TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 201


However, Cale's concerns couldn't linger for long. Clopeh spoke with a fervent look.

"If you tell me what I have to do, gladly-"

"Oh, wait a moment."

He blocked Clopeh's mouth with his hand.


With the sound of a cat's meow, a red cat jumped through the open door of the Black Castle. It was Hong. At the same time, Cale felt a gust of wind pass by his side. This time it was Raon.

"I missed you!"

"I missed you too!"

The young Dragon and the young cat hugged each other. And rolled on the grass. Then, On with Raon's mother, Sheritt, came outside.

Cale, meeting Hong and On's eyes, asked indifferently.

"Did you eat well?"

"Yes, we ate well."

Hong's shiny red fur certainly radiated a glow, and On's skin looked good too. Especially because On seemed to have gained a little weight, Cale was satisfied.

He told On, who was staring at him.

"Congratulations on turning 13."

The words stopped Hong and Raon who were spinning around. Hong ran towards him and stuck to Cale's leg. Seeing that scene, Cale uttered the words he had to say.

"Congratulations on turning 10 as well."

After going to the Central Plains, everyone aged a year in the new year.

"Also, congratulations on turning 7 now."

He also stroked Raon's firm nape once or twice. Now, On, Hong, and Raon averaged around 10 years old, or even 10.

'Should I now see On as a teenager instead of a child?'

Cale remembered his younger sister, Lily.


Indeed, when he first met On and Hong, they were quite delicate, perhaps because they didn't eat well and were growing. But in recent years, they have eaten well and grown properly.

'Maybe I should send them to the academy.'

So far, they have been learning many things as if they were studying at home.

Eruhaben and Ron had been paying a lot of attention to the education of On, Hong, and Raon, and even when he was busy and away, there were many people, including Lord Sheritt, who cared for the children, so Cale didn't think much about their education.

'...Still, I'm worried.'

However, one thing that worried Cale was the things that children couldn't learn from adults.

'For example, having friends of the same age is also good at this age.'

Around 10 years old, there aren't many peers. Of course, in Harris Village, located outside the Forest of Darkness, there are children of the Tiger and Wolf Tribes, but it's not like they can play with them frequently.

'They need to have more diverse experiences.'

Moreover, On was already quite interested in the academy.


"Yes, Young Master."

"Bring information about the academy."

"I already have it."

At Ron's response, Cale stopped and met On's gaze. On showed a slight smile.


Cale shivered again.


Why did On's smile remind him of Ron? It must be a mix-up. That stern old man and On are different. Yes, that's right. Cale quickly tilted his head and continued speaking.

"Is Lily not interested in the academy?"

"In fact, she is considering transferring to a higher grade since she didn't attend before."

"Is it because of the sword?"

"No. She wants to study military science."


"...Military science?"


Looking at Ron's benevolent smile as if he were proud, Cale thought for a moment. He realized that he lacked conversation and attention with his siblings until now. That part will be covered this time by staying at Duke Henituse's House.

'But, both swordsmanship and military sciences...'

It's an interesting combination.

'However, if she studies military science, it will be only for the defense of the territory, right?'

For Basen, making the Henituse Territory develop and grow was a dream, so even if he stays in the territory, Cale could accept it. Indeed, Basen's decision in this way always provided him with a minimum sense of security for his future as an unemployed person.

'It seems that Lily also wants to go in the direction of protecting the territory.'

Has her dream become bigger?

If it's military studies and she also wants to learn at the senior level at the academy, the scope is broader than just staying in the territory.

'Well, it's good that the dream is big.'

You can't know how far Lily wants to go, but won't she do well for herself?

'And, what if she's not that good?'

She's still young. If she can challenge herself in areas that interest her, that alone will be a valuable experience. There are many situations in the world where you can't do something even if you want to.

"Human, human! What are you thinking about?"

At that moment, Raon's voice reached Cale's ears. Hong and Raon were looking at him.

Cale took out a spatial pocket from his chest.

"Here, take it."

He handed it to Hong.

"I'm curious about what it is!"

Hong seemed curious and raised his head, and Cale responded indifferently.

"This time, in the world I went to, there was a family famous for their poisons and hidden weapons."

On and Hong's eyes sparkled.

"There are nine poisons that have been passed down from generation to generation in a family from the Central Plains."

In the Murim's Justice Faction, there is a family with a long history: The Tang Family of Sichuan.

Those poisons were received as a gift from such a famous family for poison and hidden weapons despite being in the Justice Faction.

"They call these poisons The Nine Kings, and I brought five of them."

Cale suddenly remembered the people from the Justice Faction who came to see him before meeting the Emperor.

Among them was Tang Yu, the head of the Tang Family of Sichuan.

'...Young Master. Please don't forget about us. We will always be behind the Young Master.'

They said with a very serious tone.

'I was originally going to give only three, but I prepared five especially for the Young Master, who is a benefactor to both the Justice Faction and the Family.'

Looking at Tang Yu shaking hands with him, Cale could see that she had done her best for the Tang Family.

Feeling uncomfortable with Hong's shining eyes, Cale casually looked away and told her.

"Take them."

"I'm excited! It's so good! Thank you!"

Hong was so excited that he didn't know what to do.

Carelessly ignoring his excitement, Cale took out another one from his chest and handed it to On.


Cale brushed past On and headed to the Black Castle. Ron approached On's side with the subspatial bag and took out a rolled-up paper from his chest, handing it to her.

"There are about thirty items in this. There are dagger techniques, clothes, potions, so read it and ask me if you have any questions."

The list Ron handed her was filled with valuable treasures that the Three Factions of Murim had given him, and all seemed suitable for On. A smile appeared again on her face. She turned towards the voice coming from behind.

"It's nothing much."

He also noticed Cale handing something to Lord Sheritt. Before Sheritt could say anything, Cale continued speaking without giving him the chance.

"Where are Mary and the Mixed-blood Dragon?"

"They are training together."

Sherit answered like that and then tried to say something to Cale, but at that moment, Raon fluttered with his wings.

"I brought gifts too!"

Everyone's gaze focused on Raon. At that moment, Cale winked at Choi Han and Clopeh as he entered the castle. While the three entered the castle, Raon's lively voice reached their ears.

"Tada! This is the best snack from the Central Plains!"

A basket full of snacks came out of Raon's dimensional space bag.

"And this is the most delicious thing I've tried. And they're meat dumplings too!"

He pulled out many dumplings as well. All of them had kimchi scattered all over.

'Is Raon's dimensional space almost like a kimchi refrigerator?'

How does it stay so well in that state? Is it like that for all dimensional spaces? As Cale had never stored food in the dimensional space bag, he found the situation quite surprising.

'Anyway, that's beside the point.'

Cale's hand landed on Clopeh's shoulder.

"Clopeh Sekka."

A face that seemed sacred looked at Cale. Along with that, Cale's face reflected in his green eyes.


It wasn't for Cale.


Choi Han entered the room after opening the door, and Cale spoke to Clopeh as if it flowed.

"What would you do if you could use the sword again?"

Clopeh, with an expression full of warmth and even a strange smile, suddenly stopped. Instead of following Cale into the room, he stood like a statue in front of the door. Cale sat on the sofa and looked at Clopeh expressionlessly.

"You are a knight."

A knight was someone who fought with a weapon, whether to attack or defend. Whatever the purpose, a knight must be able to fight. Be it the will of the knight or loyalty. Whatever mention was made, the essence of the knight resided in strength. And Clopeh was an empty shell of that.

Until now.

Cale silently looked at Clopeh, with no expression on his face.

"The one who took away your sword is me."

At this moment, it was correct to see Cale as the person who made Clopeh become like this. It was by his orders. Cale didn't regret it. This guy attacked his territory and his people. At that time, Cale and Clopeh were simply that for each other. But over time, the relationship changed. Now they needed to establish a new relationship.

"If I give you back the sword, what can you do?"

Cale asked the question once again, and now it was time for Clopeh to answer. Clopeh lowered his head. His own hands entered his view. He put strength into his empty hands. Although he freed himself from the wheelchair, he still sometimes had to use the cane and always felt the weight of his body. Of course, he could still wield the sword. But that sword was not perfect.

'Being able to have a complete sword again...'

Clopeh Sekka closed his eyes. The past time passed like images in his mind.

'I can't become a legend.'

He had already realized that. That's why he chose to watch someone who was becoming a legend. And he was satisfied with being able to have a foot in that story. That idea hadn't changed yet.


Thud. Thud.

His heart was pounding.

'Ah, after all...'

Humans can't discard greed.

Clopeh Sekka realized.

His essence hadn't changed.

If I could wield the sword again, if I could swing it like before...


Clopeh opened his eyes.

He looked at Cale.

Now it's his turn to answer.

The man in front of him wouldn't give much time to Clopeh.

They had a rough start with each other.

But it didn't matter.

Clopeh crossed the door and entered.

Then he knelt.

Looking at him, he opened his mouth.

Before, he considered wrong answers as correct answers, but now it was different.

"If I could wield the sword again."

He said the answer.

"I will offer that sword to Cale-nim."

He will hand over the newly obtained sword to Cale Henituse.

Clopeh could see Cale smiling at his words.

"Choi Han."


Clopeh stared at Choi Han, who approached his side.

He took out a pamphlet from his lap.

"Starting today, we will have to train together for a while."

The smile on Clopeh's face began to appear gradually upon hearing Choi Han's firm words.

He stood up from his seat.

At that moment, Cale's voice was heard.

"When you obtain this power, you will become stronger than before."

Not only would he return to being a Sword Master, but he would also learn martial arts from the Central Plains, master the meridians within his body, and learn to use Inner Energy.

Sword Master.

Clopeh Sekka, a genius who reached that level, would become stronger.

Moreover, he should continue with the role of the Heavenly Demon who assisted Cale and carried out the Purification.

If possible, it would be good for the Holy Maiden's younger sister, Hannah, to join them as well.

Cale spoke to Clopeh, who was looking at him.

"I say this because you are offering me your sword."

An indifferent tone reached Clopeh's ears. He looked at his reflection in those transparent eyes with no malice. The owner of those eyes gave an order.

"I plan to use your sword as a sword to save lives."

And Clopeh clenched his fist in agreement with the order.

"Learn it well."

With those words, Cale turned off his interest in Clopeh. He waved his hand as if indicating for them to leave. Although he seemed careless, Clopeh smiled even more deeply. Even though he acted like that, his true self was the opposite.

Clopeh finally couldn't contain the emotions that were surfacing and bit his lips. There were many things he wanted to say, but he kept them to himself. Now, he could show those words as a result.

'The greatest legend...'

Anyone who saw it...

A path so grand that it can only be admired...

'I will definitely create it.'

The one who will walk that path is Cale Henituse.

Clopeh kept walking without realizing that Choi Han was looking at him with an expressionless face when he suddenly fell silent.

And after the two left, Cale rubbed his neck.

"...It's strange."

Why is my neck so cold? Was it a mistake to involve Clopeh Sekka?

Cale felt uneasy.

"Young Master."

But he soon jumped in surprise at seeing Ron, who had just entered.

There was a lot to talk about with Ron.

Kim Rok Soo and Cale Henituse.

Maybe he should talk about that.


At a moment when his forehead involuntarily furrowed due to contemplation, Ron opened his mouth first.

"There was contact from the Crown Prince."


Behind him, Raon entered and shouted.

"The Crown Prince received an urgent contact from Ahn Roh Man."


Cale's forehead furrowed.

'Originally, the conversation with Ahn Roh Man shouldn't have been that urgent, right?'

Alberu asked Cale to tell him when he had time.

Before Cale could continue thinking, Raon abruptly pushed the visual communication screen towards him.

There was Alberu.



Alberu also had a rather perplexed expression.

-What the hell is "Blue"?

"... Why?"


That was the nickname the Blood Demon used in the game "Cultivate Your Own Absolute God!" and was ranked fourth in the rankings.

And the first place was "The Guy Who Took Taerang," who was currently thought to be the president of the Third Earth, Ahn Roh Man.

Therefore, Cale, with the intention of gauging the other's reaction, had subtly suggested to Alberu to throw the word "Blue" at Ahn Roh Man.


Alberu hesitated for a moment and then spoke.

-I really didn't understand anything that guy told me.

He looked into space, trying to remember, and slowly spoke each word.

-Ahn Roh Man said that that bastard, 'Blue,' was going to appear for a fight in real life instead of online, but he didn't show up. He said that bastard almost revealed his dark past. He said that guy caused him a considerable crisis. Hmm. What is an online fight? What is a dark past*?

(Note: In reality, here they use the term 'Hyunpi,' which comes from "hyunsil" meaning "real life," and Pi comes from P from PK (Player Kill). It means when two players who are having an online fight/argument get so angry that they agree to meet in real life and settle it there personally (through physical violence). So instead of a "meet-and-greet," it's like a "meet-and-fight").

(Note 2: As for "dark past," it's a jargon in East Asia. It refers to an adult remembering the embarrassing things they did in their childhood and adolescence. Most weebs use it to refer to their past as Chuunibyou, but it can also mean the stupid things one did as a teenager)

Alberu's expression was serious. When someone reached the level of being a three-term President, that meant they had great influence. But causing a major crisis to someone like Ahn Roh Man was a serious matter. For Alberu, the situation was becoming increasingly grave.


And Cale ran his hands over his face.

For God's sake.


Ahn Roh Man, that guy, was talking about Hyunpi. And a dark past...


Another deep sigh came out of Cale's mouth.

"Is it something serious?"

"Human, what is Hyunpi, and what is that dark past? Is Ahn Roh Man in danger?"

"Young Master, do you want to have lemon tea?"

Oh, god.

Faced with Alberu's successive words, Raon, and Ron, Cale simply closed his eyes tightly.

For the first time in a long time, his eyes darkened.


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