TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 554

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Chapter 554


“…Is that your idea?”

Glenn frowned and glared down at him with a burning gaze.


Raon gulped at the pressure Glenn was exuding.

"Perhaps not, after all?"

Glenn had always had an overwhelming aura, but today it was even stronger.

A fierce energy swirled around him, as if he would strike down lightning at the slightest mistake.

'It would be better if I said it’s my idea.'

Sylvia had asked him to bring Glenn, but it seemed better not to mention that in case she might be harmed.

“That’s right.”

Raon raised his gaze and spoke firmly, asserting that it was his own idea.

“How is Sylvia’s condition?”

Glenn ignored the question about the dinner invitation and asked about Sylvia instead.

"The artificial energy center implantation was successful. However, it will take a considerable amount of time for her to return to her former self."

“I see.”

He nodded as if he understood that it couldn’t be helped. His rough voice seemed to soften a little.

“Did you say we should have dinner together tomorrow?”


Raon exhaled briefly and nodded.


Glenn didn’t say anything else. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but the throne seemed to be shaking.

Why are you buying that trash for the old man for so much money?

Wrath frowned in displeasure.

He dares to ask you to buy hundreds of thousands of gold coins for a mere bottle that could be spilled!

‘It’s gone up again…’

It had gone from a few thousand gold coins to tens of thousands, and now it was hundreds of thousands.

If that old man The doesn’t come, it's better for the King of Essence because there's more to eat! Just go back!

Wrath waved his fist at Glenn in the air, urging him to hurry up and leave.

‘Please just stay still.’

As Raon pushed Wrath away by the shoulder, the sound of someone tapping the armrest of the throne with their fingers could be heard. The short, even rhythm stopped, and Glenn clenched his jaw.

“Fine. I had something to say to you anyway, so I’ll accept the invitation.”

As soon as Glenn made his decision, he sank back into the throne.

“It is an honor.”

Raon knelt down on one knee and bowed his head.

‘I thought he wouldn’t accept it…’

To be honest, Raon wasn’t sure if Glenn would accept the dinner invitation. He had expected him to just take the Periton Blanc, so he was a little flustered.

'But what The Gambling Monsters he want to say?'

The sudden mention of having something to say made him feel strangely uneasy. However, there was no clue to be found as to what Glenn was thinking right now.

Raon exhaled briefly and put the Periton Blanc back into his spatial pocket before standing up.

“If you don’t mind, would the two of you like to come as well?”

He extended his hand to Sheryl and Roenn, who were standing below the platform. Having two of his closest aides by his side would be more convenient.

“If we have no tasks, we will go.”

“Hehehe. Of course we will.”

Sheryl and Roenn nodded their heads, saying they would follow Glenn.

"Well then, I will take my leave."

He greeted the three people with eye contact in turn and left the audience chamber.

As he walked, thinking about what Glenn was going to say, the lord’s manor suddenly began to shake.


Raon tilted his head, looking at the ceiling where small dust was falling.

“There have been a lot of earthquakes lately.”

*   *   *

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Glenn covered his forehead with his hands and shook his legs.

As the transcendent being couldn’t contain the emotions that arose, the entire lord’s manor, not just the audience chamber, began to shake as if it was going to collapse.


Roenn looked up at the small dust falling like snow from the ceiling.

“It’s been a long time since this vibration.”

He said he had to clean up the dust and took out a broom and mop from somewhere.


Sheryl approached Glenn, who was bowing his head.

“I thought you gave up on approaching Raon and Sylvia, but it’s really amazing that Raon came at such a perfect moment.”

She seemed to be reading Glenn’s thoughts and smiled faintly.

“That’s right.”

Glenn raised his head and readily acknowledged Sheryl’s words.

“I was just going to watch over them from behind, but I didn’t have the courage to refuse that child’s invitation.”

He bit his lip, saying he couldn’t ignore Raon’s invitation.

However, his legs were still shaking. It seemed as if joy and sorrow coexisted.

“I was invited, but I don’t have any thoughts of going beyond that. I’ll just have a quiet meal and come back. I think I’ll be satisfied with that.”

Glenn shook his head, saying he didn’t need anything more.

“Oh, this is frustrating!”

Sheryl closed her eyes tightly and patted her chest.

“Please come to your senses!”


“Did Sylvia and Raon ever ask my lord to watch over them? They’re just saying they want to treat you to a meal because they’re grateful for what you did! Why are you writing a tragic novel by yourself!”

She frowned and continued.

“What my lord did to Sylvia is something that’s hard to forgive as a father. But the Raon and Sylvia I know aren’t children who will be bound by that past. They will definitely act wisely!”

“I know. They’re not those kinds of children. But even if others forgive me, I can’t forgive myself.”

Glenn tightly clenched his fist, emphasizing that his thoughts would never change.

“That’s why you need to approach them and treat them well. At least you should do as much as you did for the other successors.”

“That’s why I’m from behind….”

"Raon approached first, didn't he? Then at least go out to meet him!"

Sheryl couldn’t hold back and raised her voice. It was the first time she had ever spoken harshly to Glenn, whom she respected more than anyone else.

“I’m not asking you to do it all at once. You can take it slow, very slowly. It’s better than not doing it at all.”


When Sheryl became forceful, Glenn looked at Roenn as if asking for help.


Roenn let out a good-natured laugh and quickly averted his gaze.

“Where is the trash can….”

He seemed to have no intention of stopping Sheryl and quietly disappeared.

“My lord!”


“Go to the annex building tomorrow and give Raon and Sylvia a compliment. Absolutely!”

Sheryl folded her arms and raised her head, saying that there was no refusal.

“My lord?”

Sheryl glared at Glenn’s eyes as if to tell him to answer.


Looking at Sheryl, Glenn nodded as if he had no choice.

“I’ll try.”

*   *   *

The next evening.

Sylvia and the maids were standing in front of the entrance of annex building.


Helen had been cleaning all day, but she still felt uneasy. She kept walking around and wiping the floor over and over again.

“It’s okay even if you do it roughly.”

Rimmer, who arrived first, leaned against the wall and shook his head.

“Anyway, the lord doesn’t really care about cleaning. He sometimes comes to my office, but he never says anything.”

He waved his fingers, telling her to stop.

“That’s not because he doesn't care, but because he just gave up on your dirtiness."

The Gambling Monster snorted at Rimmer, telling him to stop talking nonsense.

“Ah, this old man. You don’t know anything. The only one the lord trusts is me.”

"It's not trust, it's just that you're the only one who shamelessly offered to get beaten up by him."

Raon was laughing at the two people’s bickering when he felt a heavy presence approaching the annex building.


“He’s here.”

Rimmer and the Gambling Monster also seemed to have noticed the presence and stopped talking, straightening their postures.

“He’s here.”

At Raon’s warning, Sylvia and the maids straightened their backs.


As the clock struck exactly seven, a knock was heard on the front door.


Sylvia took a deep breath and opened the front door, and revealing Roenn bowing his head.

"Thank you for the invitation."

He stepped aside, and Glenn, with his blond hair neatly slicked back, entered.

"We greet the lord!"

"We greet the lord!"

Everyone in the annex building, following Sylvia's lead, bowed their heads to Glenn.

"That's enough with the greetings."

Glenn stopped them from kneeling by waving his hand. He looked at Sylvia for a moment, seemingly checking her condition, then nodded.

“Your energy center has settled properly.”

“It is all thanks to you, my lord.”

Sylvia smiled faintly.

“I did nothing.”

Glenn shook his head. He glanced at Encia, who was standing with the maids, and gave her a short nod.

“To have created an artificial energy center, that is a truly great achievement. The Yonaan family will be proud of you.”

“I simply looked at the prototype of the artificial energy center that Sir Raon gave me and modeled it. But…”

Encia seemed nervous as she stammered her words and blinked her eyes blankly.

“I feel it every time I see you, but the head of family, are also very handsome. Your elderly handsomeness is insane…”

At her sudden remark about his handsomeness, the mouths of everyone present at the entrance dropped open.

“I wondered why Sir Raon was so handsome, but it was because his grandfather is handsome. After all, you can’t fool blood….”

“Ah, Encia!”

Raon stepped forward and covered Encia’s mouth with his hand.


Glenn looked at Encia with an expression that couldn't be described. His pupils started to tremble slightly.

'...He must be angry.'

Since the word "grandfather" came out, it was undoubtedly upsetting. While pondering what to do, Rimmer stepped forward.

"How long are we going to stand here? Let's go inside."

He said his legs were hurting and hit Raon’s thighs with his fists.

"T-this way."

Sylvia seized the opportunity and pointed to the dining room with her hand.


Glenn didn't even nod his head and followed Sylvia. Sheryl and Roenn smiled and waved their hands.

As they entered the dining room, Glenn sat at the head seat, with Sylvia on his left. She gestured to the seat opposite hers as if to hurry someone to sit.


Raon sighed inwardly and sat down across from Sylvia and next to Glenn.

The three of them didn't say anything for a long time.

"What's with this?"

Rimmer frowned when the suffocating silence continued.

"Who died? Why is everyone keeping their mouths shut? Wasn't this supposed to be a celebration party?"

"It's indeed too quiet."

The Gambling Monster nodded in agreement with Rimmer.

"Hehehe. Isn't this just the beginning?"

Roenn smiled kindly, as if to say, just wait and see.


When Sylvia was about to speak softly, the maids who were waiting in the kitchen entered with dishes.

The food was freshly cooked and steaming hot. The aroma and colors were alive, making one's mouth water just by looking at them.


Wrath drooled as he examined the dishes one by one.

Beef stew, roast pork, fried chicken, beef ribs and lamb ribs... Oh? Isn't that salmon? And it's both grilled and raw!

Wrath opened his mouth wide as he looked at the salmon dish brought by Yua.

‘It's just as you requested.'

When Wrath was sleeping in the bracelet, he had asked Dorian to get the ingredients and asked Yua to cook the dish.


Wrath flew at Yua and headbutted her.

As expected, the only one for the King of Essence is the pineapple girl!

‘I requested it, you know?'

Pineapple girl!


Wrath only praised Yua. This is probably why he shouldn't be nice to gluttons.

While Raon was bickering with wrath, the large rectangular table was filled with food. Despite the tense atmosphere, everyone seated at the table tasted the dishes.

"It's amazing. Let's start with the beef ribs..."

"Stay still!"


Rimmer, attempting to pick up a fork, received a slap on the back of his hand from Sheryl and withdrew.

"Thank you."

Sylvia smiled at Sheryl before standing up from her seat. She looked around the dining room, her gaze sweeping over everyone present from the maids at the end of the table to Glenn at the head.

"Thanks to all of you here, I am able to set foot on the path of warrior once again."

Those sitting at the table looked at Silvia with different meanings and expressions.

"Thank you very much. I never thought I would feel this happiness again. I will strive to become a warrior  that you will not be ashamed to have helped."

Sylvia placed her hand on her chest and bowed her head carefully.

"I'll look forward to it."

"That's what will happen."


Sheryl was the first to applaud, and the others followed with cheers and applause.


Glenn remained silent and still, arms folded across his chest.

"Well, let's eat before the food gets cold."

Sylvia, not being flustered by Glenn's silence, smiled and gestured for the food.

"Oh, before that, Raon said he prepared some wine. Would everyone like a glass?"

She winked at Raon.

"Of course."

Raon nodded and stood up, taking out the Periton Blanc he had prepared earlier.

"Hey! We have a mountain of meat dishes, and you brought white wine!  All you know is how to use a sword. You little brat who doesn’t know anything about it... Kuk…Cough!"

Rimmer started to grumble about wanting another kind of wine, but was knocked down by Sheryl with a blow to the back of the head.

"You'll die if you open your mouth again."

Sheryl smiled at Raon as if to say, "Get on with it."


Raon groaned and approached Glenn.

"Would you like some?"


Glenn loosened his clenched fist as if telling him to proceed, and Raon carefully poured Periton Blanc into Glenn's glass.

Raon showed intense concentration, as if facing an enemy, and paused when the glass was halfway filled.


Glenn's complexion seemed to brighten slightly, perhaps because the wine he desired was now in front of him.

'He seems to like it.'

Raon sighed in relief and poured Periton Blanc into Sylvia's glass as well, then approached Rimmer and the Gambling Monster.

As he was about to fill their glasses, he noticed something strange. They were both frowning at Glenn.


He turned around, wondering what was wrong, and saw Glenn raising his glass of wine towards Rimmer and the Gambling Monster.

He didn't know why, but it seemed like he was mocking them.

'What is it?'

All three of them were silent, so they didn't quite understand the situation.

Raon tilted his head and filled Sheryl and Roenn's glasses before returning to his seat.

"Well then, shall we make a toast?"

Sylvia raised her glass. Everyone else followed suit, but Glenn remained still.

"What are we toasting for? there should be a wish."

Sheryl winked at Sylvia with a light smile.

"Then let's toast for Raon's happiness!"

"What, Raon?”

"Isn't this your own celebration party?"

Rimmer and the Gambling Monster sighed helplessly and raised their glasses. Sheryl and Roenn also raised their glasses with smiles.

Glenn, who seemed uninterested in the toast, also slowly raised his glass. It seemed that he was going along with the atmosphere since it was a good day.

The glasses clinked in the air and everyone took a sip of the Periton Blanc.

"Hmm? This is pretty good?"

"The advantage of white wine is that it's cool and refreshing, but Periton Blanc also has the rich flavor of red wine. It’s not bad."

The Gambling Monster emptied his glass in one go and refilled it himself.

"Then enjoy your meal."

Sylvia spread her hands and started eating.

The King of Essence wants to eat the salmon first!

Wrath grimaced at the taste of the wine and pointed to the salmon with his round fingers.

Raw salmon, no, grilled salmon! No! Raw salmon first!

'Go ask the pineapple girl to feed you.'

Raon ignored him and started eating the stew.


Unlike himself, who was fighting with Wrath, dinner went by quietly.

Rimmer occasionally threw out a joke, and Glenn remained silent, only the Gambling Monster and Sheryl would respond, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was a time of silence.

"Would you like some more?"

Raon brought the Periton Blanc, seeing Glenn's empty wine glass.


Glenn nodded briefly and raised his glass. As Raon poured the wine, Glenn's hand seemed to shake a little.

It occurred to him that he might be weak to alcohol, even though he was a transcendent like Wrath.

As he continued to refill Glenn's glass as he ate, the Periton Blanc he had received from Dorian was soon empty.


Wrath let out a long burp and lay down on his back.

The King of Essence is satisfied today!

He said this and fell asleep, truly a demon living by instinct.


Glenn also wiped his mouth with a napkin and turned to Sylvia.


"What do you plan to do from now on?"

Glenn asked the same question Raon had asked Sylvia a little while ago.

"I plan to stay here."

"Are you saying you won't pick up the sword again?"

"No. I have to. I will pick it up. However, I want to protect my people within these walls, rather than going outside to elevate the family name."

Sylvia recited the answer she had given to Raon.

“Raon told me he’s going to promote you to the direct line next year. He said he would defeat the the Axe King Roman and use all the achievements he has accumulated so far.”

Glenn took a sip of the last of the Periton Blanc in his glass and narrowed his eyes.

“I’ve decided to accept his offer.”


“If he can achieve that, I’ll allow you to return to the direct line.”

Glenn nodded at Sylvia, then turned to Raon.

“M-my lord….”

Sylvia’s lips trembled as she realized Glenn was telling her to return to the direct line.

Her red eyes rippled like the sunset reflected in the sea.

“This was a meal worth taking the time for.”

Glenn gave his own kind of praise and stood up from his chair.

“I ate well.”

“The food was all excellent.”

“I told you this place was good.”

"Good meal."

Sheryl, Roenn, Rimmer, and the Gambling Monster also stood up after Glenn.

Glenn nodded at Sylvia and Raon, who bowed their heads, and left the annex building. The others followed him.


Sylvia covered her face with both hands and exhaled deeply. Her shoulders shook slightly, suggesting she was holding back tears.

Raon bit his lip as he held Sylvia’s shoulder.

‘Of course she would be.’

Just now, Glenn’s words about returning to the direct line meant that he would accept Sylvia as his daughter again.

Having heard those words directly, she must have been overwhelmed with emotions as all the things she had been holding back came flooding in.

Raon stood there for a long time, patting Sylvia on the back.

*   *   *

“He finally said something.”

Rimmer whistled as he watched Glenn’s back.

“Actually, I was hoping for something a little warmer, but for now, that’s enough… hmm?”

He stopped talking and widened his eyes. Glenn, who had turned around, had a smirk on his lips.

“Huh? What, what is it? That look on your face is pissing me off.”

"I'm getting the same from him."

The Gambling Monster also frowned after seeing Glenn’s expression.


Glenn laughed at both Rimmer and the Gambling Monster as if to say that they were not mistaken, then turned his head without hesitation.

"Wait a minute! Don't tell me you're doing that because Raon was the first to pour you a drink today?"


Rimmer and The Gambling Monster opened their mouths in disbelief.

“That’s not all. Raon poured me a drink ten times today. You each drank after me.”

Glenn turned around again and let out a sarcastic remark.

“No, that’s because you were sitting next to him!”

"Pouring wine means nothing!"

“The defeated dogs are barking.”

Glenn waved his hand at Rimmer and the Gambling Monster, calling them "ten thousand tails of dogs."

"Me, me!"

Rimmer clenched his teeth, but Sheryl stopped him.

"We finally made some progress today. Endure it."

Sheryl shook her head, telling him to let it go today.

However, Glenn seemed to have no intention of holding back, and this time, he mocked them with his eyes.

"How can I endure it when I see that expression! It's pissing me off! Raon and I are closer... Gyaaaah!"

Rimmer screamed and ran at Glenn, but was struck by lightning and fell.

"Why are you just standing there..."

He trembled his chin as he looked up at the Gambling Monster, who was not moving from his spot.

"I don't want to get hit at this age."

The Gambling Monster clicked his tongue, muttering that he is not an idiot.


Roenn laughed hollowly, seemingly enjoying the situation, and followed everyone else.


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