zieghart? Really?”

Siyan peeked her head out. Her lively blonde hair flowed down under the blanket.

“That handsome guy?”

“Yes. That handso… huh?”

Raon started to answer but blinked his eyes.

‘What is this woman saying?’

Why did handsome suddenly come up?

He couldn’t wrap his head around it because he never imagined he would hear the word handsome from an elf.

As he chuckled nervously and lowered his gaze, he noticed a thick book under the bed with his name written on it.

‘This is….’

He opened the book and saw that the first page said “The Biography of Raon Zieghart, Volume 1.”

The author’s name was written right below it.

‘Encia Yonaan….’

Encia proudly listed her name as the author, and at the very bottom, she even engraved the mark she had previously mentioned, affirming that it was a genuine product with his permission.

‘This woman….’

Raon clenched his hands around the book and closed his eyes tightly.

‘Just how far is she going to do this!’


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