IBRV (Novel) Chapter 147

C 147

"... Are you saying that this girl is really the next successor of the Etham family?

"This is truly a deplorable story. Even if she's a dragon..."

"Despite the fact that the two sons of the current head of the Etham family are fine."

"Firstly, I heard that dragons are a very terrifying race that can go berserk at any moment, but I wonder if they can live among humans in this way..."

The words heard here and there contained no goodwill.

There was no curiosity, and only the questions that should have arisen abruptly.

Actually, it's natural.

The story of a dragon that suddenly appeared and is loved by all humans is like a dream in itself.

For me, who had been living in that dream, the time had finally come to wake up from it.

I listened in silence and looked at my father. My father was standing next to me, but unlike usual, he had his head down and a rigid expression on his face.

"...Is Dad upset too?"

What if my dad is really blaming me?

What if he's resentful but can't say anything? I didn't even feel like speaking because I wasn't thinking about anything.

Fortunately, my dad followed me as I moved.

I stood in a suitable space. People were moving away from me as if they didn't want to touch me.

I felt a little solemn when my surroundings became empty.

"I'm scared..."

"What if she goes crazy for no reason?"

"I looked at the dragon, and she turned out to be nothing less than a tyrant."

"I heard she kills someone when she's in a bad mood..."

"Shh, everyone keeps talking, what will happen if that dragon hears them?"

There would always be fear above curiosity. Still, maybe it's just my personality that fear is beneath curiosity.

"I'm tired."

I hadn't even started yet, and I was already tired.

If I had known this would happen, I wouldn't have come out.

"I guess Enosh and Lillian have changed too, haven't they?"

I moved my fingers and took a deep breath.

"It's okay."

Everything will be fine.

I'm used to seeing these kinds of looks, and Arma said she would handle it soon, so I could wait.

My head felt as heavy as before as I was surrounded by all the noise.

"I'm not unhappy."

My father is there, and Laurent will be there when I return, and it's not like my father despises me.

"It would be sad if all those memories were forced."

Arma said it wasn't all like that, so I have no choice but to believe her.

"His Majesty the Emperor, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and Lady Lillian Daisy are entering!"

I was startled by the loud sound, shivered, and lowered my head.

"Enosh will be fine."

I didn't like Enosh very much from the beginning. So everything will definitely be fine.

"But why can't I lift my head?"

There's no coward like me. I took a deep breath.


It was then.

A familiar voice sounded above my head. I jumped and raised my head to see Enosh smiling mischievously in front of me.

"What are you doing?"

I smiled awkwardly and opened my mouth at the unusual voice.


"How can I greet someone who has turned into a pale dumpling without even looking at me... What are you saying? I became the Crown Prince," Enosh said, lifting his chin.


"You said you wouldn't even look at my face if I didn't become the Crown Prince, and that's all you say?"


Indeed, I did.

"Ah, that's enough. I have a lot to tell you, so don't even think about going home today."



Faced with Enosh's fierce gaze, my lips trembled, and then I slightly averted my gaze and responded.


Anyway, going home would be a little uncomfortable.

"Thank goodness."

Enosh didn't change. Is it because he hated me from the beginning? Or maybe it's because I tried desperately to save Enosh.

Either way...

"Thank you."


I shook my head at his puzzled expression.


From a distance, His Majesty the Emperor was paying attention to Enosh. Enosh shrugged and turned away.

As I watched him walk away, I lightly rubbed my cheek.

"Thank goodness."


The moment I murmured softly, Lillian, who was beside me, asked me.

"Lily unnie."

"It's been a while, Eirin.

"...Yes, it's been a while."

The corners of my mouth lifted at the sight of the beautiful and splendid woman.

If things had gone according to plan, I would have ended up as a villain, but now she had become a happier and more beautiful person than anyone.

"At first, you couldn't attend, so I made a fuss for you to come. I missed you, Eirin."

"Me too..."


Lillian said with a mischievous smile, as if she were a bit disappointed.

Perhaps because she had been with Enosh for a long time, she seemed to have become quite mischievous as well.

"It's true."

"Then why did you disappear without saying anything?"

I pursed my lips and smiled faintly. This was something I couldn't tell anyone.

"...There were circumstances."

"When will Eirin realize that we're worried? I often get angry."

Lillian expressed her disappointment with a somewhat exaggerated voice.

When the Emperor and the Crown Prince appeared, the murmurs disappeared. Perhaps because the future Crown Prince was by my side, there were fewer glances.

"This won't happen again."



I nodded firmly. Lillian shrugged.

"It should be that way. Even after Enosh became the Crown Prince, he said he would hold a national wedding if you came."



Lilian laughed.


For some reason, I wondered why they hadn't gotten married yet, even though they had already passed their coming-of-age ceremony. Was there a reason for that?

"So, Eirin."

"Yes, Lily unnie."

"Why do you look so down? And why..."

Lillian's lips were beautifully curved.

"I wonder if the head of the Etham family is allowing his beloved daughter to be hurt by those sharp tongues..."

Lillian's eyes drifted away from me and turned towards my father.

"May I ask him a question?"

Instead of the friendly and smiling look she directed at me, her gaze was sharp enough to send a chill down my spine.


Dad lifted his head when he heard a voice calling to him, but he didn't open his mouth to respond.

I worried that his expression didn't look very good.

"Dad, are you okay?"


"The atmosphere is strange. Normally, this place was a place where people with sharp tongues danced with smiling faces..."

Lillian muttered softly.

"Now it feels like a knife is pointing at Eirin."

She reached out and took me into her arms.

When I opened my eyes because I was suddenly being held in her arms, Lillian held my cheeks with both hands and slightly arched the corners of her eyes in front of my nose.

My eyes widened at the action that seemed to be trying to seduce me.

"What if we leave Eirin at the imperial palace today? Duke Etham."

Dad looked at me in silence.

"Today would be a good idea."

Dad replied calmly. Lillian lightly took my hand and led me.

"So, are we going?"

At Lillian's words, I quickly looked at my father.

"Dad, I..."

"I'm sorry, I'll see you tomorrow."

Dad turned around, avoiding my eyes and speaking somewhat coldly. I froze in my seat, holding my breath.


Dad is my dad, why the hell...?

Bum, bum.

Bum, bum.

The sound of my heartbeats felt loud in my ears. When I felt my dad moving away, my breathing became heavier.

I shook my head and tightly held the hem of my clothes.

"Is this because of the imprint?"

If the imprint breaks, will I no longer be able to be here?


At that moment, Lillian called me.


"Eirin, snap out of it. If you look so scared, you'll instantly become prey in this social world.

I blinked slowly at her words."

While listening to her calm voice, I felt myself coming back to reality a little.

"... Lily unnie."

"You never say anything, but are you willing to lean on me now?"

Before I knew it, she was pushing me into the living room. I let out a brief sigh, and she laughed.


A large hand gently covered my eyes as a voice sounded from behind me.

The pleasant-to-listen-to voice has grown from youth to a full-fledged adult's.

"Did you cry?"

Before the voice that asked me, I held my breath and shook my head.


Upon hearing my call, he slowly moved his hands away from my eyes. Then a face suddenly appeared before my eyes.

"What? ...Did you cry? What kind of bastard...? No, who...?"


"It's been a while, my crying Yongyong."

"I told you not to call me Yongyong..."

I'm not yours either.

As I added with a smile, Richard reached out and lightly stroked my cheek.

"I know, it's Eirin. Still, it's good to see you smile."

When I turned around, the people I had missed were there.

It had been a long time since we had seen each other."

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