TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 545

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 545


Raon let out a sigh as he looked at Runaan's small back.

'This girl....'

No matter how much the mental world had grown, he thought it would take a long time for it to connect to the real Runaan. People don't change that easily.

But that was my mistake. Runaan had grown more mentally than physically.

The little girl who used to tremble at the sight of blood had killed the butler she had known her whole life without a trace of trembling, and she suppressed her enemies with a bold aura.

It seemed she had steeled her heart for the sake of protecting Rokan, Clara, and the House Sullion.


Watching Runaan, Wrath sniffled, tears welling up in his eyes.

Ice cream girl! You are truly admirable! You were disregarding the King of Essence as dust, but still admirable!

He shouted, his nose turning red, whether in sincerity or embarrassment.

‘Anyway, it's too much.’

Raon smiled faintly as he watched Wrath.

'No, maybe it's not.'

Runaan always seemed to have her mind somewhere else.

It could be worry about protecting her family from Syria or contemplation about what judgment to make.

But she completely erased those worries, both self-imposed and imposed by others, with a mental strength harder than steel.


Her physical strength had also grown greatly.

Runaan had recently become a Master. Originally, it was a time when he should have been in a period of stagnation, but she had achieved rapid growth by swallowing the Baphomet in the mental world.

Runaan's current level is Intermediate Master. It's absurd, but she had reached a level not much different from Mark Goetten.

"Kneel down."

As Runaan pointed her sword, which was covered in brilliant light, at them, the monsters of Eden trembled and rushed towards her.



The guys seemed to have realized that this was their last chance, and rushed in, revealing their hidden aura.

The blades, jagged like the fangs of a beast, rushed towards Runaan's vital points.


Runaan bent her left knee slightly, pulling the sword towards the inside of her chest. The silver blades, springing like lightning from her armpits, produced sharp shards of frost


The monsters of Eden risked their lives to cut down Runaan, but as soon as they touched her frost, they froze and collapsed.

"This is the last time. Kneel down."

Runaan calmly stepped forward and cut off the throat of the mosnter wearing the orc helmet, and again pointed the sword at the traitors.


"How come..."

The traitors of the House Sullion trembled their lips at Runaan's cold gaze. They realized that they couldn't win and knelt down.


Martha looked at Runaan's back and let out a bitter laugh

“You’ve gotten stronger, I see. You’re really something. Ah, this is annoying. This is crazy!”

Unlike her words that suggested annoyance, she fell backwards with a refreshing smile.

“W-well, I guess I'm going to collapse now....”

Dorian panted like a thirsty dog and collapsed on the floor.

“You stupid bastards! Fight to the end!”

"Staying like this, we'll die anyway!”

“Reduce the number of enemies by one!”

As the monsters of Eden, including the Green-skinned Demon, gave the order to fight to the end, a red robe fluttered over the right wall.

Glenn Zieghart. The head of Zieghart family and the owner of this land revealed his bloodshot eyes filled with anger.

“How dare you to come here.”

Glenn seemed genuinely angry and approached the monsters of Eden, exuding a terrifying and monstrous aura.


The sky roared, and the earth, as if in agony, caused a massive wave that made the weapons the monsters of Eden were holding drop, convulsing as if suffocating.


"It won't end like this!”

“For the sake of the Restoration!”

Realizing that there was no escape, the mosnters of Eden gathered all of their energy in their energy center to take their own lives.


"What, what's happening!”


However, they trembled their lips in confusion when their energy didn’t move as if it had solidified like plaster.

“I will not allow death.”

Glenn twisted his cold lips as he looked down at the monsters of Eden.

"You cannot die until I permit it.”

At that eerie proclamation, the monsters of Eden foamed at the mouth and collapsed.

Raon gulped as he looked at Glenn.

‘Is he really human….’

In a vast place with over a hundred people gathered, he effortlessly subdued only the monsters of Eden without lifting a finger, displaying a power that transcended the human realm.


Runaan sighed and collapsed to the ground.

“Ah, young lady….”

“Are you okay?”

“Young lady Runaan!”

The loyalists of the House Sullion who had been blocking the traitors rushed to Runaan and checked her condition.

“I’m fine.”

Runaan nodded and raised her finger to point at the traitors.

“Tie them up first.”

“Ah, understood!”

The loyalists seemed surprised by Runaan’s sudden show of power and restrained the traitors, while tying their arms and legs, they couldn’t take their eyes off her.


Raon approached Runaan. Her clear eyes had turned stoic, as if the liveliness had drained away.

Those eyes suit her best. Suppressing the urge to laugh, he asked.

“How are you feeling?”


Runaan blinked as if she was fine and turned around to crawl towards Rokan and Clara.

After finishing what she had to do as the acting head of the family, she was now checking on her parents' condition.


Only after confirming that the two were safe did Runaan exhale deeply.

In these circumstances, prioritizing the family's situation over her parents' reflected that Runaan, who had seemed like a mere child, had truly gained the qualifications of a family head.

“Where is Syria? No, the Evil Goat Demon?”

Runaan held Rokan and Clara's hands tightly and asked for the Evil Goat Demons's location.

“He's inside there.”

Raon helped Runaan up and showed her the pit where Syria's body was.

Syria's body and severed arm were still there, but his helmet was still nowhere to be seen.

"It's a bit strange, but he's definitely dead.”

“Hmm, the Evil Goat Demon might still be alive.”

Runaan shook her head as she looked at Syria's body.

“What do you mean by that?”

Raon narrowed his eyes. He couldn't figure out what Runaan was talking about since it was already a dead body that had stopped breathing.

“Before Raon came here, the Evil Goat Demon threw a strange bead. He said it was a precaution in case of unforeseen circumstances….”

Runaan raised her finger and pointed to the corner where Syria had thrown the bead.


Raon chewed his lips as he looked at the corner Runaan was pointing to.

‘I don't know.’

The ground was all collapsed from the fierce fight with Syria, so there was no sign of a bead. He couldn't feel any special aura either, so he couldn't tell what kind of bead it was.


You only call the King of Essence when you need him!

Wrath frowned as if he didn't like it.

‘It's not for me, it's for your admirable ice cream girl.’



The guy seemed helpless and looked around the pit.

There doesn't seem to be anything unusual. And the King of Essence doesn't see any beads.

Wrath shook his head, finding nothing.

‘You're really not helpful.’



Raon clicked his tongue briefly. He wanted to ease Runaan's troubled mind, but he felt suffocated because he couldn't give her a definite answer.

“Runaan. For now….”

“I'm fine.”

Runaan shook her head and looked up at the clear sky.

“My brother is already dead. The Evil Goat Demon is the enemy. Even if he comes back, I'll stop him.”

She clenched her small fist tightly, saying that she would finish off Syria herself.

In her resolute eyes, there was a clear intent that she wouldn't agonize over it anymore.

If anything happens, the King of Essence will help you!

Wrath grabbed Runaan's sleeve, insisting that he would help her no matter what.

“If you need help, just tell me.”

"Yeah. Thank you. Hmm...."

Instead of nodding, Runaan raised her gaze, looking up tentatively.

"In my mental world, there's this dust that came in with Raon.”

"Uh? Yeah."

"It suddenly transformed into a person and said something to me. Do you happen to remember? It feels strangely familiar, and I'm curious…”

She blinked as if she remembered seeing Wrath's true form.

Ooh! Ice cream girl!

Wrath jumped up, squawking like a seagull.

Immediately convey the King of Essence's words!

Wrath seemed happy and continued with a bright smile.

The King of Essence has been watching you since you were young. He has helped you a lot, and he is like a parent who filled the hole in your stomach.

"He did say something."

Runaan listened to Raon's words and smiled.

"He said he was hungry."


Runaan opened her mouth wide as if she didn't expect that.

What nonsense is that! The King....

Wrath shouted, his face turning red.

But… The King of Essence is indeed hungry. When are we eating?


*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

"Raon Zieghart."

Raon approached Glenn at his call.

"Greetings to the lord... uh, may I…”

"Useless greetings. What happened here?"

"This will take a while to explain.”

Raon lowered his eyes as it was not something to be talked about in such an open place.

"Then come to the audience chamber by noon tomorrow. I will have everyone listen to the story then."

Glenn nodded, looking at Raon, Runaan, and the unconscious Rokan in turn.

"First, take the wounded to that guy. He also needs to pay for his meal.”

"I understand."

Raon realized that Glenn was referring to the Ragged Saint, Federick, and bowed his waist.

Glenn left after leaving the aftermath to Roenn.

"I will take care of things from here, so please go back, young master Raon."

Roenn greeted him with a kind smile and a nod.

"Thank you."

After entrusting the situation of the House Sullion to Roenn and the Light Wind Division Raon headed to the mansion where the Ragged Saint, Federick, was staying, taking the wounded with him.

"Rokan Sullion? This is Runaan."

Federick, upon seeing the unconscious Runaan, her parents, Martha, and Dorian, widened his eyes.

"What on earth happened?”

"There were some circumstances."


“Yes. In the House Sullion….”

Since the Saint was alone, he briefly explained the events that had unfolded.

"Huh, for those damned monsters's influence to reach here…”

Federick let out a sigh as if he didn't know that Syria Sullion and the main members of the family were monsters of Eden.

“They can even deceive their families when they take off their helmets.”

"Using human emotions, those wretched demons.”

He frowned deeply as if he truly hated Eden.

“l"I'll take care of them. However, you don't seem to be in good shape either.”

Federick tilted his head as he looked at Raon, who was pale.

“I just overdid it a bit. I'm not seriously injured.”

Raon smiled faintly and shook his head. In reality, he had suffered a severe internal injury due to his anger, but he didn't want Federick to find out, so he refused his treatment.

“Is that so.”

Federick smiled and threw a pill out of his pocket.

“This is an internal injury medicine. It's a new product. You try it out.”

Without further words, he turned away, leading the patients inside.

‘He knew everything.’

There was no way the person called the Saint wouldn't know that he was injured. It seemed that he understood his circumstances.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed his head towards Federick's back and then came out of his mansion.

When he returned to the annex building, Sylvia opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“Why are you back already? And what's wrong with your face!”

She trembled her lips, asking why he came back injured when he said he was going out to eat ice cream.

“I had some business to take care of….”

It seemed that Sylvia would find out soon, so he gave her a brief explanation to lessen the shock.

“T, then is Runaan okay?”

“She's probably not okay. But I think she can endure it.”

“Then what about you?”

“I'm fine.”

Raon pretended to be fine and forced a smile.

“What do you mean you're fine! Go rest quickly!”

Sylvia seemed to notice the forced smile and patted him on the shoulder, gesturing for him to go into his room.

She went into the kitchen and told the maids to prepare food. It seemed that she was going to make patient food for the injured.

As expected, my mom is kind!

‘She's not your mom.’

Raon pushed Wrath away and went into his room.


Maybe it was because the tension was relieved, or maybe it was because of the injury, but all the strength drained from his body and he collapsed to the floor.

‘This is worse than I thought…’

The aftermath of his anger was far worse than he had expected. It was more painful than when he had used up all his energy and suffered a wound that exposed his bones.

The King of Essence warned you. It's still too early for you to handle it.

Wrath mocked, lifting the corners of his mouth.

‘But I didn't know it would be this bad.’

Until now, you've manipulated the wrath along the path laid out by the King of Essence, like the Veil of the Snow Flower or the Evil Eyes of Wrath. 

Wrath raised his round hand and continued his explanation.

But this time, you deviated from the path the King of Essence created and pulled out wrath on your own. Wrath is a much stronger energy than aura, so it's natural that your body would be damaged.

‘Yes. I know.’

He nodded, admitting it honestly.

‘Let's put out the fire first.’

Raon swallowed the internal medicine Federick had given him and used the Ring of Fire.

The rings that circled his heart drew a line where the pure mana and the healing power of the internal medicine met, increasing the healing power inside his body.


The energy of Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness from inside his energy center spread out, slowly calming the serious internal injuries and significantly reducing the pain.


Raon only opened his eyes after he had absorbed all the energy from the internal medicine in his sitting position.

…That's why the King of Essence always say! Know your place!

It seemed like Wrath had been talking since before. Like a talkative guy, he kept talking even though he didn't listen.

‘You really talk a lot.’

To a pathetic one like you, no amount of nagging is enough. Come here. The King of Essence will give you a proper lesson today.

Wrath patted the floor and gestured for him to come closer.

It's still a thousand years too early for you to handle the King of Essence's wrath! In fact, in Devildom…

Just as Wrath was about to start bragging again, a message appeared, pointing at the babbling guy.

[You have defeated a higher realm opponent.]

[You have captured the flow of another's mental world.]

[All stats has increased by 17 points.]

[The rank of the trait <Eye of Wrath> has increased.]

[The rank of the trait <Veil of the Snow Flower> has increased.]

The rewards for defeating Syria and helping Runaan in her mental world came.


Just as Wrath was about to open his mouth, another message popped up.

[A new trait <Wrath Unleashed> is created.]

Wrath Unleashed?


Wrath grabbed his head as he looked at the message.

Kill me. Just kill me!

He sank like a deflated balloon, tears streaming down his face.

Stop taking away my stats and traits, please kill meeeeeeee!


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