RDM (Novel) Chapter 591

Chapter 591

"It's been a while since I've done this!”

Sal-no pulled the mask down over his eyes.

His days were numbered, and he preferred not to do the killing himself if he could help it.

Being an assassin required meticulous planning; the slightest miscalculation could ruin everything. As a result, many retired as they grew older.

Experience and wisdom could help one endure, but an aging body wouldn't obey the mind.

For the average martial artist, the effects of aging might not be problematic. But for assassins, who often waited days for the perfect moment to strike, it was a significant flaw.

That's why Sal-no retired from active duty and nurtured the Black Shadow Assassins.

Even after that, he occasionally killed, but he could not execute with the precision of his prime.

He thought his days as an assassin were numbered, so he concentrated on assisting Pyo Wol.

But this leisurely time was over.

The situation was critical.

The martial artists of Mara Law Sect had stepped in to extinguish the immediate flames, but overall, they were losing ground.

Someone needed to turn the tide. And so, Sal-no returned to his assassin ways.


Like a ghost, he noiselessly approached a Martial Sword Alliance warrior from behind.

The warrior did not notice the unknown shadow approaching. He was fully focused on the battle before him.

Sal-no covered the warrior's mouth and cut his throat with a dagger.


The warrior's throat was slashed with a cold, cutting sound.

The man's body writhed in blood.

But there was no scream.

Sal-no's firm hand had prevented him from screaming.


The suppressed scream only lingered in his mouth before disappearing.

By then, he had already lost his life.

Sal-no gently laid him down and moved to look for his next prey.


Behind the warriors of the Martial Sword Alliance, cold cutting sounds echoed.


"What's that?"

By the time the Martial Sword Alliance warriors realized something was amiss, more than a dozen had lost their lives at Sal-no's hands.

"An assassin."

"Damn  it!"

Sal-no used his stealth techniques to hide his presence as much as possible, but some sharp-sighted individuals detected him.



They attacked exactly where Sal-no had concealed himself.


Sal-no had no choice but to reveal himself before the ferocious attack.

Clang! Clang!

Sal-no swung his dagger, fending off the warriors' strikes.

‘I've grown old,'

He laughed bitterly as he fought against the warriors

That's when it happened.


With a tremendous bang, flames shot into the sky from the bustling area of Sea Gate City.

“What, what's that?”


Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong stared with stunned faces.

A mansion that had been intact just a moment ago had been obliterated, reduced to ruins.

“What is this?”

“My goodness!”

An explosion had erupted right before them.

Had they approached even a bit closer, they would have been caught in the explosion and lost their lives.

“Did the wall bomb explode?”

"Didn't it still have a lot of time left?"

“I... I don't know.”

Geom Yeong shook his head at Taemu Sang's question.

Judging by the length of the wick, there should have been time before it exploded, but contrary to their expectations, it exploded much faster.


“My, my house...”

"There are people inside, what should we do?"

People ran out of the house, startled by the explosion, and stumbled over the ruins.

Arms and legs could be seen amid the shattered debris.

Seeing no movements, it was clear they had already lost their lives.

That's when it happened.


Another explosion occurred not far from where Taemu Sang and Soma were standing.

Once again, massive flames and a shockwave enveloped the vicinity.

Not only the house at the center of the explosion, but also neighboring buildings collapsed or caught fire.


“Save me!”

Terrified people screamed as they scrambled to distance themselves from the blast.


Then another explosion occurred.

The fleeing people were swept up in the blast and sent flying in all directions.

Their bodies, twisted like broken dolls, their arms and legs grotesquely bent, were enough to send anyone into a state of horror.


“What's happening?”


Panic gripped the people around Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong. Paralyzed with fear, they could only cry on the spot.


“Those bastards!”

Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong were filled with rage.

There was a line to be drawn, even for the most unruly of martial artists.

Those who planted and ignited the wall bombs had clearly crossed that line.

There was no reason to honor the code of Kangho when they were slaughtering ordinary people.

Taemu Sang said,

"They're using different lengths of wicks to control the explosion time. We need to catch them."


"When you find them, use your hands without mercy."


Geom Yeong nodded with a determined expression.

It was then that Sobok, who had parted ways with them earlier, came running.

He pointed to a distant spot and shouted,

"Geom Yeong! Wall bombs were found over there."

“The wick?”

“I cut it for now.”

“Well done.”

At Geom Yeong's praise, Sobok nodded, his face serious.

He had seen the explosions clearly.

If the Wall Bombs were left as they were, it was certain that all of Sea Gate City would be razed to the ground.

Taemu Sang spoke,

"Mobilize all the children of Sea Gate City to search for the wall bombs.

“Understood, brother!”

“If we miss even one, many more people will die.”

“I've already mobilized the innkeeper. I'll pass on your words to the others as well.”

Aware of the gravity of the situation, Sobok quickly responded.

Lastly, Geom Yeong said,

“Be careful, everyone. We can’t attract the attention of those who installed the Wall Bombs.”

“Yes, I'll be careful.”

Sobok rushed off to relay Taemu Sang’s instructions to the children.

After he disappeared, Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong also went into action.

Not long after they began searching, they found Wall Bombs cunningly hidden.


The wick was almost burnt out.

“Put it out quickly!”


The two hurriedly tried to extinguish the flames, but when they couldn't, they swung their swords.


Fortunately, the wick was severed at once.

The two sighed in relief.

"I was wondering why a few of these wall bombs didn't go off, but there were rats behind it”.

A cold voice came from behind them.

Startled, Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong turned to see three unknown men standing there.

He instinctively recognized them as the culprits because their bodies emitted a sulfuric odor.

They were the martial artists of the Ghost Fleet.

They were the ones who had planted the wall bombs nearby. Naturally, they knew the moment when the grenades would go off, but after waiting for a while, some of them didn't go off, so they decided to get to the bottom of it.


They drew their weapons without hesitation.

Taemu Sang whispered to Geom Yeong, “Be careful!”


For Geom Yeong, this was the first real battle he'd faced since learning martial arts from Tarha.

He'd had many opportunities to practice martial arts, but never with his life on the line like this.

Taemu Sang appeared slightly more composed, but Geom Yeong seemed rigid with tension.

It wasn’t a matter of martial arts.

Since it was his first time fighting for his life, the pressure he felt was immense.


The martial artists of the Ghost Fleet attacked at a terrifying speed.

The weapons in their hands were aimed directly at the lives of Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong.

They did not underestimate or lower their guard just because they were children.

It was the Ghost Fleet's code to fight any enemy to the best of their ability.


Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong faced them with all their might as well.

Their fists glowed with a faint golden hue.

Sura Gold Emperor Fist.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when using Tarha's unique martial art technique.

Both of them had mastered the Sura Gold Emperor Fist to a level beyond the third stage.

This was an incredible accomplishment considering how long they had been practicing martial arts.


A thunderous noise erupted.

Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong unleashed the Sura Gold Emperor Fist with all their strength.

Their fists, imbued with golden energy, repeatedly hammered the swords.



The martial artists of the Ghost Fleet were taken aback.

Despite clashing with bare fists, their weapons showed signs of damage.

They hadn't expected the martial prowess of these young boys to be this powerful.

Whoever their opponents would have been, they would have felt the same surprise.


“Damn it!”

The martial artists of the Ghost Fleet were helplessly pushed back.

Such was the terrifying power of the Sura Gold Emperor Fist.

Even with the mere attainment of the third level, it was an overwhelming pressure on the martial artists of the ghost fleet.

However, the martial artists of the Ghost Fleet were seasoned veterans, having experienced countless battles.

Having spent their entire lives at sea, raiding and plundering, they had a wealth of experience.

They cunningly exchanged glances, but Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong, focused on attacking, failed to notice.

They lured the two boys to the spot where the wall bombs had blown up earlier.

Debris was scattered underfoot.

Such debris interfered with the execution of their martial arts.

It was particularly fatal for inexperienced martial artists.


Geom Yeong stepped on a loose stone and momentarily lost his balance. The martial artists of the Ghost Fleet did not miss the opportunity.


A sword was aimed at Geom Yeong’s waist.

“Geom Yeong!”

Taemu Sang saw his peril and tried to help him. But, it only resulted in creating an opening.


The last martial artist of the Ghost Fleet, who had been eagerly waiting for an opportunity, did

not miss the chance and attacked.


Taemu Sang's face turned pale.

He was unable to save Geom Yeong and found himself in danger as well.

At that dire moment:

“Both of you, snap out of it!”

A cold voice rang out, and someone leaped into the battlefield.




He swiftly cut down the martial artists who were attacking Geom Yeong.


The one attacking Taemu Sang stopped in surprise.

The one who had slain his comrades was an adolescent boy, appearing to be no older than seventeen.

It was Soma.

Soma did not miss the hesitation of the last martial artist and attacked, ending his life in a flash.

Soma then scolded Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong.

"Get your heads out of your asses. Are you just going to get your asses kicked?"

“Uh, yes!”


Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong finally came to their senses and responded.

Soma said to them:

"Hurry up and find the wall bombs."

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