IBRV (Novel) Chapter 148

C 148

Approximately an hour later, when Erno Etham returned to the room, each of us could sit on the sofa.

In fact, I felt embarrassed for no reason because until that moment, I had been so sad that I had shed many tears.

As soon as Erno Etham arrived...

"What's this? The bun is swollen."

... I regained my senses when I heard those words.

"But why is everyone here...?"

"Lucillion suddenly burst into my room and said you would be in danger," Erno Etham said with a furrowed brow.

"Anyway, that reckless act of not showing respect to the royal family hasn't changed," Erno Etham added, crossing his arms and legs and speaking with the same arrogant look he had when he was young.

"It takes a long time to follow the official route," Lucillion said cheerfully, not giving up.

"Who is this enemy? If you tell me, I can make them beg me to kill them and never show their face to the world again," Richard said with a smile.

The person I hadn't seen in a while is quite mad... No. Richard, who became bellicose, lightly struck the sofa's armrest with his fist and said, "Have you suffered a lot at the hands of the lord of the magic tower?"

Although he had grown tall, his personality was quite different from what I remembered.

Well, even if I wanted to change it, I suppose it can't be helped since I've spent so few days in this world.

Richard was so beautiful that his aura was similar to Duke Collin's.

The color of his hair, which lightens as it falls, creates a sense of mystery, and his pure white skin and piercing eyes make it seem like both men and women would be captivated.

"He looks exactly like the current Duke Collin," I thought, understanding why they were called father and son.

At this level, even if I hadn't met him, someday in the future, I could have guessed the other was rich just by looking at his face.

Erno Etham had become more masculine and charismatic.

The arrogant eyes and languid posture were still there, but aside from that, the atmosphere was different from before.

What happened to Lucillion?

Helping me meant that Lucillion had spent as much time as I had, but Lucillion had grown very well.

He had a priestly vibe, and his bright blue eyes seemed like they could devour me right away.

The sweetly curved corners of his eyes and mouth didn't seem to have changed much since he was young.

His silver-white hair still played a decisive role in making him appear innocent.

"Is everyone getting some kind of benefit?"

When I looked at the expressions of these people, I was speechless.

"So, tell me what caused the atmosphere in the banquet hall to be like that," Erno Etham nodded.

"The explanation is as given. There is an insect attached to my teacher. This is a rather troublesome insect that manipulates people's brains," Lucillion said.

It's not about controlling the brain, but simply put, it means that the benefits disappear in the world I created...

When I looked at Lucillion, he looked back at me and continued speaking casually.


"Yes, it would be correct to say it amplifies any small anxieties or negative feelings you may have."


"So, does everyone hate the bun now?" Lillian sighed briefly at Erno Etham's words. Erno Etham's shoulders shook slightly, and he quickly spoke again.


Lucillion looked at Erno Etham with pathetic eyes as he changed his title.

Erno Etham turned his head.

"Yes, the people gathered in the banquet hall may be curious about my teacher..."

Lucillion smiled.

"There might be a bit more fear because my teacher is a great person."

Indeed, he was acknowledging that it was an inevitable part of being a dragon.

Because we are of different races, and I don't think I'm liked by everyone.

"So, are you saying we have to detect that insect?" Richard asked Lucillion while leaning on his chin with a somewhat dissatisfied expression.

"Why is he so sharp?"

When I looked at Richard with a puzzled expression, he furrowed his brows.

"That's right."

"How do you catch it?"

Lucillion responded with a smile. Richard's eyebrows arched significantly.

"What do you mean you don't know? Are you kidding me? If you pick someone roughly and cut them, one of them should be the correct answer. Isn't that so?" Richard's harsh words made Lucillion narrow his eyes, and even Lucillion's eyebrows seemed to rise for a moment.

"Because I don't know where it hides or what it looks like. So, I don't really expect much from you."

Enosh and Richard's expressions hardened at Lucillion's bright, smiling words.

The smile on Lillian's face grew even deeper, and it somehow felt like a cold winter wind was blowing.

"As long as you help my teacher so she doesn't collapse..."



At the same time, the sound of a drawn sword and the sound of something flying were heard.

Lucillion smiled calmly as he looked at Enosh's sword, which narrowly missed me and stabbed into the sofa, and the magical energy bulge on the other side of the sofa that disappeared.

"Why would you do something so disrespectful, and what if my teacher gets hurt?"

"Disrespectful means what you're doing is disrespectful. How dare you to the crown prince...?"

Enosh brought his face close to Lucillion's nose and growled through clenched teeth.

"Is this something friends do?"

"What kind of friend treats people like this?"

"Here you go."

While Lucillion spoke, Enosh laughed and drew his sword.

"I don't like you."

Richard didn't hide his hostility. I felt embarrassed for being the one in between.

"I don't like you either, so don't worry."

Lucillion didn't back down either.

"Why are they doing this?"

Even so, I felt good.

It means they gathered for me. While I laughed, the three people who were talking and arguing turned their attention to me.

"What, are you sick, Bollo?"

"Are you okay, Eirin?"

"Teacher, I'll fix it right away."

No, they treat you as if you're sick just because you laughed a little.

When I pouted in frustration, Lillian took my hand gently.

"If you ever need someone to talk to, let me know."

No, I have no issues.

"Anyway, don't treat people lightly just because you don't need them," Richard pointed his finger at Lucillion.

"It seems the Magic Tower doesn't teach basic manners."

"It's probably better than a boring temple."

Richard snorted at Lucillion's words.

"Originally, the relationship between the Magic Tower and the temple isn't good."


"No, the Magic Tower doesn't get along with anyone."

Enosh added an explanation. Richard's earrings swayed every time he moved.

"So, are you saying there's nothing we can do?"

Lilian asked.

"I can say that because I don't know who it is, and you won't be able to find them."

"So the reason we're gathered..."

"Because you're the kind of people who have developed affection with the help of my teacher."

The expressions on the faces of the three people became strange at Lucillion's words.

"They didn't show affection to my teacher for no reason, and they didn't lose anything thanks to my teacher, so the enemy's attacks don't work."

Enosh crossed his arms as he added that there were no unpleasant or bad memories to amplify.

Then, he started moving his legs and spoke sternly.

"No, I'm very displeased with that bun."

"That would mean there was no contact."

Enosh's face turned red at Lucillion's bold words.


"After all, it's a concern born out of love."


I unconsciously looked at Enosh with my mouth open and then lightly covered my mouth with my hand.

"Enosh... you..."

When I looked at Enosh with an emotional expression, he jumped up from his seat.

"Even though she just grumbles with her mouth... The truth is, she likes me..."

When I pretended to wipe away tears with an exaggerated expression, Enosh burst into laughter.

"That's why it's not good to sleep for too long...!!"

Enosh pointed at me with a flushed face.


That expression was so funny that I couldn't help but laugh.


As I burst into laughter, Enosh frowned, crossed his arms, and sat back on the sofa, looking at me.

"Phew. Anyway, it's nice to see you laugh. Are you feeling better now?"

Enosh crossed his legs and spoke directly. Suddenly, I looked up, and everyone was looking at me with great satisfaction.

"...Yes, thank you."

It's good to have friends.

When I lived as Cha Miso, all the people who approached me and said they were friends for the sake of my younger siblings were not friends.

"Oh, there's no need to thank me, ignorant Bollo."

Everyone laughed at Enosh's words.

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