TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 512

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Chapter 512


The lightning sword that was tearing through the center of the purple light was pulled back into Glenn Zieghart's thick hand as if it had turned back time.

Heavenly Tremor, once again in its owner's hand, let out a majestic sword cry and dropped a crimson lightning bolt.

The dozens of lightning bolts were each a sword strike of a transcendental being. The rough lightning that stretched out like pillars of light swept away the dragon's breath and the aura of the transcendental beings.


The concentrated power exploded in an instant, and a terrifying shockwave crashed down to the ground. A bottomless abyss appeared, so dark that it was impossible to see the end.

Glenn Zieghart landed on the ground where the red sparks were bursting. As he waved his hand, a strong wind blew away the smoke that was burning black.

The figures of the transcendental beings, who had retreated to their fullest, could be seen above the settling dust.



The White Blood Religion leader had been hit directly by the breath and sword strike, and she was spitting white blood from her lips, as if she had been greatly shocked. The Holy Sword Union leader's eyes were burning hot, as if he had met an old friend


The Dark Swordmaster was lying on the ground, shaking his entire body with his severed shoulder in his arms, as if he was about to die.

"This damned old man is interfering again!"

The White Blood Religion leader glared at Glenn.

"Well, your Highness has arrived.”

The Holy Sword Union leader spread his arms and smiled more brightly than ever before.

"Glenn Zighart! I have never forgotten that stubborn face of yours for a moment!"

As if she wanted to clash with Glenn and his sword immediately, the White Blood Religion leader licked her lips with a red tongue.


Glenn ignored the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader, and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the hole in the center.

'Is he gone?'

There was a being who wore a terrifying magical aura like a robe in the center of the battlefield, but now his aura could not be felt.

He could not have died, so it seemed that he had withdrawn during the onslaught of lightning and breath.

"Heavenly Blade leader, Light Wind leader."


At Glenn's call, Rimmer and Sheryl knelt behind Glenn with hardened expressions.

"Report the situation."

"When the Light Wind division came here leading the civilians, Orgos of the Black Tower appeared. When the Light Wind division was being defeated one-sidedly, Raon....”

Sheryl briefly explained what happened after the Holy Sword Union and White Blood Religion attacked.

"...According to the words of the Demon King, he only killed Orgos and did not touch Raon. There is a high possibility that he is inside the barrier or somewhere nearby. Of course, we shouldn't blindly trust his words."

"I see."

Glenn nodded nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. However, beneath the surface, his heart was restless.

'That kid is really....'

When he mentioned that Raon activated a large-scale teleportation to rescue the seriously injured Light Wind members, Glenn thought it was typical of Raon, always prioritizing others before himself. He couldn't help but feel sorry.

'Just stay alive.'

I will find you no matter what.


As Glenn calmed his turbulent heart and held Heavenly Tremor firmly, a golden light shone and an old man with a quaint staff descended. He had a divine atmosphere surrounding him, as if he had transcended the human frame.

"The Demon King is....”

The old man did not pay attention to the others and approached the black hole that had been carved out.

"What happened?"

He narrowed his eyes as he looked down at the hole, as if he was only interested in the Demon King.

"Hey, old dragon."

The White Blood Religion leader glared at the old man with her red-hot eyes.

"After causing all this chaos, you're not even going to apologize?"

She gritted her teeth as she pointed to her arm, which had been scorched by the breath.

"What is most important is the extermination of the Demon King."

The Dragon Lord did not utter a single word of apology as he reached out his hand. The golden fragment that flowed from his palm fell into the black hole.


Various energies exploded in a chaotic manner, but the size of the hole remained the same from beginning to end.

After a long time, the end was finally revealed, but there was nothing there.

"The magic is gone, but I don't feel good about it."

The Dragon Lord frowned as he stared at the empty hole.

"It's impossible for the Demon King, who has descended to the continent, to die this easily. I need to confirm it properly."

As he cupped his hands together, countless mana particles spread out in all directions.

"I don't care about the Demon King."

The Dark Sword, which had floated up like a cloud behind the Holy Sword Union leader's shoulder, let out a thin sword cry.

"It's been a while since we fought, right?"

He rolled his sinister eyes as he looked at Glenn.

"Heavenly Blade leader, Light Wind leader."

Glenn did not even look at the Holy Sword Union leader. He turned his gaze to the back and called out to Rimmer and Sheryl.

"Search the surroundings and find the Light Wind division."

The Light Wind division was clearly sent to a safe place by Raon, so the only one who actually had to be found was Raon, contrary to the order.


"We will definitely....”

Rimmer and Sheryl bit their lips and moved to the east and west, respectively.



Roenn, who had followed late, rolled up his sleeves and drew out the thin three swords he had at his waist. He seemed to be taking a few steps, but then he disappeared into the darkness.


When the Third Apostle and Tenth Apostle, who had received the White Blood Religion leader's gaze, tried to move, a red lightning bolt rose from the ground and blocked their way.

"Until I allow it. No one can leave this place."

Glenn raised Heavenly Tremor and aimed it at the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader. His voice, like Wrath's incantation, pressed down on the transcendents with its formless power.

Those who were exposed to the killing intent of the swordsman who had reached the peak of the continent shook their shoulders.

"As expected of the Destructive King of the North. You haven't changed at all."

The Holy Sword Union leader's emotions flared up, and the Dark Sword let out a sword cry that was so loud that it was painful to the ears.

"Let's settle this. Your sword against mine. Let's see which one is superior."


Glenn raised Heavenly Tremor without answering. The will of killing intent wrapped around the sword blade spread out like a wave.

"Don't worry. I was planning to kill you all from the start."

He raised an overwhelming aura as if he would handle the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader alone, just like Wrath.

"Stop it!"

The Dragon Lord raised his hands and shook his head.

"If the three of you clash here, the balance of the continent will be disrupted. The cause-and-effect ratio will be shattered..."

"The damn balance. The damn law of cause and effect."

The Holy Sword Union leader glared at the Dragon Lord with an irritated look.

"Why do you creatures keep spouting saliva every time something happens and constantly interfere with human fights?"

“We are only acting for the balance of the continent.”

“You mean the dragon in the western sea cares about the balance of the continent? The crazy lizard that destroys coastal villages whenever it feels like it?”


The Dragon Lord couldn’t refute him and sighed, but he didn’t back down.

“The important thing right now is the Demon King. It’s obvious that he escaped alive, so we shouldn’t be fighting here!”

“I will find him too.”

Glenn looked at the Dragon Lord and hardened his mouth.

“If I can’t find the Light Wind division, no one here will return alive."

“You’re being annoying.”

As the Dragon Lord gestured, two giant dragons appeared through dimensional teleportation in the night sky.

“If you don’t stop fighting, you’ll regret it.”

“Right now…”

A sinister aura began to seep out of Glenn’s red eyes.

“Are you threatening me?”


The Dragon Lord took a step back, sweating profusely at the oppressive aura.

“I’m the same way.”

The Holy Sword Union leader put his sword on his shoulder and tilted his chin.

“I finally got the main dish, so I’ll be angry if you keep interrupting.”

He looked like he wanted to fight Glenn right away, twisting his mouth.


Just when Glenn and the Holy Sword Union leader were glaring at each other and drawing their swords, the air split diagonally to reveal a red space that looked like it was painted with blood.

“Raon! It’s Raon’s barrier!”

Merlin didn’t care about anyone’s eyes and threw himself into the barrier.

Glenn also unhesitatingly put down his sword and walked into the barrier. At that moment, nothing was more important to him than the whereabouts of his grandson.

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Raon looked at the very small gray smoke rising from the right end and let out a sigh.


He turned his gaze back to Wrath, who was sitting leisurely on a cliff, and frowned.

Were you planning to run away from the start?

“Didn’t he tell you? The King of Essence doesn't have time. The cold he laid on the ground was preparation for teleportation.”

Wrath shook his head, saying that the geometric patterns he had laid on the ground before the battle were a teleportation spell from the Devildom.

Then why did you waste time fighting?

"There were things that needed to be done."

He rubbed the white bloody energy that was blooming in his fist and narrowed his eyes.

Bloody energy? Could it be…?

“That’s right. The King of Essence checked the inside of the body where the parasite took root. And…”

Wrath crushed the bloody energy and smiled faintly.

"He found out that the owner of that body is still alive."


“That’s right. It is suppressed by the parasite, but the soul itself is still alive.”

He said that he felt a small soul trembling inside when he grabbed the White Blood Religion leader's neck.

"However, because of such a state, the King of Essence cannot interfere. While it may be possible to kill the parasite, doing so would result in the death of the host body as well."

Then what should we do?

“You guys have to step in.”

Wrath turned his gaze with a serious look.

“If the beef girl who is the flesh and blood of that body, and you who have a strong hatred for the parasite, then you will be able to save her. Of course, it may require defeating the parasite through force."

He lightly shook his hand. The white bloody energy rose in a circle and flowed into his waist. It seemed that he had fed the White Blood Religion leader's bloody energy to the Blade of Requiem.

Is it possible?

“You have to make it possible.”

Raon nodded at Wrath as he looked at him.

Thank you.

"Humph. It's not because of you, it's because the King of Essence always took care of his subordinate.”

He turned his head and muttered not to talk nonsense.

"Now, the King of Essence must do the last task...."

Wait a minute, I have a favor to ask.

Raon stopped Wrath, who was about to stand up.

"There really is no time now. It could change at any moment...."

I will take your wrath.

He raised his chin with a determined voice.

I also have something to do.

* * *

Martha bit her lip as she looked at the thick needle stuck in her arm.

'It wasn't a lie when he said it would hurt a lot.'

This needle was an artifact that drew aura from a martial artist to replenish the patient’s vitality. Since it was a way to achieve the principles of martial arts called “Aura Condensation” with equipment, the burden on the user was considerable.

It was not just painful, but also because the energy was constantly draining, her head was dizzy and her whole body felt like a wet cotton ball.

However, Martha did not let out a single groan. If she couldn’t endure even this much, it would be too much of a pity for the Light Wind members who protected her to the end.

“How are they?”

Martha approached the healer who was examining Dorian, Burren, Runaan, and Mark Goetten in turn.

“First of all, those two can live.”

The healer pointed to Burren and Runaan and said that they would be fine in terms of life. When he sighed in relief, his words continued.

“However, their shoulders are out of joint and their internal injuries are too severe, so they may never be able to fight again.”


Martha’s jaw trembled. Martial arts are more precious to them than life.

She couldn’t speak when she said she would never be able to swing a sword again.

“The other one will be fine if he cuts off his arm. We need to make a decision soon.”

The healer looked at Mark Goetten’s arm and clicked his tongue briefly.

"As for him...."

His gaze turned to Dorian, who was in front of him. Dorian’s arms and legs were still crushed, crushed, and the abdominal wound had not healed.

"I don't know about this friend. It's the first time I've seen someone live through such injuries. Even if the priests come, they might not be able to do anything.”

The healer closed his eyes, saying that it might be better to send Dorian off without pain.

"You can extract more of my aura and life if needed. Please..."

“You’re already pushing yourself too hard. Stop it.”

He pointed out that pushing any further might lead to strange or severe injuries. Then, suddenly, he stopped.


The healer blinked and then fell to the ground. That's not all. All the patients and healers in the treatment center shook their heads.

“Wh, what is this… Ah.”

Martha shook her lips. Her head was blackening and she couldn't clear her mind. She too couldn't resist the sleepiness and fell to the ground.


Wrath appeared as blue frost scattered inside the treatment center where everyone had fallen.


Wrath sighed as he checked the condition of the Light Wind members.

"Let me be clear. You have already accumulated a lot of wrath to summon the King of Essence, and you have lost a part of your mental world. This is a much greater loss than losing your abilities or martial skills.”

I know.

“But you still want to receive additional wrath?”


“Have you gone crazy? If this happens, you will find it difficult to control your emotions of wrath. If the King of Essence descends into your body in the future, you may never be able to return.”

There was something a trash-like guy said to me a long time ago.

Raon smiled as he looked at the Light Wind members, who had fallen asleep with a distorted face.

He said that when something precious comes into your life, humans become weak.

In fact, it wasn't the past, but the previous life. Derus Robert had instructed never to create something precious as it would inevitably make one weak.

At that time, I thought he was right, but looking back now, he wasn't.

If he had trained alone, he would never have reached his current level.

It was because of Wrath, Rimmer, and the Light Wind members that he could stand in his current position. Losing them was a much greater loss than losing a part of his mental world.

I could become stronger because of them, and they could become stronger because of me. This precious relationship is not a weakness but a strength.

“Humans are….”

Wrath clicked his tongue and extended his hand. The magic of Orgos, which was unraveling the wounds of the Light Wind members' swordsmen, was all pulled out and absorbed into his fist.

“This side will be difficult with this method.”

He frowned as he looked at Mark Goetten.

Is it possible to cure it?

“Magic is negative energy. Even if the King of Essence can heal himself, he can't heal others. But he can distort it."

Wrath's left hand was filled with blue energy, and his right hand was filled with silver energy.

“When yin and yin are condensed and twisted, it becomes yang. In other words, it becomes positive energy.”

As he folded his hands like he was praying, a deep blue glow appeared in his fist.

“Be grateful. Other stupid demon kings can't do this.”

Wrath smiled brightly and poured the light that was burning in his fist onto Mark Goetten's arm.


As soon as the blue energy touched it, the dead flesh on Mark Goetten's completely burned arm began to be peeled away, and new flesh started to grow.

His arm was regenerated in a cleaner and more vivid color than before the injury

"We're done here."

Wrath, passing by Mark Goetten, stood in front of Runaan.

“Our ice cream girl. The King of Essence really wanted to eat ice cream together with you.”

He gritted his teeth and also poured the light of healing on Runaan.

From the hole in her abdomen that hadn't been filled, black blood spurted out, and white flesh sprouted like a sapling.

Wrath erased all the scars on Runan's face and body, then moved on.


Although Burren had other severe wounds, the fact that his eyes had been gouged out was the most severe.

As Wrath snapped his fingers, a blue eye appeared in Burren's blood-soaked eye socket. Although the color was different from his original, his eye blinked and moved for a moment.

"This is...?"

"A man without his eyes is not a man, is he?"

This wasn't healing, it seemed more like an artifact. Wrath continued to heal Burren's abdominal wounds and his shoulder.

Wrath stood in front of Dorian, who was the last one, and sighed.

"This foolish pocket guy. He should have been the first one to run off."

I didn't expect Dorian to be like this.

"Sometimes humans do foolish things beyond the bounds of reason. How could he end up in such a state..."

Examining Dorian's condition, Wrath shook his head in disbelief. Even the King of the Devildom seemed taken aback by the extent of these injuries.

After Wrath summoned more magic, he directed it towards Dorian's wounds.


The bones of Dorian's arms and legs, which had been crushed like wet laundry, began to return to their original shape with a sound of bones twisting.

The pain was severe, causing Dorian's entire body to tremble, and sweat poured down his head to the point of wetting it. However, his arms and legs regained their form in a relatively short time, and even the hole in his abdomen began to fill with new flesh.

Dorian's face, which had turned pale as if he was about to die, regained its color.

"It seems more challenging than fighting," 

Wrath sighed, wiping away the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve.

Thank you.

"The King of Essence has his share of the burden," Wrath replied.


"These guys are the King of Essence's subordinates, aren't they? Due to the law of cause and effect, he can't accept everything, but he'll take half of your burden."

Wrath chuckled, suggesting to take half of the wrath that was originally meant for him.

Are you really a demon king?

“Why do you ask such an obvious question? I am the Monarchof Devildom, clad in majesty and fear!”

Wrath shook his head with his hand on his waist.


"On the contrary, you're the one who doesn't seem like a human!”

That might be true.

Raon smiled faintly and nodded.

Now it's time for you to do your tasks.

"Y-yes! There's really no time left!"

After nodding decisively, Wrath quickly concealed his presence and left the room.

Inside the now empty treatment room, only the faint sound of breathing could be heard.


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