TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 211


The first thing the Silver Shield touched was fire. Flames rose above the surface of the black sphere and burned fiercely as if devouring the air, covering the shield.

People's vision turned red. However, the flames couldn't break the shield. In fact, they didn't even leave a single mark on the silver color.

"The Crown Prince's shield has been broken!"

But after the flames disappeared, people breathed more deeply.

Fragments of white light embedded themselves in the black sphere. It looked as if a small piece of the night sky had fallen to the ground.

The Silver Shield and wings extended on both sides. The moment the surface and the black sphere touched.


A roar echoed once again. Although the black sphere looked solid, it shattered into pieces the moment it touched the shield. No, it was as if darkness, like water from a broken dam, rushed onto the shield. At first glance, it looked like a black wave.


But the moment they saw that black wave, a chill ran down everyone's arms. Some were trapped by fear. A sense of unfamiliar unease seized their bodies. It seemed like the fear that kept them awake at night was attacking them.



Someone inhaled, and someone averted their gaze from the darkness. Of course, there were also those who remained undisturbed. However, everyone felt discomfort, big or small, as the darkness advanced towards them.


Choi Han sighed. He thought that power was similar to his. But it's not.

Both contained the same darkness, but the night was not just an object of fear for Choi Han. Because within the darkness, there was light. But that darkness carried with it an instinctive and primal fear.

"So, that's how it is."

Choi Han realized.

The approaching darkness. The particles of light trapped in that strange power, liquid or gaseous, were traps, unlike the hope or milestones that represented Choi Han's power. Traps that lured prey infiltrating into the darkness into a deeper darkness.


Choi Han felt an undefined discomfort. He wanted to get rid of that power that was similar but different from his own. But he restrained himself because there was no reason to draw his sword.


The air vibrated. When the shield and darkness collided, ripples spread through the surrounding air. However, the silver light did not yield to the darkness. It still shone with a dazzling brilliance.


A gasp of amazement erupted from the mouths of the people as they witnessed the beautiful spectacle. Since it was a light that blocked out the darkness, it seemed even more sacred.

"...It's decreasing."

And gradually, the darkness that couldn't overcome the shield began to diminish. Fear and anxiety slowly faded away. The uncomfortable sensations and chills in their arms also extinguished one by one. In their place, wonder and relief emerged. One of the students from the Military Sciences Faculty shifted his gaze from the light to Commander Cale Henituse, who remained steadfast on the platform, extending the silver light from his hand.


Cale stared at the sky with an undisturbed expression.

However, Cale couldn't be at ease even when the strange power, resembling liquid or smoke, which spilled like water and vanished in the form of smoke, began to disappear.

"Human, this is corroding it!"

Raon's five-layer barrier placed over the silver shield. The darkness consumed it. And along with the shield, it disappeared.

"...Human, this power is strange. It seems like it's going to devour everything."

When all layers of Raon's barrier were gone, it was expected that the darkness would also disappear. But, as Raon said, it didn't.

'However, the Wanderer used that power very lightly.'

It was just a warning.

"But human, the Wanderer didn't disappear by magic when he disappeared!"

The Wanderer who dropped a large black sphere in the square with a snap of his fingers disappeared. This was confirmed by Sui Khan, who was in the sky.

"He disappeared in an instant, right?"

Raon felt no change in mana when the Wanderer disappeared. This indicated that the Wanderer in the air vanished in an instant without using magic.

'...It's unsettling.'

Until now, it was different from the enemies he had faced.


Cale saw them as embodiments of purity and nobility. That's why he could anticipate and understand the power and behavior they used. However, the Wanderer he had encountered recently was different. From the power he couldn't comprehend to something else.


His instinct warned him. The Wanderer he had barely seen the face of was very strong.


Perhaps due to the threat he felt after a long time, Cale felt chills in his arms.

"It's over, Human!"

It was just a warning, so Cale could see clearly the sky clearing from the darkness. It left no trace. The only visible things were the Silver Shield he had deployed and his two wings. Beyond the shield, the blue sky was truly beautiful and refreshing. Unusual for winter, the warm sun was unusually comforting.

'My body is also very light.'

And Cale's body also felt light and fresh. It was natural, as he did nothing that would make him vomit blood.


What to do?

But his inner self was not so calm.

'With my mouth-'

I said with my own mouth that the shield is unbreakable...

In front of so many people...

And Cale knew one more thing.

'He said this would be transmitted to various places, right?'

At this moment, this scene would have been transmitted exactly the same way to various academies in the Roan Kingdom and some cities where academies gathered.


How many people would have seen this scene? Cale's head began to spin. He put away the shield, and as the silver light faded away, he waved at the warm sun falling, staring blankly at the sky.

And under that view, the people below the platform also saw it.

The Commander staring at the sky with a stern expression. There was no trace of pride or satisfaction for the miracle he had performed a moment ago. Rather, a deep distress and a heavy burden could be felt.

People didn't dare to open their mouths in front of that appearance.


And Cale realized that the atmosphere was too silent. People who would normally have cheered or applauded were standing silently.

'This is bad.'

Cale noticed something in the stiff expressions of the people.

'They seem uneasy.'

Not everyone, but some hadn't noticed the identity of the enemy that had suddenly appeared, and they were confused and scared. People generally fear an unknown enemy. Therefore, they might be frightened even if the enemy had disappeared.


Cale held back the sigh that was about to escape.

'Anyway, we'll have to say something about what happened today at the academy and the royal palace level.'

They needed to explain or give a reason, especially in the current situation where the scene was being broadcast. Moreover, it was the attitude the royal palace should adopt for the sake of the kingdom's citizens who had experienced this situation.

Cale turned and looked at a building.

Crown Prince Alberu was there. He nodded. Cale understood his meaning.

'Yes, I suppose I should give some explanation at this moment.'

Especially with the ongoing video transmission, it would be better to provide some explanation to avoid confusion. And above all, so that unnecessary words wouldn't spread.

Cale approached the magical speaker.


Alberu stopped upon seeing that figure.

"Why like that?"

He gestured with his head to Cale, who made eye contact with him even though he was far away.

It was a signal.

'Just come down, I'll take care of the rest.'

It was Alberu's consideration for his dongsaeng.
And it was also his duty as the Crown Prince.
However, instead of descending from the platform, Alberu could see Cale standing in front of the speaker. He wondered what that guy might be planning.
At that moment, Cale opened his mouth.

"They must have been very surprised; thank you for remaining calm."

Cale, starting with a brief introduction, looked at the people.
They looked stiff and tense.
They could be feeling confusion.
Despite surviving, they might be worried that something like this could happen again.

Because the King disappeared.

Suddenly, they remembered that the royal palace collapsed.

Memories they wanted to forget could become a tangible threat.

"Please stay calm and follow the instructions of the officials."

When he gestured to the director, he nodded quickly.
Of course, he had a worried expression.


Thinking about how to handle the situation, Cale silently spoke to the crowd.

"And don't worry."

Simply saying "don't worry" often increases anxiety.

As Kim Rok Soo, who faced Monsters on Earth, he knew that some things needed to be explained.

"We have already identified the presence of enemies targeting this world and are fighting against them while preparing. So please, don't worry."

Cale stopped speaking and observed the people.

He saw Lily and the students.

"Congratulations on the start of the new school year. I hope you get everything you wish for here."

He also saw Basen and the people by his side.

Cale directed some light words to them.

"The academy will remain unchanged until you achieve what you desire."

With those words, Cale descended from the platform. No cheers or applause were heard behind him.

Cale fully understood that.

'Yes, how surprised must they have been?'

Indeed, he liked this quiet situation.

Cale lightly greeted the Academy officials who were looking at him in astonishment, without stopping.

He gestured with his eyes to Choi Jung Soo and Sui Khan.

‘We need to learn about the Wanderers.’

We also need to talk to the God of Death.

Perhaps the final enemy was a group of Wanderers.

Cale unbuttoned a button up to his neck without realizing it.

The Academy officials saw the action, but Cale didn't know. He didn't know because he didn't notice.

‘Ah, still, it's good not to have to give a speech.’

It wasn't even a matter of hitting the enemy in the back, and he wasn't good with words in this kind of situation. Cale liked the situation a bit where the speech was canceled. His steps became a bit lighter without anyone noticing.

And the people watching his back couldn't take their eyes off Cale.

Crown Prince Alberu Crossman watched everything and closed his eyes tightly.


He was impressed.

Does this guy intend to retire or not?

Alberu was sincerely intrigued. But anyway, he opened his mouth. Then, an assistant approached.

"Was all of this transmitted?"

"Yes. It was a sudden situation; we couldn't stop it."

"As it was a speech by Cale Henituse, surely foreign countries are also interested in seeing it, right?”

"Yes. Even if we only transmitted the video in our country, in areas related to the academy, people would see it with the help of their informants."

"So I guess this has spread throughout the Continent today, right?"


The assistant's firm answer left Alberu speechless. And the people in the square couldn't open their mouths either.

Cale's figure disappeared completely from the square.

Someone watching sighed.


There were no words to express this.

A new enemy, a threat, had emerged. The news was shocking, but it was also a relief to know that the kingdom was already aware and fighting. There was no need to panic without reason. Although it remained terrifying.

At that moment, someone muttered unknowingly.

"I thought he was in rehabilitation."

Cale Henituse.

He and his companions are Heroes who saved the Roan Kingdom and, of course, the entire Continent. In particular, it was said that Cale Henituse was not in good health and kept in seclusion for care. And everyone believed that.


"...was he fighting?"

With those enemies from before?

They were speechless. Thinking about it, both Cale and his companions, who achieved such feats, were calm. Usually, when such feats are accomplished, one ascends to a high position or builds a new personal territory. It was strange that everything was so calm.

"Does that mean all of that had a reason?"

"Normally, they should receive a title or something. That's why it felt so strange."

People began to speak one by one.

Then, someone suddenly remembered something Cale Henituse said before.

"....the world...?"

Our Commander said that.

Not this kingdom, but an enemy targeting the world.

"It somehow seems like an enemy much stronger than Arm."

People looked at each other.

"Were they dealing with such a presence?"

So calmly and without giving any signals.

Clearly, they should have fought with blood and sweat, shouldn't they?


They were so amazed that they couldn't say anything. It was not only surprising but also shocking. Emotions that couldn't be expressed in words began to swirl in everyone's minds, whether small or large. And all of this was broadcast worldwide through visual communications.

The leaders of the powers in the Western and Eastern Continents, who were on alert due to the existence of the Roan Kingdom and the great hero Cale Henituse, also saw it.

“...Now I understand why Roan, despite its great power, has not tried to crush others with its strength but has tried to negotiate and engage in politics.”

“Ha. So Roan has secretly been using its most powerful card to save the world instead of for power? How ridiculous!”

Such shocking conversations were unfolding all over the Continent upon hearing about Cale.



Cale closed his eyes in silence.

"You can't avoid it now."

Alberu spoke calmly.

"You're a Legend."

"Damn it!"

Cale cursed in the face of the Crown Prince.




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