RDM (Novel) Chapter 592

Chapter 592

With a loud explosion, flames shot high into the night sky.

To anyone ignorant of the circumstances, the sight would have been beautiful enough to merit applause.

Go Il-won, with arms crossed, watched the flames light up the night sky.

Fires were erupting all around the coastal city of Sea Gate City.

People sleeping peacefully in the middle of the night ran out into the streets in alarm.

They panicked at the sight of collapsing and burning streets.

It was as if a war had broken out, with one explosion after another and flames rising into the sky.

The smell of burning petroleum paralyzed their sense of smell, and there were many who were burned or injured.

Residents were unable to make proper judgments.

They instinctively knew they had to get away from the flames and ran down the street.


“Save me!”

With too many people gathering in the narrow alleys, many people were trampled.


The sound of breaking bones and human screams rang out simultaneously.

It was hell on earth.

People were being driven to their deaths without even understanding why it was happening.

Go Il-won observed the whole scene.

Though he was quite a distance away, his sea-hardened eyes saw it all clearly.

He had created this disaster.

It was his order that had caused so many to die and lose everything. But Go Il-won did not even blink.

In his world, it was natural for the strong to trample the weak and seize everything.

He had been raised to believe that. And that belief had allowed him to build the Ghost Fleet from a young age.

“Pyo Wol! How long will you hide?”

Originally, he had planned to seize control of Sea Gate City before pursuing Pyo Wol. But knowing that Pyo Wol had already entered Sea Gate City, he could not just leave him alone.

He wanted to conquer Sea Gate City and hunt down Pyo Wol at the same time.

Fortunately, Dokgo Hwang and the Martial Sword Alliance had tracked Pyo Wol to Sea Gate City, which made planning easier.

It’s always simpler to make plans when you have many resources to deploy.

Go Il-won used all the pieces at his disposal.

The result was the tragedy of Sea Gate City.

Innocent civilians were fleeing the flames. But as they were fleeing, a wall bomb exploded in their direction.


Screams were drowned out by a storm of fire that swept through the area.

Those caught in the blast were reduced to charred remains without even a chance to cry out.

It was a truly horrific death.

The warriors of the Ghost Fleet faithfully carried out Go Il-Won's orders. They were plunging Sea Gate City into even greater chaos. However, Go Il-Won was no longer watching this scene.

His eyes were looking elsewhere, not at the carnage.

Suddenly, his pupils danced wildly.

They trembled violently, like the aftershocks of an earthquake, darting left, then right, and finally looking upward. They dilated immensely and then quickly constricted.

A slight smirk appeared on his lips.

"He's here!"


Before his words could fully resonate, a faint sonic boom echoed.

A transparent barrier formed in front of Go Il-Won.


Something rebounded off the barrier.

What bounced off was an incredibly thin silver thread, so fine it was difficult to discern with the naked eye.

The silver thread dispersed into thin air like a mirage.

It was the Soul Reaping Thread, a thread of qi.

In Kangho, the only martial artist capable of wielding the Soul Reaping Thread was Pyo Wol.

Tearing through the darkness, Pyo Wol revealed himself.

Go Il-Won spoke, "You found me, as I expected you would."

"Go Il-Won!"

"How is it? Isn't it splendid? This must have been what it was like when the New Moon Manor fell, no?"

"Is this revenge for the fall of New Moon Manor?"

"Revenge? No, this is a response."

To Pyo Wol's question, Go Il-Won chuckled in reply.

Go Il-Won still had his arms folded.

Pyo Wol considered this posture threatening.

Just a moment ago, he had ambushed Go Il-Won with the Soul Reaping Thread. But Go Il-Won had precisely countered it the moment it was launched, summoning a protective barrier.

That was not all.

He had detected and prepared for Pyo Wol's stealthy approach in advance.

Until now, no expert had ever detected Pyo Wol's stealthy movements. But for the first time, someone had read his intent beforehand.

The erratic movement of Go Il-won's pupils was no ordinary act.

His pupils had clearly tracked Pyo Wol's path.

"You seem to have mastered a special eye technique?"

"Everyone has a trick up their sleeve."

Go Il-Won replied nonchalantly.

Indeed, he had seen Pyo Wol clearly.

It wasn't just an intuition that sensed his approach; he had visually detected and anticipated it.

It was an eye technique called Sura's eye.

This mysterious eye technique, forged in the Western Regions, missed no covert movements.

It allows one to see as if it's broad daylight even in the pitch dark and never misses any swift motion.

It's the proverbial curse of any assassin.

Go Il-Won continued to speak.

"Assassin, you are the last. Feel your powerlessness in your very bones and watch this place crumble."

"You are brimming with confidence."

"Confidence? No, it's a certainty in myself."

Go Il-Won sincerely believed he was stronger than Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was undoubtedly strong.

He was among the supreme masters of the martial world.

One only had to look at the warriors he had slain to understand the extent of his martial prowess.

Pyo Wol had indeed reached an unbelievable level as an assassin, but everyone had their Achilles' heel.

The Sura's eye technique that he had mastered was the bane of assassins.

Having mastered Sura's eye, Pyo Wol was no different from a monkey in Buddha's hand.

Then, it happened.


With a strange sound, four shadows appeared around Go Il-Won.

They were monks dressed in the garb of the Western Regions.

The one in front had his eyes covered with a cloth, the second had a rosary the size of a child's fist around his neck and wrists. The other two held a massive whip and a green dragon crescent blade.

The Four Great Devil Monks.

They were the followers of Go Il-Won from the Western Regions.

They seldom revealed themselves, but once they did, they destroyed everything in their path.

They were the last bastion of the Ghost Fleet.

Go Il-Won said to Pyo Wol,

"If you want to kill me, you must break through them. The sooner, the better. The longer you

delay, the more people will die."

"It won't take that long. I promise."

"We'll see."

Go Il-Won laughed and moved on.


Pyo Wol shot the Threaded Serpent Qi at his back.

He was trying to wound him by surprise.

At that moment, a blindfolded monk appeared in front of him.

His movement resembled the legendary divine posture of the Vajra Step.


He clapped his hands.

A powerful shockwave instantly blocked the Threaded Serpent Qi. Meanwhile, the rest of the Devil Monks attacked Pyo Wol.





A potent wave of qi engulfed Pyo Wol.

Their attack was so fierce that Pyo Wol couldn't easily dodge it. He had to unfold his snake steps and retreat backward.


There was a huge crater where Pyo Wol had been, the target of their onslaught.


The second monk roared and flicked his thumb. A prayer bead the size of a child's fist flew toward him like a grenade.

Pyo Wol swiftly dodged, shaking his head.


A huge hole was blown in the wall behind him.

It was an awe-inducing power.

It was obvious that even a single hit would create a devastating hole in the target.


The second monk continued to flick his rosary beads.

As Pyo Wol calculated the angles to dodge the attack, the attack reminded him of the legendary secret technique of 'Ten Thousand Arrow Rain' from the Temple of the Heavenly Gate.

'Just dodging won't win this.'

He was outnumbered and his opponent's martial arts were unbeatable.

Once you lose the momentum, it's hard to regain it.

Especially against masters like these.


Their attacks came in perfectly, meshing together like the gears of a machine.

When the blindfolded Devil Monk swung his double staff, the second Monk would fire his rosary beads. Then the monks wielding the battleaxe and the green dragon crescent blade took the opportunity for melee combat.

Their combined assault had truly reached the pinnacle of artistry.

It was understandable why Go Il-Won trusted them so much.

But they were up against Pyo Wol.

Though the Four Great Devil Monks had transcended the ordinary, so had Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol wielded Black Lightning.

As the thunderous energy coursed through his entire nervous system, his bodily reactions sped up several times.

In this state, Pyo Wol unleashed his Threaded Serpent Qi.


A strand of compressed energy shot toward the monk firing the rosary beads.



The monks with the battleax and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade blocked Pyo Wol's attack in his stead.

Their weapons were also shrouded in powerful qi.

They had created this energy to counter the Threaded Serpent Qi.

In Kangho, it was common sense that among equal energies, a heavier weapon had the advantage.

They were confident that they could destroy both the Threaded Serpent Qi and Pyo Wol himself.

That's when it happened.


Black Lightning suddenly surged into the Threaded Serpent Qi.

The black lightning spread over the entirety of the Threaded Serpent Qi in an instant.

The monk with the cloth-covered eyes screamed. He sensed something was wrong.

"Everyone, be careful!"

But his cry was slower than the clash between the Threaded Serpent Qi and the two men's weapons.


A chilling cutting sound rang out at that moment.

It was an incredible sound for the collision of qi.



Strange sounds emanated from the mouths of the monks wielding the whip and the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

Foamy blood spilled from their lips.

"How, how is this possible?"


In the next instant, the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and the battle axe fell to the ground, leaving pin-sized holes in their wielders' hearts.

Not only had Pyo Wol's Threaded Serpent Qi cut through their qi-laden weapons, but also punctured their hearts.

Even at the moment of their dying breath, the two Devil Monks couldn't comprehend what had happened.

How could their own energy be so effortlessly cleaved when they were of the same kind?

What Pyo Wol had unleashed was the Black Lightning Threaded Serpent Qi.

It was a unique technique of Pyo Wol to infuse black lightning into the Threaded Serpent Qi.

The power of the Threaded Serpent Qi, enhanced by the Black Lightning, far surpassed the might of ordinary energy.

"Third brother! Youngest!"

The blindfolded Devil Monk rushed towards Pyo Wol in anger.


The second Devil Monk yelled, trying to retain his sanity, but it was far too late.


The eldest monk's body was sliced into pieces.

Pyo Wol had stealthily deployed his Spider Silver Web.

Charging headlong into it had been a fatal mistake.

"You beast!"

In anger, the second monk threw his rosary beads repeatedly.


Rosary beads the size of a child's fist were shot at Pyo Wol. But for some unknown reason, Pyo Wol didn't dodge them.


Pyo Wol's body was hit by the rosary beads, and fist-sized holes were blown open.

"I've got......"


The second monk's words were cut short.

He felt a burning pain from behind.

Two daggers were embedded in the vital arteries at the back of his neck. The owner of the

daggers was none other than Pyo Wol.


The second monk wore an expression of disbelief.

He couldn't understand why Pyo Wol, who should have been killed by the rosary beads, was unscathed and behind him.

At that moment, the image of Pyo Wol pierced by the rosary beads disappeared. Only then did the second monk realize that it had been an illusion.

It was the advanced technique of Illusion Technique, called the Demonic Shadow Exchange .

Pyo Wol's unique technique that perfectly reproduced even the presence and texture of the illusion, leaving no choice but to be completely enchanted.


That was the second monk's last word.

Pyo Wol, who had killed all four monks in an instant, looked around. But Go Il-Won had already concealed himself and was nowhere to be found.

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