RDM (Novel) Chapter 585

Chapter 585

It took only a single hour for the Red Turban Association to be wiped out of Sea Gate.

In just one hour, the Red Turban Association, which supplied workers to the entire city of Sea Gate, had completely collapsed.

At the time of the collapse, there were two hundred warriors in the Red Turban Association, and including the workers, there were four hundred people in total. All four hundred lost their lives.

The leader of the Red Turban Association, Yu Il-seok, could not escape death either.

Yu Il-seok was found with his throat slit.

No other wounds were found.

Whoever the opponent was, he had cut Yu Il-seok's lifeline cleanly in an instant.

Before the emergence of Tarha, Yu Il-seok had been a dominant force in Sea Gate City, sharing influence with Sea Dragon Hall.

The news that such a formidable man, who was almost on a par with Jang Ha-Moon of Sea Dragon Hall, was killed without resistance was a shock to many people.

Pyo Wol looked inside the Red Turban Association with cold, unfazed eyes.

He had heard about the annihilation of the Red Turban Association half an hour ago.

Not a single person survived inside the Red Turban Association.

Except for those working on the docks, everyone had been killed.

It was the worst incident in the history of Sea Gate City.

"What is this?"

"400 people dead in just one hour?”

"How could so many people be…"

Yul Ayeon, Tae Musang, and Geom Yeong watched with blank expressions.

For all three, it was the first time they had seen so many people dead.

The horrifying sight of four hundred-plus corpses in one space was hardly easy to digest.

In fact, some of them collapsed on the ground, vomiting.

Even the most courageous martial artists could hardly bear such a sight.

Among them, only Pyo Wol and Soma retained their composure.

Pyo Wol had a strong heart that wouldn't flinch from anything, and Soma had an unshakable nerve.

Soma knelt down and examined the bodies.

"The wounds are all deep. Not only the flesh, but even the bones are cut. It's a very powerful weapon. More like a blade than a sword. But the wounds are shallow and short, like chopping wood. The weapon that could leave such a mark is..."

"An axe."

"Not a big one. If it was, they'd be cut in half. It was a smaller axe."

"A hand axe."


Soma nodded at Pyo Wol's answer.

The attackers who ambushed the Red Turban Association all used hand axes as weapons.

Despite their power, hatchets had the disadvantage of being short in length. But they were easy to conceal.

They could be concealed by strapping them to their waist and covering them with the hem of a long robe.

This is probably how the attackers of the Red Turban Association would have approached with their axes hidden.

At the Red Turban Association, Pyo Wol climbed to the roof of the highest pavilion.

As he stood on the roof, the entire landscape unfolded before him.

The Red Turban Association was at the key point of Sea Gate city.

Situated right in the middle where the roads go out in all directions.

Thanks to that, the Red Turban Association had rapidly expanded its power.

They could dispatch laborers fast where needed.

This time, their location became a calamity.

The Enemies would have used the labyrinthine streets to approach them.

Gathered in groups of three or four, they would approach naturally, and the people here would think nothing of it.

There were a lot of people going in and out of the streets on a daily basis.

In this way they naturally surrounded and infiltrated the Red Turban Association.

It was like a lightning strike.

"They moved in perfect harmony. That's impossible unless they've been working together for a long time."

They were more like soldiers than martial artists.

A unity seen only among those who had lived and trained together for a long time.

There were hardly any groups in the current Kangho that could show this level of unity.

Groups like the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall formed large forces and often engaged in group battles, but the fighting itself was left to the individual's skill.

What happened here, on the other hand, was strictly controlled.

It was a movement that could not be shown by existing martial sects.

Pyo Wol muttered.

"The Ghost Fleet, they're here again."

There were only a few groups that could display this level of control and power, and among them, the Ghost Fleet was the only one that could operate in the Sea Gate city.

Pyo Wol's gaze swept over the interior of the Red Turban Association.

Countless corpses were strewn about haphazardly.

From this height, one could clearly see how the martial artists of the Ghost Fleet had ravaged the Red Turban Association.

"They distracted the eyes at the main gate, luring those inside. Then they ambushed the martial artists coming from the alleys. Finally, they killed those who remained in the backyard."

In fact, these three locations suffered the most damage.

The body count was also overwhelming.

Without a perfect understanding of the inner workings and structure of the Red Turban Association, this strategy could not have been devised.

When they came in, they scattered and left no trace, but what happened when they left?

As many as four hundred had died.

Killing so many would have required a substantial force from the Ghost Fleet.

It was impossible for such a number to vanish without a trace.

There were countless people on the streets, and avoiding all their gazes was impossible.

Pyo Wol no longer felt the need to stay on the roof.

He leaped down and landed lightly on the ground.

Right in front of him were Soma and Geom Yeong.

Pyo Wol asked Geom Yeong,

"Where is the nearest sea from here?"

"Sea Gate city’s Harbor. That's the closest."

"The fastest route to the dock?"

"I'll lead the way."

Geom Yeong naturally took the lead.

He knew the distance to the sea gate harbor like the back of his hand.

Geom Yeong led the way, followed by Pyo Wol, Soma, and Taemu Sang. They sprinted through the streets at a terrifying speed.

As they ran, Pyo Wol said to Geom Yeong,

"Think from their perspective. There were at least a hundred, maybe two hundred martial artists involved. To move such a large group discreetly, what path would be the best?"

"Then it's this way. There's a large mansion under construction, but work has stopped recently and it's deserted."

Geom Yeong immediately changed direction, and after running a little further, the construction site came into view. Since construction sites were usually chaotic, people didn't approach.

'This is it.'

Pyo Wol's eyes gleamed.

The ground bore the signs of many people having rushed through.

There were countless footprints.

As they passed through the construction site, a small forest and a dim trail appeared.

The branches and leaves around the path were indiscriminately broken, evidence that the Ghost Fleet had passed.

Geom Yeong said, "This way leads to the outskirts of the Sea Gate’s Harbor."

"Go quickly."


Geom Yeong sped up even more.

He darted down the trail like a nimble squirrel.

As they cleared the trail, the blue horizon came into view.

It was the sea.

Instantly, Pyo Wol surged to the front.

They were almost there, so there was no need to follow Geom Yeong.


With light footsteps, his figure receded in the blink of an eye.

"Let's go together."

Soma followed him.

While he was slightly behind Pyo Wol, Soma's qigong was also impressively fast. In contrast, Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong had no choice but to lag behind.

No matter how much they trained under Tarha, they hadn't practiced martial arts for long.

Pyo Wol and Soma darted at a terrifying speed.

Just as Geom Yeong had said, they arrived at the farthest part of the Sea Gate City dock.

The water was deep, but the waves were treacherous, making it a place where ships didn't anchor unless they were in a hurry.

Even now, the waves were violently crashing.

But amidst these churning waves, a dozen small boats were afloat.

Each small boat, filled with ten people, cut through the waves.

Despite the ferocious waves, the boats maintained perfect balance, a testament to the superior skill of the sailors.

"It must be the Ghost Feet."

The moment he saw them, he intuitively knew that they were the martial artists of the Ghost Fleet.

By the time Pyo Wol stepped onto the dock, the sailors were already on the last boat.

When they spotted him, they shouted.

"A pursuer."

"We've been tailed. Move out!"

They shouted to the boats on the sea.

The boats on the sea seemed to understand their words and paddled away from the dock.

Pyo Wol's brow furrowed.

It was too late to hunt them anyway.

He had to capture those who were still there.



The sailors abruptly threw hand axes.

Their intention was clear - to gain the upper hand from the start by throwing the axes.


The hand-axes spun menacingly through the air.

An ordinary person would not have had a chance to react and would have died with the axe in his forehead. But unfortunately for the sailors, Pyo Wol was no ordinary man.

He reached out and caught the two axes as they flew by.

The axes appeared in his hands as if he had been holding them all along.

Without hesitation, Pyo Wol hurled them back at their senders.




With a resounding thud, the warriors were thrown backward, each with a handaxe embedded in their skulls.

"Damn it!"

"Everyone, be careful."

The remaining sailors yelled, drawing their hand-axes as well.


Pyo Wol unleashed his Flying Feathers, rapidly closing in on the sailors.

In an instant, Pyo Wol closed the distance between himself and the sailors. His movement technique made it seem as if he was bending space itself.

The black blood robe fluttered like the wings of a bird.

Skin white as snow.

And a faint red glow in his eyes.

Although he had changed his face with a disguise, Pyo Wol's distinctive features remained, and the sailors recognized him.

"The Reaper."

"He's been tracking us."

"Stop him!"

Without showing any signs of fear, the sailors rushed towards Pyo Wol.


Eight hand axes flew towards Pyo Wol.

In an instant, Pyo Wol reached for his waist.

His hand reappeared holding eight daggers.

They were the newly forged Ghost Blades.


The eight daggers left Pyo Wol's hand.

Each Ghost Blade followed a different trajectory.



The sailors swung their axes to strike down the incoming Ghost Blades. But just before they made contact, the Ghost Blades' trajectory changed.

Thud thud thud!

With a mighty sound, the Ghost Blades pierced the sailors' bodies.

Some met their end, while others were only lightly injured.

Those who narrowly escaped death regained their senses and prepared to attack Pyo Wol, but he was faster.


Pyo Wol swung his arm, unleashing the Soul Reaping Thread.

The Soul Reaping Thread stretched out like a spear and pierced the forehead of the leading martial artist.


With a single scream, the martial artist died.

The surviving warriors were frozen in horror.

At that moment, Soma charged in.




Gongpo cut through their bodies.

Pyo Wol spoke to Soma.

"Leave one alive."


Soma answered, pulling back his sword at the last moment.

Gongpo barely missed the last sailor's neck.


A thin line of blood appeared on his neck, and blood dripped down, but it seemed he would live.

The sailor who had narrowly escaped death looked at Soma.

A young demon was looking at him and smiling.

For a moment, the sailor smiled too.



"You think I'll spill information while I'm alive?"


The sailor, still smiling, bit into the poison pill he had hidden in his mouth.

In an instant, the sailor's face turned pitch black, and he met his end.

"Crazy bastard!"

Soma looked at the sailor's corpse in disbelief.

Pyo Wol furrowed his brows as he gazed at the sea.

The ten or so ships had moved far from the dock, thanks to the time bought by the remaining sailors.

On the ship, Jo Pyeongrak waved his hand at Pyo Wol.

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