TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 193


In a small town where the Blood Cult is located. Although the tallest building there, Heavenward, had collapsed, there were still several multi-story buildings remaining. On the roof of one of those buildings, Mok Hyun, the Fist King, sat without being able to say a word.

Drop by drop.

A raindrop fallen from the sky rolled down his cheek.

He raised his head.

The water that rose from the sea turned into rain, falling. Without clouds, with a night sky full of bright stars overhead.

"...It's salty."

The water drop was salty, perhaps because it came from the sea. But to Mok Hyun, they seemed like tears. So, whose tears could those be?

Are they tears of relief or joy?

Or perhaps they contain someone's sacrifice.

Or it could be the admiration of those who witnessed that sacrifice.

At this moment, any answer could be valid.

"Did you see it?"

The Fist King opened his mouth in response to the Elder Ho of the Beggar's Gang next to him.

"Yes, what you saw, I saw it too."

With those words, Elder Ho closed his mouth. From here, the coastal cliff could be seen. Of course, it wasn't clear. But those whose senses were trained could see it more clearly, zooming in a bit more with their inner ability.

That's why they saw it.

How Young Master Kim fell as if collapsing.

'Although I didn't see the exact situation.'

From afar. And surrounded by people. He couldn't observe all the details. But what was clear was that Young Master Kim Haeil was suffering considerably.

'It can't be any other way.'

He alone stopped that enormous tsunami.

How is that possible?

Isn't this an empty and fantastical story heard only in orally transmitted legends?

'But all of this is real.'

That's why his words got caught. Despite having accumulated enough age and life experience not to be surprised by what happens in the world, Elder Ho couldn't find words to explain the intense emotion that shook his whole body.




How to express all this with a single word?

Since tranquility and happiness were also present, it was difficult to articulate it in a single word. Then, an ironic laugh suddenly arose when recalling a thought.

"Why is it like this?"

In the perplexed question of Mok Hyun, Elder Ho opened his mouth.

"It's a story from when I was young."

At some point, he got lost in the streets.

Orphan, beggar.

Before joining the beggar's gang, he roamed the streets with no place to call home.

"The village grandma used to gather the kids and tell ancient stories. Back then, I would hide and secretly listen."

Most people in the village would shoo away the young Ho Songyi when they saw his miserable figure. However, that grandma would look at him and smile faintly, continuing the story as if nothing.

"They were ancient stories or legends. Now, thinking about it, they were really absurd and senseless tales."

Mok Hyun looked straight ahead, silently listening to Elder Ho's words.

"But at that time, when I listened to those stories, my heart would beat fast and tremble. Sometimes, I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't hear the whole story, imagining what would happen next."

An ironic laugh escaped from Elder Ho's lips.

"Of course, as we age, it's just a story. I've lived thinking that way."

Even though the world is vast, the world he lives in is not that extensive. And the world is not as beautiful or vast. It's just a place to continue life.

As he aged, that's the only thing he thought.

"But now I think all those legends might be true."

A smile slowly formed on Elder Ho's lips.

Stories that excited him in his youth, that kept him awake at night, that shaped his days with imagination and dreams.

"Seeing this scene now."

His heart beats like in his younger days.

And he felt overwhelmed.

"No, maybe reality is even more vast."

Mok Hyun, who had been silently listening, stood up from his place. Then, he shook his clothes carelessly.

"Yes. Today too, eventually, it will become a legend as time passes."

An ironic laugh escaped from Mok Hyun's lips.

"Isn't that right?"

His gaze turned around. Elder Ho's gaze followed too.

The cheers of the people resonated.

Some cried unable to contain their emotions.

This was happening regardless of factions, clans, sects, and cults.

They were celebrating the fact of still being alive.

This moment was peaceful.

It couldn't be any other way.

They must have thought that humans couldn't withstand the cruelty of nature.

That's why the collapse of that belief was infinitely joyful.

Mok Hyun smiled as if finding it all amusing.

"Strange powers, divine creatures like Dragons, the power of those mystical beings, the incessant onslaught of nature on the land, sky, and sea roaring without rest. What is all this if not a legend?"

Elder Ho silently nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, he remembered that the people here had witnessed the young Black Dragon. And also how the Dragon had sealed the Magic Formation.

Furthermore, the fight between the Blood Demon and Choi Han was a clash of strange energies that went beyond martial arts.

These were also mysterious sightings.

They were stories worthy of being told in a lifetime.

As Elder Ho continued his thoughts, he heard the voice of the Fist King.

"But somehow, all of this doesn't seem so shocking."

Elder Ho nodded.

"Haven't you seen humans resisting against nature?"

The people were cheering. They looked towards the sea. Or raised their arms to receive the drops of water falling on them, as if they were pleased.

Although those in elevated positions like Mok Hyun and Elder Ho, along with those skilled in martial arts, might have felt the urgency and tension in the situation where Young Master Kim was collapsing, most people simply saw Kim Haeil as someone who single-handedly stopped the immense Tsunami.

They also knew of the dangerous power of the young Dragon that sealed the threat both on the island and the continent.


Mok Hyun closed his eyes and began to walk.

Elder Ho followed him without saying a word.

They left behind the cheering crowd and followed the young Dragon towards the coastal cliffs.

The young Dragon was heading swiftly towards the cliffs, holding something in its claws.

Mok Hyun quickly followed, using his technique to catch up before stopping.


A sigh of amazement escaped.

"Dawn has come."

He had the feeling that the surroundings were a bit brighter.

The vast sea.

From the east, the night was turning navy blue.

Soon, the morning sun would rise.

Then, the sea, which had been dark, would begin to sparkle with blue waves under the sunlight.


It truly was beautiful. And he wanted to meet the one who made it possible for them to face that beautiful landscape from hell. Mok Hyun quickly followed Raon. However, Raon's speed was astonishing.


Upon hearing the familiar voice, Cale turned, surprised.

"What, what's going on?"

Unwittingly, he let out a feeling of confusion. The black creature, namely Raon, was approaching. And it was doing so at an incredible speed. It was just a black dot rapidly approaching.

"What else could it be? Raon is coming quickly because he's worried."

Cale couldn't believe what he was hearing. Because the one who said that was Beacrox. Strangely, Cale, who didn't feel secure seeing Choi Han, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Beacrox, was discreetly looking at Beacrox.

Beacrox looked at him with quite disapproving eyes, and seeing that, Cale quickly raised his slouched body. Although the sitting posture on the ground was the same...


Cale checked his body again. Blood? None. Possibility of fainting? None. Tears, mucus, saliva...

A bit odd, isn't it?

Cale quickly lifted the mantle hanging over his shoulder and swiftly passed it over his face. Although he didn't mind having a wet face as he was drenched by the rain falling when the tide overflowed, "The mucus is a bit noticeable."

It was Cale who quickly wiped it away. Then, he met Beacrox's gaze.


Tsk? Is this guy clicking his tongue at me?

Cale looked at him perplexedly, but Beacrox took out a handkerchief from his pocket and offered it. The handkerchief had a cute cat-shaped embroidery.

'...Didn't you used to wear only white gloves?'

When did your tastes change?

Suddenly, seeing the cat-shaped embroidery, he understood.

'It seems like this is Hong's work.'

On didn't like this.

Cale wiped his face with a handkerchief while speaking nonchalantly.

"Let's go back to the Blood Cult first. And we have to examine the place where the Blood Demon stayed."

He stared at the Heavenly Demon, Sima Pyeong, and Jegal Miryeo.

"We will explore the place where the Blood Demon and the executives stayed first. That's okay, right?"

Indeed, most of the work was done by Cale and the others, so wouldn't it be fine to have this level of authority?

The other side nodded without saying a word.


Of course, the Heavenly Demon sighed as if surprised, Jegal Miryeo murmured with tears in his eyes, "Even at this moment-", and Samapyeong was deeply lost in thought.

Slightly ignoring those reactions, Cale slowly remembered what he had to do.

'The Blood Demon definitely seemed to know something more than the Patriarch of the Black Blood Family. Especially about Apitoyu.'

So he had to record their location and obtain any valuable information.

'...I have to prepare properly.'

He felt it distinctly as he blocked the Tsunami. Purple Blood Family. These Dragons were no joke.

'Of course, since they mobilized the power of the World Tree to destroy the Blood Cult, Apitoyu must have dedicated a considerable amount of his extra power too.'

Was using the power of the World Tree something easy? Surely, it must have been a difficult task.

But thinking that the next battle would be against beings capable of such feats...


He felt like no matter how much he prepared, it wasn't enough.

Cale stood up.


Not even swaying. Is everything all right?


He ignored Crybaby's ominous words. Anyway, wasn't everything fine now?

"But Cale, are you really okay?"

Cale kept his mouth shut in response to Cheapskate's words. What he was asking about wasn't Cale's physical condition. The Ancient Powers knew his physical condition better.

He was asking something else.

Since before, Cale had been deliberately ignoring Choi Han and Sui Khan. He had actually glanced at them once, but Choi Han just looked at him silently. It was intimidating.

'And the Team Leader...'

It was a genuinely angry expression. The Team Leader's expression looking at the sea with a completely impassive face, showing no emotion whatsoever, truly meant he was angry.

Cale couldn't help but look again. Anyway, he couldn't help but wonder why they were acting like this. So, without apparent reason, he was about to speak, but...


Right on time, Raon arrived too.

"Wow. Your physical condition is very good, huh?"

He said it without thinking. At that moment, Choi Han's eyes trembled slightly, and the corners of his eyes softened again.

A brief moment of relief for Cale.

"Young Master."

Ron also arrived.

"Human, I sealed the power of the World Tree here!"

Raon pushed forward the bronze statue of the young monk and also exposed his belly.

-Good job.

-...What the hell are you doing? Didn't you say you wanted to be unemployed? Do you want to do it by dying? Is that it?

Words of thanks from Eruhaben and exasperated words from Alberu were heard. Of course, the image on the communication screen appeared held by Ron's hand.

Choi Jung Soo also timidly approached from behind and waved his hand. And then suddenly said.

"Why are your eyes so swollen? Did you cry?"

Raon stopped and looked at Cale. He had no blood marks, wasn't faint, and was standing perfectly fine, so Raon couldn't help but think there was something strange. It was then that the Heavenly Demon said with a genuinely respectful tone.

"The issue isn't that he has swollen eyes, but that his head was about to explode. You really have admirable patience, Kim Haeil."

Thud. The statue of the young monk, filled with the energy of the World Tree, fell to the ground from Raon's front two paws.

'What is this guy saying? And in front of the kid! Don't mind him, just look at me, I'm really fine!

When Cale, who was looking flabbergasted, looked at Choi Jung Soo, Raon muttered.

"...The Human's head... about to explode?"

After that, the Heavenly Demon continued.

"Yes. It really was about to explode. It was amazing that it didn't happen."

A silence fell.

Cale's pupils trembled. He immediately said.

"Oh, it's not like that. It wasn't like that."

But no one responded, so the stillness fell again.

-...It's going to be noisy.

The murmur of Crown Prince Alberu Crossman was the one that broke that stillness.



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