TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 210


Commander Cale suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky. Naturally, people also followed his gaze to the sky.



When some noticed something strange, Choi Jung Soo, who was holding onto the terrace railing, climbed onto the railing and ascended.

"Choi Jung Soo, I already spoke to the Human!"

After Raon's voice, the words of Crown Prince Alberu Crossman were heard.

"Why did a Wanderer suddenly appear?"

"I don't know. For now, it seems the author is a Wanderer..."

A black dot in the sky. There was definitely something from there that was undoubtedly a person.

'An existence transcending time and space.'

The peculiar feeling of a Wanderer was present in that person.

"Choi Jung Soo."

The calm voice of the Crown Prince was heard, but Choi Jung Soo didn't have time to pay attention. There was no time to respond to the Crown Prince's curiosity and intrigue.

'Since I told Kim Rok Soo, I must confront that Wanderer for now.'

But he stopped at the Crown Prince's next words.

"Is it an enemy?"

A short question without many words. Choi Jung Soo turned his head towards him. Alberu's pupil was calm. Only then did he remember that the man in front of him was not ordinary either.

"Not an ally."

The moment Choi Jung Soo's response was heard.


Someone stepped on the railing and soared upwards. It was Sui Khan, who had transformed into a bird and flew straight into the high sky.

"Raon-nim, go with Cale."

The Crown Prince's order was followed by his steps. As he opened the door and headed outside, he added:

"I will find the director and come back."

Then, he stared at Choi Jung Soo.

"Dealing with an uninvited intruder is important, but..."

Choi Jung Soo looked at him with a cold, anger-filled gaze. Alberu continued speaking.

"Provoking chaos and hurting people would be an even bigger problem. It would be good if you keep that in mind."

Alberu, who closed the door and disappeared, left a word before the door closed completely.

"If you're Cale Henituse, you'll understand."

Choi Jung Soo calmed down a bit. His mind settled a bit in the face of the unexpected appearance of the Wanderer. He wasn't someone so dark as to not understand Alberu Crossman's warning.


"If you have something to say, say it! I'll transmit it to the Human!"

This young Dragon had a good sense.

"The God of Death has started investigating the Wanderers. He wants to know the current location of all Wanderers."

These words were fully transmitted to Cale.

"And I also have the same hypothesis as the God of Death."

A hypothesis that the Five-Colored Blood Family could be composed of Wanderers.

"We think it's quite reasonable, and based on this, we plan to continue the investigation in secret."

Choi Jung Soo and the God of Death also accepted Cale's words as a story with high possibilities of becoming reality.

"And I'll catch that Wanderer."

It was at that moment...


The sky trembled. The black dot, the Wanderer, made the air ripple like waves. At that moment, Cale lowered his head from his skyward gaze.

"Human, Jung Soo is supposed to catch him! By the way, I'm going with you too!"


An urgent voice echoed from behind; it was Choi Han.

Cale conveyed only a few simple words to him.

"He's a Wanderer."

And then he looked forward.

"What's happening?"

"What's going on?"

"Why is the atmosphere like this? Huh? Why is everyone so restless?"

People's confusion increased.

It couldn't be otherwise.

"What is this?"

"This is such a strange wave!"

"The magic barrier has been breached!"

The atmosphere of the faculty professors and leaders near the stage for magic, knights, and others was not good at all.

Especially in the expressions of those who ran towards them to report, one could see the urgency; even without knowing the content, anxiety was directly transmitted to people. And that anxiety reminded people of some memory.

For the past few years, not only in the Roan Kingdom but throughout the continent, a war was fought.

People had to live their lives holding their breath due to the anxiety created by the war.

Although everyone was happy and grateful that the war had ended and the Roan Kingdom had strengthened. However, amid that hustle and bustle, fear and worry took root.

Perhaps, to hide those emotions, people tried to move forward by looking only at the positive side.

And people remember.

The incident that could have been the beginning of all this.

The great event that happened in the Central Plaza of the Roan Kingdom, which was being forgotten because it was too silent.

It was the magical bomb attack.

From that incident, the citizens of the Roan Kingdom thought that various things had become complicated in Roan.


Starting from a word full of anxiety, chaos began to escalate.

"What's happening, what's going-"

"I don't know."

All the academy students were teenagers. Their fear spread rapidly as they were swept away by the surrounding atmosphere.

The parents or relatives of many students who came to see the conference felt a more substantial and deep fear, as they were older.

Because, as you get older, you see things.

Knights suddenly entering the square.

Wizards preparing spells ceaselessly.

And the figure of the leaders having tight conversations.

All these signs only generated gloomy conjectures.

"No... it can't be."

Here is our child.

It was then...


The sky trembled once again.

A massive wave spread.

And people could feel that the black dot up high was slowly descending.

Towards this land.


And they saw the figures heading towards that black dot.


It was a bird and a person.

They were so fast that it was hard to confirm their forms with the naked eye.
But there were people who couldn't just stand by.

"Evacuate the students!"

"And the spectators too."

"They're too many!"

"But still, we must evacuate as much as possible!"

The words of the authorities echoed in the ears of many.


It was a roar that absorbed all other sounds.

They raised their heads.

A black dot.

Two beings rushing towards the intruder were repelled by something.


Especially one person, their body crashed into the roof of a nearby building, causing the building to collapse.

'What's happening now?'

People were stunned by the surreal and sudden situation. But soon, they had to regain their senses.


The moment the sound of the wave from the sky was heard again. Reacting to that sound, without realizing it, they cowered in fear.


In people's eyes, a gigantic black light shone.

But on the surface of the sphere, it glowed with a white light.

Cale felt his hand stiffening as he saw that light.

'... What is this?'

It was familiar.

That force was not unfamiliar to him.

Fragments of white light based on darkness.

Seeking hope in darkness and creating signals, it awakened similar emotions in Choi Han, who had done the same.

But that force was similar but clearly different, and, above all, more complete.


Choi Han took a step forward unconsciously.

At that moment, someone's sharp voice pierced through the square.

"We have to run!"

It was the beginning of chaos.

People were frightened at the sight of that immense force.

"Everyone, hold on for a moment! Please calm down!"

"We must not lose order! For now, stop!"

Although the academy authorities were speaking everywhere, people weren't listening.

The darkness unfolding in broad daylight.

Although it was imbued with light, fear overcame the darkness unfolded by the monster.


"Let us through!"

"We need space! We have to take our child!"

"Damn, what the hell is suddenly happening?"

"Again, again, another organization like the White Star? Are they targeting us again?"

"For heaven's sake, this kingdom never has peaceful days."

"Our child is there, let us through."

As the cries echoed...

Choi Han slowly turned his head.

"Cale-nim! Choi Han-nim!"

At that moment, the director hurriedly climbed onto the stage.

"Help us evacuate."

Choi Han asked without realizing.

"To where?"

The director stopped.

How were they going to move so many people?

And, moreover, the intruder had already shown its power.

How were they going to escape from that growing black sphere?

"We have security facilities prepared for cases like this-"

The director's face responding turned white.

At that moment, the dean of the military studies faculty stepped up and said.

"There's a way."

"Dean, what is it?"

The director's expression brightened, expecting an answer, but the dean, instead, looked beyond Choi Han's shoulder.

Choi Han understood that response and turned around.

A person who had been silent raised their hand.


Through the magic speaker, the voice of Cale Henituse covered the square.

"Please, everyone, stay silent."

His voice had astonishing power.

Although people were moving anyway, they stopped their movements. And they looked at him.

They also remembered.

The man who stopped the magical bomb terrorist attack of the Roan Kingdom. The man who prevented the invasion of the Unyielding Alliance targeting the Roan Kingdom. The man who saved the Eastern and Western Continents from the White Star.

Now, they remembered.

And Cale muttered to himself:


He was listening to Raon's voice in real-time.

-Human, Choi Jung Soo says the Wanderer is someone he has never seen before!

-And he says it looks like someone who died a few hundred years before him!

-And it looks incredibly strong.

Immersed in these reports, Cale couldn't easily open his mouth.
And, as Choi Han said, how was he going to evacuate so many people in front of the enemy? It was already decided what he could do and how he could speak.


The annoyance bubbled.

But he couldn't show it.

Instead, he had to act calmly.



At a time like this, Lily's face, which hadn't been shown all this time, appeared in the distance. She was looking at him desperately among the students of the military studies faculty.

And much later, Basen's face, who was squeezed among the parents, also revealed itself.


Cale sighed. He couldn't even release that small sigh easily. Everyone was looking at him. Instead, he raised his head.

‘It's safe.’

He had definitely made eye contact with that Wanderer. Both looked at each other without a doubt. It was then...

-Cale Henituse.

A strange voice whose gender couldn't be distinguished, like the sound of a malfunctioning machine.

-Did you kill the Huayans Family Head?

The Black Blood Family of Xiaolen. The Huayans Family Head died in front of Cale after mentioning the 'Five-Colored Blood.'

-You were the last one to see the Huayans Family Head.

That's correct.

He died while responding to Cale, in front of his eyes. Cale realized how this Wanderer found him, even though he didn't know how it was possible. Somehow, this guy saw the memories of the deceased Huayans Family Head, who died without leaving even a body.

-I warn you.

The Wanderer came to warn Cale. Fortunately, he didn't come to kill him.

-Don't cross the line anymore.

A truly dry and calm voice.

-You, Thames Bloodline.

Cale's maternal family was Thames. It was assumed that the maternal family was destroyed by the Hunters.

-If you want to protect it, don't interfere.

-Your strength is only this much.

The Wanderer made a gesture with his hand. And a huge black sphere began to fall.


And then, it started burning on the surface.

A gigantic fireball fell to the ground.

Exactly in the square.

People plunged back into chaos.

In the magic faculty, they deployed shields.

The shouts of knights and warriors echoed.

Some students sat in their seats.

"Don't be alarmed."

Cale's voice was heard, but it didn't reach most people. Of course, those here had heard of Cale's exploits. Some had even seen him through the screen. But they hadn't experienced it in reality. Facing such a gigantic fireball, whether it was Cale, the Commander, or whatever, it didn't catch their attention. They couldn't rely on just that person. They wanted to flee. They just wanted to get out of there.

‘Ah, seriously.’

And Cale knew it very well.

-Human, the Crown Prince and I are also ready!

Raon's voice sounded at that moment, and Cale finally resigned. It seemed that something would happen even if he tried to stop that power because of the people who were trying to escape and those who were undecided. So, even though he didn't like it, he had to say it with his own mouth. He had to reassure the people.

-Human, we can easily handle that power.

According to Raon, that power, which was more of a warning, was not a burden for Cale. In the time of the magical bomb attack on the Roan Kingdom, it might have been different. But now, Cale, Raon, and their companions were stronger.


A tremor started from the ground. People stopped.

A silver line that separated from Cale's hand rose into the sky.

-Both the Crown Prince and I deployed our shields!

Raon raised his hands this time.


A dark red fireball that grows larger as it devours the surrounding air.

When the fireball cast a shadow and people were plunged into darkness.

Another light shone in people's eyes.


It was silver.

That's when they saw the light emerging from the chaos.

They wanted to run, but they stopped.

The Hero of Roan.

And the Commander of Roan.

People looked eagerly at him, a man who knew no defeat. They hoped he would say something. No, they yearned for him to show something fervently. And the commander responded to them.

Of course, the commander never thought he would say these words in his life. He really didn't know. He really didn't want to say these words with his own mouth. But the time came to say it. Cale Henituse spoke.

“The shield won't break.”

The silver shield unfolded. The huge silver wings that were big enough to cover the entire square were truly beautiful. And the white shields that filtered through the light of those silver wings.

Cale, Raon, and Alberu. The moment the three energies joined together...


With a roar, the darkness enveloped in flames crashed into the silver shield.



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