TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 513

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Chapter 513

The Great Garden of of Robert Family, where the crimson moonlight is reflected on the verdant leaves.

As Derus Robert gazed at the cloud flowing like a river, a small-framed maid bowed behind him.

"How did it go?"

Derus turned his head halfway and took the maid in his eyes.

"The situation got a little complicated."

Despite the words that the situation had gotten complicated, Kubara's eyes were calm.

"The situation got complicated?"

"As the lord desired, Orgos and the Light Wind division collided, and Raon Zieghart participated in the battle belatedly and trapped Orgos in a barrier. However, after that..."

Kubara closed her eyes for a moment and then continued speaking.

"The Demon King descended."

"...The Demon King?"

Derus Robert turned his back. His pupils, looking down at Kubara, twisted as if they had been stabbed with a sword.

"Did you just say Demon King?"


"Why did the Demon King suddenly appear...?"

"I heard that it came out because Orgos' magic touched its nerves, causing it to emerge.”

"What was the Demon King's attire. No, what was its appearance?"

"It's a beautiful woman with sky-blue (ocean/sea) hair and porcelain-like skin, but it's said that it's unknown whether it's a male or female because it was seen from a distance."

"So it's uncertain...

Derus closed his eyelids deeply and exhaled a stale breath.

"What happened to Raon Zieghart?"

"Because they couldn't hear the sound, they only understood it through lip reading, but the Demon King only killed Orgos and ignored Raon Zieghart, it seems."


Lip reading is the act of reading words by looking at a person's lips. Since the Shadows are basically trained in lip reading, they probably didn't see it wrong 

"Even if we leave out the lip reading, it's still reasonable.”

"The magic of Orgos didn't please the arriving Demon King, so it's odd for him to show interest in a mere Master-level human.

Ignoring Raon is likely not a lie.

"What happened after that?”

"The Demon King, the White Blood Religion leader, and the Holy Sword Union leader clashed, and..."

Kubara reported everything without leaving out a single detail, from the time the Demon King broke through the barrier to the appearance of Glenn and the Dragon Lord.


Derus Robert looked down at Kubara and stroked his black leather gloves. The wound on the back of his hand ached slightly.

'The Demon King broke through the barrier, right?'

If so, there is a possibility that the barrier was distorted and Raon Zieghart fell somewhere on the continent.

Since Raon made the barrier by cutting his own stomach, it was clear that he would be unable to move or unconscious if he survived.


Derus made a decision and raised his head.

"Search every region infiltrated by Shadows across the continent and find Raon Zieghart, even if it means turning everything upside down."

The probability of finding Raon is low, but if they can find him, it is a good opportunity to kill that troublesome guy easily. It must not be missed.

"No need to report, just kill on sight, and for caution, move in pairs."

If it's the Raon Zieghart he has seen so far, he'll likely resist even at the brink of death. Making them go in pairs is necessary to ensure they can easily cut off his breath.

"I understand."

Kubara nodded without asking a single question. As she was about to leave, Derus raised his hand.

"What about the Demon King?"

"It is said that he disappeared when Glenn and the Dragon Lord appeared."

"...I see. Go ahead."

Derus turned his back again. He looked up at the clouds that began to obscure the moonlight and curled the corners of his mouth.

'A Demon King who easily killed Orgos and overwhelmed the White Blood Religion leader.'

Perhaps there's one more phrase he can add to describe him.

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

The place where Wrath reappeared was in front of a bead ice cream shop in the capital.


Raon looked at Wrath clinging to the shop window like a frog and let out a sigh.

This is where you had to go?

"Of course it is!"

Wrath vigorously nodded, saying it was an obvious thing.

"The King of Essence has lived for this day! He wanted to taste bead ice cream with his own mouth and hands!"

The guy glared with his blue eyes, threatening to kill him if he stopped him.

Well, I don't have any intention of stopping you.

Raon raised his finger, pointing towards the interior of the shop. As it was late, it seemed like the shop was about to close, with the owner cleaning the floor.

If we don't go in now, the door will close.

"That is absolutely not allowed!"

Wrath jumped up and entered the ice cream shop.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We're closed... Ah!"

The young woman who appeared to be the owner stopped in her tracks as she was about to turn off the lights. She looked at Wrath's face and dropped the magic lamp she was holding. The glass shattered, making the freshly cleaned floor a mess.

"How can a person's face be like...?"

However, the shop owner paid no attention to the shattered magic lamp and kept his gaze fixed on Wrath's face.

"It's been a while since I felt this feeling."

Wrath swept his unruffled hair with his fingertips and raised the corners of his mouth.

‘As the King of Essence mentioned before, his beauty is the best in Devildom…’

Is that important right now? We don't have time.

"T, that's right! Hey store owner, wake up!"


Though the store owner hastily bowed, her pupils were still drawn to Wrath.

"Well, but the store is closed, right?"

"No! Please choose! Anything! Everything!"

When Wrath lowered his eyebrows with a disappointed expression, the owner shook her hands wildly. She gestured to offer the entire store.



"May you receive blessings!"

Wrath threw a blessing at the owner as a Demon King, and looked at the bead ice cream beyond the counter.

Wrath and the store owner clicked well from their first meeting.


Since it was a store located in the capital, the variety of ice cream was more diverse than other places. Wrath couldn't choose the ice cream right away and pondered for a long time.

‘I don't know what to choose.’

Obviously, isn't it mint chocolate?

Raon glanced at Wrath, smirking. It was surprising that Wrath, who seemed determined to eat only mint chocolate, was hesitating.

'This opportunity may not come again, so the King of Essence can't just eat mint chocolate! Especially, he has to choose ice cream that you would never eat!'

Wrath rolled his eyes, saying that he would eat a variety of flavors.

Choosing is good, but we're running out of time.

"T, The King of Essence will choose one set each of mint chocolate, pineapple vanilla, apple mango jerky, and peanut apple flavor!"

You choose weird things....

Raon sighed. The names alone were all abnormal.

"I understand!"

The store owner nodded and began to scoop ice cream into a luxurious box. Of course, her eyes were still fixed on Wrath.

But do you have money?

'Money? Mo, money!'

Wrath was startled, eyes widening.

'Oh, no money! What should I do?'

He stamped his feet. It was natural that he didn't have human money because he was a Demon King who suddenly appeared.

Is this really a Demon King?

He couldn't help but laugh at the sight of the ruler of Devildom, who had been pressuring three transcendents alone, struggled due to a lack of money to buy ice cream.

'Help me....'

Wrath clasped his hands together in a plea. This time, he wanted to pay back the help he received, but there was no way.

The money is in my spatial pocket, but I can't get it out.

'No, it is possible!'


'Right now, I, the King of Essence, am planting my roots in your mental realm. Just imagine bringing it out like when he descended. That should work.'


Raon closed his eyes. He imagined taking out the spatial pocket that Dorian had given him, and he raised his will.

He felt a sensation as if his body was floating, and the spatial pocket appeared before Wrath's eyes.


Wrath quickly snatched the pocket and took out a gold coin from inside.

'I don't need you anymore!'


Raon looked at Wrath and frowned. He bit his lip.

"Ice cream is ready."

The store owner placed the ice cream in a box and handed it to Wrath. It appeared to be more than twice the usual amount.

"Here it is."

Wrath nodded and put three gold coins on the counter.

"Since you only take one, I need to give you change..."

"No  need for change!"

The man shook his head vigorously as he picked up the ice cream box.


"The King of Essence liked the way you handled it!"

But it's not your money...

‘It's the King of Essence’s money for now!’

Wrath waved goodbye to the store owner and left the ice cream shop.

Fine. Just for today. Do as you please...

Raon mumbled, waving his hand in resignation.

Now hurry up and eat.

"That's one!"

Wrath swallowed his saliva when he saw the skewer shop across from the ice cream shop.

Hey. You said you didn't have time!

"Ghost, be quiet."

He brushed aside the hand that was trying to stop him and stepped into the skewer shop.

"Welcome... Huh!"

The middle-aged owner who was grilling the skewers himself opened his mouth wide when he saw Wrath's face.

"What is this?"

"Uh, it's skewers made with chicken thighs and green onions. There is also pork and beef."

The owner showed the proper etiquette that would be appropriate for a female aristocrat. Unlike the owner of the ice cream shop, he seemed to think of Wrath as a woman.

"Bring out each type!

Wrath nodded with satisfaction and put three gold coins on the counter.

Hey. Why are you always using three coins? One is enough.

'It's the King of Essence's money, so it's fhe King of Essence's generosity!'

No, it's not your money!

Seemingly enjoying the thrill of spending money, Wrath was generously tipping without restraint.

"Here you go!"

The owner gave Wrath all the skewers that were supposed to go to other customers and bowed his head.

"Thank you."

Wrath also said a neat goodbye and left the skewer shop. For a Demon King, he was quite polite.

Now, let's really eat...

"What's that again!"

Ignoring the skewers, Wrath glanced at the pizza shop on the right and rushed over.

Hey, you gluttonous Demon King! You said you didn't have time!

"One more!"

* * *

Glenn sighed after checking the inside of the distorted barrier.

'It's a barrier made of blood.'

Since they said Raon made the barrier, it was clear that it was a barrier made of the blood of Raon and the Light Wind members.

'Damn it....'

He was furious at Orgos, who created this situation. He wanted to revive the bastard who was torn apart by the Demon King and kill him again.

'Where is he?'

If Raon had been expelled from this barrier due to its distortion, there would surely be clues inside. Glenn needed to find them no matter what.


The Dragon Lord also seemed to be trying to find the traces of the Demon King, entering the barrier and casting various spells.

"He was much stronger than I thought... ."

He bit his lip as if he felt the aura of the Demon King that had affected the space itself.


Glenn nodded in agreement with his words.

'It wasn't ordinary magic.'

The Demon King was even guarding against them while blocking the attacks of the two transcendents. If he had remained on this continent, he could have caused a major problem.

However, the important thing right now is not the Demon King. The priority is to identify the location and condition of Raon and the Light Wind division.

As Glenn was looking around the inside of the barrier again, Roenn approached him.

"My lord."

Roenn put his hand on his chest and spoke.

"I received a message from the main house. The Light Wind division is currently recovering at the treatment center in the Owen Kingdom."

He said that all members of the Light Wind division were receiving treatment there, and his lips trembled slightly.

"It seems that the Light Wind vice division leader sent them all using that ring."

"I see... ."

Glenn nodded. It seemed that he had sent them to Owen because he was running out of mana, but it was an excellent choice in the current situation.

"Then Raon is... ."

"He is not at the place where the Light Wind division is."

Roenn lowered his head to hide his shaking pupils.

"Is that so... ."

"Destructive King of the North."

The Holy Sword Union leader frowned and put the Dark Sword on his shoulder.

"What are you doing now? If it were you in the past, you would have clashed swords with me regardless of whether your subordinates were dead or alive?"

"Keep your mouth shut."

"Wouldn't it be better to move before I personally kill those young ones? Don't disappoint me any further."

The bloody shadow under his feet flared up.


Glenn turned around. With a gaze as dry as the air, he stared down the Holy Sword Union leader.

"I'll kill you myself before I let that happen."

"Sure. That expression. That's what I was waiting for..."


As Darkan raised his voice, Merlin screamed, clutching her head.

"That's right. It's Owen! The smell is coming from Owen!"

Merlin muttered that Raon's scent was leading to Owen and quickly left the barrier. He took off at once and flew in the direction of Owen Kingdom.

Glenn kept his sword pointed at the Holy Sword Union leader with his lips pressed tightly together.

'That woman....'

Glenn frowned. She was the one who had kidnapped Raon and taken him to Eden's branch, and even now she was a crazy woman who showed an odd obsession to him, however, she was also the one who had recognized Raon's barrier first.

"Roenn. Take the leaders of Heavenly Blade and Light Wind to Owen."


As soon as Roenn nodded, Glenn unleashed Supreme Harmony steps in the direction Merlin had flown. His figure disappeared in an instant.

"What madness is this? Where are you running off to? Glenn Zieghart!"

The Holy Sword Union leader gritted his teeth and chased after Glenn.

"What the hell is going on here...?"

The Demon Killing Spear threw his spear and sighed.

"It's a mess."

The Evil Sword Queen sighed as she withdrew her hand from her sword.


Heukgeumje looked at the direction Glenn had disappeared and pressed her temples deeply.

'Raon Zieghart and the Demon King.'

He remembered when he had seen Raon Zieghart's heavenly signs not long ago.

The image of the devil engraved in the book seemed to overlap with the face of the Demon King who had killed Orgos.


* * *

Wrath emerged from a back alley in the royal capital, where there were no people, with ice cream and various other foods in his arms.

“It will be time to change soon, so let's eat here.”

Okay, so shouldn't you eat quickly?

Raon sighed as he looked at the foods Wrath was carrying.

"I know!"

Wrath nodded and laid out a mat, then placed the ice cream and food on it.

"What should the King of Essence eat first?"

You should eat the food first. Ice cream is dessert, right?

"As expected , yo still don't know how to eat, do you? At times like this, you should eat ice cream first!"

Why bother asking if you're going to do it your way...

Raon frowned as he looked at Wrath, who was smirking.


Wrath opened the lid of the ice cream box with trembling hands. As the white steam rose, his eyes also lit up.

"Finally, the King of Essence will be able to taste this masterpiece with his own hands and mouth. He has been waiting for so long, huh...?"

However, as Wrath was about to take the ice cream with his trembling hands, the blue energy that had gathered on his arm began to dissipate.

"What, what is this? There should still be time left!"

Didn't you mention earlier that it takes more effort to use your power during healing than in a fight? And, adding half of my burden on top of that, perhaps the time has shortened even more because of it?


Wrath's mouth opened wide when he realized that was the case.

"Oh, no! It can't be! Just one bite! Isn't it too sad not to eat after buying them all?

He tried to reach out, saying that he couldn't let this happen.

"Damn it, heavens! Stop this nonsense and quit being so mean!”

The moment Wrath grabbed the mint chocolate ice cream with his hand, the blue frost that had wrapped around his entire body exploded with a flash of light, revealing Raon's figure.


Although blood didn't flow from the abdomen pierced by Heavenly Drive, his complexion turned pale.

“Today is not because of the heavens, it's due to your own gluttony and greed."

Raon raised his head, feeling the cold sensation of the ice cream in his hand.

"I told you to eat it quickly... ."

However, like Wrath, he suddenly lost control of his body and collapsed to the side.


In the darkening field of vision, Heavenly Drive and the ice cream were seen rolling on the ground.

As the mint chocolate ice cream slowly melted on the ground, the voices of an old man and a woman could be heard from between the alleys.

"What is there on this side?"

"I felt a strange energy."

"Are drunkards fighting or... Hmm?"

The old man stopped walking as soon as he entered the alley. He looked at Raon's face and Heavenly Drive, and his eyes widened.

"Raon Zieghart?"


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