TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 564

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 564

(Note: The Yonghyeon Swordmaster changed to The Dragon Swordmaster.)

The fierce battle between the Light Wind Division and the Holy Sword Union came to a halt, as if someone had poured cold water over it.

"Si, Sir Cloud!"

"This can't be..."

"Sir Cloud is d, dead?"

The swordsmen trembled as if they couldn't believe that Cloud, the disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader, had been defeated by the injured Raon.

"Haha! That crazy bastard did it for real!”

Martha burst out into laughter, as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

‘He used the sword field again and cut down the neck of a Grandmaster?’

No other word came to mind other than crazy. The human named Raon Zieghart was an incomprehensible being, whether seen up close or from a distance.

"I didn't think that side would end first."

Burren raised his fist as he looked back at Raon.

'He really did a great job.'

Raon had been the most injured person on this battlefield.

Having expended most of his aura after using the sword field and sustaining injuries, he believed winning would be difficult. However, the bastard effortlessly dispelled that doubt and cleanly severed Cloud's neck.

It was not the time to worry about Raon.

"Vice division leader!"

"We believed in you!"

"Leave the remaining enemies to us!"

Dorian and the Light Wind members also waved their hands at Raon with excited smiles on their faces.

However, Runaan's purple eyes were not on Raon, but on the swordsman of Holy Sword Union.


The cold air that rose from the Snow Flower Sword pierced the Holy Sword Union swordsman's chest and pierced his heart.


The swordsman fell to the ground, his frozen wound completely frozen.

"It's not time to rest yet."

Runaan nodded briefly to the Light Wind members and then moved to find his next opponent. It was an action that showed that she didn't worry about Raon, but rather trusted him completely.

"Why is Runaan saying the right things?”

"That's why it's irritating!”

Burren and Marthaa also felt the flow of the battlefield turning towards the Light Wind members and spared no aura as they cut down the Holy Sword Union swordsmen.


Rimmer wiped the sweat from his hair and smiled.

"It looks like our side won the duel after all."

He alternately looked at Cloud's headless body and Raon, then snickered.


The Dragon Swordmaster also frowned, as if he hadn't expected Cloud to lose.

“Since the disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader has been killed, he will likely be very upset. You will probably face criticism when you return. No, wait.”

Rimmer spat out, drawing a line across his throat with his fingers.

"Since you're going to die here, so it doesn't matter."

"Yes. It doesn't matter."

The Dragon Swordmaster took a deep breath and regained his composure, shaking his head.

"Since Raon Zieghart has already left the battlefield.”

He narrowed his eyes at Raon, who was vomiting black blood.

"If I kill you here and take Raon Zieghart, even Ryeonju-nim won't say anything."

"You're taking Raon?"

Rimmer frowned, wondering what he was talking about.

"Ryeonju wants that talent. He will be of help to him in ascending further."

The Dragon Swordmaster spoke with a cold sneer, as if he was going to use Raon as an experiment.

"This is bullshit."

Rimmer summoned a chilling wind over the blade of his sword.

'As expected, he hasn't given up on targeting Raon, after all.’

The Holy Sword Union leader had targeted Raon in the city of Barene. It appeared that his interest was not merely a simple curiosity.

'I need to finish this as quickly as possible.'

His insides were starting to ache as he tried to prevent the magic emitted by the Cursed Sword Kreatus from reaching the Light Wind members and Raon.

Now that Raon, who he was most worried about, had also reached a conclusion, it was right to quickly decide the outcome.

"Sword Field Creation."

Rimmer raised his sword towards the sky where the storm winds were raging.

"Song of Wind and Lightning."

A ferocious voice, like a beast growling, spread from the high heavens to the ends of the earth.


The earth trembled as storms and thunderstorms relentlessly stirred. Within the barrier of the sword field, Rimmer flashed his blue eyes. 

A magnificent aura erupted, as if he had returned to his prime when he was known as the Zieghart's Sword of Light.

"Yes. It wouldn't be fun to kill you if you weren't at least that level."

The Dragon Swordmaster nodded calmly and aimed the Cursed Sword Kreatus at Rimmer.


The bloodshot eyes of the Cursed Sword loomed over the quivering blade. The ferocious magic erupting from those eyes enveloped the surroundings. The space was vertically twisted by the undulating wave of magic.

"Let's start the second round."

* * *

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For Indonesian:

Raon wiped away the black blood that had wet his lips. He suppressed the urge to pass out right away from the pain caused by his internal injuries and magic and looked around the battlefield.

'The division leader has opened his sword field.'

Rimmer had put aside his worries about him and was fighting the Dragon Swordmaster with all his might.

The two were in a close battle, neither one giving an inch, but the Dragon Swordmaster, who was using the power of the Cursed Sword, seemed to have the upper hand.

'It can't be helped. He was protecting me and the Light Wind members.'

The Cursed Sword Kreatus is a vicious sword that spreads magic not only to its opponent, but to the entire space.

Rimmer was fighting the Dragon Swordmaster while maintaining a barrier to prevent the magic from reaching the Light Wind members, so he was at a disadvantage from the start.

The King of Essence thought that when consumed by rage, he could only see his enemies. However, that guy can act when it's necessary.

Even Wrath seemed surprised by Rimmer's judgment and gave him a rare compliment.

'I see.'

Raon bit his lip and nodded.

'Damn it....'

He wanted to help Rimer, but the moment he touched that mana wave, he would turn into dust. For now, staying still was the best way to help.

'Then on this side....’

He observed teh Light Wind members fighting with swordsmen of the Holy Sword Union behind Rimmer. Although the number of Holy Sword Union's swordsmen was large, the Light Wind members’ strength seemed slightly more formidable.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it a fierce battle, but thanks to Runaan and Mark Goetten disrupting the balance, it seemed they could eventually win.

'But if the vice division leader loses, it's all over.'

Even if the Light Wind members manages to handle the Holy Sword Union swordsmen, then Rimmer loses to the Dragon Swordmaster, the situation itself comes to an end.

Since Rimmer is still protecting the Light Wind members and fighting, it doesn't seem likely that he can defeat the Dragon Swordmaster.

'The Dragon Swordmaster or the division leader's death would mark the end of this fight.’

I have two choices right now.

The first is to entrust this place to Rimmer and retreat with Light Wind members. Since Rimmer can't fight properly due to them, it wouldn't be a bad thing for both sides.

However, there might be other Holy Sword Union swordsmen around, and the risk of getting into a dangerous situation is high since I won't be of much help.

The second and final option is for me to break the Grandmaster's wall here.

While fighting Cloud, he obtained a clue to enlightenment. If he can comprehend the vague itchiness in his mind, it might be possible to overcome the Grandmaster's wall right here and right now.

‘This was also a good opportunity for me, as the realization could disappear if I waited too long.’

However, with his body in the worst possible condition and enemies in front of him, deciding on the second option wasn't easy.

'Looks like that's the only option.'

Raon finished his brief contemplation and raised his aura. He simultaneously sent an aura message to Burren, Martha, Runaan, and Mark Goetten.

[Don't look this way.]

Upon hearing that, the captains and Mark Goetten just nodded briefly and continued wielding their swords.

[I'm going to break the Grandmaster's wall from now on.]

Upon hearing this, the Light Wind members and Mark Goetten trembled noticeably.

[You crazy bastard! What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden!]

Martha couldn't hold back her scream in the aura message.


Burren also let out a sigh as if he was dumbfounded.

[At least hide somewhere else!]

[If I move, the Dragon Swordmaster or others might chase me. It's best to pretend to be a cripple and organize enlightenment while resting.]

the Dragon Swordmaster is not a fool. If he move, he will follow him, so it was best to stay here and pretend to be unable to do anything.


Runaan simply replied firmly as if she believed him and pushed back the opponent.

[Don't worry. I will protect you with my life.]

Mark Goetten also nodded with a trusting voice.

Raon looked at Rimmer's back for the last time and took out his spatial pocket.

He took out two leaves of the Sea Spirit Flower and the elixir he received from Glenn. He wrapped the hot red pill and the cold blue pill in a Sea Spirit Flower leaf and put it in his mouth.


Perhaps because they were all top-grade elixirs, they turned into liquid as soon as they touched his tongue and went down his throat.

A burning heat as if his chest was going to explode and a coldness as if his whole body was going to freeze came at the same time.

The pain was severe because he was in the worst physical condition, but the pain quickly subsided, perhaps due to the effect of the Sea Spirit Flower leaf.


I have to take it slow.

If it became known that he was trying to break through the wall now, the Dragon Swordmaster and the Holy Sword Union swordsmen would rush in like crazy. He had to pretend to be practicing lightly while organizing enlightenment.

Raon closed his eyes in meditation. He circulated the elixir's energy, which filled his mana circuit, using the Ring of Fire.


The energy of the elixir that was running through the mana circuit gathered in his energy center and exploded like a volcano.

The magic that was tormenting his body was pushed out and cornered by the strong and pure energy.

The hot energy from the energy center slowly rose through the mana circuit and reached the upper energy center.

The heat and cold that reached the upper energy center spread like firecrackers, and the vague enlightenment he had gained from Cloud became clear.

The mental world opens.

The senses that he had spread out to feel the external reaction sank on their own, and a world opened up where he could only observe himself.

'This is good.'

Once the englighment has started, external reactions can only be delayed. It was better to fall into emptiness and quickly overcome the wall.

'It’s changed a lot.'

The mental world has expanded more than before, but the shape of countless swords stuck in the ground, like a tomb of swords, has not changed.

When he was looking at the divine sword and the demonic sword floating, someone's hand grabbed a sword stuck in the ground.


It's me.

The young Raon in a training uniform pulled out a training sword stuck in the mental world and started to perform basic swordsmanship.

This time, a slightly older Raon picked up another training sword and performed the Star Conne ting Sword.

From Raon wielding the Fang of insanity swordsmanship, Raon stretching out the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's swordsmanship, and Raon performing the Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay he created himself.

The same number of Raon as the number of swords appeared and performed swordsmanship.

‘No, that’s not all.’

Not only the swordsmanship that he had used, but also the swordsmanship of the others he had fought against were being reenacted in the mental world.

Looking at this sight, he remembered the conversation he had with the Sword Demon and Glenn before.

[What is a sword? A sword is just a sword. There's no need to complicate things.]

[The Lord's words are correct. The more you complicate it, the harder the sword becomes. There's no need to think of it as anything special even if it's the Myriad Swords.]

[However, to progress further, you must learn swordsmanship and, when unfolding it, it should have a meaning worthy of it. It requires will.]

[Don't get too discouraged. It's not that difficult. The answer is always within you.]

Both of them, even though they were from different disciplines, provided similar answers.

The answer.

To obtain the answer he couldn't find at that time, he observed the other versions of himself wielding various swordsmanship.

Each one was powerful, effective, and flashy. It seemed like no opponent could escape the penetrating moves infused with mastery.

However, as he continued to observe, something strange became apparent. Except for the basic swordsmanship, all other swordsmanship were operating independently.

It felt as if the swordsmanship techniques didn't connect and flow into each other, like rusty chains unable to perform their roles.

‘Could it be because I've learned too many swordsmanship? No, that's not it.’

It wasn't about learning many swordsmanship. The issue was increasing the quantity of swordsmanship without a clear intention.

When the swords were stuck, he didn't realize it, but now that the swords were drawn, and he personally unfolded the swordsmanship, the problem became evident.

The reason he hadn’t been able to reach Grandmaster despite having gained a lot of enlightenment and having enough aura was because this world wasn’t organized.

‘And there’s more….’

I still haven’t been able to properly put my will into my swordsmanship.

Without considering what I wanted to achieve or what my goals were, I had fought based solely on the reactions of the moment.

In other words, I hadn’t changed much from the young Raon who wielded the basic swordsmanship.


Raon slowly raised his gaze.

The dark mist cleared away and seven red rings were revealed. Perhaps it was because of the emotional turmoil, the Ring of Fire also seemed to be distorted.

‘My origin.’

To organize this enlightenment, it was time to return to the Ring of Fire, my beginning and origin, and complete the eighth ring.

‘Then let’s first erase the magic….’

No, there's no need to erase it.

As his head cleared up, a new thought came to mind.

"I may not have magic, but I have the powers of the Demon King, a higher concept than magic.”

Raon clenched his teeth as he looked up at the seven rings swirling in the mental world.

‘Let’s try it.’

*     *      *

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The Sword of Light in Rimmer’s hand and the Cursed Sword held by the Dragon Swordmaster clashed, sending endless streaks of light like meteors.

Rimmer ripped through the space amidst the magic waves that shook the heavens and earth.

The tip of the sword rotated counterclockwise, unleashing a storm of countless thunderbolts. His appearance was graceful yet explosive, as if he had reclaimed the title of the Sword of Light in his prime.


The Dragon Swordmaster raised the Cursed Sword Kreatus diagonally. The extremely condensed magic that distorted the sky stretched out without hindrance.

The dazzling light and dark light clashed, causing a tremendous shock. The entire house Rakion  vibrated as if the axis was distorted.

After spinning through the air, Rimmer surged towards the left of the Dragon Swordmaster. With a wind-infused blade, he aimed for the Dragon's neck.

However, Dragon Swordmaster had already predicted Rimmer's movements and created a magic shield by diagonally laying the Cursed Sword Kreatus.


The intense waves from the Sword of Light clashed with the magical shield but couldn't break through. The Dragon Swordmaster maintained the upper hand.


As the Dragon Swordmaster extended the Cursed Sword Kreatus, nine branches of magic erupted from the rotating sword tip. Whiplike, these twisted magical strands lashed out indiscriminately.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The ground hit by the magic turned black as if it was poisoned. It was a deadly attack that could end a life with just one hit.

Rimmer stepped back to the right, wrapping his whole body in the wind. He gave up counterattacking to avoid wasting energy and focused on evasion.

However, the Dragon Swordmaster seemed unwilling to give him a chance to choose, and flew in at a speed beyond Rimmer's imagination and struck down Kreatus.


Rimmer frowned at the blade that wrapped around him like a cage.

'This is annoying!'

He bit his lip and advanced toward the approaching magical blade.


The Sword of Light cut through two strands of magic, but the remaining seven blades spun like a whirlwind and rushed towards his heart.

Rimmer rushed towards the Dragon Swordmaster's Cursed Sword, which seemed to be covering the darkness, and thrust out his blade, which was condensed with wind and lightning.


Red and green flashes of light poured out from Rimmer's sword, but the darkness of the Cursed Sword Kreatus did not break.

"Blood Slash."

The Dragon Swordmaster tilted the Cursed Sword Kreatus to the left. The blade, which had been at the level of a longsword, endlessly spouted and transformed into a greatsword that seemed to stretch the sky. The red blade slashed down as if it would cut the world.

Rimmer felt the space narrowing and raised his sword. The light of the blade spread forward, creating a massive storm of light.


The ground was dug into a huge hole with no end in sight, and Rimmer and the Dragon Swordmaster were pushed back, dragging their feet.


Rimmer spat out the black blood that had gathered in his mouth and frowned.

'This will be tough....'

The Cursed Sword Kreatus seemed to have no limits, and it scattered more and more intense magic. His stomach was churning and he felt like he was going to vomit, and his fingertips were shaking.

The Dragon Swordmaster didn't consume much of his own aura by relying on the Cursed Sword, so the situation became more and more unfavorable.

'Should I send the children away?'

When he was contemplating, the Dragon Swordmaster laughed.

"You seem to have a lot on your mind.”

He raised his chin, slashing the ground with the Cursed Sword Kreatus.

"Are you trying to make your men run away? Well, even with your sword field, you can't defeat me. The Light Wind Division battle hasn't ended yet, and you can't expect help from Raon Zieghart, so it's a reasonable judgment. But that worry is meaningless.”

He gestured with his chin to the left and right.

"This place is already completely surrounded. Your only choice is whether to die here together. You can either die here, or watch others die outside.”

The Dragon Swordmaster smiled as if he was confident in the encirclement itself.

“I told you. You’re not the kind of guy who can save others. Now you can’t even save yourself.”

“You, bastard….”

A chilling air rises in Rimmer’s eyes. The space where his sanity had melted was filled with boiling anger.

"This is your end... huh?”

The Dragon Swordmaster, who was speaking, shut his mouth tightly. His eyes trembled narrowly.

“What the….”

Rimmer followed his gaze and turned around.

Raon, who seemed about to collapse, was slowly rising into the air.

‘Wait, could that guy possibly...?’

Is he trying to break through the wall here?

What Raon was displaying now seemed to be the phenomenon that occurs just before breaking through the wall.

‘What kind of guy has balls that big?’

Trying to break a wall in the middle of the battlefield was an act even the continent's greatest madman wouldn't attempt.

“This is insane….”

The Dragon Swordmaster also seemed to feel it and gritted his teeth.

"Catch him! Drag him down immediately!”

On the other hand, Rimmer gestured to the Light Wind Division members.

"Block them! Stop them no matter what!”


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