RDM (Novel) Chapter 593

Chapter 593



An explosive sound echoed, followed by a muffled moan.

It was Tarha.

Tarha's face was a picture of defeat.

It was understandable since he had been defeated in his duel with Dokgo Hwang.

Even if Dokgo Hwang was renowned for his unparalleled martial genius, the number of years they had each trained in martial arts differed greatly.

Tarha himself had earned a reputation in the Western region for his exceptional skills, and over decades, he had achieved high accomplishments. Naturally, he was confident that he could overpower Dokgo Hwang. But, the outcome was not as he had anticipated.

Dokgo Hwang's martial skills were in no way inferior to Tarha's. In fact, with the strength of his youth, he was able to push Tarha back fiercely.

For the first hundred seconds or so, they fought on equal footing. But as time passed, Tarha was overpowered.

In terms of pure martial arts, Tarha was far superior to Dokgo Hwang.

The problem was his aging body.

His body was not behaving as it should.

His old body was unable to absorb or disperse accumulated shock. As the impacts piled up, his movements became sluggish.

In contrast, Dokgo Hwang, physically at the peak of his prime, used his youth to pressure Tarha.

“Let's end this now, old man!”


Dokgo Hwang drew the sword at his waist.

He was known by the nickname 'Dragon Tooth Sword'

The sword was his signature weapon. Yet, he had cornered Tarha without even using it.

It was truly astonishing martial skill.

The moment he drew his sword, the atmosphere changed again.

Tarha's face became determined.

"Perhaps this old man is going to be sacrificed today, but if I go, I will not go alone.

He had lived his life fully and had no regrets about death.

If there was a trace of concern, it was for his granddaughter, Yul Ayeon.

‘She's a bright girl; she’ll manage well without me.’


Golden mists bloomed from Tarha's fists.

He was preparing to unleash the ultimate move of Sura Gold Emperor Fist.


Dokgo Hwang spat out a shout and charged towards Tarha.


His sword aimed for Tarha's throat.

In response to Dokgo Hwang's formidable sword energy, Tarha thrust out his fist with all his might.


The sword energy clashed with the Sura Gold Emperor Fist.

At that moment, Yul Ayeon cried out.


She screamed and threw herself forward.

Flying in her direction was Tarha, his body turned into a bloody mess.

Yul Ayeon caught Tarha in midair.


Yul Ayeon called out to Tarha in her arms, but there was no answer.

Tarha's vital energy was ominously weak.

He was barely alive, and without immediate treatment, his life was in danger.

Dokgo Hwang was not unscathed either.

He too had suffered considerable injuries and was bleeding, but he still stood on both legs.

The winner and loser were clearly defined.


Yul Ayeon quickly took a pill from her breast. She wanted to administer it. But Dokgo Hwang would not let her.

"Die together, bitch!"


It was the moment Dokgo Hwang swung his sword at the two.


Sal-no intervened, blocking Dokgo Hwang's sword.

He spoke to Yul Ayeon.

“Quickly take him and escape, Lady Yul!”


“I can't hold him off long. Hurry and flee.”

Upon Sal-no's shout, Yul Ayeon came to her senses.

She administered the healing pill to Tarha and quickly retreated.

Meanwhile, Sal-no held off Dokgo Hwang.

“Out of the way, old man!”

Crash! Kwaaang!

Dokgo Hwang attacked Sal-no mercilessly.

Sal-no was pushed back relentlessly.

It was clear that fighting Dokgo Hwang directly was a mistake.

With each block of Dokgo Hwang's blows, Sal-no's body felt like it was breaking apart.

A trace of blood appeared at the corner of Sal-no's mouth.

He too had been pushed to his limit.

Out of the corner of his eye, Sal-no glanced at Yul Ayeon.

Being sharp-witted, Yul Ayeon did not hesitate and retreated far away with Tarha.

The problem was extracting himself from the situation.

Dokgo Hwang attacked him with overwhelming martial power.

'It seems impossible to escape unscathed...'

He had to make a decision now.

That's when it happened.

“Do you think you can escape again?”

Dokgo Hwang discerned Sal-no's intentions and attacked more ferociously.

His sword roared with a youthful energy like a dragon.


Sal-no's eyes widened.

This attack was too fierce, and it perfectly blocked any chance of escape. There was no way to dodge or reduce its power.

'Is this the end?'

It was at the moment when Sal-no sensed his demise.


Something wrapped around his waist and pulled him away.

Sal-no flew through the air, landing on a distant rooftop.

He didn't realize what had happened until he landed on the roof.

“Hong Ye-seol?”

The one who had snagged and pulled him to safety was Hong Ye-seol. Beside her stood a familiar face.

“Thunder Eye! You came too?”


While Thunder Eye replied, he didn't take his eyes off Dokgo Hwang.

Both he and Hong Ye-seol were drenched in sweat.

They had detected Dokgo Hwang's movement and had run at full speed to get there.

As proof, intense heat radiated from their shoulders.

The two of them caught their breath, glaring at Dokgo Hwang.

Dokgo Hwang made a vexed expression at the arrival of the two.

"Two more worms won't make any difference."

At his haughty words, Hong Ye-seol slightly furrowed her brow.

Had Sal-no not been endangered, she would not have revealed herself without having a proper plan.

An assassin's true strength lies in ambush.

To confront someone head-on like this halves their power.

This was especially true when the opponent in front of them was Dokgo Hwang, a martial arts expert at the highest level of Kangho.

A monstrous warrior that neither Tarha nor Sal-no could handle.

No one wanted to face such a warrior head-on.

The two of them were no exception.

If Sal-no wasn’t in danger, they would never have stepped forward.

Hong Ye-seol asked Sal-no,

“Are you alright?”

“Why did you do that? You should have used this old man as bait for a surprise attack.”

"I don't think that would do anything to him."

“What do you mean by revealing yourself without a plan?”

“Who said I had no plan?”

“Then what?”

Sal-no looked puzzled.

Instead of answering, Hong Ye-seol glanced behind her.


A faint smile appeared at the corner of Sal-no's mouth.


A subtle sound came from behind her back.

A sound like thousands of insects moving, ready to fly.

Sal-no recognized the sound.

When assassins moved together, a similar sound was made.

“Did you seriously mobilize all the forces of Black Shadow Assassins?”


“You're insane. Dealing with the Supreme One's subordinate as you please......”

“He will understand.”

"You will have to pay for the crime of mobilizing forces at your whim."

"I know. I'll take all the punishment later. You're nagging even after I saved you... really, why are you complaining?"

At Hong Ye-seol's words, Sal-no chuckled.

Seeing the two of them like that, Dokgo Hwang's aura erupted in fury.

"How dare you chat in front of me?"


With a roar, Dokgo Hwang lunged with his sword.

Hong Ye-seol retaliated by throwing up a smokescreen to hinder him.

"And who might you be? A man with a heart the size of a bean?" she scoffed.

"Let's see if you can still talk after I cut off your head."

“My head is a bit hard, so it might be difficult.”

Hong Ye-seol did not back down from her words. At the same time, she did not miss Dokgo Hwang's movements for a moment.

Thunder Eye and Sal-no teamed up with Hong Ye-seol to confront Dokgo Hwang.

Gu Jang-moon, a martial artist of the Martial Sword Alliance, was in the midst of a fierce battle with the warriors of the Sea Dragon Manor.

Three of Sea Dragon Manor's warriors had already died by his hand.

As a result, his body was also deeply scarred.

Killing others meant paying a price for oneself; that was the fate of a martial artist.

Although it was painful and exhausting, Gu Jang-moon fought with all his strength to fulfill his master's order.


Sparks flew as weapons collided.

It was an equal match.

Despite fighting for dozens of seconds, victory was not easily attained.

His opponent was a warrior from the Mara Law Sect.

He fought Gu Jang-moon equally with his sinister martial arts.

‘Ordinary techniques won’t do.’

Gu Jang-moon was on the verge of unleashing his secret technique.


Suddenly, a sound like the rustling of clothes came from behind.

Instinctively sensing the danger, Gu Jang-moon tried to react. However, the Mara Law Sect's warrior would not let him move freely.

While he was tied up with the Mara Law Sect's warrior, someone quietly approached from behind.

A man dressed in black from head to toe, an assassin.

He approached Gu Jang-moon's back like a ghost.

Gu Jang-moon felt it. But he could not act because of the Mara Law Sect's warrior.


The assassin swung his sword and wounded the back of Gu Jang-moon's ankle.


When the tendon was cut, Gu Jang-moon's leg twisted.

He quickly tried to put strength into his leg to regain his balance, but it was useless. There was no power left in his leg.


The warrior from the Mara Law Sect didn't miss Gu Jang-moon's weak point and thrust his weapon into him.



Gu Jang-moon fell with a scream.

Blood flowed freely from the gaping hole in his chest.

That was the end of Gu Jang-moon.

Such battles were happening everywhere in Sea Dragon Manor.

Amidst the fierce battles between the Martial Sword Alliance and the warriors of Sea Dragon Manor, assassins appeared, targeting only the Martial Sword Alliance.

They didn't even try to kill them.

They inflicted only minor wounds on ankles or behind their backs.

That was enough, because the Sea Dragon Manor or the Mara Law Sect warriors were there to finish them off.

The assassins were the subordinates of Pyo Wol.

Not just the Hundred Hundred Wraith Union, but all the assassins that had been subdued and recruited were mobilized.

Had Pyo Wol's opponents been solely the Ghost Fleet, they wouldn't have gone to such lengths.

In any situation, it would not have been difficult for Pyo Wol and Sal-no to escape with their lives.

But with Dokgo Hwang and the elite warriors of the Martial Sword Alliance involved, the story was different.

The Martial Sword Alliance was undoubtedly one of the strongest organizations in the world

Although only some of them had entered the Murim world, their martial prowess was indeed formidable.

It was no accident that they had survived as one of the three great sects.

The combined strength of the Assassins' Guild was needed to stop the Martial Sword Alliance.

Therefore, Hong Ye-seol and Thunder Eye reluctantly brought most of the assassins with them.


The assassins scattered throughout Sea Dragon Manor moved silently, hunting down the Ghost Fleet warriors.


“What, what is this?”

The warriors, busy lighting the fuse of the wall bombs, were ambushed by the assassins and fell.


Soma and the Taemu brothers, who arrived late, saw the assassins.

Soma cautiously asked,

“Are you perhaps my brother's subordinates?”


At the assassins' response, Soma smiled broadly.

"Good. There will be wall bombs all over Sea Dragon Manor. Find them and cut the fuses."


“It's my brother's command.”




With their response, the assassins vanished into the darkness.

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