TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 200


At that moment, a very friendly voice was heard.

"Cale. Are you tired?"

Cale reflexively and honestly responded to the voice of the former Dragon Lord Sheritt.

"No. I'm not particularly tired. I was able to rest a bit before coming..."

The voice gradually became quieter.

Sheritt had a mischievous face but was full of wisdom. There was still a gentle smile on her lips.

In fact, that smile didn't even reach Cale's eyes.


Eruhaben, the oldest Dragon residing in this land where Cale had landed, was noticeably angry. Given his longevity, no one could predict how much longer he would live after his rebirth, and that deeply irritated him. Although he tried to hide his anger with a slight smile, his eyes were stern.


Golden dust flew around him.

"Eh? Grandpa Goldie! Why are you using your ability? Are we being attacked?"

Raon opened his eyes in surprise and confusion, while Eruhaben spoke calmly.

"I am the one who is going to launch an attack at this moment."


Raon tilted his head.

Cale felt his heart skip a beat.

But why?

Strangely, his lips curved upwards as they slowly rose.


At that moment, the Ancient Dragon spoke.

"If you're not tired, can we have a conversation?"

Suddenly, Cale recalled his first encounter with Eruhaben. The Dragon exuded an arrogance that perfectly matched the word "ominous." Somehow, Cale felt that Eruhaben's current image overlapped with that moment. And that was because...

"I think it's time to hear the story of that arrogant bastard Dragon."

It was a severe statement, very severe.

Amusedly, a laugh escaped from Cale's lips.

Arrogant bastard Dragon.

It could only refer to one existence. Definitely, it referred to the Dragon, the Purple Family Leader ruling Apitoyu, called the Dragon Lord.

Cale looked around.

Rasheel, Dodori, Mila.

Dodori was still young and didn't feel particularly reliable, but Rasheel and Mila's energy was impressive. Rasheel, who didn't hide his defiant attitude, was clearly upset.

"How dare those dragon pups from another world... to our younger brother?"

Although he muttered something to himself, Cale decided not to pay attention.

Mila stood silently, supporting Dodori's worried shoulder.

But that was what scared him the most.

He didn't know why, but...

'...Now that I think about it, these dragons have really strong personalities.'

Still, it felt reassuring.

Roan's Dragons and Apitoyu's Dragons. A dragon battle against dragons. Just the name evoked a fierce image, but at this moment, Cale didn't believe the Dragons in front of him would lose.


Cale opened his mouth after a slight cough.

"Within the limits of what I know, I'll answer any questions you have."

And then he looked at Alberu.

He sighed and opened his mouth.

"Let's go to the Royal Palace."

The conversation now took place in the Royal Palace, which had become so familiar.


Central Plains.

The Emperor, looking from the castle on Haenam Island, not from the Imperial Palace, saw the vast sea stretching under the infinite sky.

"Did he already leave?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Chief Eunuch Wi bowed deeply.

"He really left quietly."


"Like when they came, those illusory individuals also leave surprisingly."

Chief Eunuch Wi did not respond to the Emperor's words and stayed still, bowing his head. Given his experience in the Imperial Palace, now was not the time to raise his head to look at the Emperor.

"Chief Eunuch Wi."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"I'm sure the Martial Artists also noticed, right?"

"The leaders of each faction have noticed the absence of Young Master Kim and his group. Moreover, in the case of the Heavenly Demon, since yesterday he had a separate conversation with Choi Han Daehyup, it seems they informed him in advance."


The Emperor nodded.

"His absence will soon spread throughout the Central Plains."

Kim Haeil, whose presence cannot be hidden even if one tries to hide it. Now that he's gone, rumors about his whereabouts will spread. Of course, the few who know his secret won't tell the truth. You have to have that kind of head to hold a high position.

"Really, a very arrogant individual."

A shallow laugh came out of the Emperor's mouth. As a reward, he handed over the clothes of the first Emperor, one of the three great treasures of the Imperial Palace.

After all, he saved the Central Plains.

Unable to give an official position or land in return, the Emperor gave something of great value.

'Because I thought he might need it.'

In the eyes of the emperor, that individual was not destined to remain as a human being. That's why he handed over the belongings of the first Emperor, who became a God.

"An interesting individual."

Still, he didn't seem satisfied.

'Your Majesty the Emperor.'

'It seems there is something else you desire.'

'Yes, there is.'

The majesty returned to the face that was once confident.

'The next time I have a request, please help me. If I don't, then don't.'

He really spoke those words lightly and arrogantly.

"...Is your name Cale Henituse?"

"Yes. That's right, Your Majesty."

The Emperor, looking at a sea as vast as the endless sky, muttered.

'It seems I will see him soon.'

He felt that sensation.

And thanks to this intuition, the Emperor, who survived his predecessor, said without hesitation.

"Let the rumors about Kim Haeil keep circulating."


Chief Eunuch Wi hesitated before opening his mouth.

"...Rumors can be unbearable."

"Why? Is it because there are rumors that he is a God greater than the Emperor?"


To Chief Eunuch Wi, who couldn't provide any response, the Emperor calmly spoke.

"It doesn't matter. Let people say what they want."


To Chief Eunuch Wi, who responded after a moment of hesitation, the Emperor spoke again.

"I will leave for Beijing again today. Stay here with the Fist King and organize Hainan Island and Guangdong, and beyond, handle matters in the Murim World and return."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Take a break."


Chief Eunuch Wi cautiously exited the room where the Emperor stayed.

Only then did Chief Eunuch Wi exhale softly. Meeting the Emperor always required a lot of mental energy.


His gaze went in a certain direction. In that direction was the hallway where Cale and his group stayed.

'No matter, huh?'

He remembered the Emperor's words.

'Not bad.'

It really didn't matter. Regardless of who Kim Haeil was, he couldn't overthrow the Emperor's authority. In fact, it might be beneficial as rumors could also arise that he might be a hidden member of the Imperial Family.


‘...It's not a pleasant thing.’

Rumors were harsher and faster than a wildfire. They were spreading endlessly and becoming wider. Moreover...


Chief Eunuch Wi felt the strange atmosphere floating around Hainan Island.

‘...It seems like some people adore Young Master Kim.’

Adoration might be an exaggerated expression. However, it wasn't just simple admirers; it seemed that those who carried feelings beyond mere admiration or longing for Kim were present.

It was inevitable since those who worshipped the Blood Demon as a God had someone who had defeated the Blood Demon in their service and had created a great tsunami to stop the sea.

How could they ignore that?

In their hearts, Kim Haeil was already engraved.

‘And also for those in the Murim World.’

They looked at Kim Haeil as if he were a pioneer who had already walked the path they were destined to reach.


It didn't seem to be a particularly problematic atmosphere.

"I don't know."

Since Young Master Kim had disappeared, what use would forming this atmosphere serve?

In the end, it will disappear.

"I have things to do."

Chief Eunuch Wi soon stopped thinking and moved. Of course, he glanced towards the hallway where Kim Haeil and his group had last stayed and prayed for a moment.

‘May Young Master Kim's future be fulfilled according to his will.’

For those who saved this land, Chief Eunuch Wi prayed a brief wish every day.

He didn't know if that wish would come true, but still, it seemed like it wouldn't hurt to pray.

Chief Eunuch Wi moved swiftly, wishing for the happiness and safety of Young Master Kim and his companions.

There was still much work to be done in the Central Plains.

But the busy Emperor and Chief Eunuch Wi had not yet realized...

Haihuang (Emperor of the Sea).

In the Central Plains, if the one ruling the land is the Emperor residing in Beijing, there are rumors that there is another Emperor ruling the sea.

Moreover, there are those who worship him as a God.

It was still unknown. Because the information was scarce.


Knock, knock.

Eruhaben knocked on the table.

"Apitoyu is a world dominated by Dragons, and the leader, the Dragon Lord, wields the ability called 'Time,' while the deceased Dragon that provided you information wielded the ability 'Future,' right?"


"And there are also Dragons who wield the Past as an ability, right?"

"Yes. The Dragon that gave us information, Maxiliann, asked us to look for it."


Eruhaben pondered briefly before speaking.

"Cale, can I examine the objects that Maxiliann gave you?"

"Oh, yes. Of course."

Cale handed over his upgraded crown, along with a dimensional pocket containing a ring and a sword. Upon receiving the dimensional pocket, Eruhaben opened it with a pull.

"I will go to Apitoyu as well."


"Other Dragons will also go."

The corner of Cale's lips curved upward. Eruhaben smiled at that expression and touched the dimensional pocket.

“Cale, is the sword you will give to Choi Han the sword for the guardian who protects the Dragon Lord?”


Cale remembered the contents left by Maxilian.

<Ah, and this sword used to be used by the Elves who venerated the Dragon Lord from generation to generation. Hehehe! I stole that too! This is for the knight designated by the Dragon Lord of our world to protect him, very impressive! Pufufu. Probably the current guardian of the Dragon Lord in our world is in an incomplete state!>

Eruhaben asked calmly.

"And this sword belongs to the Elves, right?"


"And the Dragons of Apitoyu destroyed the World Tree, right?"


Cale paused for a moment and looked at Eruhaben, recalling a sudden thought. The Ancient Dragon spoke seriously.

"Elves venerate and serve Dragons, but the only thing they truly follow and risk their lives to protect is the World Tree."

That's true.

Although the Elves went crazy for Raon and Eruhaben, the foundation of their village was the World Tree. The World Tree was their home and world; even small branches formed their villages. For them, the World Tree was their land and their world.


Another path opened there.

Cale's mouth opened slowly.

"...The God of Hope said it."

More than destroying it.

"The World Tree has lost its will."

"Could that be understood as losing oneself and being controlled by the Dragon Lord?"

"...That possibility exists."

"If the dragons of Apitoyu are not foolish, they won't become enemies of the Elves by destroying the World Tree."

Cale responded after those words.

"Rather, they will destroy the spirit of the World Tree and manipulate it to rule both the World Tree and the Elves."

Cale and Eruhaben. The two stared at each other. Then Eruhaben slowly opened his mouth.

"If our assumption is correct..."

In the Crown Prince's office. In one corner, Raon, who was munching on cookies, felt the gaze and opened his eyes in surprise. Next to Raon was a statue of a young monk with sunken cheeks.

"We might have a definitive ally who carries the new seed of the World Tree."

Before the Ancient Dragon could finish his sentence, he saw the smile forming on Cale's lips and let out a sigh.

"I'll be back for a while."

I didn't say where I was going.

"Are you going to the World Tree?"

But Cale knew clearly where he was headed.

"Yes, I will investigate the stability of these objects and learn about the seed of the World Tree."

"Yes! Good luck!"

After Eruhaben left, Cale reclined on the sofa.

"...Is this your home?"

Upon hearing a deep voice, Cale turned his head and saw Alberu looking at him in astonishment.

"It's comfortable like a home."


As if surprised, Alberu tilted his head. He was sitting at a desk organizing documents.

"I've roughly set up the appointment with Ahn Roh Man. You can tell me when you have time."



In an instant, Cale remembered a thought and told Alberu.

"Please ask Ahn Roh Man if he knows 'Blue'."

"Blue? Is that all I should ask?"


"Fine, I'll contact him after finishing the work. Are you going to the Henituse Territory first?"

Raon stopped eating cookies.

"Yes, I'll go for a while."

Raon's wings fluttered at Cale's answer.

"When are you leaving?"

Cale answered Alberu's question.

"Right now."

Raon flapped his wings upon hearing Cale's response.

"Let's go home!"

And drew an 8 in the air before flying in circles.

"But, before that."

"...What is it?"

As soon as Alberi looked at Cale with a strange discomfort, Cale spoke as if nothing had happened.

"Hannan and Clopeh Sekka will visit the Roan Kingdom soon."


"I sent a message a while ago while we were coming to the palace, so won't they come in a few days?"

As both were quite famous and key figures, they had to inform Alberu.


Faced with Alberu's indifferent response, Cale nodded and then asked Raon to use teleportation magic.

The companions approached him. The Dragons had already left after the conversation ended. Only Eruhaben stayed to listen a bit more in detail.

"Then, I'll contact you again when I return to my territory."


Alberu waved his hand without much interest.

"Human, are we going?"

Raon looked at Cale with enthusiasm.


As soon as Cale gave his consent, Raon immediately unfolded the magic.


With a bright light, Cale headed towards the Henituse Territory, more specifically, towards the Black Castle in the Forest of Darkness.

After a brief period of darkness, Cale slowly opened his eyes. It was then that he saw the familiar entrance of the Black Castle.


And then he saw it.

"Why you...?"

Clopeh Sekka. As soon as he saw Cale, he knelt down and looked at him with fiery eyes. Then, in a calm tone, he said:

"I've been waiting for the moment you call me."

...Somehow, he felt madness in his calm tone.

Cale's expression became uncomfortable.


Cale left a message for Clopeh to come without telling him anything else. He didn't say anything about how he could fix his body. But now, why is he acting like this?


Clopeh laughed strangely. This guy is really weird. No matter what world he's in, there's no one as strange as him.

-Human, in my opinion, no one compares to Clopeh.

Raon, that guy, what does he mean by saying that no one compares to him? Cale felt like he knew the answer, but he didn't want to ask.

"I finally have the chance to join the legend."

...Maybe I should just leave him alone. Even though he had returned home after a long time, Cale felt tired. And when he thought about how this guy would react after knowing how to fix his body...

'Will it be appropriate to bring this bastard to Apitoyu?'

Cale thought seriously.


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