TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 553

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Chapter 553


Sylvia stared at Raon blankly, still unable to believe what had happened.

"Raon. My energy center..."

"Yes. You succeeded."

Raon nodded, his eyes on Sylvia's trembling pupils that fluttered like leaves in the wind.

"Can you feel it?"


Sylvia nodded, her voice thick with emotion.

"I can feel my energy center, my mana circuits, and the flow of mana."

She raised her gaze, her trembling hand caressing her lower abdomen where her energy center was located.

"Yes. Mana is everywhere in the world like this."

Raon grabbed Sylvia's trembling hand.

"I never thought I'd be able to feel this again."

Sylvia smiled awkwardly, a tear rolling down her flushed cheek.

"Thank you. That's all I can say."

Her lips quivered as she repeated the words of gratitude.

You don't have to thank me!

Wrath, snuggled against Sylvia's cheek, his nose turning red.

You've worked hard! Mom, from now on, only walk on a flower path!

The guy nodded, promising to make her happier in the future.

'Move aside.'

Raon pushed Wrath away and wiped away the tears from Sylvia's eyes.

"Compared to what you've done for me, it's nothing."

If he had not been born as Sylvia's son, the existence of Raon Zieghart, who grew up while establishing numerous relationships and connections, would not have come to be.

Perhaps he would have, like in a previous life, forsaken all human emotions to seek revenge, howling as a solitary vengeful spirit, burning everything in his path, including himself and others, to kill Derus.

Thanks to Sylvia being by his side, he learned about the warmth of a family and the preciousness of comrades. The fact that he transformed from an assassin into a human was all thanks to her.

"Do you remember?"

Sylvia smiled innocently, holding the hand that was wiping away her tears.

"There was a time before you even turned one when you wiped away my tears just like you did now."


Raon nodded briefly, not responding.

'How could I forget?'

The memory of Sylvia crying sadly when Glenn first came and gave him the name Raon resurfaced, and he found himself wiping away her tears without even thinking.

"Back then, I vowed to protect you at all costs, but it seems I couldn't fulfill that properly. Instead, I received a lot of help from you."

Sylvia took Raon's hand and bit her lip.

"My heart ached every time I saw you. I wanted you to grow up like a normal child, but you had to mature so quickly because of our family's situation. I felt so sorry for that, as if it was all my fault."

She spoke her mind for the first time.

"That mindset hasn't changed even now. If you were in a family like this at the age of 21, you should have gone out, caused trouble, acted recklessly, drank, and lived a wild life. But from the beginning, you only looked forward. I admire you for that, but I also feel sorry for you.”

"Good things are ahead. From now on, smile like your age. That's all I wish for you."

Mom doesn't know much! That bastard smiles well!

Wrath flew in front of Sylvia and shook his head.

However, that jerk only smiles when he's bullying and making fun of others! A wicked devil itself... Bleh!

'Be quiet.'

Raon slapped the grumbling Wrath on the back of the hand and smiled brightly at Sylvia.

"I'll try."

“Of course! I told you I gave birth to a good-looking son. What did they say? Ah! Handsome!”

Sylvia nodded her head vigorously, stroking Raon's cheek.


Raon exhaled with a visibly tired face.

“Stop looking at my face and check it out now. Is the mana in the energy center moving well?”

“To be honest, it still doesn't feel real.”

Sylvia gulped as if she still couldn't believe she had a new energy center.

"Let me try once."

She took a slow breath and raised her hand. Sea-colored mana sprang up over her open palm.

A graceful movement of a dolphin swimming. Sylvia Zigheart's talent seemed to be alive even after 20 years of rest.

"This is my aura..."

Sylvia's red eyes shook at the sight of the beautiful and pure mana.

"My mana used to be yellow, but now it's blue."

"Is that bad?"

"No, I like it even more since you gave it to me. It's beautiful."

She shook her hand, saying that she liked it now.

"How do you plan to use it in the future?"

The amount of mana contained in Sylvia's energy center is at the realm of a Grandmaster or higher. If she recovers her strength, physique, and raises her martial arts level, she may even reach the realm of Grandmaster in the not-too-distant future. Therefore, what she chooses to do is of utmost importance.

“I've already decided.”

The sea-colored mana emanating from Sylvia's hand spread widely, forming a shield-like shape.

"I will protect the annex building."

She smiled as she looked out the window, where the sunset was casting its glow.

"I'll be protecting your precious things while you're away."

Sylvia was staying here not because she was afraid of fighting. More than anything, her eyes contained the determination to protect what was precious to her.

"Yes, please do that."

Raon nodded, understanding Sylvia's feelings.

“Before that, there are many people I have to greet. First, lady Encia...”

Even in the midst of this, Sylvia began to count the people she should thank first.


Glenn came to mind when he heard that.


"Actually, I didn't connect mother's mana circuit and energy center alone."

“Of course I know. lady Encia too, and the people who guarded outside...”

"No, it's not that. A month ago, the head of house came."

"The head of house?"

“Yes. He visited at night..."

Raon told Sylvia all about what he had learned from Glenn that night.

“I see.”

Sylvia nodded her head for a long time, as if she had no idea such a thing had happened.

"First, it would be good to get the Periton Blanc, the wine that the head of house wants to have..."


She stood up, shaking her head firmly.

“Get that wine, and invite the head of house to dinner tomorrow night.”


Raon's eyes widened as he looked at Sylvia.

“Will the head of house come?”

Judging from Glenn's personality so far, he didn't seem like the type who would come even if he was invited just because Sylvia fixed her mana circuit and energy center.

“Yes, he will come.”

Sylvia said with confidence and walked towards the door.

“Ah, Mom! Wait….”

Raon tried to stop her, but Sylvia had already opened the door.

“Huck! Madam!”

Helen, who had been crouching on the floor, ran to Sylvia.


“Are you okay?”

“I'm so glad you're safe!”

The maids all gathered around Sylvia, shedding tears.

“It's thanks to having a good son.”

Sylvia nodded and raised her palm. Mana resembling a fish (dolphin) swam leisurely through the air.

“You did it….”

Encia, who had been holding her breath with her hands clasped, exhaled deeply. Although she displayed a confident appearance, it seemed like she was quite nervous deep down.

“Thank you all.”

Sylvia hugged the maids, including Encia, and smiled brightly.



"There's a strange smell coming from somewhere..."

Encia, Helen, and the maids covered their noses and backed away from Sylvia. Some of the maids with weak stomachs were gagging.


Sylvia's eyes widened in surprise.

“Over there….”

Raon scratched the back of his head and pointed at the black residues on the carpet that Sylvia had expelled from her body.

"Those are impurities that came out of mother's body. The smell will be quite strong..."

"In that case, you should have told me before opening the door!"

Sylvia blushed and ran over to slap Raon on the chest with her palm.


Raon couldn't control his legs from the sudden shock crashed into the wall, and bounced out. Sylvia, who had unleashed her power without control, looked embarrassed.

"Ra, Raon!"

"Young master!"


Sylvia and the maids screamed as they followed the flying Raon out of the room.


Wrath stroked his chin as he watched them.

Is it family trait to be violent?

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Sheryl clenched her fists as she gazed at the bustling annex building.

"It looks like a success!"


Glenn, who had been standing behind her with his arms crossed, nodded slowly.

"The mana circuit and energy center are properly connected."

Glenn smiled warmly as he watched Sylvia examining the fallen Raon.

'To think I would see that child wielding mana again.'

Although Sylvia had been flawless in raising Raon, there had always been a dark shadow lurking in the corner of her eyes.

She had lost her energy center, which was said to be a punishment worse than death for a martial artist. So it was only natural that she would be in such a state.

However, as the new energy center settled in, the darkness that had permeated her complexion completely disappeared.

It was as if the young Sylvia, who had been lost in the depths of despair, had finally returned.


Roenn, too, seemed to have been tense, as he exhaled a sigh and swept his chest.

“It was worth teaching you the Periton martial arts. You've done a great job, young master Raon.”

"Yes, it seems like he knows it better than I do now."

Glenn raised the corners of his lips as he watched Raon getting up blankly.

‘You worked hard.’

Even though he had taught him the Periton martial arts, it was Raon's effort that he had mastered it perfectly.

Glenn was simply amazed by Raon, who had restored Sylvia’s energy center and mana circuit with even greater results than expected.

“I heard they’re having a party to celebrate Sylvia's energy center recovery.”

Sheryl, seeming to have heard the noise from the annex building, turned around with a smile.

“The head of house should join as well.”

She pointed to the annex building with her finger, saying that they should go together.


Glenn didn't respond and quietly looked down at the annex building.

"It's best to celebrate joyful occasions with those who can truly share the joy."

He shook his head and turned around.

“Head of house….”

“Let's just leave.”

After Glenn saw the brightly smiling faces of Sylvia and Raon, he left Bukmangsan Mountain without any regrets.


Roenn laughed emptily, looking at Raon instead of Glenn.

“The young master thoughts, may be different, don't know."

*   *   *

Raon headed towards the annex building garden, clutching his chest.

‘It hurts….’

No matter how unprepared he was, it felt like he had been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. It seemed that Sylvia's strength had been fully revived.

However, he wasn't sure if he should be happy about it because it hurt so much.

“The annex building is always noisy.”

The Gambling Monster standing guard in front of the main gate snickered.

“How is Sylvia's condition?”

“It went better than expected. Her mana loss was also minimal, it wouldn't be strange for her to break through the wall right away.”

Raon rubbed his chest, which he had been hit by Sylvia, and smiled.

“You've worked hard.”

The Gambling Monster approached and patted Raon on the shoulder.

"You've already saved two lives now."

Rimmer stood up and raised his index and middle fingers.

“Me and your mom. You seem to have a talent for saving people.”

He also smiled, saying that he had worked hard.

“No, I was just lucky….”

"Before you start being humble, let's start with the reward. I've been a bit short on cash lately. Hehe." Rimmer drew a circle with his raised fingers and asked for money.

Unlike usual, he joked while talking about money. It was his way of expressing congratulations.

“Thank you both for your help.”

Raon bowed his head to the two.

“No, don't change the subject and give me the reward!”

However, it seemed like Rimmer was sincere.

"Crazy bastard."

As if at a loss, the Gambling Monster shook his head.

Ignoring Rimmer, Raon approached the garden.


With a sound like a chicken spreading its wings, Dorian, Burren, Martha, and Runaan appeared.

"Why are you guys here?"

Raon hadn't mentioned it on purpose, fearing it might disrupt their training, but how did these four know and come all the way here?

"We, we came because we were worried."

Dorian replied, rolling his eyes slightly.

"If something like this happens, tell us so we can help."

Burren frowned as if he was disappointed.

"Do you only use your mouth to eat? Be more useful!"

Martha, clearly irritated, sharpened her gaze.

"Can't talk well? Bad-looking? Useless!"

Runaan shouted that he was ugly today and turned his head away.

"Sorry. I was worried that talking about it might disturb your training."

"This is more disturbing!"

Martha hit her chest with her fist. Fortunately, it didn't hurt as much as Sylvia's.

"So it ended well, right?"

Burren asked, taking a moment to pause.

"Yes. It ended well."

"Then that's all that matters."

He nodded, saying that if it went well, then everything was fine.

"Phew, really relieved..."

Dorian extended his arms, his eyes reddening. Even though his cowardly nature had lessened, tears were still abundant.


Runaan also let out a deep breath and sat down.

Raon, looking at the relieved captains and Dorian, regained a light smile.

'Being in this relationship with them is all thanks to mother.'

If Sylvia hadn't taught him about human relationships, he would have only seen these guys as competitors.

He couldn't help but think that he had received more from her.

"But why do you have a stiff expression?"

Dorian asked, tilting his head, wondering why he was so serious on a happy day.

"I have to buy some things and do some things, so I'm a little confused."

"What do you need to buy?"

"A wine called Periton Blanc...."

"Oh, I have that!"

He reached into his pocket, saying he had Periton Blanc.


However, unlike usual, Dorian didn't immediately take out the wine but hesitated.

'Does he not have it? Well, it's strange that he has everything there.'

When he thought it was unfortunate but inevitable, his words continued.

"What year is it?"


"I have a lot of Periton Blanc, so what year do you want? I have everything from last year to 30 years ago."

"Y-you have all of that?"

"It's a necessity, isn't it?"

Raon looked at Dorian, who was taking out the Periton Blanc bottles by year, and sighed.

What on earth is not a necessity for you?

*   *   *

Glenn leaned his back deeply against the throne and closed his trembling eyelids.

The bright face of Sylvia, which he had seen in the annex building today, came to mind as clearly as if it were a painting.

'Yes. that's enough.’

There was a lot he hadn't been able to do for his youngest daughter, Sylvia. No, rather, he had done too many things that he shouldn't have done to her.

No matter how much malice and desire had dominated his mind at the time, the fact that he had treated his daughter worse than a roadside pebble was a sin that would never go away.

Upon seeing Sylvia's smiling face today, he realized. As someone without the qualifications of a father or grandfather, he had been expecting too much lately.

'I just need to watch over them from behind like this.'

He had no right to be with those children. He should be satisfied just guarding Raon and Sylvia without causing any trouble. That was the right thing to do.


When Glenn opened his eyes again, he had returned to the absolute ruler surrounded by emptiness, just as he was before he met Raon. His gaze, looking at the world as if it were boring, was as cold as an ice rink.


Sheryl, let out a relieved breath, understanding Glenn but feeling a bit suffocated at the same time.


Roenn stood silently beside Glenn with his eyes closed.

As the suffocating silence continued, a loud knock came from the audience chamber door.

"I'll go check it out."

When Roenn was about to move, Glenn waved his hand.

"Come in."

Glenn seemed to know who was outside and allowed entry.


The door to the audience chamber opened and Raon entered. He approached with a composed expression and knelt down.

"I greet the head of House."

"Get to the point."

Glenn waved his hand as if to say hurry up and talk.


Raon raised his body and took out five bottles of Periton Blanc from his spatial pocket.

"I have brought the wine you mentioned before."

"...Is that so."

Glenn twisted his lips as he looked at the clear wine bottles in Raon's hands.

'Is this the right thing to do?'

He wanted to drink that wine with Raon, but that was too much of a reward for himself.

He should be content with the fact that his precious grandson had given him the wine.

"Just drink it well."

As Glenn gestured, Roenn, who understood his meaning, approached Raon and was about to take the wine.

"Head of house."

But Raon did not hand him the wine and looked back at Glenn.

"Today, the Periton martial art you taught me was a great help in restoring my mother's energy center. So..."

Raon pulled the bottle back and looked up.

"If you don't mind, would it be possible for us to have dinner together at the annex building tomorrow?"

He clearly expressed his invitation and bowed his head, asking him to come to the annex building.


Glenn swallowed dryly, his throne creaking as he shifted his weight unconsciously.

He tensed his body, trying not to show his current emotions, and parted his dry lips.


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