TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 546

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 546

Raon pushed aside Wrath, who was sprawled on the floor and babbling insignificantly, and checked the message for Wrath Unleashed.

<Wrath Unleashed (One-Star)>

You can use the energy you received from the Monarch of Wrath together with your energy or aura. (Usage limit: 5%)

The content was simple, but its effect was not. It meant that he could properly use the wrath he couldn't handle before.

'It starts at 5%, but it will change as I grow.'

The amount of wrath I could handle at my current level was only 5%. It wasn't even from Wrath's main body, so it could be considered small.

However, as my level increased, that number would also increase, so I was rather looking forward to the future.

What are you talking about! The King of Essence never gave this bastard any energy!

Wrath cried out as he saw the message.

The King of Essence only using the energy to force my way into taking over his body!

He pounded his chest with a round fist, expressing his frustration.

'You gave it to me, so it's over. Stop being clingy.'

Raon clicked his tongue as he looked down at Wrath.

C, clingy? Did you just say clingy!

Wrath opened his mouth wide in disbelief.

If you were me, would you simply let a thief who stole all your fortune and keeps stealing your money as soon as you earn it go free?

‘I would, if it were me.’

Eueok!  My back…

Wrath eventually collapsed with his neck held. Judging by the way his eyes rolled back, he appeared to have fainted due to fiery anger.


Raon left Wrath alone and checked the message again.

'It will be difficult to use it all the time.'

Even with the trait, constantly maintaining wrath would be a burden on his body and mind.

It seemed best to use it as a last resort to finish off an important battle in one breath, like when Martha used Berserk.

'I need to recover my internal injuries and experiment with it.'

Since he hadn't fully healed his internal injuries yet, he couldn't recklessly draw out wrath energy.

While visualizing the image of Wrath Unleashed in his mind, he felt a slight movement in his chest.


Raon took the mole out of his pocket.


He called Merlin's name and shook the mole lightly, but there was no response. Judging from the sound of it's breathing, it seemed to be alive, but it didn't seem to have woken up yet.


Just in case, he tried healing it with the Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness, but there was still no response.

‘Is it too much?’

He sighed and was about to put Merlin back in his pocket when he felt another squirm.


Raon immediately took out the mole and patted it stomach.

"You're not unconscious, are you?"


As he stared at the mole's face, the mole opened it mouth with a slight tremor.


Merlin couldn't hold back and burst into laughter, raising her head.

"Sorry. Your embrace is so warm that I wanted to stay there."

She savored the moment, saying she could stay like that for a lifetime.

"You're really..."

Raon shook his head with a tired expression.

Ma, mad woman! Kwek...

Struggling to rise, Wrath reacted with shock, hitting his head in disbelief and fainting again.

"Are you really okay?"

Raon looked into Merlin's eyes to check her condition.

"Yeah. No big deal."

Merlin nodded and spread her arms like wings.

"Then why did you pass out?"

"I didn't pass out?"


"I was just lying down because I was exhausted, and you put me in your arms. I thought it was an opportunity, so I stayed still."

She blushed and giggled. He never thought he would see the day when a mole would blush.


Raon leaned his back against the wall, hand on his forehead. He was angry that she had played a prank on him, but he was relieved to hear that she was okay.

'A sigh of relief, huh...'

What kind of relationship was this?

They started out as enemies who wanted to kill each other, but somehow, they had become a relationship where Raon only received help from Merlin. It was a peculiar relationship.

"I'm so happy today that I don't think I'll be able to sleep... Ah."

Merlin laughed and fell backwards. Her hands and feet shook violently.


"I might have overdone it a bit.”

"I knew it."

Raon frowned, realizing that even with the mask, possessing an animal's mind took a toll in her current state.

Also, she mentioned that she hadn't slept for weeks while she was looking for me before.

When he met her as a seagull at the coast, she had been in a state of not sleeping for a long time and had done the crazy thing of imbuing her will into thousands of animals, so her mental and physical strength must not have recovered yet.

Raon opened his spatial pocket. He took out one of the sea spirit flower leaves that he had saved from the underground dungeon before and handed it to Merlin.

"Eat this and rest for a while."

"A transparent leaf?"

Merlin's eyes widened as she looked at the sea spirit flower leaf.

"It's a sea spirit flower leaf."

"Sea spirit flower? That legendary elixir?"

"Yes. It helps to recover physical and mental damage, so it will help you now."

The sea spirit flower leaf was a top-grade elixir, but the help he had received from Merlin was much greater. He didn't feel bad at all.

"I don't need it. You take care of yourself first."

Merlin shook her head as if she wasn't interested in the sea spirit flower leaf.

"I've already taken it, and there's some left.”

Raon insisted, urging her to take the leaf.


Merlin took the leaf in both hands and exhaled excitedly.

"I'll keep this as a family heirloom. No, I'll build a nation and keep it as a national treasure!"

"Just eat it..."

Raon frowned and shook his head.

"Okay. I got it."

Merlin smiled brightly and caressed the sea spirit flower leaf. A white glow emanated from her hand and the leaf disappeared like melting snow. It seemed that she had sent it to where her main body was.

"There's something I want to ask you."

"Ask away!"

"As you must have seen..."

Raon told her the story that Runaan had told him and asked about Syria Sullion's life and death.

"I don't know."

Merlin shrugged lightly.

"You don't know?"

"As I said before, Eden is divided into factions. We may work together, but the reality is not that friendly. As you can see, one side wears a helmet and the other side wears a mask."


Raon nodded, recalling the monsters of Eden he had met so far.

"Sometimes the idiots who wear helmets come to our side, and sometimes the crazy guys who wear masks go to the other side, but usually they stick together."

Merlin claimed ignorance about the recent events and shrugged.

"Syria was someone valued by the helmet-wearing monsters. If he was given a special artifact, it's not impossible for him to be alive with his helmet on. But the most important thing is that I don't know because I'm not interested in him."

It seemed that asking her about Syria was pointless.


Raon erased Syria from his mind and asked a question that had been puzzling him.

"Is the leader of the masked monsters The Fallen, and the leader of the helmet monsters The Heavenly Demon?”

"That's right. But the Heavenly Demon hardly ever shows up."

"I see."

Raon nodded slowly. As always, he was able to confirm a lot of information thanks to Merlin. He was just grateful.

"Thank you."

"What's there to be thankful for?"

Merlin shook her head and then shrugged.

"I guess I really did push myself too hard. I have to go now."

She waved her trembling hand. As he was worried about what kind of request she would make this time, the mole's mouth opened.

"This child wants to eat a snake."

"A, snake?"

"Yes, the mole's natural enemy is a snake. They always get beaten up, so they want to eat one for once. Please!"

Merlin waved her hand vigorously and disappeared.

"A snake in this winter?"

He looked out the window, chuckling. It had been snowing since a while ago, as the saying goes, "It's a market day on a cold day."


The mole clapped its hands, urging for the snake to be brought.

"I'm really going crazy…”

Raon sighed and stepped outside. He extended his senses to the fullest, as if preparing for a battle. After four hours, he located a snake hibernating in winter, fed it to the mole, and then returned to the annex building.

“I'm so tired….”

As soon as he took a quick shower and entered his room, his head felt dizzy. He immediately lay down on the bed.

'I need some rest.'

He felt both physically and mentally exhausted. He closed his eyes to take advantage of <Sloth> trait.

You suffered because of that mad woman. Now rest a bit... No!

Wrath seemed to acknowledge Merlin and then stopped abruptly.

Didn't you promise to eat everything the King of Essence desires today?


Raon was already asleep, so he didn't hear Wrath's voice.

You, you, lazy dog! Wake up! Now that I think about it, I haven't eaten a single meal today!

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

The next day, at noon.

The iron gate of the audience chamber of the lord's manor opened with a heavy sound.

The swordsmen of Zieghart stood around the edge of the red carpet leading to the platform.

All the executives, including the palace masters, division leaders, and squad leaders, who were part of the family or situated nearby, stood in front of the pillars in the audience chamber. They clenched their fists, their faces pale with concern and nervousness.

The reason why the executives were so nervous was because of the Destructive King of the North sitting on the throne. Glenn Zieghart was generating an oppressive cold aura, as if he were about to drain every drop of blood.


Raon walked towards the center of the audience chamber with Runaan, pushing away the suffocating pressure.

“Let's begin.”

Even before greetings were exchanged, Glenn ordered him to get to the point. He nodded and looked at Runaan next to him.


Runaan stepped forward and revealed everything that had happened to her so far.

From the brainwashing and abusive words and actions that Syria had been inflicting on her since she was a child, to the kidnapping and putting on the helmet. As the unbelievable story continued, groans erupted in the previously silent audience chamber.

“…When I woke up, Raon was fighting the monsters of Eden.”

“I will tell you what happened after Runaan put on the helmet.”

Raon continued the story, starting from the moment he went to look for Runaan because she hadn't arrived at the appointed time. He narrated the events of killing Syria, entering Runaan's mental world, and engaging in a battle with Baphomet.

He omitted the part about Merlin and mentioned that he had accidentally connected with her mind.

“Eden. Those bastards!”

Balder, the master of True Martial Palace, couldn't hold back his anger and stomped his foot. The immense force shook the ground and the entire audience chamber shook.


Denier also seemed angry, showing a cold light in his usually gentle expression.


“Those bastards have crossed the line.”


“Those masked guys must have been hallucinating because they wanted to die.”

The remaining executives also clenched their lips, expressing anger at Zieghart having been played.


Glenn remained silent, his eyes closed. He maintained the initial expression, and his calmness seemed even more heart-wrenching.

“Please kill me!”

Rokan, who was below the platform, knelt down to Glenn.

“It's all my fault!

He slammed his head against the floor, making a bone-crushing sound.

“I was so proud of my son that I never harbored any suspicion.”

Rokan turned to Runaan and bit his lip until it bled.

"Even though Runaan had warned me, I trusted Syria and refused to listen to the child's words. It's all my incompetence! Please kill me!”

The blood that burst from his forehead stained the white floor.

“Honey, stop it!”

Clara, standing nearby, forcibly intervened, otherwise, Rokan seemed determined to end his own life.


Runaan remained motionless, torn between wanting to go to Rokan and looking up at Glenn, choosing to hold his breath.

“Head of Sullion.”

Glenn slowly raised his eyelids. Rokan's chin trembled at the sight of his red eyes, which were filled with coldness and emptiness.

"You've shown an excessive loyalty to Zieghart since you were young. While I would like to trust you, if the one connected to Eden is Syria Sullion, I can't simply overlook it.”

“Of course.”

Rokan nodded, expressing his readiness.

“Master of the Wise Martial Palace.”


Denier stepped forward and bowed his head.

"Mobilize all personnel from the Wise Martial Palace to thoroughly investigate the members, finances, and whereabouts of the House Sullion. There may still be someone connected to Eden.”

“I accept your order.”

He kneeled, promising to do his best.


No matter how devoted a vassal Sullion was to Zieghart, it was a great humiliation for them to have every aspect of their family scrutinized.

However, Rokan remained silent, only bowing his head.

“I will question you about your crimes after the investigation. Wait until then.”

“Ye, yes I understand.”

Rokan clenched his lips and bowed his head.

"The vice leader of the Light Wind Division.”

As soon as Glenn finished speaking, Karoon, the master of the Central Martial Palace gestured to Raon.

“I have one question.”

“Please speak.”

"Isn't it a bit strange that you went to the House Sullion as soon as you realized Runaan Sullion was late for the appointment? There could have been a reason for her delay, and I don't understand why you rushed there with all your might.”

He narrowed his eyes, sending a clear look of suspicion.

"The captain of the 2nd team is originally someone who keeps promises well,  she always arrived more than an hour early for the ice cream promise. Also, I was aware to some extent of the relationship between Runaan and Syria…”

“Do you think that makes sense?”

Karoon clicked his tongue shortly.

“Why are you doing this? This is the right thing to do, isn't it?”

The master of True Martial Palace,  Balder with a strange expression, tilted his head.

“No matter how you think about it, it's strange to go straight to someone's house when they don't come for an appointment. And it's also strange that you broke in even after hearing what the butler said. It's as if you….”


Glenn's cold gaze fixated on Karoon. Instead of using the title "Master of the Central Martial Palace," he ominously extended a sinister fingertip, calling Karoon by his name.

"Shut your mouth. I haven't finished speaking.”

"...I apologize."

Karoon retreated, his lips trembling.

"Raon Zieghart."


Raon bowed his head and stepped forward.

"You've done a great job."

Glenn nodded approvingly, as if trying to erase all of Karoon's suspicions.

"Those who achieve great things perceive and feel things differently from others. If you had overlooked Runaan Sullion's tardiness, the House Sullion would have fallen into Eden's hands, and they would have stabbed us in the back in the future."

He continued in a serious voice.

"You've not only saved the House Sullion but also house Zieghart. It's not an exaggeration to call it a monumental achievement.”

"T, thank you."

Raon bowed his head, feeling dazed. He had expected to be praised, but he didn't expect to be praised so excessively.


Karoon wanted to add a word, but he bit his lip because he had been rebuked a moment ago.

"Come up."

When he raised his eyes blankly, Sheryl and Rimmer, who were in front of him, waved their hands.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and come up!"

"Go and ask for money! A lot!"

Raon chuckled at Rimmer's words and climbed up to the platform.

"For defeating the Evil Goat Demon and saving the House Sullion, I bestow upon Raon Zieghart a golden plate and a reward."

As if he had prepared it in advance, Glenn received a golden plate and a red necklace from Roenn and held it out.

"Thank you."

He had never imagined that he would receive another golden plate so soon after the last one, so he bowed his head carefully.


When Raon finished his greeting and descended from the platform, Glenn stood up. A magnificent sense of oppression and authority, like a rising mountain, swept through the audience chamber.

"Eden. No, considering that the influence of the Five Demons may extend beyond vassals and into the heart of Zieghart, I will establish a special inspection unit for the time being.”

Glenn pointed his finger at Balder.

"I will appoint the master of True Martial Palace as the head of the special inspection unit. Investigate if there are any disloyal forces within the family and root them all out."

"Leave it to me!"

Balder seemed surprised that he would be given such an important task, but he soon smiled brightly and bowed his waist.


Raon opened his eyes wide at the sight of Balder clenching his fists.

'You're using that ignorant human as an inspector?'

Although he was better than Karoon, he couldn't imagine that Glenn would entrust such an important task to Balder, whose basic personality was simple-minded, ignorant, and has a tendency to be impulsive by default.


Raon exhaled deeply.

'I'm going to have a hard time for a while.'

* * *

"My lord.”

After the executives all left, Rimmer walked up to the platform.

“Are you really going to leave everything to the master of True Martial Palace? He'll just smash and destroy everything he doesn't like…”

He shook his head, looking at the cracked floor where Balder had stomped his foot.

“You're right, Balder is not the right person to be in charge of the inspection.”

Glenn nodded and turned his gaze to Roenn.

"Roenn, mobilize the Black Hand."

At the words "mobilize the Black Hand," Roenn's gentle eyes flashed with a cold light.

"If Balder starts poking around blindly, the rats will surely show themselves. Find them all and drag them out.”

"I will do as you command."

Roenn bowed his head, placing his hand on his chest. His aura, which had always been calm, was now wrapped in a sharp, dagger-like quality.

"So Balder will cause a commotion in the front, and the Black Hand will investigate in the shadows. Not bad. However…”

Rimmer sighed as if he was worried.

"the master of True Martial Palace will openly challenge us, and that will be quite annoying.”

He stuck out his tongue, thinking about how terrible it would be.

"Why are you worried about that?"

Sheryl tilted her chin as if to say what are you talking about.


"The Light Wind Division has that person."

"That person? Ah!"

Rimmer clapped his hands and raised his head.

"Should we be hoping for Balder to come instead?"


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