TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 529

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Chapter 529

Raon lowered his eyebrows as he observed the master of Black Market, Roseline.

“If it's information you deem necessary to share…”

"Just sit down for now."

Roseline gestured to the chair next to Kuberad, saying that there was no need to rush.


He followed her gesture and sat down.

Denning Rose, who was sitting across from him, sent him a friendly look. Her smooth, light-colored purple hair swayed slightly.

"Are you feeling okay after the attack by the Flame of Inferno Commander?"

He asked her first, as it had been the first time he had seen her since the attack by the Flame of Inferno Commander.

"It's all thanks to you, Raon-nim."

Denning Rose opened her lips calmly.

"Thank you for saving me once again."

She knelt on one knee and expressed her gratitude.

"We helped each other, there's no need for such formalities."

Raon stood up and extended his hand. Both Denning Rose and the Black Market master were grateful individuals sharing information without expecting anything in return.

Given their partnership-like relationship, such formalities felt burdensome.

"May I offer a word of advice?"

Roseline smiled gently and stroked Denning Rose's hair.

"If you've made someone indebted to you, it's better to quickly and assuredly collect the favor. People tend to forget favors over time."

"Thank you for the advice. However, I don't think Denning Rose-nim is that kind of person, and I have already received plenty of favor from her, so it's okay."

Raon shook his head without hesitation, saying that he didn't need a payment.

"Is that so?"

Roseline's smile deepened. Even though he had not listened to her advice, she looked even more pleased.

"Now I understand why this kid takes care of Raon-nim and shows such consideration. She's starting to be drawn to you too.”


Denning Rose's pale skin turned a bright red. She shook her head quickly as if pleading her not to say more.

"Age hasn't dulled your wits."

Kuberad put down his beer mug and clicked his tongue.

"That's my best charm, you know."

Roseline shrugged with a faint smile.

"By the way...,"

Raon looked back and forth between Kuberad and Roseline, his eyes widening.

"You two know each other?"

"We've known each other for quite a while."

Roseline nodded, looking at the wrinkles on Kuberad's back of the hand that were etched like a painting.

"I'm the one who gave him the workshop space in the corner of Cameloon."

Kuberad raised his gaze as he took a bite of the grilled meat in the center of the table.

"That corner spot?"

"That's right. I asked her to make a quiet place where I wouldn't be noticed by hoodlums, but she stuck me in a corner where no one could find me."

He twisted his mouth in disgust at the Black Market master.

"I was just doing what you asked me to do, you know."

Roseline defended herself, raising her hands innocently.

"Humph, I'll be off now. I get annoyed just looking at her."

Kuberad put down his glass and left the tavern without a second thought.

"He seems to be a considerate person, even though he looks like it."

Roseline smiled as she looked at the shaking door of the tavern. She also knew that Kuberad had left on purpose to make it easier for them to talk.

"Then let's start the real conversation."


Raon nodded heavily, looking into Roseline's sunken eyes.

"In truth, we've been hiding information about you, Raon-nim."

Denning Rose spoke first, not Roseline. She placed her hand on her knee and continued speaking.

"We were controlling the information that Raon-nim was alive here, in case the Holy Sword Union or the Black Tower came to find you. I apologize for doing it without your permission."

"No need. Thank you for your consideration."

Raon shook his head. Denning Rose had blocked the information with good intentions, so it was rather a grateful thing.


Denning Rose's one eye narrowed.

"Recently. No, after the Light Wind division was reported missing, there was an organization tracking Raon-nim."

Her voice was low yet chilling, giving the feeling that the organization was watching this place.

"an organization?"

"Yes. They demanded information about Raon's-nim life and whereabouts using various identities."


Raon narrowed his eyes.

'Who could they be?'

The first five that come to mind are:

The White Blood Religion, the Holy Sword Union, the Black Tower, the White Whale, and Derus Robert. All were people who wouldn't seem out of place searching for his information.

"The organization didn't stop at demanding information from us, but they also went to the White While of Heukgeumje, and they moved on their own, too. They seemed desperate to know about Raon's life."

Since they also asked for information from the White Whale, they couldn't be Heukgeumje. It is one of the four: the White Blood Religion, the Holy Sword Union, the Black Tower, and Derus.

"Do you happen to know who this organization is?"

"I'm sorry, but we failed to track them down."

Denning Rose sighed briefly.

"They're elusive, and even if we succeed in tracing them, they immediately end their lives. I initially thought they might be from the White Blood Religion, but that's not the case.”

She frowned, saying that their blood was not white.

'Now I understand.'

Raon clenched his fist as he looked down at the old table.

'It's Derus Robert.'

The characteristic of the assassination group Shadows, which Derus raises, is that its members kill themselves immediately if they get caught.

‘The continuous collection of information about my whereabouts might be because Derus suspects that I am the same person as Raon from my previous life.’

Other people might think it was nonsense, but it was quite possible because Derus was a human with a terribly strong suspicion.

'It's dangerous. However....'

This is the guy's mistake.

With the information he has now, he cannot reveal Derus Robert's true nature, but now that their tail has been exposed, he can make the Black amarket be wary of them.

It would be a significant advantage in the future when confronting him.

"Hmm, I also need to give you some information."

Raon raised his gaze and met Denning Rose's eyes.

"The person I fought in Barena wasn't just the disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader."

"...What do you mean?"

"After I defeated the Holy Sword Union leader's disciple and moved to find the Light Wind division, I was ambushed by masked individuals."

"Oh, I know about that."

Denning rose seemed to already grasp that information as she nodded.

"Do you also know that they are dead bodies?"

"D-dead bodies?"

She looked surprised, as if unaware that the masked individuals were corpses.

"Dead bodies..."

The gaze of Black Market master Roseline shook for the first time.

"Could you please explain more precisely?"


Raon explained the information about the zombie assassins to the Black Market master and Denning Rose.

"Ha, not a corpse-mancer or something like that...,"

Even Roseline swallowed dry saliva, as if she had never imagined that there would be such a creature as zombie assassins in the world.

"I believe that those who demanded my information from the Black Market and those corpses I dealt with are part of the same group. Don't you think so?”

Raon connected the two groups to allow the Black Market to get closer to Derus even a little.

"This is...,"

Roseline awkwardly scratched her cheek, as if embarrassed.

"We tried to provide information, but it seems we ended up receiving it instead."

She hadn't expected things to be connected in this way and expressed her surprise. Her consistently relaxed expression now stiffened.

"Then can you do me a favor?"

Raon looked into the eyes of Roseline and Denning Rose in turn.

"Yes. Anything."

"If it's within our capabilities."

Denning Rose and Roseline nodded immediately, as if they were waiting for it.

"Although I apologize for making this request from a position of asking, could this information not be disclosed to anyone? Is that possible?"

"We swear on the name of the Black Market that we will protect the information."

Roseline swore that she would not break her promise today, even if she died, along with Denning Rose.

"In fact, I obtained one piece of information from the guy controlling those corpses."


"It was about where they create zombie assassins."

"That's a good thing, right?"

Denning Rose shook her head as if she couldn't believe it.

“You don't want to reveal that there is a method to extract information from individuals who would resort to suicide?"

Roseline, unlike Denning Rose, quickly understood the situation and put forward her interpretation of it.

"Moreover, it helps to avoid suspicion and danger from unknown enemies."

"That's right."

Raon nodded slowly.

'This is an opportunity.'

If the he destroys the zombie assassins factory in Capeoli, it will inform Derus that he can extract information from the Shadows.

If he did that, he'll modify the Shadows Assassins brain to prevent information from leaking out, so it's a big loss.

But in this situation, if the Black Market finds that factory, Derus focus will be on the Black Market, not him.

It was crucial to ensure the continued concealment of my whereabouts.

"I understand what you mean."

The Black Market master closed her eyes, then opened them and smiled faintly.

"So, even if Raon-nim actually goes to Capeoli, it should be made known that he is still here.”

Denning Rose, too, nodded calmly, as if she had a similar thought. Although she might not be on par with the Black Market master yet, she was also a talented individual.

"That's right."

Raon smiled, looking at the two. To avoid suspicion from Derus and efficiently handle the zombie assassins factory, it seemed like the best course of action.

"Okay, let's do that."

The Black Market master chuckled confidently, stating that she would create a way for him to approach Capeoli village without being detected.

"Thank you."

"No need to thank us. You trusted us and provided valuable information, so we'll prepare in a way that you can trust."

She raised her clenched fist as she said to believe in her.

"Oh, there's one more piece of information I need to share."

Thinking it was all over, Denning Rose leaned forward.

"Some rumors are circulating that someone summoned the Blue Demon King, and the name associated with it is Raon-nim."


Raon's eyes widened.

It was an unexpected event, his heart was beating so fast that the sound of his heartbeat could be heard outside.

'Do they know about me and Wrath?'

No, that couldn't be.

No, that couldn't be the case. Even Glenn, the Holy Sword Union leader, nor Derus knows about Wrath’s existence. It was clear that someone was spreading false rumors.

"Someone released the information maliciously. We are trying to trace the information back, but they have not revealed their identity either. However..."

Denning Rose smiled faintly and shook her finger.

"We don't even need to intervene, soon, it will be exposed as a baseless rumor."

"What do you mean..."

"The chaos caused by the Blue Dragon Kaibar was so severe that it spread throughout the entire continent. Since Raon-nim killed such a dragon and gained the title Dragon Slayer, rumors about the Blue Demon King will inevitably fade away."

"Oh, that makes sense. Huh? Dragon Slayer?"

"You haven't heard of it. It's the title you obtained after slaying the dragon, specifically the Blue Dragon."

Denning Rose smiled faintly as she looked at Raon. Her eyes, which looked fierce, softened and lifted.

"The Dragon Slayer Raon Zighart. It's your new title."

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

After seeing off Black Market master and Denning Rose, Raon headed to the restaurant where Aris was. It was the place where Wrath had his fish porridge stolen by a seagull.

"So, I heard 'Aunt' from Raon! To be honest, I didn't expect much, but my heart was pounding. It's the first time I've felt this way since my mom's voice!”

Aris' loud voice could be heard. Her face turned red as he opened the door to the restaurant.

"Wow, you succeeded."

"I'm jealous of being called 'Aunt' by the White Sword Dragon. No, the Dragon Slayer."

"Are you embarrassed by the word 'Aunt'? Raon-nim is still young. He looked much older than us when he fought the dragon."

"That's what makes it cool."

The crew smiled at Aris' bragging and chatted among themselves.

"Aunt! How beautiful the sound is! Have you heard it? Aunt?"

"I can't hear it because I'm a man..."

Aris was walking around the tables in the restaurant, bragging about being the first to hear the word "Aunt."

Her casual manner with the crew made it difficult to believe that her surname was Zieghart, but it was a delightful sight.


Raon let out a low sigh and shook his head. As he was unable to enter or leave because Aris was talking too loudly, her gaze suddenly turned.

"Oh? My nephew!"

Aris approached him with her arms wide open, trying to hug him. In the meantime, she had drunk so much alcohol that her face was as red as her hair color.


Raon turned his shoulder to avoid Aris' hug and stepped aside.

"What's wrong? Avoiding me?"

Aris frowned and lightly kicked the ground, and her arm was right in front of him.



Raon found himself in Aris' embrace, unsure of what to do.

"Y-you used space sword just now?"

"My nephew. Your have good eyes."

Aris nodded, lifting her limp hair.

"The technique of swordsmanship and the technique of footwork are similar. Just different in execution with arms and legs. You have to connect martial arts to your daily life to become stronger."

Whether it was a joke or a lesson, she chuckled while uttering words that were hard to discern.

"I have something to tell you."

"Then shall we go out?"

She seemed to have read the atmosphere and walked out of the restaurant with her arm on his shoulder.

"Are you leaving?"

As soon as they entered the quiet alley, Aris smiled as if she knew everything.

"Did you know?"

"I heard that the Black Market master came. She must have given you some information."

She nodded with a wise look in her eyes. Knowing but not prying. She was someone who always showed a new side of herself.

'I want to tell you, but I can't....'

He doesn't know what Derus Robert is hiding. If she get involved in the wrong way, even the transcendental Aris could die, so he couldn't tell her the truth yet.

"You've killed the dragon, it's time to return. You also need to make Sylvia's artificial energy center."

"Yes, that's right."

Raon nodded awkwardly.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"It's enough that you've helped me so far."

Aris prevented the hole in the upper energy center from getting bigger, assisted in filling the wound with the accomplishment of killing the dragon, and even gave him the dragon's heart, the most biggest treasure he had obtained on this hunt.

No, the biggest one was she told me that I have other family members besides Sylvia. A lifetime of gratitude wouldn't be sufficient.

"Thank you so much for everything."

Raon stopped walking. He bowed his head, revealing his true feelings in his heart.


Aris chuckled, patting Raon's head.

"We don't say those things among family."


Raon raised his head with a slightly red face.

"Be careful on your way back, and see you next time."

"Yes. After I make my mother's artificial energy center, I will come back to see you again."


Aris' eyes once again showed playfulness and laughter.

"Next time, we'll see each other somewhere other than here."

*     *      *

Raon used the Black Market's dimensional gate that Roseline had told him about, teleporting to an area quite far from the Capeoli village.

Raon changed the color of his hair and eyes to black, and put on a tattered robe like a traveler, and walked towards Capeoli Village.


Wrath looked around the scenery full of mountains and forests and let out a low groan.

This is a countryside, isn't it! There's nothing to eat here!

He frowned, wondering when he would get to eat his bead ice cream.

‘When we get home, I'll throw an ice cream party for you. Just hold on.’

He patted Wrath's belly like he was comforting a child and walked down the mountain path.


Raon turned his gaze and frowned. The more he walked down the old path that seemed to have been paved for decades, the more his heart fluttered.

His feet moved naturally, as if he had walked this path before.

‘Clearly, it should be my first time here.’

In both his current and past lives, he had never been to this place, yet the surroundings felt oddly familiar.

'My head is also aching strangely.'

Raon continued to move his feet, holding his head that had started to ache.

It was quite far from the place where the dimensional gate was located, so it was only at sunset that he was able to reach Capeoli Village.

'This is the entrance... Ah?'

Seeing the village beyond the stone tower entrance, with the mountain ridge guarding above, a dream-like scene overlapped in his mind.

The laughter of children, the kind smiles of adults, and the warm smoke rising from chimneys vividly emerged.


Raon let out a rough groan and pressed his temples hard.

'Now I understand.'

He seemed to understand why this place, which he had seen for the first time, and the name Capeoli, which he had heard for the first time, felt familiar.

'This village is....'


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