TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 224


Jenyu, the leader of the Holy Empire Eradication Team and First Holy Division Commander, turned his gaze away from Cale.

"It seems like something has happened in the Erghe Mountain Range."

Although he spoke calmly, the reactions of the other members were not reassuring. Especially the Dragon Half-Bloods of the third generation, like Nine and Wei, couldn't hide their unease.

"Huh? What am I seeing now? Is that Nine and Wei, right?"

"Eh! What am I seeing now? Is it a dream?"

Even among the Dragon Half-Bloods questioning if it was a dream, those of the first generation maintained undisturbed faces. The Holy Empire's First Knights Division consisted of Dragon Half-Bloods up to the fourth generation, and although there were Dragon Half-Bloods scattered throughout the continent, this Division, formed with their support, was the strongest on the continent. Only the most outstanding among the Dragon Half-Bloods were selected.

The currently deployed First Knights Division as an extermination force was composed of Dragon Half-Bloods. The second generation, with a vice-commander, was busy with other missions, and the fourth generation, still in training, was in charge of defending the empire.

Therefore, Jenyu, along with two Dragon Half-Bloods of the first generation and four of the third generation, was sent as part of the expedition. Among them, the youngest of the third generation, Wei and Nine, showed up looking cornered by enemies.

"Commander! What's going on?"

Although not as tempestuous as Nine and Wei, a passionate member of the team raised her voice.

"Let's fight immediately! We can't just stay like this after seeing that pitiful scene of them."

Around her, an invisible energy began to ripple. She couldn't control her emotions, and Force fluctuated as well. Or more precisely, she wasn't even thinking about controlling her Force.


Some expedition members and some representatives from Har Kingdom nearby groaned at that energy, but the Dragon Half-Bloods didn't care. In her eyes, only Nine, with tied hands and a palm pierced through, and Wei, covered in blood, completely undone, were reflected.

"How dare they harm the body of a Dragon Half-Blood!"

She wasn't angry because her comrades, Nine and Wei, got injured. No, she was furious because they had harmed the sacred body of a Dragon Half-Blood. And the fact that members of the highest Knights Division, who served the glorious Dragons, were kneeling, angered her even more. It was something she couldn't tolerate at all.


And Bailey, Har Kingdom's Foreign Affairs Minister, who had been enduring the groans due to the situation, thought as she felt the pressure suffocate her.

'What is going on here?'

Although her life force was being choked by the enveloping pressure, she tried to understand the situation. Clearly, Wei and Nine had gone out to explore with Knight Sam.

'It should have been just an exploration, but I thought they would be wreaking havoc in the village first!'

So, somehow, Bailey hurried her steps to lead them to the village. But not long after reaching the village, they arrived at an expansive field. There, kneeling, were Wei and Nine, with their bodies bathed in blood that dyed the surrounding snow red.


When Bailey recalled that scarlet blood, she somehow lifted her head. The furious Dragon Half-Blood's force flowing unknowingly was not so intense, so at least Bailey could move her own body.

Overcoming the fear enveloping her, she lifted her head, and finally, she saw it.

Two kneeling Dragon Half-Bloods.

And behind them, a red-haired man.

'It can't be...'

Although she knew it was an impossible guess, Bailey recalled the Snow Family upon seeing that red color.

The Snow Family.

They had that red hair.

Unlike common red hair, theirs had a darker and blood-suggestive tone. So even those who looked at them through the snow vividly remembered the impression left by that red color.

'It can't be, right?'

While denying her own thoughts, she wondered, "Who is that?"

Who was capable of capturing the Dragon Half-Bloods and facing the Eradication Team? Even as he spoke and waited, he showed a relaxed attitude in front of the Eradication Team, as if he were waiting to see how the Eradication Team would fare.

Bailey's gaze moved around him.

'A black-haired swordsman.'

A white-haired swordsman.


She stopped when she saw Clopeh.

'Fortunately, they are green eyes.'

If he had had gray eyes instead of green, Bailey would have been surprised. Because Har Kingdom's King Dennis had gray eyes. However, Bailey still couldn't look away from Clopeh.


There were many with white hair on the continent. But those who were descendants of Har Kingdom's Royal Family also had white hair generation after generation. This fact gave Bailey an unsettling feeling.

'He's not from the royal family.'

Since Bailey was in charge of diplomatic affairs, she was investigating both direct and indirect descendants of Har Kingdom's Royal Family, and there was no one with that face among them.


The discovery of individuals who remembered the Snow Grand Duchy and the King of Har Kingdom. Was it a coincidence that both appeared together? Bailey's heart was pounding. In addition to him, others also came into view.

A small swordsman with a hood covering his face and body, and a very beautiful woman with blue hair.

There were a total of 5 unknowns.

Meanwhile, someone familiar caught her attention.


Sam was looking around nervously, not hiding his tension. Then, his eyes met Bailey's. Although he seemed uneasy, the fiery gaze towards her remained. Under normal circumstances, she would have thought about the meaning of that gaze, but she didn't have time for that.

'Thank goodness, he survived.'

Sam was not a victim of the Dragon Half-Bloods. She felt relief knowing that at least one outstanding knight from the future was still alive. At the same time, Bailey realized something.


A group that blocked the Eradication Team.

Among them, presumed enemies, Sam remained unharmed, unlike the Dragon Half-Bloods.

Bailey looked at Commander Jenyu.


He was already looking at Bailey.

Jenyu's mouth, which had been silent until now, opened.

"Har Kingdom has betrayed us."

Sam was with the enemies, so Jenyu considered it a betrayal. However, before accusing Har of betrayal, he should have questioned the highest-ranking Har present, Bailey, to understand the situation. However, Jenyu did not go through that process.


Bailey realized by seeing that attitude.

'It's confirmed.'

Regardless of whether Har Kingdom betrayed or not, Jenyu had judged that this situation was a betrayal by Har. At the same time, he wanted to kill both the enemies and the people from Har Kingdom. He wanted to report to Holy Empire about his judgment as a fact. And the result would be—

'No, it can't be...'

The war between Har Kingdom and Holy Empire.

Bailey hurriedly opened her mouth.

No, no.

She had to say that she didn't know them.

But for a moment, she hesitated.

Could she ignore the people who had saved Sam?

Of course, even if she said she knew them or not, Jenyu would kill them anyway. Her answer wouldn't matter much in the grand scheme of things.


Despite that, there arose a moment of hesitation in her heart. That small gap created the worst situation for her.


Bailey saw the black aura swirling at the tip of Jenyu's sword. Seeing this, she realized.

‘Damn it!’

Jenyu was angrier than anyone now.

So he spoke his words with the intention of making them come true.

Two Dragon Half-Bloods had been humiliated in that way in Har Kingdom's territory, so he planned to make Har Kingdom pay for it. And—

'He is determined to kill me.'

Yes, he should plug my mouth first.

'Crazy bastard.'

The profanity came out naturally. Jenyu, he was the most arrogant and the craziest. The moment the black aura entwined around the sword, that aura disappeared. Bailey couldn't see beyond because she was not a mage. Still, she understood the result. That aura would pierce her neck. And from there, Jenyu would kill all the people from Har Kingdom and those unknown individuals.

Bailey couldn't close her eyes because of the injustice and anger.


But a thunderous sound was heard.


Following the explosion, Bailey's body was pushed backward by the gust of wind. Still, she couldn't avert her gaze forward. Even though her eyes were stinging, she thought she couldn't lose this moment.


An aide held her as her body was thrown back, but she simply looked forward, unable to believe what she had seen a moment ago.


Jenyu's black aura burst in the air.

Thud. Thunk.

Drops of water fell from the sky and froze, forming crystals. A water whip came flying and grabbed Jenyu's aura, colliding with the aura and causing a small explosion. If it weren't for the aura that Jenyu released with little force to kill Bailey, this explosion would not be small but enormous.


Bailey's trembling eyes turned to the blue-haired woman emitting a blue glow. A beautiful appearance reminiscent of the Elves, but clearly, she was not one.

"Minister, are you okay?"

Including the aide, Har Kingdom's knights gathered around Bailey. Bailey. She was a very important figure for Har Kingdom. King Dennis had ordered the knights to protect her.

Bailey launched forward even though there was no substitute to block her.

And then, she advanced.

"Minister-nim, if you push too hard—"

"The water whip—"


"And that blue glow—"

Who among humans on the continent knows more about Beast People?

If you asked Bailey that question, she would answer that it would be in the Central Temple of Holy Empire.

The Inquisitors. Along with the First Knights Division, they are considered the 24 most powerful priests of Holy Empire. Bailey thought that among them, there was an expert on Beast People.

So, if you asked her who the second most knowledgeable is, she would answer without hesitation.





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