TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 194


"Oh, sh*t."

As soon as he heard those words, Cale snapped back to his senses. He opened his mouth immediately.

"No, I'm fine."

Cale's gaze shifted to Raon, blinking with dazed eyes.


Blink, blink~

Raon looked at him with his mouth agape as he spoke. Cale met his gaze and continued talking.

"My Plate is fine, I didn't lose any blood, didn't faint, and I don't feel any pain at all now."


"Yeah, really. Especially my Plate, it was never in danger all day."

Everything was true.


Raon's expression gradually brightened. Looking at him with a face of doubt, Cale nodded firmly.


Raon squinted his eyes and stared at Cale. Even with that look, Cale stood firm.

It was real.

Then, his eyes met those of the Heavenly Demon behind Raon.


The Heavenly Demon laughed. Then, with an expression that seemed to say "it can't be helped," he tilted his head with his expressionless face.

'Why is that guy like this?'

Just as irritation began to build up, he heard a voice.

"I understand your concerns for the young Dragon. I was careless. I lacked consideration."


"Well, I guess I wouldn't want to tell a child about nearly dying while absorbing natural energy amid such immense pain. I didn't consider his age properly because he was a Dragon."


Cale felt something strange.

The Heavenly Demon's explanation was very calm, as if he were simply stating facts.

"So, what caused your Banhui Point to open like that? Is it something you controlled? It's amazing that a human can contain such raw natural energy. Your ability is astonishing. Just be more careful next time."

This is strange.

Cale began to think that maybe the actual situation was different from what he had imagined.

"It's not that your head would explode, but your whole body could have exploded to death."

The Heavenly Demon continued speaking.

Just as Cale was focused on his story, he suddenly remembered something.

'He's talking to me using Sound Transmission, right?'

Wait, Raon wouldn't be hearing this too, would he?

Cale opened his mouth, not daring to look at Raon.

But the Heavenly Demon was quicker.

"Even if you want to save people, don't put your life in danger. I don't want to see that appearance of you almost dying."

Cale, frightened, spoke quickly.

"No, stop..."

But in the midst of that, the Heavenly Demon continued speaking, and those words made Cale come to a halt.

"And if you think about your companions, value your life even more."

Raon shuddered.

"I learned it leading the cult. Living as someone's Heaven involves many sacrifices."

Heavenly Demon, the Heaven of the Demon Cult.

"And you are also the Heaven of your companions."

"Well, I'm not talking about worship or blind loyalty or anything like that."

"However, they trust you and treat you as if it were their home."

Cale fell silent.

"And isn't the same thing happening to you too?"

The Heavenly Demon spoke strangely, advising like a child. Although Cale was a bit annoyed by the tone, he didn't have much to say about it.

"For me, the Demon Cult is like my land, my foundation for living. I imagine that for you, your companions are your foundation and home. We will have to live depending on each other, looking at each other and supporting each other. That's how I see it."

Cale sighed and closed his eyes.

"Value your own body more. Heaven and Earth cannot live without each other."

Cale opened his eyes again and looked first at Raon. He wondered what he would think upon hearing the Heavenly Demon's words.


Cale was surprised. Raon was trembling strongly, not out of fear, tightly gripping his front two paws. And his wings weren't fluttering as usual.

Flap, flap!

He flapped them quickly.

And its expression was extremely fierce, staring at Cale. Cale, unaware, responded with a slightly confused face.

"Seriously, I'm fine."

Alberu Crossman, who was watching the scene through the video communication, muttered as if he were amazed.

"How strange."

Anyway, Raon, breathing rapidly, clenched his teeth. Perhaps because of that, his cheeks puffed up.

And then, he quickly turned his head and shouted energetically.

"I don't like the ground. I want to be the sky! The Human (Cale) can be the ground! Just like Super Rock!"

The Heavenly Demon was surprised.

On the other hand, Cale returned to his usual indifferent expression.

"Yes, be the Sky. But I don't want to be Super Rock."

The fearsome Super Rock. Watching him in action, Cale wouldn't want to be anything like that guy.


Cheapskate chuckled.

Cale ignored this and calmly continued speaking.

"For now, let's go back."

Raon flew towards Cale and gently stuck to his back in the air, not being too heavy. Cale reached back and lightly patted Raon, who was clinging to his back, before moving.

His gaze turned to the Martial Artists following Raon and, finally, to the sky as they advanced.

'It's already dawn.'

The day was breaking.

At that moment, a soft voice was heard behind Cale.

"Human, do you want to eat an apple pie?"

...How many apple pies must be inside Raon's space without sense? And how long does he plan to keep them.

"Ah, it's not necessary."

Well, actually...

"Give me one. I feel like eating after a long time."

Cale accepted an apple pie that Raon offered him from behind, while Raon laughed cheerfully. Although Cale wasn't hungry, somehow the taste reminded him of something.

And taking a bite, he finally felt that everything he had to do here was finished.

Cheapskate's voice echoed.

"Cale. Still, you should explain to that Heavenly Demon about the state of your body."

Of course, he didn't forget what he had to do to conclude everything. As Cale organized the information in his mind and headed calmly towards the Blood Cult.

As Cale moved forward, the Heavenly Demon, who was following him, stopped for a moment.

"Heavenly Demon."

The Black Dragon, attached to Kim Haeil's back, looked at him. A different voice resonated in his mind, similar to a Sound Transmission.

"Tell me later about our Human."

Intense blue eyes filled with a clear gaze. The young Dragon was braver and firmer than ever. The Heavenly Demon smiled smugly and nodded.

"Whenever you want."

The Heavenly Demon replied with a Sound Transmission. As he did so, the Black Dragon smiled as if thanking, showed a gentle smile, and gradually his figure became transparent.

But the Heavenly Demon was sure that he would continue to cling to Kim Haeil's back.

Flap, flap~

The cheerful sound of wings could be heard.


The sun rose, and the ships set sail again towards the calm sea. The events that happened last night on Hainan Island were quickly reported to the inland coast and spread rapidly everywhere.

It was inevitable, as once the Hainan ships reached the port, those waiting there pounced like birds of prey.

"What the hell happened?"

"Move! Now is not the time! We have to see the City Lord."

The Government and the Imperial Palace.

"We must go see the Alliance Leader, we must prepare the fastest person, no, prepare a horse immediately!"

"Are you from Ignoble School (Hao Clan)?"

"Elder, here Elder Ho from the Beggar Gang has a secret message for the Lord of the Beggar Gang."

Three Factions.

The news that quickly spread at the port was taken everywhere in the central country. People from the area and others who also gathered at the port tried to listen to at least one more piece of information. The night before, everyone at the port also witnessed everything that happened at sea. Although they couldn't see it clearly from a distance, they could at least imagine those terrifying sounds.

Moreover, various colors like blue, black, purple, flickered, and the weather seemed to change freely as if some mythical existence were casting a spell.

Among the common people on the Guangdong east coast, various words were already being exchanged. Hainan Island had suffered a disaster. Or perhaps the Gods were angry, etc.

Although it seemed vague, there was no other explanation, and more and more words were being created.

Therefore, the general public who looked at the officials and people from the Murim secretly went to their own information channels.

That meant going to the embarkation boats and fishing boats that had mobilized the night before. They wanted to hear from sailors or boat owners who had been lurking around that area, hoping to get more information. Of course, they also didn't know detailed information. Additionally, they were instructed by the government to remain silent about the Blood Cult for the time being.

"Ah, I shouldn't talk about that."

"Hey, man! It's being talked about everywhere now, so let us know a bit! If it's in Hainan, it's close to us!"

"Oh, seriously, I shouldn't say it."

"I'll buy you a drink! And I'll only listen to you and won't tell anyone else! Deal?"

But people tend to do more when told not to do something.

"Fine. Then, if I can say something..."

"Yes, yes. Just say anything."

The fisherman looked cautiously around before opening his mouth. Seeing that everyone around him was already murmuring, it seemed that talking wouldn't be a problem either.

'And as long as we don't talk about the Blood Cult, right?'

The night before, he had to take refuge high up with the people of Hainan Island. He shivered at the sight of the gigantic tide that threatened to cover the island as it moved swiftly. And he witnessed an amazing spectacle.

"You know? Last night, Hainan and this port were on the verge of total disaster, you know?"

"What are you saying?"

"Well, it really was the biggest tsunami I've seen in my life, you know? And it looked like everyone was going to die. But at that moment..."

The fisherman, who was cautiously observing his surroundings, spoke seriously.

"Someone showed up and stopped everything."


Looking at his neighbor who didn't immediately understand and was asking, the fisherman smiled slightly and, bending his body further, began to discreetly explain one by one what he had seen.

It was such a shocking sight that, if you hadn't seen it for yourself, you wouldn't believe it.

That's how people began to learn about the events of the previous night, and the news spread quickly. It spread like wildfire, as if it were a story from a myth.


"Hey, Human. What, what is all this?"

Raon's shaky voice stuttered as he spoke.

"Yeah, yeah."

Cale also couldn't articulate the words well.

Crimson Blood Barracks.

It was the place where the Blood Demon resided.

Cale's group split up to explore different areas of the Crimson Blood Barracks in search of any useful information.

Cale and Raon took a person with them to find a secret space.

An adult and a young Dragon looked hurriedly at the Candidates they had brought with them.

Myung, a Blood Demon Successor Candidate, looked at them with uncomprehending eyes, as if she were puzzled.

Anyway, the adult and the young Dragon looked at each other again and then looked forward.

Basement, 1st floor.

The training space of the Blood Demon, where only those approved by the Blood Demon and herself could enter.

An immense space:




And everywhere, precious metal could be glimpsed.


It was gold. Raon shouted without realizing it.

"Wow, it's beautiful!"

It was so beautiful when it gleamed in gold. Raon's dark blue eyes shone beautifully.


Just then, a message notification tone came from Cale's device.

While staring at the gold, Cale took out his Mirror and read the message.

A little earlier, Cale had informed Jungwon about his plans to return home the next day.

<Couldn't you stay just three more days, Cale-nim?>

Cale's face twisted.


<That's because I want to give you a gift, but without enough time, I...>

Cale's face slightly eased.


<You have to accept as much as you've worked hard, you know?>

Oh. For some reason, this guy was talking sensibly.

The corner of Cale's mouth lifted slightly.


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