IBRV (Novel) Chapter 146

C 146


"How have you been? Baby."

Said God, pressing my cheek. I blinked and then nodded.

It's quite strange to have your cheek pressed by a child with wings.

"Suddenly... why..."

Instead of expressing my embarrassment, I expressed the feeling of surprise on the tip of my tongue.

This was because a sense of unease ran down my spine.

"First of all, I think I should apologize first."

Arma clasped their hands and bowed their head slightly.

That's right, I knew it wasn't so easy for a god to bow before a mere human.

"First, let's explain this."

Arma also seemed very embarrassed, waved their hands in the air for a moment, but then quickly opened their mouth as if they had made a decision.

"Do you remember the completely dark space you were in? The place with the gears."


"It was a space halfway between Eirin's world and Cha Miso's world."

"...it was?"

"Yes, in general, there is no communication between worlds. It's the same as the fact that I, a great god, interfered in Cha Miso's world and couldn't physically save you."

I nodded at Arma's words.

Well, if every god could interfere with other worlds at will, the world would definitely become a disaster in an instant.

When I nodded in understanding, Arma quickly added an explanation.

"So, to put it simply, that space is a space that shouldn't exist in the first place. However, a dreamer is "a person who creates the world."

"...that's right."

That's why it's said that the guardians of the stars continue to use them to cleanse their souls.

"Due to this peculiarity, where no one can interfere with you... I created a small space for you to be in."

—Yes, but why...? Didn't it collapse because we left?"

At least since Arma harvested Cha Miso's soul, there seemed to be no reason to keep it.

Arma nodded as if what I said was correct.

"It collapsed and disappeared."

Arma said.

"But here's where the problem arose."


"The issue is that it took some time to fill the void that was missing. Repairing clothes with holes requires thread, needles, and people, and it's not something that can be done all at once."

"Are you saying there's still a hole left?"

"No, the hole no longer exists. I paid a price to stop it."


So, what's the problem then?

The answer came out before I could tilt my head.

"But while gathering probabilities to fill the holes in the world, a little time was left."


"A small crack appeared in the world, and through that crack, the guardian of the stars entered."

Arma, who added that it was a being who could never cross the boundary of the world, sighed deeply as if frustrated.

"...no way."

Suddenly, I thought of Cha Miso's world, which had completely changed.

When I returned to the place where everyone hated me, no one hated me anymore.

And it was the guardian of the stars who intervened.

"I couldn't feel at all that he entered someone's body..."

Arma looked at me with teary eyes.

Looking into their wide-open eyes, I could realize how much this god had thought and hesitated before telling me this story.

"...What is that guardian of the stars doing here?"

"He's already lost an eye and lost his body, so all that's left is his mind and one eye."

Instead of answering my question, Arma decided to explain a bit more.

But the more it happens, the more anxiety accumulates. Why doesn't he respond immediately?

"Furthermore, it's my world, so he can't use all his power."

Arma continued talking.

For some reason, I had the feeling they were avoiding eye contact.

"But... This world is a world created by your wishes and desires, so, to be honest, many of your wishes are built into it."


Maybe that's what I thought.

No, maybe it was just intuition.

An intuition that the anxiety I had been vaguely feeling until now would solidify and come true and appear in front of me.

"Baby, you must have often felt that the things you hoped for and wished for in this world were coming true."


"In reality, that doesn't matter. It's natural for you, who created this world, to receive preferential treatment. No matter which world you go to, in fact, the Creator is treated well. That's why the guardian of the stars never sends you to the world you create."

However, something extraordinary happened this time.


No, we.

We have come to the world we created.

We found a new life here.

"I thought that was the end."

The world wasn't as easy as I thought.

"However, since the guardian of the stars is a manager who deals with dream children... He can take away the Creator's authority."

I laughed helplessly at Arma's words, which they added while looking at me.

I felt as if I had been punched in the back of my neck, or as if something I hoped for had been turned upside down.

"The heroine of a certain novel becomes happy after going through many hardships..."

I awkwardly opened my mouth.

"I guess it's tough being a fake heroine."

"If the Creator's authority is taken away, won't the wishes that have come true until now become reality?"

Was it because of the Creator's authority that people would appear whenever I felt lonely and tell me what I wanted to hear?

"Well, things that were forced... maybe a bit. So, things like unconditional favor or things that work as you think..."

Arma spoke cautiously.

"Of course, as you're a dragon, you can regain whatever you want. The Dragon Orb will make your wish come true."

There was even urgency in their voice when they added that the Dragon Orb was a very powerful artifact even in this world.

"Of course, unlike the Creator's power, it still has limitations and can't even move human emotions..."

I silently looked at Arma and kept my mouth shut.

"You know, God. Everything I've been through until now..."

I couldn't finish the sentence as I licked my lips and swallowed the words that kept welling up in my throat.

After touching my neck, which moved a couple of times, I hung my head with difficulty, and Arma flew with their angel wings flapping and took me in their arms.



"You don't think everything was a lie or that everything was forced by the Creator's authority, do you?


"Of course, it's true that most of the things born from you in this world have no choice but to be friendly to you, unless they are bound by malice or some reason."

Arma said while holding my head firmly between their arms.

"There must have been some force approaching someone."

Arma said.

Stunned in Arma's arms, I tightly closed my eyes.

It's been a long time since I returned and set foot in this world after all the hardships, but I wonder if it's giving me this kind of misfortune again.

"But that's just pushing you back. There may be many people who are confused now that the refreshing energy they felt in you has diminished a bit..."

Arma patted me on the head calmly.

"Everyone will find out soon. Not everything was coercion."

However, the truth is, there may be parts of me that I want to resent, but I can't.

Also, Dad, Callan, Silian, and Sharnae.

I once thought about how it could be okay after Dad lost his wife and they lost their mother.

Because of me, many things that could have been theirs were taken away from them... The same goes for Sharnae, who only loves me.

It was uncomfortable.

A world where no one hates me may have finally come true because I secretly wished for it so strongly.

"I'll catch the guardian of the stars and banish him from this world."


"Then, please wait a little longer until then."

If that happens, can I change people's opinions favorably by force?

"I would prefer..."

It wouldn't be a bad idea to go somewhere where no one knows me.


Arma's hand gently caressed my cheek.

"You should never think of distancing yourself. Do you understand?"


"Your misfortune will increase the power of the guardian of the stars, and the guardian of the stars will take your soul once again."

At that moment, I smiled and nodded vigorously.

"I'll do my best."

Arma smiled cheerfully after hearing my response.

I took a deep breath and slowly closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I felt as if a chill was surrounding me.

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