IBRV (Novel) Chapter 144

C 144

After about a week of regaining my senses and adjusting to the world, things started piling up for me.


"Matriarch, I think you worked quite hard. I'm glad you've returned safe and sound..."

Charniel Etham.

The man, who had a few more wrinkles than I remembered, began to inform me calmly with a rather cold expression.

"Did Uncle do all the practical work?"

"What can I do when all my younger brothers are only interested in their work?"

"What about Dad...?"

"He barely did anything I forced him to do."

As far as I knew, Uncle Charniel was not someone who liked to use his brain much.

Should I say he loved using a sword? Anyway, he was someone who liked to move his body...

"Once I finish handing over the command to you, I plan to leave the Etham family for a while."


"I heard there was very fertile land far away, and some incredible plants grow there. I'll definitely bring you a gift for your next birthday."

In summary, he seemed to want to go to war.

"On your next birthday, there will be an announcement that you will officially inherit the title of the family matriarch."

Is it less than half a year until my next birthday...?

"Half a year is enough."

Uncle Charniel seemed to have read my eyes and responded calmly.

He was so motivated that he looked completely different from when I opened my eyes and saw his dark circles the next day.

"... How long has he been trapped here?"

I felt bad thinking that it was all because of me.

"If Dad can take care of it, it's fine to leave quickly."

At my words, Charniel threw his body, and his eyes sparkled.

"Originally, did I feel so sorry for this person...?"

He was quite charismatic, reliable, and like a massive mountain.

"To be honest, for the past seven years, I respected my mother and father."

Charniel Etham shook his head. I almost wondered what the hell I had done.

"In reality, the steward probably knows most of the things I handle."

"The steward?"

"Ah, the original steward... Kylo followed my father elsewhere. The current steward is a newly chosen person... I haven't introduced him yet."

He added.

"The servants will come to greet you soon, so you can meet them."

"Now that I think about it, there are hardly any people around here."

"Your unusual father has forbidden anyone except designated servants from entering the area near you."

So, there were no people walking on the floor I was on. The issue was finally resolved.

"But I saw a Suin in the mansion yesterday... I think I saw one."


Charniel Etham chuckled lightly.

The world seemed to be very busy while I was away. I was a little surprised to see a Suin among those who looked like employees.

"The Empire... doesn't it have a bit of aversion to Suins?"

I don't think the Etham family liked them much either.

In the first place, the Emperor was very displeased with Suins.

"Do you remember the past incident in Hatar?"


They say seven years have passed here, but for me, it was only three years ago, so I couldn't possibly forget.

"At that time, we received quite a bit of compensation."

"... Ah."

Well, they dared to release such an addictive drug into the Empire, so it wouldn't have ended with a light apology.

Since the Emperor stepped forward and issued a formal order, the Etham family would have had to pull out all the stops.

"I see."

"Not only did we get the special mineral you mentioned, but we also received a large amount of compensation, a formal apology, and forced the opening of diplomatic relations with a country that had never had diplomatic relations."

It seemed they had gotten much more than I thought.

"Perhaps to avoid war, it would have been better if they had listened to our demands."

I nodded.

Well, no matter how big the Suin kingdom is, it can't compare to the Empire.

"Most of all, it's because you were here."

"... Me?"

"Yes, the dragon's name has a greater influence on the Suin Kingdom than I thought."

So, did you sell me?

When I narrowed my eyes, Uncle Charniel started whistling with an expression that didn't suit him, then quickly got up from his seat.

"Anyway... after that day, we started interacting a bit."


"Thanks to this, the perception of Suins is gradually changing, and there are Suins who admire you and want to work here."


How can they admire me?

"Is it because I'm a creature that only appears in legends?"

I tilted my head halfway perplexed. I nodded and stood up slightly, stretching.


Now that I think about it, there's a reason I read so many fantasy romance novels.

"The flower of fiction, business!"

My eyes gleamed.

Of course, the Etham family was rich, but I also wanted to become wonderfully rich and spend money.

First, I thought about starting with the clothing business that everyone does.

"I guess I should talk about business with my aunts, right?"

I smiled and got up from my seat, thinking about saving money.

"I will receive the rest of the transfer from my father."

"… Hehehe, yes? For now, I've organized all the data here."

"… It's thorough."

I could see how quickly he wanted to hand over command and go to war.

"Then I'll leave immediately today."

"Today? So suddenly?"

"Well, I saw how you are, so it's enough."

What's even more surprising is that he's willing to leave at any moment.

I burst into laughter when I saw Uncle Charniel, who had quickly moved away.

"He's really worn out."

Still, I was very happy to feel that I was back.

"Hmm, so first of all..."

First, I need to buy clothes.

I looked at the borrowed clothes from Sharnae and smiled.


Did they say rumors spread faster than the wind? It was something so amazing.

I didn't move during the transfer on my floor, but then I started receiving numerous tea-time invitations and banquet invitations.

"They said I was recovering outside..."

Did they hear somewhere that my treatment was over?

Looking at the mountain of invitations, I felt something new. And letters from Callan, Silian, and Sharnae also arrived.

"It seems like everyone is going to the academy."

Now, I really don't want to go to school, so I have no desire to go to the academy.

"Well, it seems to be a dormitory system, so you can't just leave whenever you want."

After reading the letter full of anger, I folded it and put it away.

I felt a bit of madness and fear.

There was a letter from Phil Rosemont and an invitation to a tea party from Hill Rosemont.

Lillian and Enosh had sent an imperial order requesting my entry into the imperial palace.

"... I guess I'll just pretend I didn't see it."

If I try to address all of this, not even 48 hours a day would be enough.



"How long has it been since you came back? I told you there's no need to overdo it."

"But Uncle Charniel..."

"If you want, I can bring back that damn bastard and put him back in his seat."

Yes, that's why I don't say I'm having a hard time, because I think Dad will be like this.

I'm sorry for my uncle, who's excitedly riding a horse in the meadow.

And it seems like Dad would really bring Uncle Charniel back somehow.



"It's fine to have people on this floor now."

My father's eyes widened at my words, but then he smiled.

"Is that so?"

"Yes, I heard that my brothers can't leave the academy either."

"For the final year, you have to submit a thesis in addition to a graduation project, so graduating is like earning a star in the sky."

"Did Dad do that too?"

"Absolutely not."

Dad chuckled lightly, as if finding it amusing.

"I left."

"Wow, did you finish everything?"


"... Then?"

"I just left."

Ah, he was quite the gangster.

When I fell silent, my father took a quick look at my invitation documents, then picked them up and put them in the fireplace.


"No need to look."


Of course, I thought the same.

"I told you to be reckless."

Thanks to that, I'll have an excuse.

"Then I heard a rumor that you were going to start some kind of business."


I scratched my cheek.

"You heard?"


Looking at him with a very sad expression, I smiled briefly.

"The main character is my father."


"Yes, my dad is my model."

Of course, not just Dad, but the whole family will be the target.

From beauty to food, I wanted to try to cause a big stir using the Rofan knowledge I had been reading so carefully when I returned over the past three years.

I laughed.

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