TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 514

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 514

A woman with sunset-colored hair and light brown skin looked over Raon, listening to the old man's words.

"Raon? Who's that?"

"What? You haven't seen Raon before?"

The white-haired old man opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

"Well, it's been a long time since I visited that place. Heard a lot of rumors, but this is the first time I've seen him in person."

The woman shrugged, and scanned Raon's face.

"Hmm, anyway..."

The old man sighed and picked up the fallen Heavenly Drive, brushing off the dust.

"This is a sword made by Vulcan, and..."

He put Heavenly Drive in its sheath, then pulled the Blade of Requiem out from behind Raon's waist.

"I made this one. Haven't seen it in a while. How have you been?"

The Blade of Requiem rang its dignified sword cry, just like when it was in Raon's hand.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? Have you been doing well?"

The old man smiled faintly as he stroked the blade of the Blade of Requiem with his finger.


The Blade of Requiem  also seemed to be happy, creating a faint crimson glow on its blade.

"It seems like just yesterday that we were at the Six Kings Conference duel tournament, but they've grown a lot, haven't they? Raon, and this one too."

"Oh, right. With his blonde hair and red eyes, he's got his mother's face all over him. This kid was well-born and quite handsome."

The woman lifted Raon's eyelid with her finger to check his red pupils, then laughed cheerfully.

"But he's more gluttonous than he looks."

She picked up a skewer from the food that had spilled out of the mat. She took a bite, and it was still warm, as if it had just been cooked.

"Considering the injuries, he must have been chased. Can he eat in this situation? Looks like he hasn't eaten a single bite.”

"Well, it's probably not that kind of situation. I don't know what happened."

The old man frowned as he looked at the unconscious Raon and the food scattered on the ground.

"He sure knows how to pick out the good stuff. If only there was some alcohol..."

The woman finished the skewer, chewed and swallowed the pizza, and rolled the ice cream around on her tongue as a palate cleanser. In the meantime, she seemed to be thirsty for alcohol.

"You're really..."

The old man sighed heavily, as if finding it pathetic.

"Aren't you worried about him? Hurry up, take him to the infirmary!"

He pointed to Raon's still unhealed wounds and shouted.


The woman blinked at the old man.

"Should I do it then?"


The woman narrowed her eyes at Raon's forehead, not at his wounds all over his body.

"Hurry up and move! We have to leave soon."

"That's true."

As the old man urged, the woman nodded briefly and lifted Raon.

"Luckily, we stopped by the old workshop before departure. Take him quickly and come back. I'll stay here, entering the royal palace brings trouble."

"That's not necessary."

The woman swallowed the ice cream she was chewing and shook her head.

"We'll go like this."


"Taking him with us.”

She covered Raon with the large mat that was already lying on the ground, as if she had already made up her mind.

"What a crazy woman! This is insane! If Raon disappears, it will be chaos! No, chaos might have already erupted!"

The old man shouted as if he was going to lose his mind. His eyes shook as if they had been hit by a wave.

"Just inform them before setting sail. No one will be able to catch up anyway?"

The woman lifted Raon slightly, properly placing him over her shoulder.

“No, he's injured now!"

"Physical injuries are nothing much. He'll be fine if he rests."

"If he rests? You're really..."

"The real problem right now is inside his head."

A blue light that bloomed from her slender fingers flowed into Raon's temple.

"Inside his head?"


The woman's red eyes, which were looking at Raon, flickered with a bright light.

"If we don't stabilize him quickly, there could be serious repercussions."

* * *

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For Indonesian:


Dorian opened his eyes with a low moan. He felt a strange sensation, with his body warm on the inside and cool on the outside, and he touched his forehead with the back of his hand.

'What... ?'

My arm is moving?

The arm that had been completely immobile until he lost consciousness was moving as he wanted.

Thinking that it was strange, he lowered his hand that was on his forehead. His right hand, which had been crushed beyond recognition, had been restored to its former self.


Dorian's lips trembled.

'What is this! How did it get better!'

He will never forget how his arms and legs were crushed by Orgos' magic.

The pain and fear from that moment were etched into his mind, unforgettable even if he died.

Even the royal healer and physician, who treats the king, shook their head and said that they could not cure it, so he does not know why his arm suddenly recovered.

'My legs are moving too.'

His legs, which had been squeezed like laundry, had also returned to their original appearance as if nothing had happened, and fresh flesh covered the previously punctured abdomen.

'How did this happen?

He had been willing to die for Raon, and he had prepared himself for that. He had wished for Raon's safety, his lifelong benefactor. However, he never dreamed his own body would recover like this.


Overwhelmed by the realization that he was alive and didn't have to die, tears streamed down Dorian's face.


Dorian, with his restored left hand, wiped away the falling tears. As he did, he heard someone's rough breathing nearby.

'Did that person heal me?'

Yes, that's right. The priest was supposed to come.

He remembered that the physician had called for the priest. His vision was still blurry, but he could tell that it was definitely a priest because he was wearing a headdress and breathing heavily.

It seemed that the priest and the physician had used their respective abilities to heal him.


Dorian, standing with his hand on the ground, once again felt gratitude welling up within him. The possibility of doing what he thought was impossible brought a renewed sense of appreciation.

He conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the person who had treated him.

"Thank you. I'm alive thanks to you."

When he expressed his gratitude, the owner of the breath turned their head abruptly.


Dorian's jaw dropped in surprise at the unexpected face.

"Wha, Merlin?"

The figure standing was not the priest but Merlin. Dorian seemed to mistake Merlin's long, beak-like nose of the old woman's mask for the priest's headgear.


Dorian backed away, screaming. However, there was nowhere to go, and he soon hit the wall with his back.

He looked around for help, but all of the Light Wind members and the physician were lying down.

'Damn it!'

Having just survived, he now faced the possibility of dying again. However, there was no other option.

Dorian clenched his fists and stood up. His limbs were shaking, but he went forward to protect the Light Wind members.

"What's happening here!"


The dry lips of Merlin, whose lower jaw of the old woman's mask was cracked, moved quickly.

"Where is Raon! This place has the strongest smell, where is he!"

She exhaled white steam and shouted Raon's name. She then sniffed around the area as if she had turned into a dog.


Dorian blinked.

'What is this...'

Merlin continued to search for Raon without paying any attention to himself or the Light Wind members.

"Why is it so noisy? Can't you be quiet for a moment...?"

Burren woke up holding his head.


Dorian trembled at the sight of Burren. His eyes, which had been gouged out by Orgos, were now restored with a blue glow.

"Burren-nim! Your eyes!"

"Eyes? Ah..."

Burren rubbed his eyes and gasped.

"Eyes! My eyes are back! My shoulder bones too!"

It wasn't just his eyes that had been restored. His shoulder, which had been completely blown away and was said to never be able to hold a sword again, had been restored to a cleaner state than before he was injured.

"My arm too... ."

Mark Goetten groaned as he stood up, and his arm, which had completely burned, now had clean, baby-smooth flesh.


Runaan had not yet woken up, but new flesh had grown over the holes in her abdomen. She seemed to be completely healed, as she was making a purring sound like she usually did when she was asleep.

'It's not just the captains.'

Dorian swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at the Light Wind members lying on the right side.

The magical injuries embedded in the wounds of the members, which Orgos had said could not be healed, had disappeared. The faces that were pale due to the magic wounds now regained a healthy blush. Everything was healing completely.


When he breathed a sigh of relief, Martha, who had finally woken up, drew her sword and stood in front of Merlin.

"Absolutely not! You can't touch him!"

Martha raised her aura with her eyes bloodshot. Her body condition was not normal, and her energy was not great, but her will seemed to be stronger than ever.

"Where is Raon?"

"Raon? Why are you looking for Raon here! What happened!"

"Grrr... ."

Merlin gritted her teeth and opened all the doors of the ward. After confirming that there was no one there, she cursed and smashed the window of the treatment center before leaping outside.

As Martha was about to follow Merlin, the door to the treatment center burst open and Rimmer and Sherry entered.

"Damn it! She's already gone!"

Sheryl, sensing Merlin's presence, glared at the broken window where she had jumped out.


Reimer, instead of focusing on Merlin, opened his eyes wide as he looked at the Light Wind members, not Merlin.

'What is this?'

According to Roenn, the injuries of the Light Wind members were severe enough to face the possibility of death.

Glenn had forced a report and even issued an elixir, but none of the inspectors here seemed to have suffered severe injuries.

Most of them were minor injuries, and the captains were in a condition where they could get up now.

"What happened?"

"Th-that is...."

"We don't really know."

"We just woke up after a short nap, and all the injuries were healed."

The Light Wind members also shook their heads, not knowing the reason.

"My eyelids were heavy, so I took a short nap, and when I regained consciousness, everyone had been completely healed."

The physician who had regained consciousness looked at the Light Wind members and let out a sigh.

"This is the work of the gods. Neither a priest nor a physician could perform such treatment.

He shook his head admiringly as he looked at Dorian's arms and legs.

I, I'm the one who woke up first…”

Dorian raised his trembling hand and spoke cautiously.

"Maybe Merlin healed us?"

"Are you crazy?"

"That woman is an enemy, so why would she do that?"

Burren and Martha frowned, questioning his words.


Dorian continued in a trembling voice under the pressure of the two.

"Merlin was breathing heavily like she was tired, and she just looked at the Light Wind members. Without a single hint of murderous intent, I just thought so... ."


"Hmmm... ."

At his words, Burren and Martha shut their mouths.

"It's hard to believe, but it's possible that it was a special magic. We couldn't cure it at the level we were at."

The physician nodded, saying it was a miracle.

"Hmmm... ."

Rimmer narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Light Wind members.

'I've definitely never felt this kind of energy before.'

A noble and divine energy was swirling around all the members of Light Wind division.

As it was an energy that no one had ever felt, such speculation seemed plausible.

'But Merlin's behavior was strange too.'

She stood in front of the Tenth Apostle as if to protect Raon, and even after that, she was the first to chase Raon.

Considering her usual movements with Eden, it was a very strange.

"But why is Merlin looking for Raon?"

Martha glared at the window where Merlin had gone out and frowned.

"Why, did something happen to Raon?"


"Tell us."

Dorian, Burren, and Runaan approached Reimer, eager for information

"Please let us know."

Mark Goetten also got up, rubbing his restored arm.

"To put it simply..."

Rimmer briefly explained what had happened so far and said that Raon seemed to be inside the Kingdom of Owen.

"Now is not the time to worry about why our bodies are healed."

Runaan, who had already woken up, put on her sword.

"You're right. Let's go."


At Burren's firm shout, the Light Wind members got up from where they had been lying down.

They put on their torn uniforms and headed for the door of the treatment center.

"Wait a minute!"

The physician blocked the Light Wind members' path and shook his head.

"You guys are still patients! Although your external wounds have healed, mentally you must be exhausted! You must take a break—"

"We are fully aware of that. However...,"

Martha bowed deeply to the physician.

"If we can't find Raon, our minds won't just tire, they'll completely shatter. Please understand."

"That's correct. We came here alive because of that him. We must find him at all costs.”

Burren clenched his fist in agreement. His differently colored eyes subtly sparkled.

"Thank you."

Runaan nodded politely and was the first to leave the treatment center. The other members followed her out of the treatment center.

"Team 1, go north, Team 2, go south, Team 3, go east. Please ask the remaining area to be handled by the Light Wind's leader and the Heavenly Blade's leader...,"

Burren immediately drew up a plan and put the Light Wind members into action.

Martha, who was the last to leave the door, turned around and looked at Sheryl.

"Did the Lord come?"

Sheryl nodded calmly.

"Of course he did."


Martha's face lit up. If Glenn had come, everything would surely be resolved.

"But right now, he has other matters to attend to."

"What? What is that...?"

"He is...,"

With a slight frown, Sheryl turned her gaze towards where Cameloon was.

* * *

Glenn stopped on the frozen lake where the moonlight was curving. He frowned as he saw the Holy Sword Union leader, who was approaching with heavy steps.

"How bothersome."

"There have been many interesting things since I emerged from my seclusion.”

The Holy Sword Union leader rubbed his shoulder and curled his lips.

"It was also interesting to face the swordsmanship of the Dark Swordmaster and the Evil Sword Queen. And also the Demon King. But my heart didn't heat up.”

He rolled up his coat to reveal his abdomen. A terrifyingly shaped scar was carved into the firm muscles.

"You remember, right? This is the wound that was stabbed by your sword. Even after the second transformation, my body couldn't heal from it."

The Holy Sword Union leader's face, which had even been relaxed when facing the Demon King, was filled with ecstasy.

“There’s still no one but you. The only one who can share the sword with me is Glenn Zieghart, you!”

As if resonating with his heart, the Dark Sword appeared on its own and let out a roar-like sword cry.

"You're still crazy."

"Without crazy, one cannot become the leader of Holy Sword Union."

The Holy Sword Union leader extended his arm, and his Dark Sword flew smoothly into his hand.

"Before opening the gates of the Holy Sword Union, the children said that they had to take revenge on Zieghart. They said that they must pay the price in blood. But I am not interested in revenge."


Glenn narrowed his eyes as he saw the Holy Sword Union leader's eyes, which were blooming with red currents.

"You should also forget your talented grandson. Don't worry about the past or the future, and think only of the present."

The Holy Sword Union leader raised his Dark Sword. The blade, wrapped in an eerie amount of killing intent, seemed to be about to cut Glenn's neck right away.

"Is the moonlight enough as a witness? Let's determine who holds the title of the continent's strongest swordsman."

"The present is what matters. However, there's no place for you in my present."

Glenn closed his eyes calmly, then opened them and drew Heavenly Tremor. Red lightning flashed across the black blade that was drawn without a sound.

"Let's finish this quickly."


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